Boycott Corporate Progressive Appeasers

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In February, the Occupy movement turned from demonizing Wall Street bankers to attacking the policy wonks of ALEC as wretched symbols of “profit and greed.”

And now ALEC’s race-hustling enemies are piggybacking on the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida. They’re shamelessly blaming ALEC for the tragedy by claiming the group wrote the state’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law. But as ALEC points out:

“(The) law was the basis for the American Legislative Exchange Council’s model legislation, not the other way around. Moreover, it is unclear whether that law could apply to this case at all. “Stand Your Ground” or the “Castle Doctrine” is designed to protect people who defend themselves from imminent death and great bodily harm. … In the end, we will always respect people who disagree with us in matters of policy, but it is simply wrong to try to score political points by taking advantage of a great tragedy like Trayvon Martin’s death.”

Color of Change is ratcheting up pressure on ATT, one of ALEC’s corporate board members, to abandon the group or be forever branded as racists with blood on their hands. These campaigns are of a piece with the pressure campaigns against advertisers of conservative talk radio giant Rush Limbaugh. (Not coincidentally, many of the same groups are involved in both.) The Hush Rush mob has succeeded in finagling anti-free speech declarations from the likes of Arby’s restaurant chain and Walgreens drugstores — two companies that have never been sponsors of Limbaugh’s show, but which announced last week that they won’t advertise in his time slot on local station ad buys. Note: These are bit cancellations of an ad buy; there’s no loss of money. It’s pure, progressive gesture politics, astro-turfed by Soros-funded groups, to create the fake appearance of an anti-Rush advertising stampede — and ultimately, to chill conservative dissent.

McDonald’s, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Intuit, Kraft, Arby’s and Walgreens have shown their true colors: appeasement yellow. It’s time for conservatives to stand their ground and stop showing these corporate cowards their money.

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  • kongMing

    Boycotts and protest movements really are not effective. The majority of the electorate, even those who support their causes, turns against them. It’s far more effective to work in the system and perform specialized work at institutions or groups of private enthusiasts which promote your interests.

    But here goes:

    McDonald’s, Arby’s : Haven’t eaten there in decades.

    Pepsi, Coca-Cola: Nope. Green tea and Coors.

    Intuit: Do use turbotax

    Kraft: Hard to say because of their brands, but do hate Patriots with a vengence.

    Walgreens: Nope.

    • jcp

      Sad, but you are correct. I will be more mindful though when I do make a purchase. ; – )

  • babyanng

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  • Amused

    FAT CHANCE Michelle , ALEC got exposed , and now that it's workings and lobbying bribes are in the public domain , those Corporations are leaving in droves . And well they should lest THEY get boycotted , for suipporting an organization that is destructive to Democracy , in fact destructive to the people themselves .

    Good Luck with your boycott Michelle .

  • No Quarter

    Boycotts rarely work, no matter who calls for them. Most Americans are 100% oblivious to current events. But it doesn't hurt to make people aware of this. I don't patronize any of those companies except, very occasionally, Coca-Cola. And I like RC Cola better anyway. So I won't have any trouble avoiding the cowardly companies listed in the article. It won't have any impact on their bottom line, but my money is a finite resource, and I would prefer not to waste it.

    • Amused

      Tell that to Michelle . And yes Americans WERE oblivious to ALEC , it's workings , aims , and mechanisms , until someone dragged it out under the light .
      Enjoy your RC Cola .

  • Amused

    Well add AT&T , Kraft , Mars , McDonalds ,Wendys , Coca Cola , Pepsi and the list is growing by the day . Soon the funding for ALEC's political bribery and lobbying will dry up . Frankly I'm amazed at the so-called patriots who so willingly support an organizarion that literally BUYS favorable legislation for their benefit only , as your own rights get sold down the river . Is this some sort of weird "Stockholm Syndrome " …lol…licking the hand that whips you , and circumvents the deocratic process ,. Well soon , now that ALEC has been exposed to the light of day , it will need your money , so by all means give it up . Kinda like providing he rope by which you will be hung .

  • Flowerknife_us

    Fearing boycots by activists that have no money? For products that those with money will not stop buying.

  • Amused

    Appearence is everything to big corporations …truth is , as well as ALEC getting outed for being the Lobbying/Bribing / political machine that it is , so too its participants and contributors …..yea and they are doing what's natural to them running like rats off a sinking ship . A cabal where buisiness interest come before the interests of the American people , INDEED circumventing the democratic procees through what cant be called ANYTHING BUT BRIBING ELECTED OFFICIALS …..

    So really Michelle , WHAT is it you're calling for a boycott for …and WHY ? This is just another example of conservatives "licking the boot that kicks them [ and the rest of us ] …shame on you Malkin . Some American you are huh ?

  • Anamah

    I would never spend one more penny at those coward companies… I love America!

  • Amused

    Yea but you would bend over for those who would put your rights up for sale ……keep your money , I dont think anyone would want to touch it anyway ….the stupid may wear off on them .