Harry Reid’s Sexist Crony Gets the Boot

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The embattled chair of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission resigned this week. It’s a victory for Republican oversight on Capitol Hill, women and sound science. But it’s also a lesson in the futility of Bush-era bipartisanship. When you cut deals with bullies, it’s a timeless and bitter recipe for more bullying.

Gregory Jaczko served as appropriations director and science policy adviser to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., before joining the NRC in 2005. The anti-nuclear advocate was sworn in by his brass-knuckled boss and protector, Reid, who pressured the Bush administration to appoint him as a condition for moving through any other NRC nominations.

The GOP rolled. Reid and Jaczko rampaged. And President Obama — doing the thing he does best — made matters abysmally worse.

Reid connived to install Jaczko at the NRC to carry on their shared crusade against the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility in Nye County, Nev. Despite assurances that he would recuse himself, Jaczko proceeded to meddle aggressively in the issue. After the Obama administration named Jaczko chairman of the safety panel in 2009, all hell broke loose — and then some.

Out of fear that researchers would confirm positive safety data, Jaczko ordered NRC staff to halt a technical evaluation of Yucca Mountain. Then he used the lack of data to order a complete work stoppage on the long-obstructed project. Last summer, the NRC inspector general determined that Jaczko “strategically withheld” information from the rest of the panel, manipulated agendas and “was not forthcoming about his intent” to shut down Yucca by any means necessary.

He kept the panel in the dark on other matters, too. After the Fukushima meltdown in Japan, Jaczko ordered his staff to hoard safety findings and keep them from other commissioners while he made unilateral policy decisions against their will.

In the course of his investigation, the NRC inspector general heard from numerous commission staffers about Jaczko’s “unprofessional behavior” and outburst of anger that created an “intimidating workplace environment.” The report said Jaczko told investigators he “regretted” his temper tantrums.

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  • StephenD

    Michelle, why do you hold back so? Please tell us how you really feel. I LOVE you Michelle!!

  • Jimi Belton

    yes dear lady, you do say the truth with such a great professional use of words….You are my most favored Commentor….the liberals would give their gold teeth if they had just one M. Milkin….We do also love you dear lady…..keep up the pressure on the Goon in chief…..jb

  • wctaqiyya

    There is something deeply disturbing about a 'conservative' playing the 'sexist' card. The guy was rude and made a girl cry. So, he is automatically a 'misogynist'? It would sustain your credibility and advance your argument if you just stuck with the pertinent facts Ms Malkin. I like your work, but I do not support your use of feminist, politically correct, thought crime tools. If you believe girls should be protected from unpleasant situations so their feelings don't get hurt, are you not just another leftist? Stick with the facts about Yucca mountain, the relevant decisions and opinions of the people involved and leave that commie-speak cr*p to the commies.

    • boogies daddy

      There is no excuse for any employer to bring a subordinate worker to tears. Three times? That's a pattern.

      Malkin actually did state facts about the Yucca Mt. political scene.

      • wctaqiyya

        Yes, she did state some facts. My point was that her PC nonsense clouds the picture. That emotional stuff, unless it amounts to real intimidation, is mostly bogus. Further, whether this guy should or should not be fired for substantial intimidation and/or harassment has nothing to do with the Yucca mountain issue. It's a distraction. He probably is a major jerk, but I'm not going to take some politically correct commission's word for it. Further, jerks being a dime a dozen, in both parties, is not newsworthy. Unless the whole article is about intimidation, which might be interesting for some and actually inform us about that issue with facts and stuff. In this article, I would have preferred more facts about Yucca. By the way, I like your web name.

  • "gunner"

    it seems that while we're hearing an outcry against "bullying" in the schools we've got a generation of grown up schoolyard bullies in public office. perhaps i'm holding to old fashioned notions, but i think that common courtesy between bosses and employees should be the rule, regardless of gender. a screaming tyrant is not an effective leader.

  • bruce

    if he had scared my wife enough to maker her cry i would have shown him what scary really is.