Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be ‘Julia’

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Despite the fact that most private health care plans already covered maternal screenings, prenatal care and related screenings before Obamacare passed, the president attributes Julia’s pregnancy well-being to the law.

And it’s not local sovereignty or financial discipline that results in better schools for Julia’s new son, “Zachary.” Nope.

It’s Obama’s “investments” in education and “programs like Race to the Top.” (Is there nothing Race to the Top can’t do?)

“Under President Obama,” the campaign web feature then crows, “Julia starts her own web business. She qualifies for a Small Business Administration loan, giving her the money she needs to invest in her business. President Obama’s tax cuts for small businesses like Julia’s help her to get started. She’s able to hire employees, creating new jobs in her town and helping to grow the local economy.”

In the real world, according to Dun and Bradstreet, the SBA supported fewer than 62,000 small business loans: a measly 0.2 percent of the nation’s 27.5 million small businesses. The vast majority of entrepreneurs get their start without the SBA’s “help” and want only one thing: for Obama and his wealth-confiscators to leave them the heck alone.

As soon as Obama publicized “The Life of Julia” on the web, conservative activists swarmed Twitter to provide real-world counter-narratives. “I’m no Julia,” one wrote. “As a small-business owner I’m being taxed to death. I need the (government) to get out of my way and let me make money.” Another young conservative female tweeted: “As a woman business owner I’m offended that POTUS thinks I need him to survive and thrive.” Conservative writer Kemberlee Kaye added: “What the Julia example really shows is the Democrat ideal. Complete and total reliance on the government.”

My story? I’ve founded three web ventures over the past eight years without a penny of taxpayer money or government venture socialism. We free-market-centered small-business women can “grow the local economy” and raise our children and improve our schools just fine without the meddling, patriarchal hand of President Obama taking credit for our every last success.

After hyperventilating for months about the Republican “war on women,” Democratic new-media gurus inadvertently have exposed the real Barack Obama: a chauvinistic control freak who would tether every last woman and child to his ever-expanding, budget-busting Nanny State.

Mamas, for the sake of your family’s freedom and our republic’s survival, don’t let your babies grow up to be “Julia.”

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  • Eric G

    Keeping adult women from becoming independent is misogynistic. Period.

  • findalis

    Having taken a look at this POS and you know it is all BS. Under Obama Julia would either be forced to have only 1 child or sterilized to save the planet.

  • StephenD

    But it is for our own good he imposes the government on us don't you know….
    Having 4 daughters and 5 granddaughters, I can say I have an interest in how women are treated to be sure. Being seen as dependent, inadequate creatures doesn't cut it for me.

  • BS77

    The new model "citizen" is on food stamps, welfare, housing aid, and is totally dependent on Government services………The new average citizen reads at the fifth grade level, knows nothing about science, history or current events….the new citizen eats huge amounts of sugar and processed food garbage , is fifty pounds overweight and is on ten to twenty medications including anti depressants…..aint it grand? Makes you wonder how our pioneer ancestors made it without the Nanny State pampering them.

  • PhillipGaley

    ". . . . a chauvinistic control freak who would tether every . . . ."?

    I would say, . . . say, did you see any of those few scenes from the TV show "WAR OF THE WORLDS", in which, several of the bad guys hold the victim? And another one of them presents this slug-like creature of about 10 or 12 inches long, and they force open the victim's mouth, and this thing slithers down the poor soul's throat, inside then, to fester and grow into another one of the aliens?

    When my second daughter was about 8 yr old, one day she came to me and said: "Teach me to read. I want to learn to read. I want you to teach me to read.". And, it didn't take a whole morning, you know, showing someone how the letters blend together, going along to make familiar sounds, and hey! If you say them fast enough, they're actual words! Whaddaya know! It was just like magic! You know how boring and difficult a day can be—for the both of you—trying get something into someone, . . . most difficult, something into their mind, someone who doesn't know that, they need something, and they've just gotta go along with the program because, . . . just because, . . . if they will just go along, it'll make your life a whole lot easier, . . . supposed t'make your life a whole lot easier.

    What if parents let children decide when they want something? Why, then would we have the motivation of personal incentive. What might that say about our intelligence, . . . and our estimate of our child's? How might that work out? And then in some years of further personal analysis of life experiences, maybe including some education, what might the child's opinion be of the parent? And, might the child then grown up, just assuming that, she had been reared in a "child-friendly" society? I mean, instead of what we now have, . . . choking down the child's throat what someone somewhere, thinks she's gonna need t'compete in t'day's world, . . . How many children's lives have suffered at least a partial ruination because a parent insisted that, a child was gonna learn this or that.

    I tried that with our first daughter, . . . with the violin. But, . . . in a rather short period of time, I understood what G0D was trying to teach me, . . . reaching into my very soul, piercing, as she did, . . . with the most wrenching and horrible messages of resistance, . . .

    At the length, it occurred to me: "Y'know, I'm just beginning parenting, . . . and, . . . I'm learning, . . . I'm going t'try taking personal volition into consideration, . . . hers, . . . maybe, . . . maybe she feels like, . . . I'm just walking all over her personal volition."; and I relented. And although she did not then take up with the violin just to please me because I then left the choice up to her, we were able to grow together, . . . because I was just a whole lot smarter, . . . about people in general, . . . but especially, children.

    And when she needed some help a few years ago, I showed her how to use the word "arbitrary" in legal pregnancy in conversation before a work supervisor, and the situation having been passed through, she sent me a thousand $.

    Could any of this be possible? Well, possible or not, these things actually occurred, . . .

    Despite our own experiences in foolishness, maybe, . . . than that esteem most usually accorded them, maybe children are just a whole lot smarter, . . . Could it be that, in some ways, the vast left-wing army of "educators" and societal "helpers" are simply playing upon natural vicissitudes of a tethered and otherwise unknowing populace? Could that be possible? As politician Dinglle says @ 0:45 in the YT video "Dingell: It will take some time for ObamaCare to "control the people"?

    Could it be that, one group of people accumulate in elected positions and governmental offices, . . . "to control the people"? Could that be possible?

    • PhillipGaley

      Yes, so young and as little as she might have been, maybe she felt that, I was presenting to her, an empty well, that, in denying her freedom of choice in that way, I was trampling her dignity, that, her was one who felt that, she was tethered, and, if allowed, would trample her human spirit, . . . and that, I wasn't the kind of father whom she could accept and to whom she could say: "Yes.". . . . But, however it might have been so many years, thankfully now past, and in benefit to her bros and sis who came after, I learned my lesson: "I you don't want to end up just awful unhappy, . . . let people live; let children live; assist them to do what they figure out for themselves that, they really wanna do. Don't put much effort into figuring other peoples' lives out for them—especially, your own children.". Sometimes, "smarts" can be hereditary—you get it from your kids, . . .

      Yeah, Obama and Dingell and them, might think that, they have the Am people figured out and tethered, and what they oughta do, and all that; but, . . . from my experience, they could end up just awful unhappy, . . . but deservedly so, . . .

  • Demetrius M

    All the millions in illegal campaign contributions and this is the best you come up with? Wow. Just wow.

    • Nick Shaw

      I think it's an indications of the depth of their talent pool and the depth of their thought, Demetrius!

  • kongMing

    “Julia starts her own web business.”

    Biggest customer is the SEC.

  • Ghostwriter

    As someone who writes fiction,"Julia" doesn't strike me as a real person. Heck,there's very little there of her to even be considered as a stereotype. She has zero personality. Why did the Obama campaign even try this? The fictional "Julia" is as flat a character as a piece of paper. I've seen characters from commercials with more personality than "Julia" has.

    • Nick Shaw

      Just taking the cue from Zero, Ghost. Julia is a "compressed" figure and quite believable to the mindless sheeple who call themselves liberals.
      Mind you, it turns out Zero's compressed girlfriend was actually Ayer's girlfriend!
      One must wonder, who is Julia really? ;-)

  • Jon_Adams

    And with ObamaCare's 16,000 new IRS agents, Julia can look forward to a wonderful government audit.
    Thank you so much Mr President!

  • Ozzy

    Yeah You right Me shell, America need more self sufficient 3 yr olds.
    After all you managed to make it without a government why shouldn't every child.

    • Nick Shaw

      Head Start is a proven failure, Helen.
      Why do you want to spend more money of proven failures?
      Oh, I forgot, you're a liberal.
      Aren't you Helen?

  • kafir4life

    No worries about Julia and her needs that only the gov't can fulfill. Her mother decided to abort her during her third trimester instead.