Michelle Obama’s “Civilian” Act Is Hard To Swallow

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The first lady of the United States is on a whirlwind publicity tour for her hefty new food and gardening book ($30), which the White House hopes will bolster Team Obama’s favorability ratings. I’d say it’s a classic recipe for rank campaign hypocrisy and media double standards.

While journalists savor chummy chitchats with Mrs. Obama about beets and Beyonce, FLOTUS is once again escaping hard questions about her cronyism, junk science and generous junkets at taxpayer expense.

Mrs. Obama’s 2012 campaign media blitz has already brought her to daytime airwaves (“The Ellen DeGeneres Show”), prime-time reality TV (“The Biggest Loser”) and children’s programming (“iCarly”). This week, she’s hitting up “Good Morning America,” “The View,” Rachael Ray’s cooking show, “LIVE! with Kelly (Ripa)” and Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” Out: Let’s Move! In: Let’s Move … in front of the TV cameras!

My prediction? As soon as the fawning media frenzy dies down and Mrs. Obama’s book rises to the top of The New York Times best-seller list, POTUS will go back to claiming that FLOTUS is a “private citizen” who should be left alone. The Obamas’ Chicago strategists have long enjoyed invoking selective immunity for the first lady without challenge. Lapdog reporters have assisted in creating an impenetrable bubble of political protection around the profligate, policy-meddling first lady.

We’ve seen it before.

When conservatives challenged Mrs. O’s caustic 2008 campaign trail statements disparaging America and fear-mongering for votes, her hubby invoked the “civilian” shield. He threatened Republicans to “lay off his wife,” arguing that political spouses should not be subject to public scrutiny because they didn’t choose public life.

When Mrs. O’s lavish vacation in Spain — accompanied by an entourage of 70 Secret Service agents and 250 Spanish law enforcement officers — provoked a massive public backlash in 2010, then-White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs argued that the first lady was a “private citizen” who should be off-limits to tough questions about her behavior.


Obama’s outspoken bitter half conscientiously and deliberately inserted herself into the public square long before the family moved to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — whether it was organizing a Woods Fund panel with her husband and Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers, taking a publicly subsidized government job with Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, or parlaying her relationship with political mentor Valerie Jarrett into a cushy public job at the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she oversaw a patient-dumping scheme that benefited her political cronies.

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  • Jimi Belton

    It is pretty gross how a rep. first lady would be treated compared to this woman…..She spends our money like there is no tomorrow….If she is a private mom and just a lil innocent home maker, why does she need so many SS agents to follow her around….and 2 dozen assistants to cater to HER every whim….Does she actually think she is our Queen Bee, and the rest of the USA is just the workers…..I cannot even look at her picture without getting ill

    • Suzan J

      Mrs. Obama deserves all of the same accommodations and protection every other First Lady has enjoyed. Travel, secret service, respect, and more. Why is it suddenly we are concerned about this First families costs? They have spent far less then their predecessors. Laura was out peddling her books, and pushing education and literacy – all at tax payer expense and with the same number of secret service taking care of her security. Were we upset about that? Stop being so hypocritical.

      • boogies daddy

        For one thing education and literacy are benefits to liberty not infringements on liberty. And I seriously doubt that Mrs. Bush spent more taxpayer money vacationing.

      • Eva

        You are the only hypocrite here, madam. George W. Bush once played golf at his own TX estate, without burdening us, taxpayers, and media ripped him apart for this. Your beloved Obama and his family have burdened the public treasury for millions of dollars with their endless fancy and opulent trips to Spain, France, Martha's Vineyard and Hawaii, to mention just a few destinations. Why does his wife need a staff of over forty assistants and secretaries? I am sure you libs can come up with some not-so-convincing explanation, which would not make much sense to hard-working Americans trying to stay afloat. And don't forget the presidential dog who had to be flown to the Commander-In-Chief's children on the jet because they missed him. You paid for that trip. Their annual charitable donations should be made public. Let the world see how much a socialist is willing to spread his own wealth to the poor and needy.

  • StephenD

    I hope Romney jumps on the waiver theme. How is it that the "friends" of the POTUS are granted exemptions from the Healthcare mandate? He can make political noise about the cronyism of both The President and the First Lady from their Chicago days. I understand there were lucrative posts afforded her after he (as a State Senator) allotted grant monies to a hospital, and many similar incidents of corrupted political activities. Romney should point them ALL out.
    When Romney wins, maybe then I can, on a stretch, relate to her as when she said “finally, I can be proud of my country.”

  • poptoy1949

    This has nothing to do with her book but she is one very ugly Black woman. I am not talking about she being smug and elite. I mean physically she is just not very attractive. Not one little bit. She also has no class and cannot hold a candle to Laura Bush or any other first Lady except Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton is certainly no peach either.

  • Lady_Dr

    A person can be unattractive, and lack class and style but if they have money there is a lot that can be done to conceal these defects. But MO is a low-life, Chicago thug like her husband and instead of hiring people in the know who could have helped them then hired people just like themselves e.g. Valerie Jarrett. MO wardrobe and the protocol decisions are major cases in point – yet, Washington is full of people who could have made a difference there. But the Obamas are arrogant Chicago thugs who don't care or are too clueless to realize that they are an embarrasment to the DNC and to the country.

  • Norma

    My real concern is how many people will buy into what she says and not remember what she said about the first time she said finally I am proud of my country. Hmmm……..I wonder why she stayed here instead of living in some other country.

  • H&R_ Barack

    Stevie Wonder music fade in……Isn't She Lovely"….. (media leg-tingles)

  • DMW

    And when Commandante Sub-Zero and FLO (_________ – fill in the blank for the country as both do as if for some other country) finally float on out of office (2012 or 2016), both will make even more dinero. At least we won't have to see and hear about their indulgences every day. Or will we (as in a lamestream media that can't/won't let them go)?

  • http://www.mailmagazine24.com Bright Knight

    She was at "The Biggest Loser"? Hey, that's exactly where she needs to be.. together with her hubby, the Divider in Chief. They ARE the biggest loser! And I hope that she sells Millions of her book, then she has enough money to reimburse we the people for her vacations and other insane expenses. Sounds like a plan… ok, just dreaming