Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria Gets Schooled

Liberal celebrities want all of the adoration that social media engagement has to offer — but none of the accountability that actual engagement requires. For the Hollywood elite, it’s “do as they say, not as they tweet.” But actress and outspoken Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria learned a hard lesson this week on Twitter:

Conservatives online are mad as hell and aren’t taking it anymore.

On Tuesday night after the second presidential debate, Longoria shared a “retweet” from one of her 4.4-plus million followers on the micro-blogging network. “I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote for Romney,” the message read. “You have to be stupid to vote for such a racist/misogynistic tw*t.” (I’m editing the vulgarity for family newspapers, but the tweet’s foul reference to a woman’s reproductive organs was neither censored nor disavowed by Longoria on her Twitter timeline.)

On Wednesday morning, the editors at Twitchy.com, my Twitter curation/aggregation site, captured and saved Longoria’s retweet for posterity. Conservative minorities and women raised their voices. A representative sample:

Wrote Diana Yellow (@navajochic): “I don’t appreciate u call’n me stupid. Ur ignorant, selfish and stupid urself! I’m a Romney/Ryan voter, I’m female and a minority.”

Becky Gonzalez (@nanabec2) tweeted: “You can vote with your lady parts — I’ll vote with my lady smarts. VOTE ROMNEY!!!”

Melissa (@melissaDiva) responded: “So @EvaLongoria b/c I am a woman and support @MittRomney I am stupid? Your comment is disgusting and disrespectful to women. Shame on you.”

Mayelin de Villegas (@mayelinddv) informed the starlet: “I am Hispanic. I am very informed on all issues. Will be voting for Romney and proud to say it.”

After Twitchy.com called attention to the Obama campaign co-chair and “War on Women” propagandist’s backhanded swipe, she tried to cover her tracks by deleting the message. But Twitter and Twitchy are forever. On Thursday morning, the panicked actress launched into damage-control mode — and made matters even worse.

First, she claimed that “twitter (was) bugging out” and asserted that “there are things in my timeline I didn’t retweet today.” Longoria then absurdly assured followers that she was under the social media hood searching for an imaginary glitch: “Standby trying to fix!” The naked attempt to channel disgraced Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner, who shamelessly blamed a nonexistent hacker for posting lewd photos of himself on Twitter, flopped among tech-savvy Twitter users.

“Blame it on A) The altitude B) The ‘video’ C) Hillary!” joked one reader.

“She inherited all her re-tweets from the previous twitter user,” jibed another.

“She has binders full of excuses,” chimed another.

Writer Derek Hunter mused: “(Y)ou’ve got to find it amusing how @evalongoria is ‘trying to fix’ her twitter like she’s writing code or something.”

Faced with an avalanche of mockery and disbelief, Longoria finally tossed aside her make-believe monkey wrench and ‘fessed up. Well, kinda sorta, in that classic crapweasel politican’s way. She tweeted that she was “(s)orry if people were offended by retweet” and that “I respect all Americans.”

“Sorry if.” Give her the award for Worst Performance by a Self-Destructing Celeb on Social Media. Longoria topped off her faux-pology by explaining that she was merely trying to create “dialogue” and then pivoted faster than an Olympic speed skater by protesting that we should all be talking about “real issues” such as “equal pay, the economy and our health care choices” instead of “tweets.”

Not so fast there, missy. You should know that Longoria is guilty of retweeting at least one other crude message bashing Republicans. Twitchy.com staff noted that on October 11, the night of the vice presidential debate, Longoria retweeted this appalling observation from soap opera star Nancy Lee Grahn: “Biden is making Paul Ryan his prison b****!” Longoria retweeted the offensive prison rape analogy without any censorship or disapproval whatsoever. And on the campaign trail, Longoria has expressed similar views disparaging conservative women. In Colorado this July, she asserted that “there is no way you can vote Republican” if you’re a woman.

The real issue with “dialogue”-seeking Longoria, who refused to answer any of my questions on Twitter, is that she is a phony spokeswoman for American women outside the Hollywood-D.C.-Manhattan bubble. She has unmistakable contempt for women who reject the Obama campaign’s radical “lady parts” identity politics.

It is not a waste of time to respond to Hollywood hatred of conservative women and minorities. It is a waste of the First Amendment to be silent. Longoria, after all, is one of Obama’s highest-profile campaign co-chairs spearheading femme fear-mongering. She and a bevy of other like-minded lib Hollywood actresses (including Kate Walsh, Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington) are flooding swing states to woo independent/undecided women who could determine this election. Silence is complicity.

For decades, conservative women and minorities had limited public opportunities to tell the Beautiful People that they didn’t speak for us. The game has changed. The walls have crumbled. The era of one-way political monologues from Tinsel Town hypocrites is over. To borrow language they understand: That’s a wrap. You’ve been schooled.

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  • oldtimer

    Co-chair of the 0's campaign….couldn't they get someone with real qualifications?

    • Rifleman

      Lol, maybe the dp will eventually figure out those binders come in handy for finding the best person for the job.

    • Spider

      What for? No one else in his O's administration has any qualifications beyond "com-munist", "incompetent" or "bubble head".

    • IsraelFirster

      They did get someone with qualifications… both of them.

    • Soylent Green

      Probably not. After all, they nominated Obama for President and he wasn't (and still isn't) qualified for the job.

    • Mickey Oberman

      They couldn't even get someone with real qualifications to run for president.

  • Jana Wheeler

    Just you watch me Ms. Longoria. I have a brain and will.be pressing “R” this year as I always have!

  • pierce

    She is definitely beautiful, great body, but no brains. Especially no brains when it comes to backing O.

    • guest
    • Going Rouge

      Great body!?!
      She's a rail. Instead of voting with her "lady parts" she's talking out her a$$.
      She needs to go back to work at Wendy's to remind her what REAL life and a job are like.
      Hey Hollywood, have a hot steaming cup of shut the f&*k up!

      • Questions

        Maybe you can use what little talent you have to pass an audition.

  • gail

    Eva, all the money, good looks, "presidential friends in high places" that you think you possess cannot hide "stupid", which is what YOU are!!! You do not represent me, I think with my brain and not my vagina!!

  • ze-ev ben jehuda

    Tits without brains.

    • Chris

      Tiny tits too.

  • jacob

    Where I was born, there is a saying that, "IF YOU WANT TO WATCH A TURD FLYING, GIVE IT POWER"

    In the case of Eva Longoria, I will say give her status, which, by hook or crook, is what she presently has

    It would pay for her to make sure her brain is attached to her mouth/hand and not her derriere…..

  • Chezwick

    Accountability? Republicans resign when they screw up….Dems prevaricate.

    The Obama campaign – if it had any standards (or scruples) – should ask for her resignation.

    • Chris

      They have no scruples, period.

    • pagegl

      If the Obama adminstration had any standards (or scruples) Obama and Biden would have to ask for the resignations of all their politcal appointees and then resign themselves.

  • masscon

    I sent an email yesterday to Loreal Corporate telling them I would no longer be purchasing any product made under the Loreal umbrella due to E.L.'s political activism.

    • MotherGoose

      Great idea..I'll play. I never purchased the stuff anyway, but they don't know that.

  • burt

    eva, speak with your upper brain, not with that between your legs

    • William

      she has no upper brain to use. all she knows is to use her female lower parts.

  • w. Jeffords

    I wanted to read the story but with all the colorful made up words it just did not flow for me . But I posted it anyway. maybe the non dyslexic crown will enjoy it

  • guset

    Ask Obama about his binders. They are full of muslim brotherhood operatives he is placing in the US government.

    • Going Rouge

      This is why disqualification of B.O.'s Presidency and campaign are so important.
      When there's a judge and court with the "stones" to hear the case, most of B.O.'s damage can be undone in a heart beat. Everything is nullified…legislation, appointments, maybe even his library card.

  • R. Bonata

    I was about to make the worst decision of my life by not voting! Thank you EVA LONGORIA for pushing me to vote. I wasn't sure that I was going to but now I AM SURE. Keep it up! I am sure the more you open your mouth, the more women will vote for Romney. I AM VOTING FOR ROMNEY! :) I will show you how smart I can be. Thanks for the push!

    An independent thinker

  • jacob

    To those of you still stupid enough to reelect the Manchurian Candidate :

    Quite a few of you, falling for his mermaid songs of "CHANGE" and "HOPE" and its subsequent
    Trojan horse, curse the moment they were as stupid and gullible…

    But since ROMNEY doesn't cut the mustard with you, get ready for another FOUR years of this
    national disgrace and the final imposition of his original agenda concerning Islam and most
    probably the imposition of SHAARIA as the law of the land….

    If this is what you want, you are welcome to it…
    After all, aren't man and woman the only animals who hit the same rock twice….??????

  • BLJ

    Another no talent couch performer.

  • Schlomotion

    DUMBED DOWN! Michelle Malkin joins France in the fight to control everything that people say on Twitter, and joins Mark Tapson and Ben Shapiro in thinking that celebrity tweets are national news. Yet another blogger proclaims that Hollywood celebrities or sports stars owe her that they reflect her beliefs in exchange for the privilege of being famous.

    • Chris

      I think you are just schlo.
      What the hell are you talking about?
      This celebutard is an Obama campaign co-chair.
      Get real.

    • Western Canadian

      Shmuckmotion really does have a love of straws, the way he keeps grasping at them. Holding someone accountable, is not the same as demanding that MM views be the only ones allowed.

    • pagegl

      Schlomo, you, like just about all leftists, have serious reading comprehension issues. At no point did Malkin try to control Longoria's speech, she just reported and then offered her opinions.

    • Ghostwriter

      The only thing that's dumbed down here is your stupid post,Schlockmoron. Ms. Malkin offered her opinion. She didn't try to control Ms. Longoria's opinion. Your idiocy is boundless,Schlomotion.

  • E.H. Lieberman

    If Ms. Longoria is so enamored of "lady parts"-based identity politcs, she ought to now be known as Juevo Longonrrhea.

  • Ar'nun

    I love also how no one brings up Obama's over the hill rocker pal Bruce Springstein. Talk about Buffet Rule hypocracy. This guy buys a huge plot of land, builds a mansion, and then in a small corner of his backyard on the minimum acerage gwos some type of organic vegetabls, hires a part time gardner, and sells these vegetables 3 days a year at a farmers market. He then claims on his taxes that the part time gardner is a "Farm Hand" and is allowed to take a tax deduction set aside for farmers where nearly 85% of his property tax is forgiven. There by cheating the town his mansion is located in of nearly $25k in property taxes each year. Property taxes usually go towards public schools. Who is paying for the The Boss' immoral tax break?

    • BLJ

      No doubt. The "Boss" fancies himself a latter day Woodie Guthrie. He hasn't done anything musically worth a damn since the mid 80's.

      • Questions

        Baloney. His 2007 album, "Magic," is a pretty convincing musical statement (among others). I don't dig his politics either, but sometimes you gotta look past that. Springsteen's music demands as much.

        By the way, "Ar'nun" has a most novel spelling of Bruce's last name.

        • BLJ

          Different strokes my freind. I think that album sucks.

      • Schlomotion

        I would be glad to listen to any of BLJ's musical publications issued since the mid 80's to contrast them with the denouement of Mr. Springsteen's body of work.

        • BLJ

          You still out of your spider hole?

          • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

            His thinking isn't very 'optimal'.

        • Wideband

          Another troll who seems to have made a cottage industry of missing the point.

        • gray man

          you don't have to be a musician to know if music sucks, you just have to have a brain.

    • "gunner"

      who is this "springsteen" person, is he anyone i should know, or care about? and if so, why?

      • Western Canadian

        B S is a second rate musician, with virtually no vocal power or style. His most successful career moment, was when Cheech and Chong did a parody of one of his over-rated efforts, which they called 'Born in East L.A."

      • keith

        I agree with gunner and Western Canadian…who is B S? I never got caught up in the hype about him, and when he was “stumping” for John “Spitball” Kerry, he looked and sounded like a burned-out pothead…

        • Questions

          You should move to Western Canada. Hang out with your friend. Someone who delivers 40 years of great music is making it on a lot more than "hype."

          • gray man

            And taste is taste. If his music sucks to some people, that is their qualified opinion. 40 year old crap doesn't suddenly become good because it is 40 years old. This is not wine we are talking about. BS's "born to Run" album was great for example, some of his later stuff not so much. Modern entertainers tend to become full of themselves because they have a lot of money and a bunch of brown nosers following them around licking up every pontification that spews from their moronic mouths. They start to believe their own propaganda. examples include: bruce springsteen, bono, cher, matt damon, ad nauseam.

          • Questions

            You've got a reading comprehension problem. The 40 years to which I was referring was Springsteen's accumulated body of work. That means recordings and concerts in 2012, not just those of 1972, 1978, 1997 or any other year.

  • Questions

    Eva Longoria is a professional Hispanic. This is what Malkin completely misses in this column. Longoria's ethnicity drives her liberalism, not the other way around. Malkin, eager to get in her licks against "Hollywood," overlooks this. Longoria, along with Soledad O'Brien, is a hip-hick Latino identity politician.

    • Wideband

      There are plenty of Hispanics, proud or their heritage, who are conservatives. No, you've missed the mark. It's Longorias eagerness to show her social conscience to her Show Biz peers that drives her liberalism.

      • Questions

        A lot of Hispanic "conservatives," by the way, upon closer inspection, are anything but. They're ethnic hustlers who want to push the GOP leftward, all the while proclaiming their fealty to tradition. A recent piece in vdare.com brings this point home.

    • gray man

      which is actually irrelevant.

  • Ghostwriter

    Questions,you need your head examined. What Michelle Malkin is saying is that there are minorities who have minds of their own. It would be great if you used yours every once in a while.

    • Questions

      Your reading comprehension skills are rather deficient, Mr. Ghostwriter. Eva Longoria for years has been active pitching for Hispanic causes. That's a fact. She's a classic identity politician, Latino Division. But Malkin, ever obsessed with Getting Those Evil, Hypocritical Liberals, can't seem to understand the power of race as a motive for human action.

      Nobody is saying, by the way, that ethnic minorities shouldn't or don't have minds of their own. I am saying, however, that many should refocus their minds on assimilation rather than separatism.

  • Western Canadian

    Pity, she was so good in 'puss in boots'. At least I think it was her….

  • watsa46

    It 's all about redistribution and retribution against White America.
    Longoria is suffering from logorrhea.

  • http://rau.3littlefoxes.com Lfox328

    The real issue is that these psuedo-apologies are so omnipresent.

  • amused

    Oh , so catty Michelle . A real "twitter fight " by twits . I do find it amusing though , Malkin in the right Longoria on the left and all the twits inbetween . Facebook & Twitter = Jerks- without a- life- of- America ….unite !

  • Sam G

    My late mother used to say on the likes of EL:
    "If a cow had her brain, she'd run by herself to the slaughter house"…

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.morgan.927 Larry Morgan

    So embarrased she iis from Texas. Airhead!

  • danseagull