Obamacare’s Patient-Dumping, Privacy-Meddling Scheme

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The stench of Chicago cronyism over the White House just got fouler. Inhale this:

A shadowy $10 billion Obamacare agency with zero oversight just awarded first lady Michelle Obama’s pet patient-dumping scheme at the University of Chicago Medical Center a $5.9 million taxpayer-funded grant. It will enable Mrs. Obama’s cronies to build a government-sponsored electronic medical record-sharing system.

The Chicago program, known as the Urban Health Initiative, is run by one of President Obama’s closest golfing buddies, scandal magnet Eric Whitaker, who has been entangled with Illinois corruption celebrities Rod Blagojevich and Tony Rezko over the past decade.

Fun fact: Whitaker recently was named by author Edward Klein as the man who purportedly offered hate-mongering Rev. Jeremiah Wright $150,000 in hush money during the 2008 campaign.

The nearly $6 million grant was announced last week by the “Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation” at the Department of Health and Human Services. White House watchdog journalist Keith Koffler notes that “some 3,000 applications were received for a share on the $1 billion in 3-year grants available. Only 26 programs were included in the first batch of awards doled out.” The administration grants circumvent any and all congressional deliberation as part of Team Obama’s election-year “We Can’t Wait” initiatives.

The grant recipients will help fulfill the mandated Obamacare vision of a centralized patient-record database with unprecedented federal oversight. The provision is being challenged in court by the Goldwater Institute for forcing Americans to share “with millions of strangers who are not physicians confidential private and personal medical history information they do not wish to share.”

HHS denies any favoritism, citing a “competitive, objective” process. But as I first reported in March, a Congressional Research Service analysis concluded that Obamacare’s Innovation Center is subject to no administrative or judicial review. The Innovation Center director is, in effect, a super-czar without any checks or balances on his grant-making decisions, methods or results.

I warned two months ago that the Obamacare Innovation Center and its multibillion-dollar slush fund smacked of “another pipeline for political payoffs and Chicago-style boodle that will result in less patient autonomy, fewer health-care choices, more government intrusion and lower-quality care.”

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  • oldtimer

    We can't wait…..Circumventing Congress….. This must stop! It's time for our elected officials to stand up and the job they are being paid for and were elected to do

  • davarino

    Bye bye Obamacare. Lets see, with that gone what will O's legacy be? What will he have to show for 4 years of vacationing and hob knobing with foreign dignitaries? Oh ya, he slowed down the slide that could have been a depression. No, he is a snake oil salesman who even hoodwinked his own race for political gain and the ones he USED dont even know it.

    Cant wait for this nightmare to be over.

  • Zinnia2

    the idea of these two getting a pension and security for life makes me sick…

  • StephenD

    Michelle Malkin just keeps the fire to their feet! You gotta love her! I hope the Romney camp gets this one out there for all to see. Rip us off so he can take care of his friends. Typical Chicago politician tactic.

  • marios

    M. Obama had $150,000 working for Chicago University but after BHO became a IL Senator she had "merit" and earned $300,000. Is not it good to be democrat and talk about poor and how much they care about them, and that they are know what it is to be poor… Moreover when BHO was elected Pres. her position was closed.
    For her that position cost us, tax payers $300,000 but it was such "serious and important position" that it was closed. those democrats are alike to unarmed robbers.

  • H&R_ Barack

    My patient dumping solution:

    Dump illegal aliens & fifth-generation welfare queens on Obama's White House front lawn!

  • truebearing

    Obama is a political criminal, as are all people on the far Left. The Left is a criminal organization that happens to be political. What they are doing violates our laws, but they simply do not respect laws, therefore should be treated accordingly.

    Of course Holder is a criminal too, so who will enforce the law? It comes down to the people who care about things like justice, integrity, honesty, ie morality. We have to continue to ratchet up the pressure and demand action from congress and the courts. This is a civil war between those who see value only in power and those who want to live under the rule of moral law. The good vs the evil. It is that simple.

  • wctaqiyya

    Small potatoes. With your name and talent you should be hammering home the big points Ms Malkin.