Obama’s Algae Racket

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And in total, Glauthier adds, “Solazyme officials including Glauthier have contributed at least $360,000 to Democrats since 2007.”

Wait, that’s not all. The head of Solazyme’s Washington lobbying office is Drew Littman, former chief of staff for Democratic Sen. Al Franken. Littman’s old pal, entrenched D.C. lobbyist and Obama appointee Michael Meehan, feted Littman earlier this year and bragged that “we couldn’t be more thrilled to be working on a daily basis with Drew and the Solazyme team.”

Thanks to one of President Obama’s executive orders, Solazyme secured a $12 million contract with the U.S. Navy to unload hundreds of thousands of gallons of biofuel — priced at an estimated four to seven times the normal cost of regular jet fuel.

This self-sustaining crony ecosystem, powered by administrative fiat and wealth redistribution, gives new meaning to the phrase “green crude.”

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  • UCSPanther

    This pork, questionable financial activity and sleaze is ruining the image of legitimate research work into developing alternative fuels.

  • truebearing

    Al Gore invented the internet. Baraka Obama created SolaSlime, a "green" eating parasitic life form. The green economy is producing this toxic, good-for-nothing slime at an amazing pace and though we are told this SolaSlime will create energy, it was, by design, meant to drain energy from the economy . It gave Obama a noble scheme to squander money on, with the hope that it would finish what the sub-prime, Cloward-Piven scam didn't quite achieve.

  • Rifleman

    Some Navy pilots could have had four to seven times the stick time for the same fuel price, but hussein paid off his political contributors instead. What a guy.

  • John C. Davidson

    What is most troublig is with all the revelations Michele has exposed, these crooks just keep on stealing taxpayer's stash!

  • hajida

    The funding for election should be provided by the government to all candidates equally and should not come from lobbyists or foreign special interest groups. If the elected official are in debt to those groups, we elect people who will not for us but for the lobbists and foreign special interest groups.

    • Rifleman

      We have this thing called freedom of speech, and what you describe infringes on that. If you're worried about lobbyists and foreign special interest groups, you should prune federal power back to where their money buys them little to nothing, as was intended by the Founders.

  • pyeatte

    Racket is the right term if this Government is getting involved. FYI Exxon/Mobil dedicated their own money to algae oil research in 2009. If it is doable, they will make it work. The idea is to produce algae based oil and feed it into traditional refineries to produce gasoline, jet fuel, diesel, etc. Private sector work is vastly superior to having the DOE decide which political group is to get the $$$ to funnel back to the liberal politicians. When the private sector invests money it is because they see a possibility of making it work and making a PROFIT.

  • palidin911

    The proliferation of crony capitalism during the Obama regime is astonishing. It's obviously the only kind he likes. It's theChicago brand of capitalism, practiced the most corrupt city, in the most corrupt state in America, where politicians have a higher chance of going to prison than than an illegal alien gun runner.

  • http://www.clrlight.org/ Thomas Blakeslee