Obama’s Interior Department Still Going Rogue

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When White House operatives tout their miraculous economics, remind them: The cost of the original Obama-Salazar edict is an estimated 19,000 jobs and $1.1 billion in lost wages. The new ban takes both coasts off the table and throws Alaska oil and gas sales into uncertain delay.

When Democrats tout their adherence to sound science, don’t forget: The administration’s own expert panel disavowed Salazar and former eco-czar Carol Browner’s claims that they had secured a scientific consensus for the drilling ban. In fact, Salazar and Browner completely perverted the experts’ consensus against the sweeping offshore drilling ban.

When Vice President Joe Biden takes to the stump to tout the “character of his (boss’s) convictions,” make it known: Louisiana federal judge Martin Feldman rebuked the Obama Interior Department for its “determined disregard” for the law.

And the stench deepens. In May, the House Natural Resources Committee released e-mails quoting a senior whistleblower who directly contradicted Salazar’s claim that doctored support for the ban was unintentional. Where is the Interior Department inspector general to look out for taxpayers’ best interests? She’s knee-deep in ethics problems herself.

A federal panel that oversees government watchdogs took up a conflict-of-interest complaint against Interior Department Acting Inspector General Mary Kendall this week. USA Today first reported in May “that Kendall had attended meetings where top Interior officials discussed drafts of a peer-reviewed report on deepwater drilling.” Later, she was enlisted to investigate how White House officials cooked up the scientifically manufactured report that resulted from those very meetings.

Instead of haranguing GOP opponent Mitt Romney with questions about his offshore bank accounts, this search-and-destroy White House should start accounting for its offshore drilling obstructionism. Salazar’s reign has been a shady, secretive and rotten deal for America.

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  • kong.ming

    The current energy revolution should be much more profitable than the technology revolution of the 90s if only our former ACORN lawyer possessed any awareness on how to run a country. Instead of opening up trillions of dollars of energy reserves, he fear mongers about poisoning water, creating earthquakes and invests in algae and Fisker automotive made in Europe.

    • Here's the problem

      Our former ACORN lawyer has plenty of awareness on how to run a country, into the ground, that is. Of course, as you say, everything should be more profitable, but He doesn't want that now. Maybe later, after He's run America down into the pits, and He and his totalitarian Marxists and Muslim Brothers own the country, and We, The People, are his slaves, will all those resources be tapped to fill His coffers.

      Obwama wants to be the Massa of us all. 95 percent of Black Americans are already his willing slaves and don't even know that that's what they are, and the same is true for close to 80 percent of clueless American Jews who idolize Him. Both are the biggest dupes of all, a bitter, horrible irony. But there are lots of others, too, who should know better. The election in November will tell the tale, either way.

  • Sage on the Stage

    Salazar's Interior Department is also responsible for approving the design of the Flight 93 Memorial, near Somerset, Pa. This memorial is a mosque–with visitors facing Mecca as they enter the park, a ring of red trees around the outside, and the "Tower of Voices," which puts symbols of Islam above those of the 44 victims. Check this out.

  • dmw

    Oh for the days of Ben Nighthorse Campbell (Democrat turned Republican) and his Harley, instead of this Salazar dude (looking).

  • johnnywoods

    Obama`s administration is the judgement of GOD on America. May HE have mercy on us if it is not already too late.

  • pyeatte

    Assuming we kick this bum out of the White House in Nov., these restrictions can be reversed by the new Romney Administration. This is policy, not law.

  • Reason_For_Life

    Salazar is typical of the anti-energy left. However, we would do well to remember that it was G W Bush who signed executive orders banning oil exploration off the coasts of Florida and California to help Republican governors Schwarzenegger and Jeb Bush. Oil drilling has always had bipartisan opposition.

    Obama needs high energy prices to make solar and wind power more attractive. GE still can't make a profit on wind without subsidies. Ethanol is the biggest mistake ever made in the energy market. It not only doesn't lower carbon dioxide (if you still believe that CO2 is the cause of warming) but it consumes more energy than it produces.

    It's time that politicians stop helping their cronies with idiot policies that they "justify" using junk science.