The Coming DNC Disaster

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There aren’t Greek columns tall or wide enough to camouflage Barack Obama’s impending North Carolina catastrophe. In September, the campaigner-in-chief will travel to Charlotte for his party’s presidential nominating convention. For once, the incurable jetsetter may wish he had stayed home.

Obama’s stage managers envision a triumphant, unifying coronation reminiscent of their 2008 DNC production in Denver. But the southern swing state is turning into a Democratic disaster zone.

Start with the North Carolina Democratic Party. At the state party convention last week, Obama for America was AWOL. The glaring absence of high-level national Obama surrogates was noted “as odd,” according to the Charlotte News and Observer. There’s good reason to steer clear. The party is embroiled in a sordid sex scandal that won’t go away.

Earlier this year, former party communications staffer Adriadn Ortega, 26, accused former NCDP executive director Jay Parmley of repeated sexual harassment and physical groping. Documents leaked to the conservative Daily Caller news site revealed a hush-hush financial settlement involving the two men. Ortega was fired; Parmley resigned; state Democrats went into panic mode.

“If this hits the media, the Democratic Party, our candidates and our credibility are doomed in this election,” a local candidate complained to NCDP chairman David Parker. A defiant Parker resisted statewide calls (including a desperate request from outgoing Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue) to resign. Ortega filed a defamation suit against Parker and the NCDP last week. The White House, which has trumpeted its stand against workplace harassment, has been mute on the story.

Other Democrats are boycotting North Carolina to avoid an entirely different taint: the scandal-plagued president himself. By’s count, at least seven Democratic officials will skip Obama-palooza: New York Democratic Reps. Bill Owens and Kathy Hochul; Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Mark Critz; three endangered Democratic politicians from West Virginia, Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin, Sen. Joe Manchin, and Rep. Nick Rahall; and Utah Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson.

The Democratic boycotters have dinged Obama on everything from his election-year illegal alien amnesty power grab to his failed jobs programs to his destructive war on coal. While “Forward!” may be the official Obama campaign slogan, “Back Away!” is quickly becoming the dissenting Democrats’ rallying cry.

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  • hahyrningur

    Well, I think we all know Obama's slogan isn't really "Forward", but "Bend Over". Or was that "Lean Forward"?

    • guest

      I heard it was "grope" and "chains"

      • Oleg

        Especially with the TSA screeners at the airport.

    • tagalog

      It's "Bow."

  • Lady_Dr

    Hahaha – and pass the popcorn. This is going to be fun watching the entire DNC go down in flames!

    • mlcblog

      Could it really be happening? be still, my heart.

  • davarino

    So we find out he is the false messiah, with nothing to offer. Well if Ocare goes down then his legacy will be what? His list of executive orders that will quickly be reversed …… snicker. What a joke. I had friends that voted for him because he could talk so good…. oh brother, what rubes.

  • StephenD

    I'll delight in watching Wasserman-Shultz scramble for words to describe and defend what is sure to be a "coming out" party of clowns.

    • dmw

      All the elements of a circus, except for the elephants, but with the Democovets' octopus like "Sprawling Tent" on fire (can't be a "Big Tent" because they are all width and no depth). But unless there's violence in the streets, the lamestream media will make it look like everything's hunky dory and all the Coveteers are oh so unified.

  • lizaz

    Looks like the dictator is becoming poisonous to the DNC…who's surprised???

  • Steve Chavez

    MICHELLE, you left out the possibility of a REVOLT AGAINST OBAMA and even KEITH JUDD, who I knew while he was in Albuquerque, might even give Hillary a run for her money. If I were Obama, I would send Hillary on an International tour during the convention which would require Bill to go with her!

  • Asher

    The Dems sure had their head up their — when they picked this state and location!

  • Asher

    Its really funny, I heard that Obama has announced that if you are getting married, please ask your friends, guests, or family members to contribute to his Campaign 2012, instead of giving you a wedding gift, which would help the Man who gives you everything get re-elected…Gee maybe we should do this for Mit Romney…The lengths that O will go to shows he is such a Lover of Self!

    • autdrew

      When I read that yesterday, I thought it was from the onion. I made my 1st foray to o for a site just to see for myself. It was being soundly ridiculed. Smacks of desperation

  • Jimi Belton

    I love it, i do, i do….I am a Conservative who will be there for this circus…..maybe even act like i was invited….to join the "peoples"party….all the while being as obnausious as possible….

  • Amused

    Yes , get ready for the circus .And what a circus it will be .

  • Anamah

    By his painted face would sweat the sweat, blood, nerves and anger will spring up by the ears and eyes shoot contempt and resentment so deep and incurable. The makeup is running, and is sticky and circus clown smile until he is clearing to reveal a grimace the hideous face of terror.
    Then, perhaps we will be saved.