The War on Conservative Women

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I’m sorry Rush Limbaugh called 30-year-old Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut.” She’s really just another professional femme-a-gogue helping to manufacture a false narrative about the GOP “war on women.” I’m sorry the civility police now have an opening to demonize the entire right based on one radio comment — because it’s the progressive left in this country that has viciously and systematically slimed female conservatives for their beliefs.

We have the well-worn battle scars to prove it. And no, we don’t need coddling phone calls from the pandering president of the United States to convince us to stand up and fight.

At his first press conference of the year on Tuesday, the Nation’s Concern Troll explained that he phoned Fluke to send a message to his daughters and all women that they shouldn’t be “attacked or called horrible names because they are being good citizens.” After inserting himself into the fray and dragging Sasha and Malia into the debate, Obama then told a reporter he “didn’t want to get into the business of arbitrating” language and civility. Too late, pal.

The fact is, “slut” is one of the nicer things I’ve been called over 20 years of public life. In college during the late 1980s, it was “race traitor,” “coconut” (brown on the outside white on the inside) and “white man’s puppet.” After my first book, “Invasion,” came out in 2001, it was “immigrant-hater,” the “Radical Right’s Asian Pitbull,” “Tokyo Rose” and “Aunt Tomasina.” In my third book, 2005’s “Unhinged,” I published entire chapters of hate mail rife with degrading, unprintable sexual epithets and mockery of my Filipino heritage.

If I had a dollar for every time libs have called me a “Manila whore” and “Subic Bay bar girl,” I’d be able to pay for a ticket to a Hollywood-for-Obama fundraiser.

Self-serving opponents argue that such attacks do not represent “respectable,” “mainstream” liberal opinion about their conservative female counterparts. But it was feminist godmother Gloria Steinem who called Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison a “female impersonator.” It was NOW leader Patricia Ireland who commanded her flock to only vote for “authentic” female political candidates.

It was Al Gore consultant Naomi Wolf who accused the late Jeane Kirkpatrick of being “uninflected by the experiences of the female body.”

It was Matt Taibbi, now of Rolling Stone magazine, who mocked my early championing of the tea party movement by jibing: “Now when I read her stuff, I imagine her narrating her text, book-on-tape style, with a big, hairy set of (redacted) in her mouth. It vastly improves her prose.”

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  • The Infidel

    Excellent article Michelle! Expose the left for what they are, vile, rude, disgusting, hypocritical, lieing, theiving, baby killing, pro islamist, neonazi's. Oh and lefties, if you want us to stay outta your bedroom, stay the hell outta our wallets, ok.

    hehehehe, this should be good for at least 6 threats and ad hoc insults.

    • Give me a break

      Neonazis (and it's plural, honey, that's basic spelling!) are RIGHT-WINGERS! Please learn how to spell, learn something about political ideologies, and then take your small-mindedness and hatred elsewhere. Oh, and right-winger, learn something about which group is most reliant on government aid. It's the conservative RED STATES. Beggars can't be choosers, dearie!
      Being a right-winger, you may not think anything of women in your own families, but women have RIGHTS. BASIC health care is one of those rights! Nobody is in YOUR wallet, but it seems you conservatives are always in OURS. Stop being so hateful and hypocritical, con!

      • red_ink

        Well, you got him/her on spelling. Congratulations! What a triumph.

        On other matters, your comments are unconvincing and ill-mannered. Neonazis would indeed be categorized as being on the political Right, in the old European sense. But go beyond the misused term and consider the real issue: fascism and socialism have common intellectual roots and an identical belief in the supremacy of the state and the worthlessness of the individual.

        Asserting that "red states" are more dependent on government aid, and that therefore all conservatives are hypocritical in complaining about any aspect of government transfer payments, simply doesn't make sense. Most people pay Social Security taxes; are most people therefore hypocritical if they object to some aspect of how that system is run? I live in Silicon Valley, one of the bluest and richest regions in the country, and I pay plenty in taxes. Am I allowed to have an opinion, then?

        The slur against conservatives about their attitude toward women is insulting (which, I gather, was intended) and baseless. Put aside the caricatures of redneck "conservatives" you can find in abundance in film and television. Conservatives as they actually exist today combine a traditional respect for women with a belief in equal treatment and advancement by merit; that is, regardless of any other personal trait, the best qualified person ought to get the job. To check what's real on this topic, you might ask a few women whether they would feel safer camping out with Occupy Oakland or with a Tea Party crowd. If they've been paying attention to the number of rapes at Occupy sites, they'll choose the latter.

        Health care, basic or otherwise, is not a right, for women or for men. Government could declare it an entitlement, of course, but that's different. Life and Liberty are rights that are inherent in the human person. The "right" of person A to receive goods that have been coerced by government from person B is another matter entirely.

        Finally, please disable your Caps Lock key.

  • gatekeeper96740

    Then they start calling sponsors so far 28 have quit Rush.

    • Laura

      We can always stop using the products that have pulled sponsorship. I wish someone would print and list and I'll boycott without a thought.

      • Rifleman

        Yep, I can and do vote with my wallet.

      • WildJew

        I found this list from Atlantic wire (18 hours old): Sleep Number, The Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom, Citrix, Carbonite, ProFlowers, Thompson Creek Windows, Hadeed Carpet, Tax Resolution, AOL, Sears, Allstate Insurance, Vitacost, Sensa, Bare Escentuals, Goodwill, Service Magic, Bethesda Sedation Dentistry, Cascades Dental, AccuQuote Life Insurance, Geico, Netflix, PolyCom, John Deere,, St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Capital One, Network Capital, Exergen

        • ebonystone

          Well, the only one of those that I ever did business with was Sears, and the last time with them was maybe three years ago. But I do get phone solicitations frequently from Allstate. Next time they call I'll be sure to say their abandonment of Rush precludes me from ever dealing with them.

      • honey

        Some of the info on sponsors:

        • Sleep Train: This gutless company says it has been advertising with Rush for 25 years. They should be ashamed of themselves. Absolutely ashamed. The founder of Sleep Mattress is Dale Carlsen.
        This is the e-mail for Sleep Train's customer service:
        This is the 800 phone number for Sleep Train: 1-800-919-2337
        This is the 800 fax number for Sleep Train: 1-866-293-5719
        This is the snail mail address for Sleep Train:
        Sleep Train Mattress Centers
        2204 Plaza Drive
        Rocklin, CA 95765
        Sleep Number: The President and CEO of Sleep Number is Bill McLaughlin. This company has contact through an e-mail form they provide here.
        ( I add that Sleep Number Beds were going nowhere until Rush sponsored them and now they are enormously successful.)
        Legal Zoom: The Co-founders of this company are Brian Liu, Brian Lee, Eddie Hartman & Robert Shapiro. Again, more on these guys below. The contact info for Legal Zoom is as follows:
        The address for e-mails is here.
        The Corporate Headquarters phone number is: 1-323-962-8600. The fax number is: 323-962-8300
        The Corporate Headquarters snail mail address is:
        101 N. Brand Blvd., 11th Floor
        Glendale, CA 91203
        Citrix: Mark B. Templeton is the President and CEO
        The contact info for the Citrix Corporate Headquarters is :
        Toll Free Phone: 1-800-424-8749
        Phone: 954-267-3000
        Fax: 954-267-9319
        Snail mail:
        Citrix Systems Fort Lauderdale
        851 West Cypress Creek Road
        Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309. Note: The company has an online chat function on this page. Also:
        Phone, Client Relations: 1-800- 863-4332
        Snail Mail Address:
        Quicken Loans – Main Office – Compuware
        1050 Woodward Avenue
        Detroit, MI 48226

        Jeffrey Lord is a former Reagan White House political director and author. He writes from Pennsylvania at
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    • Give me a break

      Now it's 43 and counting………….haha!

  • LibertyLover

    Great article Michelle. I'm breathlessly waiting for the Larry Sinclair interview.

    • Give me a break

      Love how all the conservative women are silent on the abuse THEIR husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons dish out on a daily basis against women they seem to be so jealous of (ie: smart,independent, LIBERAL women) Maybe you ladies are a tad resentful your men are not that obsessed with you? First of all, get over yourselves, and next, start raising your males better. Not liberal women's fault you stay with men who seem to HATE all women, including yourselves! Wake up!

  • kongMing

    Remove the politics and these people would still behave in this awful manner. More criminals in search of motive to justify their own selfish interests.

  • truebearing

    I hope the right finally comes to its senses and realizes that today's Left is every bit as ruthless, deranged, and evil as the ones who murdered tens of millions in Russia, China, or anywhere they usurped power throughout the 20th century. This flap over Rush calling Fluke a slut has nothing to do with their concern for women, or morality in general. As we all should know, it is simply an excuse to silence the right.

    • Learn some history

      Well, in THAT vein, toots, Nazis were conservatives, get a clue or two about real history! A mind is a terrible thing to waste,dear.

      Oh, and learn something abut the goings-on about the american leaders YOU put in office and how they are viewed in the world. Moral hypocrites can't be choosers,hon.

  • truebearing

    What I think more people have to understand is that the Left has learned how to control the nation's emotions, including those of people on the right. Look at how many on the right have tried to look PC by throwing Rush under the bus. It is a direct result of subliminal PC programming in our culture. The Left's pseudo-moral code has more power than traditional morals for many on the right. The Left sets up traps, waiting for someone to lose their emotional control, usually justifiably, and then they pounce. The problem is that too many on the right have accepted the Left as the arbiter of what is right and wrong, even when it's obvious the left set it up, and they go along with the lynching. The left has learned how to delegitimize the emotions of anyone on the right, and most on the right are oblivious to the insidious ways the left controls our culture by controlling our emotions. The fact is that the Left has outlawed not only words or expressions, but feelings as well. We are being denied our right to more than free speech. We are being denied our right to our own emotions. It's time to reject political correctness, entirely, or we will lose this war.____

    • Look at yourselves!

      Save your putdowns and name-calling for the females in your own families,right-wingers,the world is TIRED of your ignorance and hatred, period.

  • pierce

    Michelle, you keep getting better. A true beacon for the right. Now you have come up with the Troll as a way to describe the Messiah, an excellent analogy.
    And if I catch the drift right, radio ought to provide Rush with free time for his diatribes. I don't disagree with him, just in the way he said it.

  • pinnie99

    So while the left takes us down path to hell,and islam…We must remain civil. Shake off all the vile filthy remarks "paid"dirty trolling tweeters and racists remarks. We can do it and we will. BUT FOR ME…ILL NEVER FORGET IT…OR GIVE IT A PASS. Im fed up to my eye balls with this Pres and his rude , hostile,activities. If it was up to me,he would have been a memory …year one! Im still in shock that peeps voted for this,"Rev.Wright"clone! Im simply amazed.

  • tagalog

    "It was Al Gore consultant Naomi Wolf who accused the late Jeane Kirkpatrick of being 'uninflected by the experiences of the female body.'”

    "Uninflected?" Is that really the word Naomi Wolf used? How do the experiences of the female body (presumably the female HUMAN body) cause inflection or lack thereof? I thought inflection has to do with how human beings pronounce sounds.

    It must be one of those smart things that lefties do, that us righties are too dumb to understand.

    • ebonystone

      Rhodes Scholar or not, Wolf is just another example of a poorly-educated leftist using a high-sounding word without knowing what it means.

    • Proper spelling

      That's "that we righties are too dumb to understand"

      No wonder fat Rush still has an audience. If you want to be played, you ARE going to be played!

      • tagalog

        To this post, I can only grunt the idiot right-wing mantra, "Huh?"

        You lost me there.

        I did a little digging and discovered that the term "inflection" means something like "deviating from a particular mode or custom, or a particular way," something like that. So when applying the term to Jeane Kirkpatrick, I suppose one could argue that Naomi Wolf was saying that Jeane Kirkpatrick's bodily experiences as a woman failed to lead her out of the mainstream; that was as much as I could make of the term, taking it in the sense most favorable to Ms. Wolf that I was able to imagine. My conclusion was to recall Aesop's fable where the mountain labored and brought forth a mouse. When I read Orwell's essays, one of the things I took out of that experience was never to use big words where little ones will suffice, and never to use two words where one will do. Evidently Orwell is a bit too right-wing for Ms. Wolf.

  • mrbean

    SANDRA FLUKE: (Answers telephone) "Hello, Obama activist Sandra Fluke speaking,"

    BILL CLINTON: "Hello Ms. Fluke, this is President Clinton and I feel your pain about those horrible names that awful Rush Limbaugh used on you. Perhaps we can get together this evening, say about 7 pm, and I can help you get you birth control pills?"

    SANDRA FLUKE: "OOooohhhh,,,,MMMMmmmmm,, I would just love that Mr President. Oooooohhh ,,, I am sooo excited!"

    BILL CLINTON: "Well I am in the pent house suite in the Washington Hilton. Just stop at the front desk and pick up the private elevator key. And by the way, bring a tootbrush."

    SANDRA FLUKE: "OOooohhhh,,,,MMMMmmmmm,,I will even bring my own knee pads… Oooooohhh ,,, I am so excited!"

    • Not funny

      Can only imagine the scenarios you saw your right-wing mommy and daddy play out when you were younger. About knee pads,can she ask Nancy Reagan for hers?

  • Mike

    I can't wait for the Revolution in this country. Liberals, your day is coming.

    • Amused

      WTF are you assshat ? Some sort of shmuck avenger ? And what are YOU gonna do ? Shoot people ? You're a bloody asssshole .

  • Steve Chavez

    What are they going to do when LINDA CHAVEZ (no relation) is Romney's VP pick? Attack an Hispanic woman with "pinata" jokes? Let them and you'll see the real backlash against the Democrat Progressive Party! I predict LINDA CHAVEZ is the only VP choice. Some say Rubio or West to have the minority factor. I also thought of Condi Rice but the only one to get the female and Hispanic vote at the same time is CHAVEZ!

    As anyone attacking Obama "is a racist," then anyone attacking CHAVEZ "is a racist." "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em!"

  • Linda Rivera

    Thank you, Michelle, You are a real warrior. An American heroine. Thank you!

  • dirt

    “attacked or called horrible names because they are being good citizens.” actually the leftists would think such comments are some kind of compliments if it's not from Mr. Limbaugh and from their own kind. They are proud and not ashamed of their liberal sexual ideas and acts. They just won't admit it because that will hurt their political careers or 'Ka-rears'.

    • Prude

      Look at all those red-state conservatives having ALL those out of wedlock babies! My, my,ALL that government aid, and you can't teach your over-sexed young anything,CONS! And ALL that taxpayer paid for VIAGRA, boys! Hypocrites, much? Just asking, cons, are YOUR mothers sluts, whores,and prostitutes because they had SEX?

  • BLJ

    Great article that pretty much sums things up. Liberals are bad people who define the term hypocrites. Obama is their worthless leader.

    The whole goal of Team Obama is to keep the spotlight off of his horrible record as POTUS and his attempts to override the Constitution. Keep the conversation on social issues in an attempt to paint consevatives as racists, haters, etc.

    The Left needs to go away to a place like North Korea since they seem to love the idea of communism. They can all live together in their utopia and take turns sharing one light bulb. In their black pajamas no one will be able to tell boy from girl.

  • W. C. Taqiyya

    Wow! Michelle, your column hits back at the professional haters like a George Foreman grill to the head. It was effective and instructive. It's important to understand our enemies, so it's key to know about the tactics they employ. You are also correct that we need not sink to their level or beat ourselves up if we sometimes do. The insults directed at you and other female conservative leaders are, I think, transparent expressions of jealousy, frustration and fear. They see your fine attributes and your beauty, and wish they could measure up. But they also know you won't turn to the dark side, so they jealously hate you. So sad. The enemy responds to your strengths with schoolyard insults, which completely exposes their idealogical sterility, weakness and desperation. Now, I'm thinking more of those attacks should be almost welcomed. Sarah Palin has the uncanny ability to turn the entire leftist mob into whirling dervishes on crack. It's a gift. I would encourage you to run for the senate or something Michelle. You have what it takes and so many leftist loons would just melt away in terror. What fun it would be.

  • PDK

    Thank you Michelle.
    This recent flap is indicative of the lefts double standard, always it is wrong if the right uses tough language on the left, but equally always it is correct, even cute, when the left does the same to the right.
    Rush chastised Fluke properly, though coarsely, as a women who charges for her services, whether or not it is for her own sexual gratification. This cost Rush big time bucks.
    When Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a c-nt, there was no concept conection, just outright liberal besmirchment of a woman on the right, itself obviously born of unearned, immature, liberal hate for conservatives.
    Where was the outcry, why no using business to hit Maher in the wallet? Why no oppology from Maher?
    As I always point out conservative is where a mature individual gravitates to. Liberal is where an immature individual gravitates to. At this point in time we as a culture have reached that place of the Grand Canyon squirrel, where the squirrels were once homogenise, the GC gorge has separated them and they have speciated out.
    Where the space has separated the squirrels, the mind has separated we Americans. (to be continued)

  • PDK

    Since 7/08 I have advocated a preservation of American culture over the preservation of the Union. Make no mistake it is the liberals who have thrown down this guantlet, it is the liberals who say we cannot have both.
    However it is up to the conservatives to seperate out, to migrate to republican states and declare independence.
    At this point in time, as America is being invaded by both illegal Hispanics who will and do become democrat voters, the party of the liberals, and worse invaded by the Islamic conquest machine to whom liberals are friendly, it is high time we of true American, founding fathers American, lovers of liberty and the pursuit of happiness must make our Patrick Henry stand, "give me liberty or give me death".
    "Liberty, once lost, is lost forever", John Adams. Thank you.

  • Jim_C

    And then for every lefty, you can add an Ann Coulter, blah blah blah "They do it too." In many ways, what Rush said is small potatoes next to what was going on in the 18th and 19th centuries.

    Anyone serious about their politics should be able to pass a blind taste test: if you can read a quote or analyze a policy and form an opinion without knowing to whom it is attributed–congrats, you're a responsible citizen! I don't care for Palin–but I DESPISED what some people said about her. I know there's people on my side who think virtue is their birthright and the Right are all hypocrites, too, but come on people-don't fool yourselves.

    I'm over this issue, but here's my take: Bill Maher (for example) has said some nasty stuff. But he's a comedian first and no one bases their position on Bill Maher.

    Rush Limbaugh is feared by conservative politicians. That's pretty much proven. The reason Mitt, Rick, and Newt did not outright condemn what Rush said? They don't want to be on Rush's bad side come the general election.

    Rush is important. He's an "entertainer," but he's more. Even if you no longer listen to the guy, Rush matters a lot. Next to Reagan–maybe even more–there's no single person as responsible for the success of conservativism. Pretty much every liberal mentioned by Michelle? not important.

    • BLJ

      I think it would be idiotic for any of the Republican's to condemn Rush. Not because of fear, but because it will just add more fuel to this assinine topic. There are way bigger fish to fry than worrying about offending some insignificant femanist.

      If you think some people don't base their opinions on liberal entertainers than you had better take a better look. This is all part of the bread and circus act that keeps way too many Americans stupid and Democratic voters. Bill Maher is just one of these pinheads.

      • Jim_C

        Fair enough, but the same can be said of Rush: a bread and circus act keeping Americans stupid and voting Republican. All part and parcel of the same thing.

        And how hard is it to say "Rush was being a jerk?" Seriously.

    • PDK

      A liberal,whether at the top of the liberal heap, or bottom of the liberal heap, is still a liberal. Liberal anti Americanism will bring America down. Whether one talks about liberals socialism or liberals embracement of Islam, both result in tyranny, poverty and misery. This is the antithesis of our founding fathers America, the America that deals with liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
      Time to think about Union or culture, that`s the way it is here in our time. Thank you.

  • scum

    Which gives us a barometer of the times, sadly.

  • ahmadnb

    Rush should never have apologized. I was listening to him on the radio when he made those remarks. The liberal commie traitors out there are squealing out there like pigs with their ba!!s in a nutcracker (pun intended) because he was right and it hurt. The truth hurts to lib/commies. Just like when GWB used JFK's televised address that made the case for tax cuts back in 2001.
    I say double down, floor that accelerator and plow full throttle into the liberal commie crowd. Rush should take back his apology. Take the squeals of outrage and throw it right back at the lib/commies. If they complain, hit them even harder. This is a WAR and there's WAY TOO MUCH at stake. There can be NO RETREAT. It's either all or nothing…total victory or total defeat, people. And defeat is not an option. It's either us or them…and they won't stop until they're totally defeated.

    • Jim_C

      "Truth hurts" says ahmadnb. So women who use birth control are "sl*ts?"

      Defeat is an option, whether you like it or not, and you'll taste it in November.

      • ahmadnb

        Hey, stupid Jim_C, did I ever say that women who use birth control are “sl*ts”? None of the people I know, including family members, that used birth control are. What makes this Fluke woman a “sl*t” is that she has sex with multiple men and she didn't marry any of them beforehand, and even admitted this on a public forum. That's the definition of a “sl*t”, fool.You're such a jackass…typical brain-dead liberal who twists words around and think that it's the rest of us that are stupid to know what your game is. I know 'cause I used to be a liberal many years ago…and an advanced one, too, a full-blown socialist. Fortunately, I kept an open mind and evolved…into a full-blown conservative/libertarian. Defeat is an option…not for us, but for you. God be willing, you'll be fleeing to Canada after November.

  • William R Nicholson

    Thank You Michelle for showing more character and class in your toe nail clippings and snot rag than all the females on the lleft could muster up with in a thousand years !

  • Amused

    The difference between al the alleged "victimhood of conservative women " is that Rush Limbaugh is considered to be thge mouthpiece of the Conservative /Republican Party , and has about 30 million listeners . And this WILL stick to the Republicamn party , no matter what phony apologies Limbaugh pathetically attempts , and any excuses Malkin , or the pathetic Backman try to foist ….IT WILL BE REMEMBERED IN NOVEMBER . So rather trying to create an equivelance of insuilt so to speak , someone ought to suggest that Limbaugh get a large roll of duct tape for his big filthy mouth . He will hurt no-one more than he hurts the Republican Party

    • Maxie

      Your faux concern for the GOP is really touching. Give the duct tape to that filthy-mouthed Mahre.

      • Amused

        OH DONT GET ME WRONG , IT'S NOT "FAUX" ANYTHING . The way the right a.k.a.REPOCONS follow lockstep in defending such a repugnant buffoon as Limbaugh will indeed damage any chance republicans have to win in November .
        Wake up Maxie ! Rush is your poster boy , and is running his mouth in stupid and foul ways .If you think most people are going to react in the way most of the sycophants here are doing , then you're sadly mistaken . Maher'
        s a comedian , not in any way considered a spokeman or idealogue for the Democrats , nor does he make the news every other week with his preposterous statements . The whole nmotion of "THEY DO IT TOO " simply wont fly amongst intelligent people . But dont worry I wouldn't dare accuse you of that .

        • Wideband

          Once again, you don't sound amused, Shrill.

          • Amused

            ooooh , real brilliant Wideband , but then again what could be expected from an approver of such a jerk like Limbaugh . And to the contrary , I am quite amused , because just as I said , people of any apreciable IQ are gonna make the connection between your boy Rush , the "sex for procreation only " christian ayatollah Santorum , the "I'm for whatever you say today " Romney ", and the Republican ticket .
            And yes , it will be quite an amusing election day in Nov . Think about it .

  • Thomas

    I’m truly shocked by this article. I had no idea of the extent of the misogyny of the left. The vileness and lack of humanity is truly disturbing. When I was in college we were taught about logical fallacies. Ad hominem attacks were a prime example. One must argue ideas. Name calling signifies forfeit and fail.

    Oh but my bad ! They don’t teach reason in college anymore. The universities are run by the same people who speak the slander of which Michelle writes.

  • Nels Hollo

    Would it help to E-mail or registered mail to sponsors of Rush Limbaugh, Michelle's response to how much worse the left are? The leftys are pathetic! Thanks Michelle, you are so valuable to our fight for survival!

  • Amused

    Michelle , you and Rush are birds of a feather , no surprise to turn onand blame the victim ….lol….its a practice we are all familiar with . Some months ago when Joseph Koni was running amuck in Africa , kidnapping, raping ,torturing , mutilating and forcing kids to kill in his battles , Obama sent 100 military advisers to assist the Ugandan Government in reigning in Koni and the Lords Resistance Army , ya know the group and name that some like you atre "just " hearing about today , due to the release of some video . Well your hero Rush upon hearing of Obama's sending those advisors started spouting that Obama was killing "christians " in Africa . That's what you bought into Michelle , a rather large , pill popping bag of hot air , lies and slander …..good luck with Rush …he's the undisputed poster boy of Conservatives and Republicans .

    • suchajuxtaposition

      Moron, Rush actually is only guilty made the mistake of reporting on bad information, he didn't do his research, simple as that AND he immediately apologized when he realized his error, something you Commie freaks never do.

  • trickyblain

    Shouldn't you include the insults and bile Malkin has made her career off of as well?

  • Cal from Canada

    Examples? I've read a lot of her articles, and I've never seen anything like those comments by the leftward thinkers.

  • mrbean

    Do not make stuff up liar liar pants on fire!

  • Maxie

    Malkin deals in facts and she's smart which is why the vile Left unloads on her. If you care to cite a case or two which proves your point about her bring it on. Bill Mahre (sp?) is one of the vilest people out there – a real darling of you Lefty bottom feeders. Sick.

  • Western Canadian

    But what choice does he have??? None.

  • trickyblain

    I "assumed" that our fellow readers knew that there's this "Google" thing out there.

    Forgot what my high-school football coach told me about "assume."

    Are you idiots really claiming that Michelle "bitter half" Malkin is a polite element of our national discourse?