The War on Wisconsin

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Now is the time for all good tea partiers to come to the aid of Wisconsin. Fiscally conservative leaders in the Badger State are under coordinated siege from Big Labor, the White House, the liberal media and the judiciary. The yearlong campaign of union thuggery, family harassment and intimidation of Republican donors and businesses is about to escalate even further. This is the price the Right pays for doing the right thing.

The most visible target is Gov. Scott Walker, who faces recall on June 5 over his tough package of state budget and public employee union reforms. Three state GOP legislators — Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, Sen. Van Wanggaard and Sen. Terry Moulton — also face recall. A fourth target, staunch union reformer and Second Amendment advocate Sen. Pam Galloway, announced she was stepping down last week — leaving the legislature deadlocked and Democratic strategists salivating.

Walker and the GOP majority ended the union compulsory dues racket, allowed workers to choose whether to join a union, curtailed costly bargaining rights and enacted pension and health contribution requirements to bring the government in line with private-sector practices. The Walker reform law helped prevent massive layoffs in public education by saving tens of millions of dollars in bloated benefits bills. Ending the state union monopoly on teachers’ health insurance plans allowed dozens of school districts to switch their coverage to more competitive bidders.

The free-market MacIver Institute reports that at least 25 school districts did so, saving the districts more than $200 per student. Hundreds of millions more in savings are in the works as school districts and local governments turn deficits to surpluses. And Walker’s actions have nearly wiped out the nearly $3.6 billion deficit he inherited from his free-spending predecessors.

New poll data released on Tuesday show two potential Democratic rivals neck and neck with Walker. Wisconsin politicos tell me his national name recognition has bolstered public awareness and fundraising efforts. He’s currently sitting on a $5 million war chest.

Walker supporters believe the Big Labor-fueled fight will be dirty, but with vigilant backing, he’ll survive.

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  • Anamah

    Wisconsin must be rescued. Leftist maybe powerful but they offer misery and a hard life for everybody. Do not allow unions or any mob to push Wisconsinites to the disrupt and poverty. Help Gov. Walker, Lt. Gov. Kleefisch and good conservatives who are committed to save your budget and people prosperity. Wisconsin will be part of our American achievement. Come on Wisconsin, as you know socialist demagoguery is bad for business only good for failure. We are with you.

  • kafir4life

    We avoid union made goods and services whenever possible. We moved to a right-to-work state last year from a democratic, welfare dominated, union state where taxpayers, businesses, and jobs are leaving by the boat load. It was an immediate raise!! When you buy union made goods and services, you support the likes of dingy Harry, Beads Peloise, Cheesy Chuck (you) Schumer, and Barrack (Stinky) Obama.

    • Dennis X

      I don't buy amerikkkan made goods period.

  • Rybbe

    If the people of Wisconsin fall for these fascists' lies again and vote them back into office, I say they deserve the bankruptcy, corruption, cronism and constant spewing of lies that they will get. If they are too blind or lazy to look at other states i.e. California to see where they are headed, then scr@#$ 'em. Go ahead Wisconsin, it will be ok. The dems you vote in when you throw those Repub bums out will watch out for your best interests. They won't hand over the reins and the state coffers to the public employee unions. They won't spend your state into oblivion. They will make a budget and stick to it so your state can maintain itself. Once they get back into power, it will all be different this time. Ya, that's it. Keep telling yourself that.

    • fiddler

      Frankly though I feel sorry for the intelligent people there who know that you can't spend more than you have. They should leave the state to its "new management". Remember all the school busses parked in Louisiana during Katrina? Mayor Nagan emerged unscathed and Bush caught all of the blame. But gee, we can't blame Nagan, he just didn't know better! Did people die on his watch? Not his responsibility; doesn't fit the narrative.

      Picket NBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN! Call them amatures, and political hacks! Call them out on their media malpractice! It's time the plug was pulled and THEIR voices were drown out!

  • Robert A. Hall

    If Wisconsin taxpayers want to see what the results of a recall will be, they need only look south to Illinois, where Gov. Pat Quinn, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the public employee unions, now admits the state is close to fiscal collapse. Anyone who votes to recall Walker can save trouble by adding a signed blank check to the ballot box. I will link to this from my Old Jarhead blog.

    Robert A. Hall
    Author: The Coming Collapse of the American Republic
    All royalties go to help wounded veterans
    For a free PDF of my book, write tartanmarine(at)

  • fiddler

    When and if people fall for the union narrative in WI, as they did in Ohio with repealing SB5, my hope is that many of the conservatives and their businesses pack up and leave the state. Leave them to be another Michigan where neighborhoods end up being bulldozed. Write "Icabod" on the State Capitol. Of course we KNOW what the "media's" narrative will be: "It's all the Repubilcan's fault — they wouldn't cooperate and they left us in this misery". Thankfully there will be some who get it, but I wonder if it will be enough for us to learn. Oh, sure they will cry tears of despair and hope their sugar daddy in the WH can prevail once again on all of us evil people to do their fair share dutifully pay their taxes, because by gosh THAT'S THE LAW!!!! and don't you EVER forget it.

  • Josephine

    If the people of Wisconsin want their government to revert to union domination, budget deficits, fiscal ruination then who are we to stop them? We cannot educate the ignorant voter fast enough for them to avoid self-destruction. I say let the people of Wisconsin be responsible for the fiscal nightmare which the unions will impose on them because even ignorant people learn something when they have to suffer. Suffering will produce concerned and knowledgeable citizens far more effectively than an educational campaign. The same applies to the rest of the country. If we were stupid enough to elect Obama then we have no reason to complain when he delivers the multitude of sufferings which is his main talent, courtesy of Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx.

  • truebearing

    The battle for Wisconsin is a national fight, not just statewide. If the unions and Madison Leftists prevail, Collective Extortion will once again impoverish the state, but worse, it will send an intimidating message to ALL states that elections don't count, until the Left wins, therefore conservatives no longer have representation.

    The unions spent $40,000,000 dollars to get a radical on Wisconsin's Supreme Court, which is split much like the US Supreme Court. They know Wisconsin is vital to the public unions survival, and they are throwing huge amounts of money into what would normally be largely unnoticed elections. They know that Walker has irrefutably proven that collective extortion destroys stae budgets and enslaves taxpayers, and the Left is desperate to reverse legitimate elections to save their cash cow.

    Andrew Breitbart came to our Tea Parties on the square in Madison, despite the virulent hate the left hurled at him. My enduring memory of Breitbart was at the last rally where, before he introduced Sarah Palin, he told the much bigger Leftist crowd to "go to hell," three times. They didn't seem to like it.

  • Red Baker

    Please post the campaign websites for Rebecca Kleefisch and the three senate Republicans, so we can send them some money.

  • Red Baker

    Answer my own request:

    Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch – – look for “Donate” in top menu
    Scott Fitzgerald –
    Van Wannggard –
    Terry Moulton –