Voter Fraud Facts and Fiction

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With six months until Election Day, conspiracy theories are percolating on the Internet like bubbling mud pots at Yellowstone: Left-wing billionaire George Soros is going to rig the election for Barack Obama. Foreigners will oversee the nation’s entire vote-counting system. The fix is in, and all is lost.

Before conservatives go all Michael Moore-moonbatty, let’s calm down and separate voter fraud facts from fiction. There’s no time to waste worrying about manufactured scares. And there are plenty of legitimate threats to electoral integrity without having to inflate or concoct them.

FACT: Scytl is a Spain-based business that specializes in “electoral securitytechnology” and electronic voting applications. Its cryptographic research initially was funded by the Spanish government’s Ministry of Science and Technology and later was spun off as a private-sector e-voting venture.

FACT: In January 2012, Scytl acquired U.S.-based SOE Software. SOE writes “election management” programs that assist officials with everything from “Internet voting to election night reporting and online poll worker training.”

FICTION: According to alarmists, Scytl’s acquisition of SOE amounts to a complete takeover of America’s election system. No, not really. While SOE boasts of a presence “with 900 jurisdictions as customers in 26 states,” there is no single contract that the federal government has entered into, or could, with Scytl to count the 2012 presidential election votes. Much of the work Scytl/SOE analysts do is number-crunching and graphics software work after local and state officials have done the vote-counting.

Scytl does have a contract with the feds to use its technology to help overseas and military voters participate in elections. In 2009, the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act mandated that U.S. jurisdictions allow uniformed and overseas citizens to receive and track their ballots electronically. Scytl’s online ballot program was used in 14 states during the 2010 midterms.

FACT: The security risks of e-voting are still a legitimate concern. University of California at Berkeley computer science professor David Wagner wrote a critical report for the Pentagon about the privacy and accuracy shortcomings of Scytl’s military voting program in 2004 — which prompted the feds to cancel the initial program, according to PBS.

In October 2010, the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics encouraged outside parties to try to find security holes in their online balloting infrastructure operated by Scytl.

A group of University of Michigan students successfully hacked into the system, commandeered passwords, doctored ballots and programmed audio of the school’s fight song to play whenever an e-ballot was submitted.

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  • Attila The Hun

    All those internet, electronic, absentee voting, voter registration drives schemes are designed by the left for the sole purpose of altering election result in their favor. The solution is Simple, abolish all those cockamamie voting ploys. Make it two days weekend voting day, where anyone who wants can show up in a voting station and vote in person with a picture Id.

    • Amused

      I agree , but the Right does the same and you know it . For absentee voters , there should be verification to even get a ballot – that's fair .If you're overseas you'll have a passport and can go to the US Embassy to get your absentee ballot .

  • Amused

    When pollsters ask Republicans and Democrats whether the president can do anything about high gas prices, the answers reflect the usual partisan divisions in the country. About two-thirds of Republicans say the president can do something about high gas prices, and about two-thirds of Democrats say he can't.

    But six years ago, with a Republican president in the White House, the numbers were reversed: Three-fourths of Democrats said President Bush could do something about high gas prices, while the majority of Republicans said gas prices were clearly outside the president's control.

    The flipped perceptions on gas prices isn't an aberration, said Dartmouth College political scientist Brendan Nyhan. On a range of issues, partisans seem partial to their political loyalties over the facts. When those loyalties demand changing their views of the facts, he said, partisans seem willing to throw even consistency overboard
    Welome to the club Michelle,oooops ! forgot're already a certified member.

  • jacob

    In most civilized countries and some third world ones, there is a document called IDENTITY CARD, having
    the bearer's picture, signature, thumbprint, issued by their respective governments free of cost to all of its
    people above the age of seven years. Needless to say, people are fully fingerprinted….
    In this country, it used to be the Social Security number and it still is and when stolen, it becomes one hell
    of a nightmare for its owner.
    Another form of ID is the drivers license, issued by every state but if the bearer doesn't drive, it is stated so
    showing it is good for ID purposes only and it costs an average of $16…sort of scratching your left ear with
    your right hand….
    Why hasn't Congress seen fit to enact as law the compulsory ID, charging the people its strict cost, doing
    away with voter fraud and leaving no room for Mr. HOLDER to raise hell because disallowing voting for
    people without proper ID will take away one hell of a lot of votes for the DEMOCRAP party ????
    What I still can't understand is why hasn't anyone in Congress, House or Senate, taken up this issue after
    so many years….
    Short of lighting a fire under their seats, what would force them to do it ?????

    • Ronald Johnston

      What would force their hand is to vote them out of office!!!!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The entie thrust of the Democratic controlled party is to have people who are here illegally and
    ineligable to vote to go to voting places and vote, not hard to understand when you realize they
    are the left and completely, not partially but completely dishonest and subversive. Who votes
    should not be a question, citizens of age to do so and no others. Ther are millions of illegals
    who will vote in our election to throw the election to Democrats and the left gains and
    repays with our tax dollars in benefis which are helping to cripple the Nation financially.
    If a person can not identify themselves they should be thrown out of the building, also if
    they have a voter card but no ID and it is proved it was obtaind with false or no identification
    the issuer should be jailed along with the illegal………………………………William

  • Donna

    This article by Michelle Malkin was copied, in large part, from a snopes ( article.

  • Guest

    No wonder she was so positive about how great the voting process is going to be handled.