White House Lied, Jobs Died

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In November 2010, the DOI Inspector General issued a report cited by Salazar to argue that any editing of the drilling ban report was unintentional and mistaken. But e-mails from IG senior agent Richard Larrabee released by the House Natural Resources Committee flatly contradict Salazar.

“I truly believe the editing WAS intentional — by an overzealous staffer at the White House. And, if asked, I, as the case agent, would be happy to state that opinion to anyone interested,” Larrabee wrote.

He noted that the IG report failed to mention that investigators were unable to independently validate e-mails supplied by Salazar’s office — and that the report was “simply silent” about how the White House blocked investigators’ attempts to interview one of Browner’s chief henchmen, Joe Aldy. “Well, it will be interesting to see if anyone picks up on these things, or cares about them,” Larrabee wrote.

Well, House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings, R-Wash., cares. In a letter to the DOI Inspector General’s office, Hastings blasted the stonewallers who have hid in the dark for more than a year. “The IG report is being used by the Obama Administration and others as a defense that this matter has already been investigated and resolved. These emails contradict that claim and raise new questions on whether the IG’s investigation was as thorough and complete as it should have been,” Hastings wrote.

The actual drafts of the drilling moratorium report and the communications between senior Interior Department officials and White House political appointees remain out of public view. “To date, the Interior Department has never had to disclose documents to the IG or to Congress,” Hastings noted. “Despite the President’s pledge of transparency, this Administration has not answered questions by anyone on how this decision was made that forced thousands of Americans out of work and cost millions of dollars in lost economic activity.”

This election isn’t just about jobs, jobs, jobs. It’s about the lies, lies, lies that have led to massive job destruction — and the ruthless corruptocrats using our tax dollars to whitewash their radical green agenda.

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  • truebearing

    is there any doubt that Obama's primary goal is to destroy this nation's economy? This piece by Michelle Malkin is hopefully the dynamite that breaks the log jam of obfuscation and lying that has allowed the Marxists in Obama's administration to sabotage our economy with impunity. What Malkin is is exposing is the central strategy of the "green economy" charade: the energy starvation of America. They babble about green energy but really don't want any energy available to fuel our economy. They want it to die.

    The Left has always been fueled by two things: hate and rapacity for power. Being driven by hate, even when they do acquire power, they obsessively continue to use it destructively. That is why there is only one stage to Marxist revolution….nihilism, and why it is ridiculous to expect nihilists to create anything. They are incapable of positive progress.

    The message that voters need to hear is that they are the victims of this intentional devastation. It needs to be made graphic, it needs to be made personal.

    • Maxie

      "The Left has always been fueled by two things: hate and rapacity for power."

      Exactly. Hate is the product of fear. They are the obverse sides of the same psychological coin. The Left lusts for power in the mistaken belief that with power they can stave off what they fear. But what they fear is existence itself in a cold, indifferent, ungodly universe. That hate gets transferred to conservatives who have put their faith in a transcendental Intelligence which defeats the primodial fear that plagues man-almighty Leftists.

      • truebearing

        Interesting analysis. There is no doubt that above all they hate Christianity and Judaism. Antonio Gramsci was convinced that no revolution would be successful as long as Christianity and Judeo-Christian morality dominated. The Left has worked feverishly to destroy both.

        I think that there is another aspect to the Left's hate. There is an element of sadistic pleasure in their destructive behavior. They take pleasure in destroying goodness. That is evil, and it is present in abundance on the Left, and in Islam, another death cult.

  • Rifleman

    I know of two IGs hussein ran out and replaced in his first year, I wonder how many he's cowed or done the same with since?

    It's a question that I thought might interest Mrs. Malkin, her articles often bring to mind good follow ups, but not everybody can post at her site, and they don't even answer e-mails. I blame the left, they probably have her site under virtual siege. I've seen it firsthand, and I think it's a byproduct of their socialist ends justifies the means mentality, and their inability to counter her points.

    • Looking4Sanity

      I see what you mean. I just visited her site and was not impressed with her commenting system at all. That's a shame. Conservatives should be doing more to give voice to other conservatives IMO.

  • Rev. Roy

    Once the American populace wakes up to the fact that Obama is Moslem and an expert at Al Teqiyah (the Mohamedan teaching that lying is an "honor", and, as such, they cannot believe a word that emanates from the "liar-in chief's" mouth, there may be some hope for the USA. Sadly, I think its too late. Just as I have seen the demise of the mighty British Empire in my lifetime (from "Brittania Rules the Waves" or "the Sun Never Sets on the British Empire" to the insignificance that England is today, so I am witnessing the demise of the "American Empire".

    • Looking4Sanity

      What you are seeing, "Rev.", is the stage being set for the 1,000 year reign of Jesus Christ on this Earth. No government in history has ever survived the test of Time. Why should we be any different?

  • Rev. Roy

    Obama has succeeded where armies have failed, as past presidents have warned and prophecies predicObama has succeeded where armies have failed, as past presidents have warned and prophecies predicted. It is so sad to watch, on the one hand, but exciting on the other as it is all leading up to the return of Jesus Christ (as foretold and prophecied). "And when you see these things come to pass, look up and recognize that He is near, right at the door". Luke 21:31..Mathew 24:33..Mark 13:29. KJV
    And if you believe that the Rapture will occur seven years BEFORE the return of Christ, WOW !! Are you ready ?? "The fear of the Lord is the BEGINNING of Wisdom". Prov. 1:7..9:10 ….(FEAR means "ABJECT terror before a Holy God",to the unsaved, and "AWESOME respect" to the saved. Which category are you ??
    Rev. Roy….<><

  • StephenD

    I'd love to see this posted by Romney in response to the Obama ad saying Romney killed jobs. Obama cost 19,000 compared to the 750 he calls out Romney on.

    • johnnywoods

      Don`t hold your breath waiting for spineless Republicans to answer any false charges made by the Democraps with any logic or truth. I have been waiting for 25 years now.

  • nasirjo

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