NGO Statements on Gaza Again Reflect Bias

Originally published at NGO Monitor

European governments enable exploitation of human rights, int’l law with their funding

Jerusalem – The biased responses of human rights organizations to the recent events in Gaza stand in sharp contrast to their prolonged silence in the face of continuous terror attacks against Israelis civilians, said NGO Monitor, a Jerusalem-based research organization.

“When it comes to deadly attacks against Israelis, the silence of these NGOs is deafening, while their readiness to condemn Israel without any reliable fact-finding is indicative of a deep anti-Israel agenda,” said Professor Gerald Steinberg, President of NGO Monitor. “Within six hours of Jabari’s death, and in the face of massive rocket attacks from Gaza, Amnesty International blamed Israel alone for putting ’civilians in Gaza and southern Israel at grave risk by re-igniting the armed conflict there,’ and also claimed to have ’gathered evidence that suggests‘ that previous Israeli strikes ’were indiscriminate and, therefore, in violation of international humanitarian law.’ Yet, Amnesty produced no such evidence, nor does it possess the expertise or knowledge to make these claims.”

Similarly, NGO Monitor notes that an Oxfam International statement implied that Israel was not abiding by “obligations under international law,” asserting an immoral equivalence between deliberate terrorist attacks launched from civilian areas and directly targeting civilians, with necessary Israeli self-defense.  Oxfam called on Israel to halt military operations in Gaza, while offering no alternatives to protect Israel’s population.

Many other members of the NGO network have displayed the same moral failure. For the past week, terrorists from Hamas-controlled Gaza intensified rocket attacks on southern Israeli towns and cities. However, human rights NGOs, including groups such as Gisha, funded by the New Israel Fund and European governments, frequently condemn Israel’s Gaza policies, remained silent about these indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians, constituting massive violations of human rights and humanitarian law. For these political groups, Israelis do not have human rights.

“The immediate accusations regarding alleged violations of international law by Israel from Amnesty International, Oxfam and others, without any evidence whatsoever, are part of the ‘Durban strategy’ of demonizing and isolating Israel,” continued Prof. Gerald Steinberg. “As in Jenin, Lebanon, and previous fighting in Gaza, political advocacy NGOs distort legitimate Israeli self-defense measures in order to advance false claims of ‘war crimes’ and ‘violations of human rights.’”

The European Union, as well as member governments share responsibility through their funding of these biased NGOs. For example, the Alternative Information Center (AIC), funded via the EU, and the governments of Sweden and Spain, accused Israel of exploiting the violence in the south to justify the targeting of Jabari.

Added Steinberg: “By funding these NGOs, the European governments have become enablers of the NGOs’ radical and one-sided agenda.  If European governments are truly interested in playing a role in the peace process, funding the Durban strategy that demonizes Israel, and cynically exploits human rights is not the way.”

Within the past year, Palestinian groups fired over 800 rockets targeting civilian populations, leaving millions of Israelis living in fear, suspending their lives.

“Each one of these rockets constitutes a war crime,” said Anne Herzberg, legal advisor for NGO Monitor. “In the lead up to yesterday’s IDF operation in Gaza, NGOs were silent, and only after Israel responded to these indiscriminate attacks against civilians, do they find their voice.”

Added Herzberg: “The statements coming from these NGOs exhibit severe bias and double standards and reflect a severe lack of expertise in international law.  While focusing overwhelmingly on condemning Israel, they ignore or pay little attention to Israeli human rights and casualties. Under the façade of morality and universality, they exploit international legal terminology. We call on the NGOs to recall how the Goldstone report severely damaged the credibility of these organizations, when many of their claims contained in the report were found to be inaccurate and in some cases, complete fabrications.”

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  • Mary Sue

    This is why I categorically despise NGO's.

  • victor

    There is a reason for that. Follow the money and the funding of such organizations. Unfortunately God has provided a commodity that the world pays those God-forsaken Arabs huge amount of money, which in turn finds its way to those savages, strictly because of religious association. If and when the flow of petroleum is diverted from their spigots to ours, there will be a re-direction of funds away from those organization, they will then serve other masters or not at all.

  • bkopicz

    Both the NGO and UN have become nothing more than a rubber-stamp for the oil rich Islamist. They have no, NO credibility whatsoever.

    • wheels

      The UN lost all credibility years ago and proves it’s impotence time and time again. They should be asked to leave the US and if they don’t want to leave, then throw them out. We could use the money we give them for our own budgetary problems!

  • Ed Frias

    What did Golda Meir say 40 years ago about Arab child abusers?
    Hamas missile launch pad next to mosque, playground. Civilian factories, gas station also half a block from Fajr-5 firing site.
    Aaron Klein
    November 16, 2012

    A missile launch site in the Gaza Strip was set up by Hamas just half a block from a mosque and children’s playground, according to aerial photographs provided to KleinOnline by the Israel Defense Forces today.
    Israel yesterday carried out a surgical strike of the site in question – a Fajr-5 missile launch pad established in the heavily populated Zeitoun district of Gaza to fire long range rockets into the Jewish state.

    The photograph of the launch site, posted above, shows a children’s playground and a mosque located about a half a block away as well as two civilian factories and a gas station also within a half a block radius. Earlier today, the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad group claimed responsibility firing Fajr-5 missiles aimed at Tel Aviv.

    Also today, one rocket launched from the Gaza Strip landed in Rishon Letzion, some 7 miles south of Tel Aviv. About three hours later another explosion was heard in the Tel Aviv area. Defense sources said the second explosion was a missile that landed in an open area.

    No casualties were reported in either the Tel Aviv or Rishon Leztion areas. Since yesterday, Israel’s Iron Dome anti-missile defense system has intercepted 105 rockets, while 274 rockets have struck Israel, mostly in Jewish cities near the Gaza Strip. Three Israelis were killed today by a direct rocket hit on their family home in the Gaza border town of Kiryat Malakhi. A four year old Israeli boy and an infant were moderately wounded in separate rocket attacks.

    The escalation began last week, when Hamas and other Gazan groups fired more than 120 rockets and mortars into Israel during a four day period.

    • Mary Sue

      The problem is that the "love" the Palestinian terrorists have for their children is so warped that they think letting their children die in war is an act of love.

  • Ed Frias

    Its amazing how Israel is only country in the world that isnt allowed to defend themselves

  • Ed Frias

    Hamas stores its missiles near schools and mosques in Gaza. They fire these missles out of residential areas, so civilians are killed.
    Golda Meir 40 years ago talked about this Arab child abuse.
    Even the radicals in the EU should be horrified by these Islamo fascists.

  • Ed Frias

    What does Oxfam think Israel should do when Hamas terrorists are firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians?
    Send Swiss chocolate in return for every rocket?

  • Ed Frias

    Why does Hamas and Islamic Jihad fire rockets from a school at Israel praying that Israel return fire and kill some of it’s children. Thats Gaza today. The Arabs are the only people in the world that go out day by day figuring ways to get their children to die in front of the world press.

    • Mary Sue

      because, you know, then their children will surely go to Paradise (where presumably they'll either get 72 virgins and be magically old enough to enjoy them, or become one of the 72 virgins).

  • Ed Frias

    What does Oxfam think Israel should do when Hamas terrorists are firing hundreds of rockets at Israeli civilians?

  • Ghostwriter

    How awful! It's a shame that the Palestinians think of their children as weapons instead of as human beings.

    • john

      palestinians love their children the sane as anyone else. I've never read such a collection of racist offensive rubbish as this page. I'm not Israeli or Palestinian, i came here trying to find out more, and these views are really disgusting.

      • rachaelamb

        If it bothers you so much then don't come here,and read the posts. I certainly don't believe the Arabs don't love their children,but I do think the Palestinian terrorists,want the Arab children to be killed,because it makes for great antiIsrael propaganda to show the dead and injured bodies of poor little Arab children injured by the evil Jews. That's why they use Arab children as decoys. An aerial map of the IDF showed that these people put rocket launchers right next to playgrounds and kindergartens. These people are evil they target Jewish children for death,and then use their own children as propaganda weapons in their war against Israel,and idiot emotional whiny leftists fall for their propaganda.

      • Mary Sue

        People who abuse their children because they are mentally ill often harbor the delusion that their actions constitute "love".

  • Armando

    Instead of Israel sending its forces across the border, they should provide citizens under missile attack with their own missiles. I'm sure there are enough artillery veterans amongst people living in Sderot, Ashdod, Be-er Sheva, etc., who would know how to shoot back at random, but with one condition, that they send back ten times as many for everyone shot by the islamofascists in Gaza. Adelante Israel!

  • Jay Wye

    Israel keeps dealing with Gaza in HALF measures. They should buy or build MOABs and drop one every time there’s a rocket or mortar attack from Gaza. MOAB is designed to destroy bunkers and tunnels like HAMAS uses to store their missiles and munitions. The shock and awe from the massive blast would also chill HAMAS and the Gazan people.HAMAS would do everything to keep its sects from launching attacks. I believe it would only take one or two MOABs to stop the attacks from Gaza permanently.Plus,use of MOAB doesn’t risk any Israeli soldiers or costly armored vehicles.
    It’s time Israel did the job right.

  • Jay Wye

    BOTH sides keep on doing the same thing,over and over,expecting different results each time.
    The muzzies make attacks,Israel retaliates HALFway,doesn’t finish the job,and the muzzies lick their wounds,rest and rearm until the next time. A stupid cycle.