The Moronic World of Occupy Copenhagen

A video interview with spokeswoman Rysle Dyre:

  • Alvaro

    She is only 17 and definitely has a heart. She may only need to grow up, so if she also has a brain she will change her mind.

    • Francesca

      It took me until I was in my early 30's to use my brain. So I can't be too hard on her, only on the people who are misleading her.

    • "gunner"

      only 17, hasn't even outgrown baby fat yet, and she's telling us how to run the world?

  • davarino

    Rush coined it well, "young skull full of mush"

  • vlad

    17 years old. Doesn't know what she wants; can't explain, one way or another, why she is for or against any particular idea or solution, but she's on the internet babbling away for the world to see. Ah, the internet.

  • Indioviejo

    She is a trained baby seal with the stupid message. She is 17 and is very capable of pulling a trigger, joining something akin to the Communist Party, the Nazi Party or their immediate descendants, the Greens. Perhaps we will see a resurgence of The Red Brigades in conjunction with Al-Qaeda.

  • BS77

    George Orwell would have loved the idiot parade, the Occupy Movement………great material here for another novel like 1984

  • bobo b

    Uh oh—-a colony of lice has occupied the unfortunate waif's scalp.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I would say that Denmark is in "dyre" straits …

  • pagegl

    She's young and seems to care about people. Maybe she will have the good fortune to learn what is really going on in the world. So far, she is parroting socialist crap, which just goes to show that European schools aren't doing any better than ours.

  • tanstaafl

    After I replayed the video backwards, I discovered some missing dialogue which I have translated from the Danish:

    Man in crowd: "Look, the pretty, dumb girl can talk!"

    Another man: "I bet she cannot walk at the same time!"

    Both: "Ha ha!"

    Obviously, the Danish sense of humor is different then ours.

  • Stuar Parsons

    As more and more of the world turns Capitalist and its population continues to grow, the greater will be the strain on resources and the level of environmental degredation. The carbon footprint and the environmental pollution of the average citizen of a capitalist country is excessive and we now have a plethora of millionaires and a growing number of billionaires. Face up to it ladies and gentlemen Sustainable Growth is an oxymoron. The girl may only be 17 and not fully aware of what she is saying……….. BUT SHE IS RIGHT

    • jmz

      and so the solution is what opression? are you so concerend aboput the planet that you want to be ruled? people like this fool always think that when their 'glorious' revolution comes that they will be at the top making the decisions. sustainable growth is not an oxymoron, thats why its called sustainable. and if you really want to throw nature into the equasion then capitialism is the ONLY system that mimics natural order. marxism and socialism have all proven to grow, fail collapse and then nothing. but to put it as simply as possible you can never have freedom and control it dosent work. socialists only like socialism as long as its the things they agree with. once they give all their control of their lives over then thats when they quickly realize how wrong they were. there is no suck thing as a benevolent king, emporer, president of an all powerful govt, in all cases you are being ruled. guilded cages are pretty as long as your on the outside

    • jmz

      also understand that if thats what she and you believe then capitialism is the best system as it mimmics nature. . as for enviromental degradation, thats going to happen no matter what. and remember for the most part the poor are the ones procreating more and more not the conservative rich. the liberals want to keep bonning and bonning and demand society pay for the kids. that right there contributes to most of the population growth. the fact that a 15 yr old knows society is going to take care of her and her kids. there is no reason to not have sex.

    • Oleg

      Then North Korea must be the pinical of an ecologically sustainable society. Think about it, no cars, no wealth, no prospects, no economic growth, no private property, everything is rationed, every aspect of your life is under government control, prison camps to re-educate those lacking in faith, firing squads for others. Oh yes the very model of an anti capitalist and ecologically sustainable utopia, North Koreans are almost six inches shorter then South Koreans thanks to their efforts.

    • Anonymous

      Go away. Shouldn't you be at Ron Paul headquarters burning old copies of his overtly racist newsletters?

  • Reuben

    Let's not loose hope for our youth, even as hopeless as it may seem. I was once 17 and was as uneducated about the world and overall history as she is. Not unlike her, I also thought I knew what was best and what should be imposed upon the world.

    I believe it was Winston Churchhill that said that if you're 25(or a youth) and you aren't a liberal, you lack a heart….and if you are 40(or more mature) and you aren't conservative, you lack a brain.

  • mrbean

    A famous man once said: "From the mouths of babes, comes DRIBBLE." Modern progressive education in both European and American schools taught her this Environmental nonsense Multiculturalism. Babble Babble from Bambi the Bimbo!

  • crypticguise

    She is very cute and very stupid. I don't use the excuse that she's seventeen years old. If she doesn't understand what the deadly nonsense is in Egypt any more than the egregiously dopey Occupy Nonsense she is definitely STUPID, not just ignorant.

  • EdwinS

    The young lady accepts whatever ideas are served up to her – she hasn't learned critical thinking – and maybe she never will (like vast swaths of mankind). But — she is a person of good-will – and that counts for a lot…

  • She'sFlipside'sWife

    Perfect: no brain

  • Frahi domallatio

    You sad haters :)