An Islamist at the DNC, Part II — on The Darwish Gang

On this week’s Darwish Gang, Dwight Schultz, Amani Mustafa  and Reza Safa gathered to discuss An Islamist at the DNC. Below is Part II of a three part series. To see Part I, click here. We will run Part III in tomorrow’s edition.

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  • Tom Wilbanks

    Please continue to speak out the message we all need to hear. Don't be discourage if it seems noone is listening. Be like Jeremiah and persevere. In the USA, the church needs to realize what we have done by "compromise," or our silence. Government is not the answer. The church on it's knees is the answer.
    Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

  • Allan Smithy

    I sent an online mail to Bill Maher, no response. I post this message on youtube, but no one believes the Arab Spring was to get rid of leaders who were friendly to the west and Israel, for a more Jihadist, stricter following of Sheria Law. If they would listen to Ms. Darwish, maybe the game would be played a different way, diplomaticaly. I guess they needed proof, or they still are not listening. Please keep telling this truth, Ms. Darwish? Maybe they will catch on soon.