Egypt’s Downward Spiral Towards Self-Destruction

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The Arab Spring brought Egyptians new freedoms: kidnapping and robbing American tourists, the arrest of 43 NGO workers, including 19 Americans, senseless killings, endless riots and chaos, burning of churches and the killing and kidnapping of Christians.

Arrests of Westerners and accusing some of espionage and stirring up the riots and attacking and accusing Christians of working with the enemies of Islam, is nothing new and is almost always politically motivated. Focusing on the outside non-Muslim world rather than focusing on urgent internal matters and taking responsibility for previous failures has always been the norm in almost all Muslim countries, especially Egypt. With a straight face, an Egyptian MP recently commented on the Egyptian soccer riots that resulted in the killing of over 75 people and injuring hundreds, by saying “This anarchy is caused by America, Israel and the former regime.”

Blaming Israel and America has reached pathological levels and Western media keeps ignoring it thinking it will go away. Blaming the outside world has always managed to work in confusing the public, deflecting their anger against the system and placing the blame on the outside evil infidel world and the treasonous non-Muslim minorities. Arab obsession with the blame game is deeply rooted in a religion that is obsessed with jihad and conquering the outside world. 62% of the Koran focuses on the infidels and not on conquering the hearts of Muslims to peace and loving one’s neighbor.

Even though Mohammed Tantawi, leader of the Egyptian transitional government, was thought of as a friend of America, his friendship must quickly evaporate in a culture where showing any friendship or loyalty to the West can be a life or death situation. The West must always be put in its infidel dhimmi place, Western interests must be challenged and a good dose of humiliation of Western leaders every now and then will certainly increase the popularity of any Islamic regime. I always believed that tyranny in Muslim countries often originates from the bottom up.

Pushing the buttons of the Westerners and rubbing their noses in the ground, insulting and slandering them and spreading outright lies, throwing shoes at them, arresting Westerners, and accusing every tourist of being a CIA agent has become the normal political tactic for internal political gains. Ahmadinejad’s popularity in Egypt skyrocketed after he insulted America and its leader in NY and in the UN. While the West is trying to rescue third world nations, the Islamic third world wants to use every opportunity to denigrate and destroy them. The bitterness, anger, envy and resentment is filling the heart of the Muslim world and it stands in the way of any hope for reform within Islam.

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  • Big Irish

    so very well put Nonie…..all the best!….Arab Spring? – Arab Hell.

  • tanstaafl

    You reap what you sow.

  • UCSPanther

    Welcome to Hell, Egypt. You earned it.

  • digdigby

    Businessmen in Egypt who were successful had to negotiate a mine-field of bribes and corruption just to survive. Of course they were 'implicated in the former regime'. No one really knows just how many billions of dollar have fled the country along with the vital businessmen who made those billions. It is said to be MUCH more than anyone knows, many of them Copts.
    With the collapse of tourism, confrontation with West and loss of Jizya… food riots within a year and Somalia-on-Steroids total collapse.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    What the naive West needs to learn is that third world countries are not as innocent as many in the West want them to be.

    It will never learn that lesson as long as the leftwing hijacked MESA Nostra with their Wahhabi petro-dollars continues to control America's Middle East Studies Departments in our elite colleges and universities, as the lamestream media, our political elites on both sides of the political aisle, and our federal government all get their bogus information about Islam from those same hijacked Middle East Studies Departments.

    • Whatsinaname

      I don't believe the Middle East Studies Departments were "highjacked" in the sense that they were taken over by "force" against the will of the university administrations. Saudi Arabia poured hundreds of millions of dollars to set up departments, chairs, fellowships, and textbooks — all with the approval of administrators, professors, alumni and just about everyone else. The result has been a disaster for free speech on campus, an explosion of anti-Semitism and our universities have turned into nothing more than their counterparts in the Middle East — indoctrination centers. Scholarly investigation be damned — we will write our own death warrants for generations to come.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Meant it in the same exact same way you described it and you are exactly right. Indeed, the biggest problem is that the lamestream media, the political elites on both sides of the political spectrum, and the federal government all get their information about Islam from those same Middle East Studies Departments of our elite colleges and universities. Therefore, since the information they get fed is always bogus, the USA will continue moving from one strategic blunder to the next strategic blunder until that little problem is exposed and that monopoly is busted.

  • Nimrud

    Egyptians became a locust nation and they are just too ignorant to improve whatever. Mubarak has gone but still the country looks like a zoo. Where are the changes people? Whoever will lead the country would not be able to change what is in the heads. You Egyptians deserve what you got and more.