Egypt’s Nightmare: Islamists or Askar?

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With that in mind, if Shafiq wins he must be ready for a bloody war with the Brotherhood leaving him no choice but to put them in jails like all of his predecessors. But the dilemma gets more complicated when the civilian or military leader is ready to leave office to the next leader, and according to the Egyptian system today this has to happen every four years. It has never happened before in Egyptian history that a Muslim head of state holds elections in which he will not participate. This is unheard of in almost all Muslim countries with few exceptions, such as Turkey. Shafiq will find it very difficult to hand over power in four years to perhaps an Islamist who will no doubt prosecute, jail or execute Shafiq. For a Muslim military leader to hand over the keys to the presidential palace to an Islamist will also mean handing over his head. Muslim countries have a bad habit of jailing, assassinating and even torturing old leaders. Arab history has never seen a smooth transition of power except only in kingdoms such as Jordan and Morocco and even that sometimes gets violent. There is not one Muslim former president or leader who lives in peace in his own country after his term has ended. Can the new Egyptian ‘so called’ democracy stand that test?

The Egyptian revolution has already failed in the present and the near future because Egyptians failed to learn from their history. A true revolution in the Muslim world that would bring true freedom and democracy should be a revolution against Islam itself and removing Sharia from the Egyptian constitution, an act that will not happen in the present or the near future in Egypt or any Muslim country.

If there is anything we can learn from what is going on in Egypt today, it is the unmasking of the bankrupt Islamist political system that is based on fear and tyranny and how to avoid them or embrace them. So far the Egyptian elections have brought the Egyptian right back to their original choice; back to the future; either an Islamic theocracy or a military dictatorship.

The time has come for Egyptians to grow up and realize that if they elect Islamists then they must never cry out for freedom and democracy. They simply cannot have it both ways; Sharia and freedom cannot co-exist, period. By electing an Islamist government they will be kicking the can of tyranny to the next generation to deal with and perhaps in 20 or 30 years from now we will see their children yet revolt again for freedom and democracy; but this time they better aim at putting Sharia on trial and executing it instead of the generic dictator of the future.

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  • κατεργάζομαι

    How's that Hope & Change workin' fer ya, Egypt?

    • SKIP

      Same way it's working out for us in the U.S.

      • ABC

        Well, united you can stop this evil warfare. It's better than not doing anything and watching it happening.

  • Diann

    Read the new book by Nonie Darwish 'The Devil we Don't Know' – it will give some pretty interesting explanations as to why these things are happening… I highly recommend her other book too – 'Cruel and Usual Punishment', which will explain Sharia and how it must dominate every Islamic country on earth – and how they are creeping into our own society to destroy it from within.

    • SKIP

      Sharia and islam is not creeping into our country, it is being BROUGHT in by our own damned government and politicians at every level of government. When the SHTF those that caused it to hit the fan must be remembered too.

      • ABC

        I agree with SKIP, they actually supported this evil movement instead of eradicating it. How dangerous to play this game. Soon America will loose all its status and rights to govern. What a pity and what a big fall it will be.

  • Nadia

    Muslims have no clue what causes their problems!

    • sunbeam

      This is because their mind had long been govern and manipulated thus not being able to think well or discern rightly. It's like following a path blindly without question or cross examination.