Egypt’s Candid Camera, Jew-Hate and Violence

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Recently, an Egyptian Candid Camera prank type TV show turned very ugly and violent when the guest, an Egyptian actor, was told he was on Israeli TV. The prank was done on several guests with similar reactions: extreme violence and hate speech against Jews who were described as the most cursed by Allah in Islam.

I personally was not surprised by the video clip, but a lot of American friends of mine were shocked by the responses they witnessed on camera. Many books have been written about why Muslims hate Jews but I decided to write my own explanation, which I detailed in chapter four of my most recent book “The Devil We Don’t Know.”

No true Muslim dares to ask why Islam is consumed with hatred of non-Muslims, especially Jews. When I was a Muslim, I never dared to ask that question, let alone objectively answer it. I never dared to question why our religious leaders curse, lie and preach hatred and violence from the pulpit of mosques. To the average Muslim, cursing of Jews in mosques feels normal and even holy. That intense hatred of Jews was especially intensified in the last ten years of Mohammed’s life and it was not a new development in Islamic countries after the 1948 war.

After a lot of thinking, analysis, research and writing, I discovered that Jew-hatred in Islam is an essential foundation to the Islamic belief system that Muslims cannot seem to be able to rid themselves of. Jew-hatred masks an existential problem in Islam. If Jew-hatred is removed, Islam itself would self-destruct. This is why:

When Mohammed embarked on his mission to spread Islam, his objective was to create a uniquely Arabian religion, one created by an Arab prophet, which reflected the Arabian values and culture. Yet to obtain legitimacy, he had to link it to the two previous Abrahamic religions, Judaism and Christianity. He expected the Jewish tribes who lived in Arabia to declare him their Messiah and thereby bring him more legitimacy with Arabs, especially with his own tribe in Mecca, the Quraish. Because his own tribe had rejected and ridiculed him, Mohammed needed the approval of the Jews, whom he called the “People of the Book.” But the conversion of Jews to Islam was part of the scenario that Mohammed had to accomplish in order to prove to Meccans that they had made a mistake by rejecting him.

That was one of the reasons Mohammed chose to migrate to Medina, a town that had predominantly been settled by Jewish tribes and a few impoverished Arabs who lived around the Jews. The Jews allowed Mohammed to move in. In the beginning, the Koran of Mecca was full of appeals to the Jews, who were then described as “guidance and light” (5:44) and a “righteous” people (6:153–154), who “excelled the nations” (45:16). But when the Jews rejected the appeasement and refused to convert to Islam, Mohammed simply and literally flipped. The Qur’an changed from love to threats and then pure hatred, cursing and commandments to kill Jews. Rejection by the Jews became an intolerable obsession with Mohammed.

Not only did the Jews reject him, but their prosperity made Mohammed extremely envious. The Jewish Arabian tribes earned their living from legitimate and successful business, but Mohammed earned his living and wealth through warfare, by attacking Arab tribes (some of whom were from his own tribe) and trade caravans and seizing their wealth and property. That did not look good for a man who claimed to be a prophet of God. The mere existence of the Jews made Mohammed look bad which led Mohammed to unspeakable slaughter; he ordered the beheading of 600 to 900 Jewish men of one tribe and took their women and children as slaves. Mohammed had the first pick of the prettiest woman as his sex slave. All of this senseless slaughter of the Jews was elaborately documented in Islamic books on the life of Mohammed, not as something to be ashamed of, but as justified behavior against evil people.

One does not have to be an authority on human behavior to see how tormented Mohammed must have been after the massacre he orchestrated and forced his fighters to undertake, to empower and enrich himself and his religion. To reduce his torment, he needed everyone around him as well as future generations, to participate in the genocide against the Jews, the only people who he could not control. An enormous number of verses in the Qur’an encouraged Mohammed’s fighters to fight and kill and curse those who wanted to escape fighting. The Qur’an is full of promises of all kinds of pleasure in heaven for those who follow Mohammed’s killing spree; it curses and condemns, meanwhile, all those who choose to escape from fighting. Muslims are encouraged to feel no hesitation or guilt for the genocide because it is not they who do it, but Allah’s hand which is behind the killing.

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  • kingofdisco

    So the prophet himself was not fit for purpose? And we can't even qualify his message with 'do as I say, don't say as I do'? And one billion people are caught in this catch 22? Let's hope the 12th imam makes a better fist of things, when he gets here!

    • Phil

      Well, he is only a prophet, and a antisemitic one as well; it's not like Mohammad is God….why can't the Imams change this policy by simply making it a new teaching, that antisemitism is to dangerous for Islam? Problem solved.

  • Schlomotion

    In the United States, there is this Jewish guy, you may have heard of him. His name is Jerry Springer. He puts stuff like this on TV all the time. He was copying this other Jewish guy, Gerald Riveira, aka Geraldo Rivera who was doing the same thing before him, and this other Jewish guy, Maury Povich. And Sally Jessy Raphael.

    Jeez, really since Phil Donohue quit the biz in 1992, it's been nothing but Jewish people playing pranks and getting crazy religious and hillbilly rednecks slapping each other around for violating taboos. I suppose all that stuff is good strong moral values, while the Egyptian version is evidence of their savagery and stupidity.

    • davarino cont.

      Hey schlo-of-brain, I hate to get sucked into your psychosis but you do realize there are religious jews and there are DNA jews, right? And yes, you are correct about Egypt, and the affore mentioned "jews" have damaged DNA.

    • Phil

      Sally Jessy Raphael was with my mother when she went into labor, at the time of my birth….they were good friends when she was a housewife… and not famous….they were neighbors in the same condo.

    • MikeWood

      Schlomotion you commit the logical fallacy of Tu Quoque: Tu Quoque is a very common fallacy in which one attempts to defend oneself or another from criticism by turning the critique back against the accuser. This is a classic Red Herring since whether the accuser is guilty of the same, or a similar, wrong is irrelevant to the truth of the original charge. However, as a diversionary tactic, Tu Quoque can be very effective, since the accuser is put on the defensive, and frequently feels compelled to defend against the accusation.

      • Schlomotion

        Poppycock. This article purports to show that this behavior is specific to Egyptian Muslims. I have refuted it well by providing a robust counterexample.

        • aspacia


          It is your delusion to tell. Actually, you lack of logic is laughable.

        • Zionista

          poppycock? only a nerd like you would use such a word. You're so busy hating (and envying) Jews, you don't even discuss what the article is about. You're a weakling controlled by hatred and envy. $BLING$.

        • Touchstone

          Actually, Bowelmotion, this article does so much more than that. It argues very convincingly for why Islam is so fundamentally prejudiced and dangerous. You're deafeningly silent on that, which doesn't come as a surprise at all. Nope, not when it's so much easier to throw in a few lame references to prominent Jews you can bash.

          I think all your scribbling and ranting has made your arguments more specious and more stridently hateful of Jews. If there's a Jew somewhere you can slander, and squirm his or her name into your post (in which you deliberately ignore the main points of the article in question), you won't hesitate to do so. Darwish's points are so well-expressed and important, and yours so useless and petty and irrelevant.

          • Schlomotion

            That's touching, but at root, Ms. Darwish was showing us that Egyptians have a Jerry Springer show and that allegedly makes them more subhuman than us. Her sole purpose at these Spencer functions is as a purported first hand experiencer and refugee and as a soft voice put between Spencer's whining and Geller's shrill yammering. She's just the mascarpone in the tiramisu of caterwauling.

          • Touchstone

            All your drivel aside, you still cower before the main thrust of her argument concerning Islam's fundamentally hateful origins and their perverse perpetuation by today's Muslims. You hide behind whatever shield you can (like Jerry Springer or Geller or Spencer) so you can keep pelting everyone with the petty little pebbles you call points. It's not lost on anyone how terrified you are of confronting Darwish head on. Darwish has been making these points about today's Muslims LONG before this article appeared, so your critique of her is pure garbage. She doesn't need to look for new opportunities to condemn the backwardness of Islam and its adherents. The show in question is merely part of a continuum she identified long ago.

            You always run for cover, Bowelmotion.

          • Schlomotion

            There's nothing to cower from. She is a soft spoken woman who is full of tea.

            Egypt has silly daytime shows therefore they are a backward people. Feh!

          • Touchstone

            Like a coward, you still dodge her thesis. You can't go near it. You absolutely refuse to address what constitutes perhaps 90% of the article! You're running scared. All you can do is hurl insults. You're pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

          • Schlomotion

            There's no thesis! Bad Egyptian daytime television proves that Egyptians hate Jews and therefore Die Egypt, DIE DIE DIE.

            That's not a thesis. If anything, its part of why Egyptians hate Jews. Because they hire people to moan and wail about how bad Egyptians are. This all reminds me of the Kerri Dunn Claremont McKenna racist vandalism hoax. Kerri Dunn, a goldbricking huckster busted out her own windshield and drew swastikas on her own car to prove she was oppressed so that she could continue her hustle at Claremont McKenna to prove that oppression took place there, justifying her ad campaign.

            Ms. Darwish's story is simply an ad campaign, trying to prove that Jews have a right to scream "I don't feel safe," because some Egyptian rednecks with the aid of Ms. Darwish herself and a payroll coming from some Jews who run a Hasbara media site can have their views heard in their full chauvinistically embarrassing glory.

          • Touchstone

            Still no counterargument to Darwish's points about Muhammad and the Jews of his day, and the legacy of antisemitism that he passed on to his followers. Nothing but the usual diverting tactics and caterwauling. Nothing. You're bankrupt.

          • Schlomotion

            The counterargument is that Jews have managed to piss off lots of other people and their own religion split and hemorrhaged into two other silly religions, and Jews really hate those two as much as those two religions retained the fundamentally Jewish propaganda therein that Jews incurred the wrath of God. Anti-Jewish spite in those religions was plagiarized from Judaism itself.

          • Touchstone

            OK, so you WILL respond if prodded enough times. Unfortunately, this is what your contorted "counterargument" amounts to:

            <Jews are responsible for Islam.> — This is false, as no Jew forced Muhammad to write the Koran and invent Islam. He may have been trying to unify Arabs with a quasi-Jewish religion, but again, that was entirely the work of a non-Jew named Muhammad who bizarrely demanded that Jews greet him as their Messiah. The origin of Islam wasn't a result of any Jewish "split" or "hemorrhage". That's an imbecilic distortion of history. It's not like part of the tribe went off to become Muslim. You don't get to make up your own facts.

            <"Jews really hate those two"> — WRONG! You've got it in reverse. What do Jews care what religions other people practise? Jews don't proselytize. Jews don't try to convince people that the only way to avoid eternal damnation is to be a Jew. Jews don't kill apostates. Jews don't forbid their adherents from being friends with members of other religions. Jews aren't like the many triumphalists among the Muslims who want their belief system imposed on humanity. Jews don't tear down churches and mosques and build synagogues on top of them.

            It was medieval Christians (unlike many tolerant Christians of today) who hated and persecuted Jews for killing Christ and rejecting him as the Messiah. And it's many Muslims today who hate Jews for the reasons Darwish outlines above, dating back to Muhammad. Darwish explains that Muhammad left precisely such a legacy of hate to his followers, cursing them with an ugly ideology and endangering Jews in perpetuity. I'm not aware of Moses leaving any such legacy of hate. Moses didn't make Muslims into targets, but Jews ARE in danger because of Muhammad.

            <"Anti-Jewish spite in those religions was plagiarized from Judaism itself (because of) the fundamentally Jewish propaganda therein that Jews incurred the wrath of God"> — Wow. So Muhammad invented nothing of his own. All his hate came from the fact that the Torah says Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. This is a gross oversimplification of Koranic antisemitism. You've let Muhammad off the hook for the many hateful, anti-Jewish passages in the Koran (which, as Muslims contend, abrogate the tolerant passages found elsewhere).

            This is a variation on what you do to Wiesel (and other survivors). Perversely, you blame him for his own victimization. Now you're blaming all Jews for the hatred directed at them, and for the resultant danger that hatred puts them in. Is there no limit to your perverted twisting of the truth?

            Are you implying that the only way to "solve" the problem of Islamic hatred of Jews is for Jews, whom you condemn as authors of their own misfortune, to cease to exist? That's the logical extension of your "counterargument": since the Jews caused the problem of hatred, Jews should either convert or die. Judaism and Jewry must cease to exist, because that's the only way to unburden all those poor innocent Muslims (and any Christians) who just happen to be out of their minds with bigotry.

            Will you also blame Jews for the hatred expressed in Mein Kampf? How about Ford's antisemitic tracts? How about the Protocols? Is it Jews who are always guilty, and non-Jews always to be absolved of blame, and only Jews who bear the burden of solving the problem of anti-Jewish hatred by either dying or converting?

            Just when I think you've hit rock bottom, you just keep sinking deeper and deeper. How far down you'll go is anybody's guess.

          • Schlomotion

            "Jew forced Muhammad to write the Koran and invent Islam"

            No. certainly not. But like other points in history they probably fought it as a diaspora. The schizo reformers who invent new religions often use Judaism as a template and even rely on some Jews and one stabs him in the back and then the whole group gets written into the theology as a demon. Moses did it and was betrayed Aaron. Jesus did it and was betrayed by Judas. Muhammad did it and had to battle the Jews of Medina who backed their Rick Perry of the day, Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy. Martin Luther did it and locked horns with Josel of Rosheim. Richard Wagner did it and had Meyerbeer as an adversary. Hitler was friends with Josef Neumann and Siegfried Löffner admiring Jewish strategies of racial purity, but Liebknecht and Luxemburg helped swing the country into failure when Hitler was on the Front.

            In the present day, religion still persists. It is weakening in most quarters, but there are still religions and there are still reformers. Zionists have found themselves on the wrong side of Green reform, or Fed reform. Really, within their own group, Reform Jews are the most reasonable segment and find themselves usually on the correct side of human progress. I think this is why Rabbi Michael Lerner takes so much hatred and vilification by Zionist dingbats. The problemmatique that you rebroadcast to me though, that Muhammad or other reformers end up vilifying Jews is certainly true. The reason is that the diaspora and now Israel have various point guards and apologists who try to draw the brakes on various political, religious, or economic reforms. Most of the commenters on here love to talk about dhimmitude and jizya. They are uneducated, semi-educated halfwits who read the Cliff's Notes to Bat Ye'or and think they know something.

            Why did you leave out that the Jews of ancient Egypt backed the Hyksos. The Jews of Medina backed Ubayy. The Jews of Spain backed Saladin. Benedict Arnold and David Franks backed the British. Judah P. Benjamin backed the Confederacy. The Jews of Germany backed Marx. The Jews of England backed imperialism. The Jews of the 1950s backed the Soviet Union. The Jews of the 2000's back corporatism, big oil, and police state empire. Of course NOT ALL OF THEM DO but a substantial loud and well funded amount of them do and figuratively speaking, if you live by that sword, you die by that sword.

          • Phil

            I'm not Jewish but I'm a half Jew….so I can't seem to understand most the specifics… because I'm a Christian… but, compared with your other writings, these counter arguments are much better articulated…I'm in no way saying what your saying is a better argument; but that it is a better way to argue

          • Phil

            But, I'm in the United States: and I experienced similar antisemitic outrage…I had bragged about Sally Jessy Rafael being with my mother during labor for me, because I thought they were not antisemitic by nature… I had believed the claims that the ones that had recently funded those groups, were probably only hating ultra Zionism.

            But, when for no reason at all they went crazy simply because I disagreed with them; the whole group including one guy went into riot mode against me…as usual I won the debate…I won't go into specifics but there advice for me was utter garbage…it turned into a violent outburst, to try and persuade me, in the end they were entirely wrong for even the reasons they felt were justified to go nuts.

          • Touchstone

            The pattern in your posts is easy to identify and discredit. You shoot the messenger because you can't successfully refute the message. You're in the wrong and there's no way of getting yourself in the right, so you throw everything you can at the messenger in the desperate hope that you can neutralize their ability to influence anyone with their genuinely valid points. You make specious arguments to counter cogent ones. You're a charlatan.

            That's why you so readily, even reflexively, identify with the crassest critics of Holocaust survivors. Breslaw's junk is no different from your own. You're using the same slimy methods. Attack Wiesel personally. Attack Darwish personally. Speculate based on nothing but spite that Wiesel did something terrible to survive, and try to make that ugly charge stick. Speculate that Darwish has been bravely putting herself at risk for years only to be nothing more than a pawn in Spencer's game. Denigrate and defame the messenger as much as you can. That's what disgruntled miscreants like you do who don't have a single decent point to make.

          • Schlomotion

            Sometimes the messenger has smallpox. No one cares what's in her hand at that point.

            And yes. Spencer puts Darwish on, and Horowitz puts Spencer on, and Scaife puts Horowitz on. Darwish puts on Egyptian tabloid television.

          • Touchstone

            No, you target the messenger because YOU'RE the one suffering from an infection, for which there is no known cure. And you just did it again, fearfully steering clear of every single point she made, opting to insult her instead once again. I rest my case.

          • Schlomotion

            I remember about 30 years ago when Zionists hated Christianity as much as they hate Islam now. They said the same crap. Boo, hoo, their very religious doctrine prescribes hatred for Jews. Goodness me, the lengths that Abe Foxman went to not only prevent Passion of the Christ from coming out, but to vilify the very passages of the Bible that documented the chastisement of the Pharisees. It makes much more sense to say that Jews really hate other religions, but their prime enemy is really the Muslims.

          • Sage on the Stage

            You mean the way Mel Gibson hates Jews? You've got it bass ackwards. The article is about Islamic anti-semitism, and the beginnings of it, when the Jews rejected Mohammed; and rightly so. So how did we get to "about 30 years ago when Zionists hated Christianity?" Do you mean all the Christians who helped Israel win independence? What about James Dobson? Do the Zionists hate him, too? By the way, I can't think of a more ridiculous comparison than comparing Robert Spencer to Jerry Springer. Two individuals who are less alike don't exist. But I guess in your smoke n' mirrors, comic book world they somehow seem………….alike?????

          • Kufar Dawg

            Anything to say about the death threats Nonie Darwish has received from her islamofascist fanbase? Anything to say about the fact she doesn't dare set foot back in Egyptistan as herself?

          • Schlomotion

            Yes. I do. Luckily for her ad campaign she has received death threats. Robert Spencer likes to make his the basis of his Jihad Watch blog posts. Without these "death threats," the individual bloggers will run out of material and lose the gambit that they are personally vested and personally at risk. They will also lose the tax write-off for the ronin services they hire from Floyd Resnick.

          • Kufar Dawg

            "Luckily"? Your zabiba is showing.

          • Jaffaroadbystander

            You forgot to mention the 395,000 people who support David Horowitz. It's YOU that has smallpox–between your ears.

    • Ar'nun

      Jerry Springer, Geraldo, Sally Jesse. You really had to dig deep for your usual Jew bashing today. Not that your comment was even remotely coherent or relevant.

    • Stern

      Says the troll, whose Jew-bating rants have become so bad that even Nakba has told him to give it a rest. Nothing you say has any relevance, meaning or impact.

    • 2012

      Jerry Springer is about individuals who have a personal conflict of some kind, but this is bigotry or hatred directed at a particular people.

    • aspacia

      The master of equivocation strikes with another faulty analogy. Face it schlock, Muslims are rabid xenophobes.

      • Schlomotion

        I do face it. Muslims and Jews can be some rabid xenophobes.

        • Kufar Dawg

          How many genocides have Jews committed over the last 100 years? How many have your muslime
          brethren committed in the name of pisslam?

        • aspacia

          Muslim governments honor homicide bombers who murder Jews and infidels. They name buildings, parks, etc. after them. In contrast, most Israelis/Jews and their government hold their extremists in scorn. There are approximately 8,000 Jewish extremist xenophobes, where are there are at least 12 million Muslim extremist xenophobe who continually oppress and massacre non Muslims. Israelis do not do this.

          To compare the two is a faulty analogy.

          • Schlomotion

            Cap and trade.

          • aspacia

            Off topic! Cap and Trade revolves around the environment, not the conflict. You are the most illogical poster I have come across in years. What a fool!

          • Schlomotion

            Yes. One would indeed think it off topic. That's why I am perplexed that you chose to express that Israel is either entitled to have 11,992,000 additional extremist xenophobes in order close the gap, or else be entitled to a certain amount of immense credit.


            Crap and Tirade.

            Happy Nakba Schlocky!

          • Kufar Dawg

            Face slap and fade…

    • Larry

      Hey, schlocky, 64 years and counting since the nakba, may it continue for ever.



    • Ghostwriter

      The reason Schlockmotion doesn't condemn stuff like this is that he likes it. He revels in anti-Jewish bigotry and he hates it when he's called on it. He wants us to think he's tolerant when he's not. He was probably angry that there wasn't more anti-semitism on that clip.

  • richard sherman

    she says it precisely: hating and killing Jews is foundational to Islam. As Churchill made clear there is not a dimes worth of difference between the KORAN and MEINKAMPF…

  • Phil

    Thank you so much; around 20 years ago I protested often…. I was thinking of going back to protesting about environmental issues; but as a half Jew I never could quite get myself to trust the Muslims, and trust some of the people that asked me to go to demonstrations in the past few years, some where Muslim working for non-Muslim groups….stories like this and comments about how the Muslims see me as a half Jew as being a Jew are so helpful to me. I never could trust the they like me as a Jew, but not if I was a Zionist. I am a Zionist too.

    I will not give up my liberal pacifist point of view; but I will certainly not belong to any mainstream funded left groups like from Soros, or the Muslims.

    Soros, or the Muslims traditionally have nothing in common with historical liberal pacifism, though, so I have no regrets I never joined Occupy or other Soros like left groups.

    • Drakken

      Unfortunately pacifist are always slaughtered, so you had better man up and protect you and yours because the muslims are not going to care your a pacifist, to them your just easy pickings.

      • Phil

        I'm not worried: as long as I avoid them, it should be no problem, it would if been quite dangerous, if I had not known, they were a militant terrorist group from the Middle East, and if I had taken instructions from them…I was talking with this guy once a few years ago, and he went nuts like the guy in the article, and shouting at the top of his lungs because I would not follow his instructions….he had asked me to go to a demonstration earlier.

        I started from scratch (they put me in charge, because no was was willing to do it) a anti-Nuke group around 20 years ago, with the
        Quakers and the nuke plant was eventually shut down.

        So, I would have to start from scratch, if I wanted to become a protester in the future.

        Ir pains me to have to refer to a whole class of people as being Muslim; but there is no other way to define them.

        • Drakken

          There is going to be no avoiding the coming troubles and goofy pacifists always think thy can avoid trouble. Well I guess Darwin needs winners. People who beat swords into plowshares always plow for those who don't.

    • Phil

      After reflection of this; I think I'm more inclined to dislike militant Islam or groups like the Muslim brotherhood, because they area officially terrorist groups; but I will pray that all Muslims, Jews will defeat the hate of these groups… and live in peace.

  • davarino cont.

    Thanks Nonie, for your first hand knowledge and experience. Its funny how all the others out there with first hand knowledge dont chime in to refute what you say. The koran says it, the people do it, it must be true.

  • Silver Beacon

    Israel will have to retake the Sinai. The longer it waits, the more complex it could get.

    Hope the IDF and IAF are planning. In time, all pre muslim monuments in Egypt and the middle east jungle will be destroyed and mosques built over them.

    In the 1990s, there was a big hit song in Egypt ” Why I hate Israel”.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The ridiculous thing is that Israel has already taken the Sinai TWICE before!

      • Larry

        Yeah, should never have given it back the second time, or made Egypt taking the cesspit that they had made of Gaza with it.

        • Kufar Dawg

          I had thought giving back the Sinai, well, at least the last time out, was a part of the peace treaty made w/Egyptistan under Sadat?

          If only the Russians had kept their snout out of the Yom Kippur War, Israel could have had peace on their
          terms w/both Syria and Egyptistan!

      • Raymond in DC

        And both times it was the US that pressured them to give it back. Now, even though Egypt recovered "every last inch" with Carter's help, some in Egypt are itching to ditch the peace treaty and make yet another go of "driving the Jews into the sea".

  • Bamaguje

    This is why Israel does not know peace.
    The Arab-Israeli conflict is grounded in Islamic Jew hatred, and has nothing to do with so-called Israeli occupation.

    For Muslims, nothing short of destruction of the Jewish nation would do.
    Unfortunately the willfully blind international community refuses to appreciate this obvious politically incorrect fact.
    It unreasonably continues to pressurize Israel to give up her ancestral lands of Judea & Samaria, which were duly accorded the Jewish nation in several legally binding international agreements – San Reno conference, League of Nation and Britain's illegal partition of Palestine in 1922.

  • Ar'nun

    Let it be a shinning beacon of hope that despite all the centuries of Islam's war waged against us, today we still thrive on God's planet. Like every enemy before Mohamed and even those that partnered with him, if we trust in God we will defeat the evil that is Islam. God has delivered us great warriors before, Gideon, Matthias and Judah Maccabee, the Bielsky Partisans, The USA Military, and today the finest fighting force united in the holy land under the symbol of King David. They need our support and our prayers as Islam has mutated and grown, but they do not have the access to the Power of God.

    • David R

      I fully agree…the God of Israel is the one true God, and the power He possesses will soon crush all Jew-hating nations who persecute His blessed people.

      • Ar'nun

        With Jews and Christians uniting for this cause I can't see another outcome.

      • Kufar Dawg

        Amen to that thought.

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    I am wondering when that Universal "Law of Attraction" is going to kick in for the Muslims.

  • Steve

    I've just had a capital idea for world peace: Remove Islam from the face of the Earth.

  • Mike Villano

    Who is scarier??
    The 7th century animals who insist on murdering in the name of their god or the 21st century humans, like Schlomotion on this site but by no means limited to him, who seek solace pretending and deluding themselves that French kissing and Kitty licking the animals will make them like us or by drawing false comparisons between jihadis and Phil Donahue and Jerry Springer?
    Unfortunately our "best and brightest" in control of US foreign policy have made the same cynical calculus that if we just show the animals how nice we are (give the PLO arms, training and weapons, fund Pakistan's nuke program, deliver a modern army to the MoBros in Egypt) we can make them like us.
    Schlomotion should apply for work at the State Department. He would be right at home and promoted quickly.

    If only history had never ever been taught before the wholesale stupefaction and dumbing down by government schools and media became so prevalent then we could believe in appeasement and selling out as virtues.

  • patriothere

    This clip was hilarious! I loved it. It really shows how patriotic and god loving the egyptian people are.

    • Roger

      Yes, that's the reaction I'd expect from an iranian paid troll.

      • patriothere

        As you sit there in you workplace troll hole trolling through zionist filth to find me and my profile? How ironic. The irony must be killing you. It's over for you.

        • Kufar Dawg

          Why don't you back to Iranistan and wait for your 12th imam there. Maybe you could get in a little bacha bazi while you're there? Yeah you know what I"m talking about don't you Mr. Reza?

  • Dan Fagan

    I am sorry , but I can not take a man who was a serial rapist, murderer, thief, child molester, and the father of the Islamic cult seriously as a prophet of God. I have never known anyone who embrased Islam to have become a better person because of their conversion.

  • Rui

    Jews are filthy animals…Viva Portugal!

    • aspacia


      You are an intolerant xenophobe. A wise man once said "It is not what goes in a man's mouth that makes him unclean; it is what comes out" (Jesus of Nazareth).

  • LibertyMan

    Actually there is one inaccuracy, Mohommed made his original money from working for a woman (his first wife). Not warfare. Couldn’t do it on his own either way. So his rise in power was a directly from an insecurity complex and narcisistically dealing with that…. much like many of mid 20th century liberals starting from Hitler, Stalin etc…

    Another connection..


    The egyptian comedian slapped the female interviewer.

    What a MAN! What an Egyptian MAN! What a Muslim! What a representative of "The Religion of Peace"!

  • jm323

    A bit off topic, but I happen to notice something very hypocritical of the Olympic Committee:

    As you know a Greek athlete has been removed from her spot on the Greek team by the Hellenic Olympic Committee because of a mildly racist tweet and because of her vocal support for the rightist Golden Dawn Party. The Olympic Committee said that she violated the "Olympic Spirit –a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play". (This tweet was an expression of her opinions made on her time and not at any Olympic venue.)

    However, just today, at the London Games, a Lebanese judo team refused to train on the same mat being used by the Israeli team. what do you suppose was the reaction of the Olympic Committee? Are they talking of kicking the Lebanese out …or at least admonishing them? Why, no! They just put up a screen so that the Lebanese athletes won't have to be exposed to those horrible Jews!

  • Charles Sherman

    This is one of the most important short articles in understanding Islam.

    It needs to be saved and sent out to everybody's mailing list.

  • Bone in my Trous

    Beware of those of the Islamic cloth, for they carry the mark of The Beast. Use a sharp stick and drive them from your land. Show them no mercy. Be devoid of pity when doing so.

    Islam has made a desert of its home and it will make a desert of yours. Misery is the wind that waves its flag.