Immigrants’ Dilemma in America

If America were to open its borders without restrictions, more than half the world population would be here. It is the American capitalist system that is still a dream come true to many who are more than happy to leave their stagnant, dysfunctional economies, burdened with class envy and re-distribution of “pennies” through government bureaucrats and red tape. Many immigrants were more than happy to trade their substandard government-run health insurance for life in America where hard work is rewarded with the best standard of living on the face of the earth.

As a young woman, I accomplished my dream of moving to America in November of 1978.  Even though I had a good job as a journalist, a well-to-do family and connections to some movers and shakers in the Egyptian government, I could never have been financially independent, buy a car or rent an apartment on my own without family help. America was my outlet to freedom, economic self-reliance and escape from being surrounded by misery, injustice and poverty. I knew that if I worked hard in America I would achieve success, and I did.

It is hard to explain to Americans born and raised in this country how happy it felt to enjoy the simple things that Americans take for granted. The satisfaction I had after I looked at my check after a hard day’s work, how I enjoyed the ease of getting and decorating my beautiful apartment, buying a car on my own and dreaming of a bright future I knew I could achieve. How easy it is in America to do business, drive around, buy and sell whatever one needs without having to bribe, beg or threaten a lazy government worker who could care less. Americans rarely hear about life on the outside and the daily difficulties people around the world have to endure for things Americans take for granted.

I was happy to assimilate into American culture while preserving the fun and good stuff I brought with me from my culture of origin, and my American friends loved it. I loved a smile from a perfect stranger on the street and a “do you need any help?” in a store. Many Americans have no idea that such daily little acts of pleasant interaction is a uniquely American tradition rarely seen around the world. To the new immigrant, shopping is a pleasure and affordable. I never envied “the rich” in America and looked forward to achieving my own American dream, and I, and many other immigrants, have done just that.

Americans are left uninformed by their media of how the rest of the world lives. Perhaps a good show to watch is “House Hunters International” where Americans can see for themselves that homes and apartments around the world are practically unaffordable to the general public and often unlivable by American standards.

Left on their own, immigrants are grateful to work hard and enjoy the American system, but soon after we are here, we are told by the popular culture that we are victims, must act like ones, and we must not accept what America can offer. America wanted more from us when it came time to vote. We are told that the system is rigged, not fair and that “whites” who have welcomed us in the millions for centuries, are racists and bigoted. Many immigrants believed the anti-American propaganda for the sake of approval and benefits. Immigrants are now told to hold on to their old culture, religion, traditional clothes, customs, language, and even some of the archaic laws, which many have escaped from in the first place. The conventional wisdom now tells us that America is no better than the oppressive systems we originally came from.

In America today, every national origin and race is encouraged to find a minority group to belong to. When I first moved to America, no Muslim women wore the Islamic garb, and you could hardly tell on the streets of America who was Muslim and who was not. Now many Muslims find power in sticking together, and go back to the Islamic garb and cry victimization. When I privately once asked a Muslim professor why she started wearing the head cover in America, her answer was a whisper: “The ethnic look is powerful in America.”

Many years ago, I knew a wonderful hard-working Hispanic family that found success in America after years of the mother working as a cleaning lady and the father a construction worker. Their kids all graduated college and never had to pay a dime for their education and wonderful government jobs. The children of that family today are speaking of discrimination, how California was part of Mexico, and how it is only fair to redistribute wealth. That was the lesson they learned in college.

Immigrants in America today are faced with a dilemma; they must deny their appreciation of the capitalist system that brought them here in the first place. Their children are taught to reject their parents’ experience of hard work to get ahead and regard their parents as victims of discrimination and abuse. They are rewarded for complaining and rejecting assimilation, free enterprise, self-reliance, and appreciation of American values that made this country the envy of the world. They are told to look at the half-empty glass, and are encouraged to throw the baby out with the bath water. They are told to hate white people and those who don’t are shamed as traitors to their race.

It took my three children one visit to the Middle East to understand what America is all about. After the trip, they told me, “Thank you mom for giving birth to us in America.” I wish that every American teenager would have a chance to travel and live in a third world country. I wish that Hollywood, the media, academia and all those who have power to influence our kids, would try to get a job outside of the United States that will provide them with an apartment and a car. Some countries might provide government health insurance, but health insurance is just a piece of paper and does not mean good health care. Many countries that provide some health care have high unemployment, terrible shortages of food and apartments, and many other things Americans take for granted. In America today, we are moving in the same direction: high unemployment, less home ownership and government-controlled health care.

America has always been the symbol of hope and change to the world, but instead of making the world more like us, we are moving in the direction of the rest of the world. Change is good when it is appropriate and necessary, but change just for the sake of change is destructive. Hopeless people could never have built America in two hundred years, and it is a shame for anyone to claim that America needs hope and change — an expression more suited for a leader of Haiti or Egypt — rather than a leader of America.

Even though the majority of immigrants in America have been seduced by “free stuff” and into preserving their ethnic identity, realistic and honorable immigrants need to resist the seduction of the leftist agenda and remind America of why we immigrants moved here in the first place.

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  • harrylies

    If they were to legalize illegal immigrants, as Ronald Reagan did in 1986, it would help millions to get ahead. Other countries have followed Reagans' lead.If Mitt Romney had not pandered to the bigots, he would have won, and you would have said "Hit the road" to Obama.

    • Jossi

      Tell me which country has legalized illegal immigrants!? In no democratic country in the West, illegal have been legalized! There might be some exception to the rule of law, a few illegals "might have been" on the basis of humanitarian basis. No country, I repeat in the West no country has followed, what you so candidly say as R. Reagan did!

      • JoJoJams

        Apt name, Harry! Because you DO lie! lmao! But that's the loony lefties for you – repeat a lie often and looud, and eventually some poor sap of a fool (like harrylies) actually believes it! Pathetic.

    • Johann

      Harry Lies
      Are you being disingenous? Reagan gave amnesty. That much is true.

      As Michael Medved says you are not going to deport 10 million illegals. It might be possible. It might not be worth the cost of citizens having the families broken.

      However, what are we being offered? Nothing! Nada! Zip! Zilch! We are not asking for money. We are asking that there be no amnesty #3. An Amnesty deal would have broader support if there were a bargain. that would be effective border control. The Democrats & others either ignore the request, demagogue it & call people racists, or say it is too expensive.

      So like Reagan;s deal with Speaker Tip O’Neil to raise taxes if spending was cut or Amnesty #1 , all the Democrats want to do is get what they want & give us a bag of excrement.

      With 300,000 people or more coming across the border a year, the Feds or Democrats cannot reasonably guarrantee that Other than Mexicans (OTM) coming across might not be Al Qaeda & such

      If we don’t fix the border, grant amnesty every decade or generation, then we might as well tell the whole world to come on Down We have a welfare check waiting for you.

      Do you have any reasoned arguments? I think not.

    • Guest

      Ronald Reagan gave amnesty on the condition that it was going to be the only one because our laws were going to be enforced. He and we were lied to. What countries have followed Reagan's lead? I lived in the UAE and their idea of amnesty was to let illegal aliens leave without doing prison time. Moreover, the result of the 1986 amnesty was that between 1996 and 2006, all of the increase in poverty in this country was due to the addition of three million Hispanics to the welfare rolls. Since then, also, just one country, Mexico, now regularly sends 15-20% of our legal immigration and much of that is of poor relatives of legalized illegal aliens since this administration is not enforcing the "public charge" requirements of immigration law. Not to mention we now have upwards of 12 million illegal aliens and more likely, 20 million, who came here in anticipation of the next amnesty.

  • Mik

    Reagan, a Republican, offered amnesty to millions of illegals many if not most of whom were from Latin Amercia. Just how many of them voted for the Republican candidate in 2012? Most of the amnesty recipients would tell you today that the Republican Party is a party of bigots. Don't misunderstand, I am not arguing that the immigration issue did not do huge damage to Romney's campaign, only that the media twisted it so much that those that benefited from the last round of amnesty have forgotten who signed the bill.

    • Ron Lewenberg

      Did did Republicans get the Hispanic vote after Reagan commited what he later called a mistake, in signing a bill that had amnesty plus enforcement? No. That a Republican president signed this compromise passed by a GOP Senate didn't help Republicans at all. Hispanics voted for Dukakis and Democrats in 1988. So why would Hispanics vote for Republicans thanks to a bill signed by Obama????
      We are importing poor socialists, who are taught by our culture to hate America. These are natural Democrats.
      If you want Hispanics to vote Republican, allow them to become richer with higher wages from reduced immigration. This breather may allow us time to properly assimilate recent immigrants just as past reductions have.

    • Guest

      Hispanics didn't even vote for George HW Bush in large numbers in 1988, only 2 years after the Reagan amnesty. He got only 38% of the Hispanic vote.

  • Lost_Lenore

    The worst thing about it is that Mexicans have believed for generations that their language and culture are better and that we stole the southwest from them which is why their country has had so many problems. Of course, these ideas have nothing to do with facts. But I have Latino family members and have seen first hand that facts have little to do with what Latinors believe. Now, however, they're getting the message that these lies are the truth. Ugh!

  • Diann

    Great article, and sadly, too true. Also true in Canada where the left is causing the same problems. It simply does not make sense for immigrants to turn their backs on the countries what rescued them from their 3rd world difficulties. Nor does it make sense for the leftists to constantly under-cut our own traditions and culture, to which the rest of the world looks for opportunities. Perhaps we are under God’ judgement for killing so many millions of unborn babies… I can’t understand otherwise why this is all happening.

  • Angela

    How right you are! I lived in Germany around 10 years after WW2, during the reconstruction period. There could not have been a more stark comparison between the two countries. I lived in a one room apartment in a rebuilt German home with one toilet for 3 apartments, no bath, no stove, no refrigerator. I had to pay my friend's landlord to permit me to take a bath in her home. It sounds terrible to say, but I missed my country more than I missed my family. The USA is the greatest country in the history of the world. I can't begin to say how it pains me to have our leaders act as if they are ashamed of it and us, encouraging division and discouraging assimilation. It is, indeed, sad.

  • Jossi

    Every line written by Mrs. N Darwish is so true and genuine. If only half of the inhabitants of Muslim country would think alike they would have had progress long ago. Islam is real problem for the Muslim countries themselves; and I firmly think they will go for broke. We see what is happening in the Middle East.
    America is a great country, has a lot to offer, but alas, the time is truly running out. It is also the first time in history that America is experiencing such an invasive government, and America isn't the same when Mrs. Darwish took the courageous step to leave her native country. Mrs. Darwish is a bright light in the darkness. My profound best wishes to her, and said of a Jew and an Israeli.

  • Mary Sue

    Heh, Obama grew up (part-time) in a "Third world" (second world?) country and he didn't learn a damn thing from it because his parents were stupid commies (and so were his grandparents).

    I blame the education system. It's turning people into stupid hippies.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "Obama grew up (part-time) in a "Third world" (second world?) "

      I always thought that it was "Old World" (Europe), "New World" (America), and the uncivilized world but today supposedly this refers or referred to spheres of influence vis–à–vis the cold war. The third world were those in the middle we tried to gain to our respective sides.

      Indonesia is by any definition third world. They were host to the non-aligned movement during the cold war.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "I blame the education system. It's turning people into stupid hippies."

      This is without question the deadliest tactic used against the West from within the West. It has enabled all other successes against us.

  • riverboatbill

    When you come to America, you don't need no stinkin hyphen.

  • J. De Rosa

    The biggest problem with immigrants in general is that they now create little balkanized states within the areas that they settle in. The notion of becoming part of the mainstream is rejected by them. Becoming an American citizen is not required to live, work, and prosper in America. They hold no allegiance to the United States because there is no social or governmental penalty if they don't. Does it not astound people that illegal immigrants are now actually demanding that they be allowed to stay? Does it not frighten people when there are advocates in Washington that brush aside any mention of the word illegal and lobby for them? And what about the millions of people who have followed the law, made out the forms, paid the fees, and have waited years to be allowed into our country, while these others have broken the law and live without fear of the law? Yes, I would deport everyone I could find.

  • Bright Knight

    As an immigrant myself I only can say: Nonie Darwish hits the nail on the head. It's just insane when immigrants come to America and are welcomed by a bunch of Lefties who tell them that America is bad and what they can get for free. And the more miserable the situation in the country the immigrants come from, the greater the guilt of the Lefties and the more they are bad-mouthing America and the more they are encouraging the immigrants NOT to assimilate. There is a big “immigration-industry” just to make the immigrants “comfortable” in the way that they teach them what they are entitled to. WRONG WAY, libtards! Immigrants who come to the USA should come because they love America and because they want to live the American way of life – not because they get “free stuff”. They should come because they want to be a part of America and they should assimilate. That's the way how America became what she is! And that's why and how Nonie Darwish immigrated – and that's why and how I immigrated. Of course, the libtards don't like this. The problem is that the immigrants are not (yet) indoctrinated by the American schools/colleges with their very often leftist teachers and professors and the medias. They come to America and “want to make it”. For the libtards that's like a bad virus – and so they must “take care of them” and get them on their boat. Unfortunately this works very often – too often.

  • US Muslim

    When I came to America 22+ years ago, I was a lefty. It was my experience in a right-wing, private, Christian college (I happen to be a strong Muslim) along with my own observations of American politics that made me abandon "social democracy" for a free-market based, constitutional republic. That journey took 4 years and was completed soon after I left college and started to look for a job.

    I can only hope that I am not in the minority among immigrants. Liberty is too precious a thing to destroy, and yet is exceedingly fragile. The last presidential election results here came as a disheartening blow to liberty and a victory to those who would trample on the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, all for the next welfare check from the government. The struggle we face now is an uphill one, and may require a nasty shock to the general populace, perhaps a whole series of them. People need to know that nothing really comes for free. The upcoming fiscal cliff could be the first of them. Will Bush be blamed yet again?

    Those of us who value American exceptionalism and wish to leave a greater, stronger country for our children need to bear in mind that many nations in the past, including some in the 20th century, have gone from being 1st world countries to becoming 2nd and 3rd world countries. If it can happen elsewhere, it can happen here, too. Let us do all we can in order to prevent that from happening here in the last refuge and champion of individual liberty and the rule of law.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I'm very glad to hear you say these things. Hopefully you'll stick around and get to know some of us and we can learn even more from each other.

    • Former Muslim

      Hi US Muslim,

      How can you call yourself "strong Muslim" while at the same time love freedom and the US constitution? If you love Islam then you must accept Sharia Law which and the actions of Mohammed, both of which are tyrannical!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ghostwriter

    This is one of the few things I can agree with US Muslim on. It doesn't matter to me where a new immigrant comes from. He can come from Yemen,Algeria,Japan,Brazil,Chile,France,the UK,China,Laos,Canada,Mexico,Argentina,Senegal,Mali,etc. What matters to me is they haven't committed any felonies in their native lands or they come here legally,I'm more than happy to welcome them to my country. Also,that they come here to work and aren't a burden to this society,is also a plus for me. We already have criminals in this country. We don't need to import them.

  • Sophia

    "How easy it is in America to do business, drive around, buy and sell whatever one needs without having to bribe, beg or threaten a lazy government worker who could care less. "

    Nonie, the correct phrase is "couldn't care less".

  • objectivefactsmatter

    Now many Muslims find power in sticking together, and go back to the Islamic garb and cry victimization. When I privately once asked a Muslim professor why she started wearing the head cover in America, her answer was a whisper: “The ethnic look is powerful in America.”

    –How pathetic.