Mr. Obama, the Future Belongs to Truth Tellers

My heart sank when I heard president Obama’s recent statement at the UN: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” It was difficult to hear the president of the United States declare to the world that critics of Mohammed are wrong, don’t have a cause, must not be heard, respected, taken seriously and will have no future in America.

I lived 30 years of my life hearing similar threats from Islamic sheikhs across the Middle East, telling us “You insult the prophet Mohammed, you die,” which is the law of Sharia. There are sharia books bought and sold in America that clearly state that “the penalty for insulting the prophet is death even if one repents.” What constitutes an insult of the prophet could be something minor, such as saying Mohammed married a 9-year-old, which is a fact, but if it is stated in a critical way, it is considered an insult. Sharia law condemns those who leave Islam to death, or to use Obama’s parlance, to “have no future,” for simply stating they have left Islam and why. Islam considers stating why a person left Islam to be an insult to Islam and subversion of the Islamic state, which constitutes a capital crime.

Even though Obama’s threat was subtle and he did not use the word “death,” his message sounds just as threatening, especially to former Muslims, who often get death threats from members of the “religion of peace.” After Obama’s UN speech, I talked to several former Muslims like myself and we all concluded that we do not feel safe under this administration. We are being told by the President of the United States to be silent about the religion we were born in and escaped from.

A former Muslim friend of mine who wishes to stay anonymous went as far as saying that he was afraid the Obama administration could leak information on us, such our addresses, because he senses a lot of hostility to outspoken former Muslims in America. I do not believe that my friend is paranoid; leaks by the Obama administration have hurt many. There have been many leaks regarding Israel, the navy seals, and even the Pakistani doctor who is now in jail for helping the U.S. find Osama Bin Laden. Political power to the Obama administration has become more important than the safety and security of the American people and the Libya terror attack has proved this to be true.

We were also alarmed to see the producer of the video “Innocence of Muslims” being dragged in the middle of the night by American police, conveniently after Muslim riots, for so-called “parole violations.” The shameless Obama administration needed that photo-op of the producer in handcuffs to show and tell the Muslim world, “I am tough on those who insult Mohammed.” The truth regarding that low-budget amateur video is that all the stories in it were taken out of the Islamic books on Mohammed’s life like “Sirat Rasul Allah,” as well as Islamic quotes called “Hadiths.” The stories were not the invention of the producer of the film; they were tasteless and unholy, but they are all found in Muslim scriptures. The problem with Islam is that Muslims riot, burn and kill those who repeat what already exists in Muslim scriptures.

Now Obama has announced to the world that our constitution comes second to speaking the truth about a prophet. Obama is catering to a culture desperate for respect and legitimacy from the rest of the world; a culture that kills its own children, men and women in order to protect the shady reputation of its prophet. When the life and acts of Mohammed were written and documented by Muslims, it was a source of pride for them, but in the 21st century it has become a source of shame, and now they cannot go back and remove what they have already written about the actions of Mohammed. All they can do is riot, burn and kill anyone who speaks about it. Their prophet has done a lot of unholy acts but speaking about Islam and Mohammed’s actions analytically has become a crime.

The scary part now is that the U.S. president agrees with Islam’s dysfunctional dilemma and I hope in the next debate, he will be asked: What did you mean, Mr. President, by saying, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet Mohammed?”

Obama should have learned the hard way from the events in Benghazi (incidentally, the word “benghazi” in Arabic means “sons of invaders”). He should have learned that the Muslim world will never love him just because his father was a Muslim, even if he declares that he himself is a Muslim. It won’t matter to the Islamists because what they want is world domination, and anyone or any Muslim leader who stands in the way of the Ummah will be taken out. Sadat, Mubarak, the Shah of Iran, and Gaddafi, were all Muslims, and we all know how they were treated. Now many Muslim leaders are dragged in the streets of Islamic capitals by Muslim rioters if they deviate from Sharia.

For 4 years the Obama policy was not on the side of America as it should have been. Unlike any American president, Obama spoke softly to enemies of America while holding a stick to the American people. He has been experimenting with the devil, appeasing and pleasing the Muslim world while gambling with the safety and security of America. He believed that his unique background would make Muslims love him and perhaps love America, but the Muslim world did not love neither. He told us that only he understood what the Muslim world needed; simple respect, we were told. Obama’s actions told the Libyans that he trusts the lives of the U.S. embassy staff to the Libyan people and refused to show serious visible security in an al-Qaeda infested area of Libya, the country he helped liberate. But the terrorists in Benghazi lived up to their name and told Obama, “Thanks but no thanks. We would rather be the jihadists we are meant to be.”

Obama’s legacy will be empowering radical Islam, both in the Middle East and inside America, at the expense of freedom of speech and American power. Future generations will suffer to get back what America has lost under Obama. He never even achieved the love and harmony he had hoped for from the Arab street, which was recently found chanting “Obama, Obama, we are all Osama.”

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  • oldtimer

    He is right for once. The critics of Islam/Mohammad are telling the truth. The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam..[ Slander: a malicious, false and defamtory statement. (Law) defamation by oral statement, rather than writing or pictures, etc.] Everything they (muslims)claim to be slander is truth. So, everyone whom they say slanders the prophet is telling the truth, therefore the truth belongs to them.

    • George ackerman

      God has Son called Jesus , –Allah has No son , –only Prophet called Mohammed, SO THOSE "TWO" CAN "NEVER " BE THE SAME.——-GOD CAN DEFEND "HIS OWN NAME " does not need humans to do that for Him. read the bible Chapter 5 in book of ACTS,

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    If there was ever a single definitive moment when Obama outed himself as an indisputable Muslim, it was in the moment he read that from his teleprompter.

    • MikeWood

      Like you say, a definitive moment.

  • chowching259

    It is doubtful the president can run a 711 store it is not his talent. But he can inspire the slow minded and organize a marching band. The skills of a small business owner are not needed to run a great nation.

  • tagalog

    Obama must be a product of the kind of Constitutional scholarship that discusses the flouting of Constitutional principles over the past 200 years, and how those violations of the Constitution have somehow become mainstream rules.

    Either that, or that's the lesson he chose to learn from his Constitutional studies.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      See Howard Zinn's notorious "history" book.

      Oh yeah, those founders were a bunch of crooks who couldn't get it right…but we can…if we pull together for hope and change.

  • davarino

    Obama is right, the future does not belong to those who slander islam, the future belongs to those that tell the truth about islam. If this administration and the media keep slandering islam then then the people will never hear the truth about islam. We need more truth tellers about islam in order to survive, not lies and slander (aka, disinformation, religion of peace bull$hit). We need to inform the world about what is actually in the coran.

  • chowching259

    Great speech writers and the ability to deliver politically correct and nice sounding words make Obama unbeatable. Romney is too clever to be trusted by most voters, they are like chickens that fear the smart fox.

  • Schlomotion

    Ha! Ms. Darwish wrote a "we don't feel safe" speech. I think this is the first time I have seen a campus feminist argument of hostile environment applied at the national level. The entire United States has just been transformed into Rutgers.

    • Pontotoc Bill

      Got anything other than a "I don't like her" diatribe, ScholoMo?

      I didn't think so.

    • reader

      " I think this is the first time I have seen a campus feminist argument of hostile environment applied at the national level."

      I think this is not the first time you betray yourself as a muslim brother, schlo.

    • Ghostwriter

      Does the phrase "simple human decency" mean ANYTHING to you,Schlomotion? If not,how about this phrase,"go suck on a lemon!"

    • Sunbeam

      We do not understand you, Schlomotion…., why you keep on commenting here since you dislike or do not agree with what has been written here, Not even once we see your support but was fast to condemn. We do not know the reason why? Are you an enemy of the United States? Could you be a Muslim yourself? We need you to be on our side of truth. Thank you.

  • riverboatbill

    Obama is running, not for the presidency of America,but for: "Caliph-in-Chief".

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I actually agree with you, even if you're being sarcastic. They'll never let him get that far of course, but I think this traitor believes that the USA is only exceptional in its success at stealing from the poor victims and that "Islam is the solution."

      I would love it for that phrase to slip out during the debate! Romney's reply, "Did you just say what I thought you said?" It's not much of a stretch after hearing, "The future must not belong to…"

  • Cjlaw

    Mr. Obama has a deep love for Islam. His actions so far show him to be an agent of stealth Jihad. By standing in the UN and defending Muslim rights above the First Amendment speaks volumes. While no one in congress is willing at this time to investigate the current admin. RE:Treason, he has crossed the line several times over the last four years. The President of the United States is under sworn oath to defend the Consitution. This oath seems to mean nothing to him.

    • Sunbeam

      Obama has been carried away by the blood of his root. No matter what he can never be loyal to the United States of America, its people, and its Constitution due to the root where he came from. As the saying goes blood is thicker than water, so it's no surprise this President will always be for his very own kind no matter what. There are many example we can see of his action. Hilary is trying to cover up for him and this makes her as much guilty as Obama. These should be prosecuted because they place themselves above the nation. It seems power is all they want, and this itself is obviously very dangerous. I hope the American people would be wiser in future to elect the kind of President thru this experience.

  • BLJ

    Obama is a muslim. He is also a Marxist and piece of human feces.

  • A.R Momen

    Although Obama has killed hundreds of innocent Muslims in Pakistan through his remote control killing drones ,although he assassinated Osama Bin Laden (A precious target that had cost the American troops hundreds of victims without achieving it during the Bush adm. , although Obama submitted to the Israeli pressure and vetoed against stopping building settlements in the occupied West Bank ;Obama failed to be Israel's candidate in the presidency election battle, because they wanted the US to be involved in a new war against another Muslim country – Iran- .As for some paid for apostates' articles ,I think they have the right to feel afraid because their goods seem to be expired .

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "…occupied West Bank"

      What's that?

      "…because they wanted the US to be involved in a new war against another Muslim country – Iran"

      Because of bloodlust, right? Am I right?

      "As for some paid for apostates' articles"

      TRUE BELIEVER Muslim alert.

      • Kufar Dawg

        I was thinking the same thing. Anyone who denigrates someone purely on the basis of being an islamofascist apostate has shown his hand.

    • alphakilosingh

      Dear Mr Momen
      Your prefix 'innocent' before the word Muslims seems rather redundant.
      I thought Muslims were always innocent.
      Do you think otherwise?

  • pierce

    If the future belongs to tellers of the truth, then it is time for Barack Obama to get out of the way. Need I say more.

  • http://gerry'snet H.J.D’cruz

    The future lies in the hands of those who promote hatred ,terrorism, target killing , rape and people who support such acts as an appeasement policy.

  • alphakilosingh

    The author is right. Future does belong to truth-tellers, but it is too distant a future she is talking about. Truth-tellers, who could see far beyond the range of human vision, were never popular. The world has always treated persons like Socrates and Galileo very harshly. It did not do justice even to Einstein; when he received the Nobel Prize in 1914, it was not for his paradigm-shifting Theory of Relativity. Truth prevails, but ultimately: after the falsehood has ruled and ruined the world.
    Immediate future, I am afraid does belong to Islam and those Obama has talked about. It is going to take a hell of a long time for the principles of Islam to be proven scientifically wrong, and it is going to take a lot many courageous people to do it than all the western countries taken together can muster today. Till then, we are cursed to succumb to the cult of Islam. Obama is also right: in the short term. After all, no one can blame him of having any long term vision.

  • Rick Wannall

    While I believe that there is some risk that a certain audience heard it is you characterize it, I think it only fair to point out that it is not literally true to say, "Now Obama has announced to the world that our constitution comes second to speaking the truth about a prophet." He did go on very specifically to point out that protection of free speech, even insulting speech, is enshrined in our laws. From exchanges with friends of mine more sympathetic than I am to Mr. Obama, I see very clearly that you undermine the otherwise legitimate points you make when you pull a quote out of context (as I'm sure many in the audience did also) and then fail to acknowledge that although others may hear it as you have indicated, they would be missing his very important following remarks. The topic is hard enough to navigate without the mischaracterization of his remarks.

    • SemiCircle

      Cheers to you Mr. Wannall. If we are discussing "Truth-Tellers" then let us consider being truthful ourselves. All of the truth all of the time, not 'adjusting' what was said to prove our point of view. I understood this quote “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” to mean that it is the Islamic extremists who are doing the slandering to suit their goals. I was raised as a Christian and I know I would NOT want the extremist, right-wing Christians representing me anytime, anywhere for any reason. Same difference folks………..

    • Kufar Dawg

      BS, the only acceptable context for obama's quote would be to repudiate it or denounce it. Your attempt at evasion and obfuscation of the fact that obama was threatening those who "slander the holy prophet of islam" is obvious.

      I'll bet if Romney had said "we must ensure there is no future for those who slander the founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints" you would be singing a different tune.

      • Rick Wannall

        On the statement itself: I don’t think he should have said it at all. Especially not to that audience! But he did say stuff after that technically overrides it. It does no good to ignore that and mischaracterize the overall statement. Ms. Darwish’s points, apart from the one unjustified claim, remain valid.

        • Kufar Dawg

          "Technically overrides it." Then why was it said at all? I'm sorry but nothing overrides it, except in your delusions. You can't unring the bell.

  • Sunbeam

    Obama must never be allowed to govern another four more years. He must be pressured to step down as he has been a great disappointment to the American people on the whole. These four years has been a bad one, a very bad experience with him has taught the American people a lesson, I hope. He and his team has put themselves above the nation by covering up episodes leading to the Benghazi incident. Fortunately, the fraud has been uncovered by some congress thus expose to the public what actually took place on the day ambassador Stevens and three others who were killed by mortars and heavy artillery. I find this disgusting that these people can still sit and talk so loudly as though they weren't to be blamed for anything that happened. They should be brought to be prosecuted before the nation and its people for lying and covering up the actual story from the beginning. Americans, do be brave and pluck up all your courage to defend and stand for truths, for only truths can set you free. Be united in one heart, Protect your Nation from being besiege.