Hillary Hiding — on The Darwish Gang

On this week’s Darwish Gang, Paul Croshaw, Shari Goodman and Tommi Trudeau gathered to discuss Hillary Hiding. Discussed in Part II, the gang wonders why the Secretary of State somehow just won’t show up to testify about Benghazi. In Part I, Nonie Darwish hosts a dialogue on the Tragedy in Connecticut, as the gang members search for the roots of monstrous evil. Watch both parts of the two-part series below:

Part I:

Part II:

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  • Tan

    I'm not sure if violent movies, violent music, or violent video games had anything to do with the shooter in Connecticut. That's not to say that the shooter was not influenced by these medias that promote negative messages. I just haven't heard yet that that's what caused the tragedy. As far as I'm aware, it has not been proven that negative media caused the shooting. It very interesting to see what's unfolding: the Left blames it on the 2nd amendment, but the Right blames it on violent content in the media. But I thought the killings happened because the guy was mentally-ill. Who's to say that the tragedy was caused by negative media content when that has not been proven as fact (not yet until there is proof)? If the Right says that because a video has guns in it, it is therefore bad, isn't that kind of the same thing when the Left says that if someone owns a firearm they are therefore dangerous? Those statements seem very similar in some sense. But in the proper context, I know what the Right is talking about: it's about negative influence, not about guns. Guns don't kill, it's people that kill. Why? Because it starts with bad ideas, bad thoughts, or bad ideologies. However, we do need to be open to the possibility that the tragedy in Connecticut could have happened for many reasons other than negative media content.

    • D-Boy

      This boy who you call mentally-ill was in fact mentally hadicapped. He was suffering from a form of autisim called Asusburgers disease. A high functioning form a Autisim. In most cases they are in fact very smart. Now his mother? she must have pretty dumb…to play with guns and leave them somewhere a kid could get them? What a shame.

      • Jeamar

        D-Boy. PLEASE don't be one of those who believe that Asperger's Syndrome was a cause of the Newtown shootings. Worse don't buy into the media suggestion that those who suffer from Asperger's or other autism behaviors automatically have violent behavior as one of their symptoms. I have a granddaughter with autism and as a public school teacher have had much exposure to children who suffer from the many degrees of dysfunction on the autism spectrum–Asperger's Syndrome being fairly benign compared to what can be at the other end. I am afraid the public is being fed the connection with violence and Asperger or autism and closely connected. We saw the same thing a few decades ago when every upper middle-class mother was blaming her child's occasional bad behavior on sugar "I know I shouldn't have let you have that cookie." Normally, I would never comment on another adult's spelling (I make many typo & spelling errors myself) but the fact that you are so far off on the spelling of Asperger leads me to believe you have not done much research on your own but are taking the media spin at face value.

    • dad

      Prescription drugs being forced on students!

  • Miranda Rose Smith

    It was not a tragedy. It was a massacre.

    • RedWhiteAndJew

      Agreed. The word tragedy is misapplied frequently, nowadays.

      The tragedy is all the lives lost, due to gun laws which ensure that only the criminals are armed.

    • Tan

      Sorry, my mistake. Tragedy and massacre means the same thing to me, that's all. I still need to work on correcting my vocabulary and proper wording.

    • Mary Sue

      isn't a massacre also a tragedy?

  • davarino

    Mom didnt secure her weapons, and she paid for that mistake with her life, thats all. Oh, and she raised a selfish boy who just wanted to sit around a play video games, second mistake. Secure your weapons damn it, and lets arm some teachers or something, and dont let your kids become mushrooms.

  • clarespark

    I agree with Miranda Rose Smith, who questioned the use of the word "tragedy." I wrote about the problem of evil here, and not from a religious perspective: http://clarespark.com/2012/12/15/sandy-hook-massa…. "Sandy Hook Massacre and the Problem of Evil." The mental health system was put in place by "progressives" and those who don't believe in institutionalization of the 74,000 dangerous psychotics who are among us (I got this figure from psychiatrist E. Fuller Torrey).

  • jeremybeadleshand

    Violence films and video games can be fun and cathartic. Hell, I collected guns, knives and most of my entertainment is as violent as hell, I've never gone on a killing spree. I've never even been in a fight that I Started. the problem is that the media glorify THESE incidents, And people who would ordinarily just offed themselves alone are not even bothered have decided to go out a star and take people with them. Race Or religion related crimes and massive waves of violence will be completely ignored but incidents like this will be shown at 24 hours a day all over the news and used by politicians for their own ends.

    If The news actually began reporting the right things in the right way crying would most likely go Down by a great deal, but then there would be less news wouldn't there?

  • Thomas Wells

    Shoot out or set up?

  • jeremybeadleshand

    gangsta rap is complete filth Though, and it's viral. Blacks use lyrical talents to escape poverty by glorifying a criminal lifestyle they are working to escape from, it's Part of what has formed the gangsta Lifestyle into a worldwide problem, we have massive wigger problems in England :P.

  • Ghostwriter

    It may be simpler than that. Lanza was a psycho. End of story.

    • UCSPanther

      Something was definitely wrong, considering that the little coward shot his mother FOUR times at short range while she was asleep.

      To pick up a gun, go to the trouble to load it, and then aim and shoot at someone that you should know very well and care deeply about is proof that he should have been a candidate for the noose if he didn't wimp out and kill himself

    • DebbieOhio912

      Exactly. Hold the triggerman responsible, and nothing or no one else.

  • Penny Haulman

    She is a Lizzie coward liar and a thief. She sent the ambassador to his death as she has killed so many others. Any one remember Lance, the travel bureau man found dead and naked in the park? Anyone remember the Oklahoma City bombing? Whitewater coverup? Does anyone think she won't be judged by a higher light? HUH?

    • Sean

      I personally want to throw up when I hear or see Hillarybilly. She needs to go back to what ever hole she crawled out of an stay there. We know she did not fall and did not get a concussion she simply avoided testifying before congress and either getting caught or risk lying to congress under oath. Now she will make sure that she is out of the country saying she is needed elsewhere and we will all know it's bull. I pray that she is the democratic nominee in 2016 because a blind nursing home patient can beat her. Even a lot of people on the left hate her. She is a cold blooded murderer.

  • Penny Haulman

    And as far as a tragedy, Hillary, not breaking her neck and ridding us of her tragic decisionmaking life, helping to destroy We the People, is the real one

    • Gene W 1938

      Hillary and this administration is a tragedy to the patriots and constitution of our country. I would not wish anyone an early demise or hurt … God can take care of that and he will provide a warm eternity for most of these anti-God liberal.
      Life is too short and enternity too long to be wrong about God and your eternity. If you are not 100% sure that earth is not your home and where your eternal soul will go … better that that resolved.

  • pierce

    I am not a doctor, but I question whether it was a concussion, I think it was more exhaustion, because of all the rooting around the planet, trying to do the right things for the world.
    I know I will get a thumbs down on this, and I do not care, but maybe she should mind our business, and not be a humanitarian by trying to tell the world how to take care of their business.

  • Moishe Pupick

    W. 12/26/12 common era

    Ms. Hillary would likely have had to plead the 5th in any Senate hearing.

    • "gunner"

      i suspect you've hit the nail on the head, she knows too much and doesn't want to be the guest in her own "tragic accident".

    • Rifleman

      Why, when "I don't recall," has worked fine so far.

  • Aterg

    Do you need to constantly put people down and assume the worst? Hillary was sick! Also there are other news besides Benghazi, sure it is important, but you are beating it to death. Do not assume and put words into people's mouth, just stay with the facts and do no editorialize,, just the facts please , and the facts may change as more information is available.

    • Infidel Walkin

      Here's a fact: It was a Clinton that gave us the brilliant legal defensive tactic, asking the definition of the word "is." Legal geniuses, those two.

    • kafir4life

      FACT: Hillary *is* sick. She's a disgusting Sack of State, thinks of nothing other than herself.
      FACT: She's married to BJ Clinton, who has to cheat on her because……well, just look at a snappy of Hillary…….you would too.
      FACT: "Facts" DON'T change. That's why they are called FACTS. Clinton and President Stinky's (aka BO) are most likely criminals in the perspective of the LAWS the rest of us have to follow, and need to lie in order to protect themselves.
      FACT: Amb Stevens had information about Stinky's gun running in Libya just like Brian Terry was murdered by a gun that Stinky sold (with mighty fine commissions) to a drug cartel when it was learned that Terry had information that Eric and Stinks were selling guns for profit.

    • guest

      For a night watchman there was something out of the kilter on one of the door locks in Watergate building complex. That 'minor' detail led to Richard Nixon resigning presidency. In Benghazi we have dead bodies, American exterritorial buildings burnt to the ground and plundered and members of Administration engaging in wholesale lies and coverup all the way up to our Prevaricator in Chief, but for one aterg this is editorializing. Bud, you have got to have your head examined, facts remain facts regardless how much information is available. It is in Obama/Clintons rotten universes that post factum weaved stories added and abetted by compliant media become 'facts'.

      "It depends what the meaning of 'is' is". Remember?

    • Sean

      The "facts" seem to change as this administration wants them to. Hillarybilly is only mentally sick.

  • Asher

    She is stalling to get out of telling what really happened on the decision making in the Benghazi Debacle.

  • Rifleman

    It's amazing how fast hillary and other dp women can go from tough and strong to put apon wilting wallflowers.

    • kafir4life

      dp – double penetration??

      • Rifleman

        Lol, actually it's short for democrat party, but since they like to tax you coming and going and they have to make their living scr-'fastening' people over because they can't build anything on their own, it's a double entendre.

  • Ellie

    Where's the proof that Adam is the shooter? No one saw his face. Furthermore, daddy Lanza is off the hook for 240. 000 $ a year Alimony! Has anyone read up on who he's connected to through GE?( W.H. Geitner (treasury – taxes ) al the "characters" that are "players" in all the "scheming" behind the "mess" this nation is now facing!!! How about giving that some serious thought?

  • Sean

    To Ellie, You are wrong, quite a few people who were not shot did identify Adam as the shooter. How do you know what Mr.Lanza paid a year in alimony? This guy (Adam) was sick in the head and should have been properly diagnosed and confined to an institution permanently as a danger to society, if things were done differently this TRAGETY could have perhaps been averted. So he works at GE so??? Old Timmy Geitner had nothing to do with this one as far as I can find but should be fired none the less for being incompetent in his present position. He can't even do his own Taxes for heavens sake so how can he do his job? I think you need to give your writing some serious thought because your all over the place, stay on one topic. As for you Cordell Wan get lost your not allowed to sell your junk on here. Where are the moderators at?