Why Obama Blamed the Video

Most Americans reacted with horror and pain when the decent American ambassador, Christopher Stevens, was dragged and sodomized by Libyan terrorists. To date, the autopsy report of the ambassador and three other American heroes has not been made public and is perhaps being held till after the elections.

Americans deserved the proper outrage and comfort by the US president after such a horrendous terror attack, but President Obama failed to do that. Instead, he found an excuse: a video that came out months earlier before Sept. 11, 2012. For weeks the Obama administration hammered the American people with a guilt trip over Islamic outrage; the killing and burning was because of a video insulting Islam.

But when the truth came out that this was a calculated terror attack, the American people were outraged. That was when the White House decided to quickly change the game, and without hesitation Obama boldly suggested in the second debate that he did call the attack an act of terror. How can Obama expect to get away with this? Holding Islamic outrage as a justification for violence and then changing to a wishy-washy condemnation of terror has failed to fix the damage already done. I was used to this kind of dishonest maneuvering by Arab leaders, but could never have imagined that an American president could stoop to that level. Have we been infected by Islamic illogic?

There is no doubt that it must be very difficult for any American administration to deal with a culture like that of the Muslim world; a culture that must be treated as immature spoiled children who must get their way. What America fails to understand is that Islamic scriptures forbid Muslims to take non-Muslims as friends or partners worthy of compromise and equal rights. One would think that America after Sept. 11, 2001 would have learned the lesson of the deviance of Islamic jihad and the psyche of the Muslim world, which is constantly brewing and looking for an excuse and a crack of weakness to confirm Muslims’ need to feel wronged in order to justify attacks on American interests.

By now, the US should understand that Muslims who engage in anger and terror constantly search for excuses, but we must never fall for such excuses. Islamic chatter is constantly itching for confrontation and looking for justification of terror, which prompted the U.S. embassy in Cairo to release the following statement condemning the video before any attacks on the Cairo embassy:

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.

Four hours after the release of this statement crowds stormed the embassy, destroyed the U.S. flag and replaced it with an Islamic flag. By issuing such a statement, the US embassy in Cairo took the bait and provided the excuse Islamists needed. The anger in Egypt about the 2-month-old video, which had to come out exactly on the eve of 9/11, should have been proof enough that it was only an excuse.

Having been born and raised in the Muslim world, I know that Islamic anger and terror against the West lurks and lies in wait for any excuse to explode at the culture that is the object of their jihad. Jihad, once the pride of the Islamic world, is now an international crime that Muslims have learned to camouflage as self-defense. Not one mosque Friday sermon in the Middle East is devoid of cursing the non-Muslim (kafir) enemies of Islam. Since jihad is a violation of the rights of others, nations and individuals, Muslim culture has become all too eager to assert its victimization by others, for an opportunity to exploit the weakness of its prey — a flinch or apology — which it considers a signal to engage in holy violence.

When anyone dares to say jihad means violence, the so-called moderate Muslims are outraged, but manage to look the other way when violence is committed in the name of Islam. The more some Muslims terrorize, while others stand by in denial, the more they confuse, soften and weaken their victim. While one face of Islam is doing the terror, the other face tells the world: “We love peace and don’t you dare judge us by our terrorists because if you do we will riot, burn and kill.” One fact remains: both faces of Islam work hand in glove and one cannot survive without the other.

Muslims have learned from their history that terror works. They have also learned that for terror to achieve its goal of surrender of the prey, the Islamic tender touch must accompany the terror — the Islamic father holds the stick and the Islamic mother hugs while the father inflicts the beating.

The American people have been traumatized by 9/11 but many have not found comfort and legitimization to their pain. And now we have an American president who refuses to make the American people the number one recipients of his empathy, preferring to cater to the outside world and to indulge the cat and mouse game jihadists are playing with American sensibilities. Many in the American mainstream media and government have taken the Islamic bait and turned against the victims of Islam, whether they are the American people, Coptic Egyptians or apostates of Islam. To those who think they know better, all those mentioned above are simply Islamophobes. They have denied the American people the right to identify their enemy and eradicate it. They have turned a blind eye to American victims of terror and their families and neglected that America is in need of a healing process based on justice. They have even added insult to injury by telling the American people that they are to blame and by refusing to treat Americans as adults worthy of justice, accountability and calling a spade a spade.

America, with its superpower knowledge and status, has fallen for the old tricks of Islamic culture; many Americans believe they must have done something wrong to deserve terror.

Many Americans have reacted to 9/11 as the infamous Stockholm Syndrome victims, blaming each other but never the perpetrator of the terror; America is now a polarized country unable to stand up and call the terror attack by name. That old Arab trick has always worked on many cultures. Just ask the Coptic Christians when Egypt used to be a Christian nation and a superpower.

Consciously or unconsciously, the American people elected their first president after 9/11/01, Barack Hussein Obama, a man proud of his Islamic heritage and who believes that because of his unique heritage and understanding of Islam, he is best fit for bringing about reconciliation with Islam, at least during his administration.

But when that did not happen and the 9/11 terror was repeated under Obama’s watch, both Obama’s credibility and Islamic excuses were threatened. Obama’s legacy of being the only president in recent history who managed to have no major terror attack during his presidency was destroyed. He now has nothing to show for changing the American-Muslim world relationship. He now cannot say that everything he did was worth it for the sake of peace, and that those who criticized his appeasement, for bowing to the Saudi kind and for his Cairo speech, were right.

Obama was aiming for a legacy of peace with Islam, but that legacy came crashing down with the terror attacks on 9/11/12. The Muslim world was obviously disappointed with Obama who was not appeasing them enough. The Muslim world always wants more; more than what Obama or any other president can give them. They don’t want co-existence, they want surrender.

Obama’s theory failed. He overestimated himself and his belief that he understands the Muslim world. His belief that he would show future presidents how to do it failed.

In desperation, Obama pursued a policy of denial in an attempt to save face. He went as far as telling the American people, just like many Muslims do, that terrorism is really not terrorism and that it must be because of a logical reason and that Muslims are reasonable people without an agenda of jihad.

The video became the handy excuse not only for the Egyptian people to save face, but also for the Obama administration to save face. If that came at the expense of the truth, or the lives of American diplomats, then so be it. Many Americans are proud they finally have their first black president, but to me, an American born and raised in Egypt, I see many similarities between Obama and Arab leaders I grew up with. Obama would be best described as the first Arab president.

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  • oblique

    Very thought-provoking. The more that I read, the more that I'm convinced that, at the very least, Obama is Islam's most famous modern day apologist. The trouble with this is he is also, from time to time, stands in as leader of the free world. I believe it is now apparent that the two positions Obama holds are mutually exclusive. The Muslim Brotherhood, sharia and the Islamic Caliphate on the one hand, versus freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness on the other. Its amazing there's even a choice to be made, but it seems Obama has already made it.

    The world can only anxiously watch and wait over the next couple of weeks to see if the American people believe the same. If Obama is returned as President, the world will take a collective sigh and weep, because things, as they say, are going to get a whole lot worse.

  • Chezwick

    Personally, I don't believe the attempted cover-up was to salvage Obama's over-all policy vis-a-vis the Arab world. I think shortly after the tragedy, he was alerted to the fact that Ambassador Stevens had repeatedly requested beefed-up security in Benghazi, and that he realized this was a scandal of negligence. He brainstormed with his advisers, and the "spontaneous demonstration" narrative was born. Susan Rice was chosen to be the messenger, because Hillary was too autonomous to be stuck with such a job.

  • butpygmies

    I think that the story is still not told. Why was Stevens in Benghazi in 9-11? Why lie about such a minor event, and then insist that getting "those responsible" is a policy? I am guessing that we will discover a scandal far bigger than Fast and Furious — F&F x 1,000. A "Libyan" ground to air missile was fired in Gaza + a ship of weapons from Libya was intercepted off the Lebnanese coast + Ghaddafi was a major buyer of American weapons. = Al Qaeda (a useful name for any number of groups ascending to power in the Muslem world) has American weapons, including 1,000s of "lost" ground to air missiles. Stevens was in Benghazi to negotiate their return. His murder was the answer of the jihadi negotiators.

    The O administration lied because they can not let the world know that they lost 1,000's of major league weapons to the jihadis. That's what is worth lying about.

  • Schlomotion

    Ms. Darwish is simply a hustler for saying "the American people have been traumatized by 9/11 but many have not found comfort and legitimization to their pain" and then wheeling around and accusing us of having "Stockholm Syndrome." Guess what? Not traumatized. Guess what else? There is no catharsis that you can sell us, and no righteous indignation left to squeeze out of that event from 11 years ago.

    More hustle and scam: "Obama was aiming for a legacy of peace with Islam, but that legacy came crashing down with the terror attacks on 9/11/12." Nice try, Ms. Darwish, to milk, bilk and flog Larry Silverstein's tired insurance claim one last time. Nice imagery. "Came crashing down." Sing the passion play again, will you?

    • LibertarianToo

      You hate her for telling the truth, don't you? People with first-hand knowledge really irk the jihad apologists.

      • Schlomotion

        Ah the old "telling the truth" argument. I haven't heard that one since born agains were screaming it off a milkcrate in 1999 that Jesus was coming back and all the sinners are going to Hell.

        • John

          You really need to take your thorazine as directed , and don't mix your medications , that is never a good thing –

    • Mo_

      You again? Don't you have anything better to do than troll websites that post facts about Obama and about Islam?

    • Mo Schlotion

      Didn't Paul Newman play a hustler in the movie "The Hustler"? Where does Ms. Darwish shoot pool?

    • Pontotoc Bill

      How about PROVING that Ms. Darwish is wrong or just a huslter.

      Instead, like the liberal mindset, you do nothing but attack the messenger.

      Try again, but use some intelligence next time.

    • Ghostwriter

      At least,Ms. Darwish knows what she's talking about,unlike you,Schlockmotion,who revels in anti-semitic conspiracy theories and tries to pass them off as facts,not as the fallacies they are.

    • Guest

      Perhaps Americans are not so much traumatised by 9/11 as they are with slowly realising that 9/11 was but the tip of the LUNATIC ISLAMOPATH ICEBERG, a 1400-year-old madness responsible for over 1/4 of a billion deaths and threatening their children, grandchildren and eventually humanity as a whole. 1.6 billion members, majority in 56 countries, biggest UN voting block, getting increasingly high on Killer Muhammad, 8th century Arab sick as hell 'legal system' and modern killing technology. Any doubt read the news: Middle East, and Africa, and Asia, virus spreading into Europe and the US. Nice imagery… Chopped hands and heads… Children shot in the head… Sodomised ambassadors… Suicide-bombed or Hacked or Burned christians, buddhists, hindus, wrong muslims…

    • kufar dawg

      A "hustler" who has received credible death threats from islamofascists. A "hustler" who dare not go back to her native Egypt under her own name.

  • pierce

    He blamed the video because he could not admit he screwed up, plain and simple. 9/11 was meaningless to Obama. He is not focused on the Twin Towers, he is only focused on his SOCIALIST PROGRAMS, and spreading the wealth to those who don't want to work.

  • pierce

    He blamed the video because he could not admit he screwed up.

  • Jaladhi

    Obama was raised as a Muslim in Indonesia. His thoughts and actions are all those of a Muslim where taqiyya plays an important role to save a Muslim's face. This explains what lies the administration is peddling about Ben Ghazi terrorist attack!!

  • Sprinklerman

    This stinks to high heaven. Why was Stevens still in Bengazi when there was so much intel that made it clear to even those with no military or diplomatic experience that it was simply too unstable to remain. Why did the plane that was originally assigned get taken away by State? Why was there such a small security presence even though all of the signs pointed to a major attack by muslim terrorists.

    I just think that the real reason hasn't yet been discovered. I think it's more nefarious than anyone can imagine at this point. If this administration is willing to put themselves on the line for Fast and Furious where at least two federal employees are dead and maybe hundreds of Mexican citizens have been slaughtered, then this isn't a big stretch either.

    • davarin

      What did Stevens know?

  • http://www.facebook.com/robert.birdwell.71 Robert Birdwell

    We need to see the complete and honest autopsy performed on Ambassador Stevens.

    We need to see the formal indictment of Barrack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, Eric Holder and Harry Reid for the crimes of Seditious Conspiracy, Treason, and at least four counts of Murder, all before November 4, 1012.

    • kufar dawg

      The zero regime will have a lot of cover up work to do if they do lose power, it shouldn't be too difficult w/the DOJ on board though.

    • Judy

      that's is exactly what I feel needs to be done to all of them!!!! Hell if we did it , they string our asses up!!!

  • Ted

    I appreciate your personal experiences from the Middle East and for shedding light on this very serious threat. All three of your books should be part of the curriculum at every American university.

  • Julian

    Painfully long winded and sloppily written, I am reluctant to call this rant an article. Devoid of any original thought or intelligent insight, the author shamefully floats her Arabic heritage as if it alone lends validation to these regurgitated right wing talking points! What is clear is that the author harbors deeply resentful feelings towards her childhood experience with the Islamic Middle East! It appears that her central point is loosely based on associating our President with the Islamic despots of the Middle East due to his measured and responsible remarks regarding the tragedy in Libya. The President stated that there is no justification whatsoever for the violent attacks on our diplomatic personnel. He said no acts of terror would go unpunished and made no mention to the ridiculous video in question during his statement in the rose garden. If the President had reacted in the manner suggested by the author and others on the right by hastily issuing wreck less and aggressive statements towards the Islamic community-without first allowing the facts to come forth. Then a case could be made for a comparison to the tyrannical leaders or the Muslim world with respect to rhetoric. The art of diplomacy relies heavily on subtly and measured foresight. We are fortunate to finally have a leader who understands this and represents us as a true statesman. This piece does little more than highlight the author's lingering distaste for her experience with the Islamic world. It does not however lend any credence to the tired and overused talking points that frequent the right wing blogs and news outlets.

    • 11bravo

      Painfully long winded and sloppily written, I am reluctant to call this comment anything close to the real world. Devoid of any original thought or intelligent insight, the commentor shamefully floats his limited intellect as if it alone lends validation to these regurgitated left wing extremist talking points!

    • gary fouse


      You may think this is sloppily written, but Nonie has walked the walk. She is a Muslim apostate who lives under death threats for having had the courage to speak out-something you have obviously not done from your living room chair. Devoid of original thought? How about her own life experiences?

      As for Obama, his promises of punishment for the perpetrators mean little when his admin. ignored the pleas for help in Libya and for 2 weeks called it a spontaneous protest over a video when they knew exactly what it was from Day One.

      You sound like some dopey university professor.

  • Matamoros63

    Or… Obama is, in fact, a committed, jihadist Mohammedan living the lie in the infidel world. His "holy" ambition is to advance the stealth jihad by convincing Americans that it either a) doesn't exist, or; b) has been defeated. After the Benghazi attack, THE BIG LIE was blown so, he concocted the "VIDEO" that explained everything. The attack had nothing to do with HIS policies, Once his grand lie was proven to BE a lie, the blame shifts. The attack was actually the result of circumstances not only beyond his control but, also, completely unrelated to his suicidal policies.

  • Matamoros63

    Part 2: Not only that but, the image of the video opens another convenient door…for an attack on the First Amendment. As his little Chicago Jewboy go-fer, Rahm Emanuel, said, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Obama immediately began this assault by repeatedly referring to the video as an “insult to Islam” that not only offends his beloved mohammedan brothers but also American sensibilities and, indeed, constitutional mandates. Had this fairy-tale been allowed to take shape and develop, Obama was preparing for an outright assault on our rights of free speech…all in the name of inter-“religious” harmony. Soon, the FBI would be hunting Americans who have the temerity to even tell the truth about the mohammed cult. Certainly, nothing would please the chief traitor and saboteur more.

  • Linda

    Obama is believed to be a Muslim sympathizer and even a Muslim by many liberals, including his supporter Madonna!!!

  • Western Spirit

    Pictures of Obama like the one that accompanies this article remind me of Mussolini. An ego centric lunatic who was hung out to dry upsidedown once people saw how his policies affected their lives.

  • bkopicz

    “Muslims have learned from their history that terror works” no truer words have been written. The Left’s compassion toward Muslim sensitivity whether the slit is in a cheap video, cartoon, a scholarly work or even an opera is a direct result of this terror.

  • Jill McCollum

    Having lived in Saudi Arabia I can totaly appreIiate Nomi Darwish's book. I just recently finished reading Now..and Cruel… both had to be obtained from little town libraries away from the major city in my state which I found to be very interesting. I have requested that my local library order all o her books. By the way, folks, she is right on the mark! Now we have four more years. Our people are cold and without electricy in NY and Mr. Obama chooses to go to Burma after the election.

  • sarahjane

    Does anyone know how to delete a post?

  • Cele

    Obama has a family history than no American can claim or relate to. The very persons who raised him taught him to hate America, to revile the culture, to refuse to believe in this country. He has refused to wear our flag, honor the military, keep to the power limits the office of President has under the Constitution and answer the call of Americans in need of protection that directly served him as representatives of this nation. He constantly snubs our allies and criticizes our nation to others. He conspires with the United Nations to build a one world government that will have power over the USA. He seeks to change by undermining or government and therefore invoke destruction of our foundations and ways of life and acts like he wields power in his very words. He despises America and all her glory. He ran for president not out of love for America but rather out of hate for the success and principles which made her great. He lies like a Muslim in the face of the people which honor America with his nose stuck up in the air reading a teleprompter as his words are scripted and not felt from the heart, and words are selected for a purpose and delivered to influence his agenda. Obama is cursed now by his own works, his own choices, his own heart by the Creator who has clearly blessed the people of America. God bless America as we the people who are a union expel Obama and all his works like vomit and venom, a waste of efforts to destroy us as a nation and a people whom God has blessed as a nation. In Jesus name. Amen.