Ann Coulter Speaks at Wednesday Morning Club

During her lively talk about her new book MUGGED, given at the Oct. 11th meeting of the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club, Ann Coulter, the conservative enfant terrible and the New York Times best-selling author of six books, described and exposed the golden age of racial demagoguery in America — a period that lasted from the 1970s to the present day. Coulter noted that this is the 7th of her books to be on the “best seller” list. Liberals, she said, never learn that when you attack her, the more books she sells.

White guilt, she stressed during her talk, has never produced anything good but has allowed absurd notions (such as the KKK having undue influence in the New York Police Department) to proliferate in popular culture.

The charge of racism is the atom bomb of accusations and one which has been exploited, whether validly or invalidly, by race hustlers of every color and political stripe in America. These individuals seek to maintain their image as champions of the downtrodden, the dispossessed and the disenfranchised, which provides them with fame, fortune and endless opportunities to appear on television spouting their overtures of ingratiation.

For the first hundred years of American history, Coulter noted, the liberal Democrats refused to treat blacks as human beings and for the second hundred years they have refused to treat them as adults.

This should come as no surprise when one considers that the Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan, the party of segregation, the party of secession, the party of slavery and now the party of extreme left-wing socialism. They opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act until they realized they could keep blacks oppressed by making them hapless wards of the nanny state, a permanent underclass that would vote for Democrats in election after election. They wrapped up the black community in the mantle of their own form of racism: the racism of low expectations out of which affirmative action was born — a system which rewards the undeserving, results in inappropriate job placements and stigmatizes its presumed beneficiaries.

It has become obvious to millions of Americans that the pendulum of fairness has swung too far in the opposite direction such that false cries of racism on any subject are taken seriously and confound rational thought. Such was the case, said Coulter, with Rodney King, the Duke rape trial, Tawana Brawley and O.J. Simpson. Black or white, the race hustlers, with their greedy appetites and racial rhetoric, have deliberately inflamed passions, distorted justice and caused bloodshed, while keeping their feet firmly planted on the ladder of preferment and suffering no consequences.

Some resentments in life spring from a yearning for fairness, but the agenda of those who use racial demagoguery has nothing to do with justice or the empowerment of the alleged victims they claim to defend. It has everything to do with keeping the lid on a stew of concocted discontent so leftists can nurture the illusion of being society’s heroes to whom the rest of us should defer. It’s impossible for them to keep the balloon rising without the necessary infusion of hot air. This has become the modus operandi of Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and even our Attorney General, Eric Holder, whose reluctance to prosecute the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation in 2008 puts the American people in the unenviable position of no longer being able to trust the umpire.

Thus do small men cast large shadows, but not as large as the moving curtain of lies that Ann Coulter sweeps aside in her new book. Coulter expertly exposes the crass falsifications, the calcified cynicism and the sanctimonious racial demagoguery that has stained, corrupted and corroded every aspect of our national existence. If these rifts are not mended, America will never become a unified country, but one riven with deep racial divisions — which is good for the political fortunes of the Left, but not very good for the future of the country.

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  • Schlomotion

    There is some severe irony in the fact that the Zionist community uses Ann Coulter to attack "false accusations of racism." To have a tall, blonde, non-vinyl anorexic spout off like a Zionist hand puppet is the ultimate transference into WASPness. That ability to be white and loudly proclaim that you have no shame about it, whether or not it is shameful or a neutral fact, is a pleasure that escapes neoconservative Jews who need this kind of ventriloquism, or voyeuristic love experience to achieve political gratification.

    • footballhistorian

      You are the personification of the term "bitter fool"

      • gman213

        Ignore Schlomotion…he appears here to use big words and faux intellectual form.

    • misternatural13

      and you are what, other than a fool. What role do you play in this nation, eh?
      illuminate us oh omniscient one,

      • Schlomotion

        Your question presumes that I owe a role. You have an expectation. You are like anyone else who has an expectation or makes a demand. I am to relay what to you? My function? My accomplishments? Why beg someone to brag? Please provide you with values to devalue? Why? Are you hungry for decadence?

  • Fred Starkey

    I am still waiting for one of these oppressed to invest in an enterprise that employs
    only people of dark skin. They obviously have a low opinion of them and love to keep
    them as their personal slaves. Call all the rich black dudes and ask them: Cosby,
    Oprah, Sharpton, Jackson, and movie star millionaires.

  • Roy

    Why read Ann's book?
    The facts are very well delineated in this short post. lol
    They're all very well known to life long Republicans.
    The Democrats have a good scam going with a complicit media and an ignorant populace.
    Honest information in the information age will win the day.
    Ann hawking her book can only help the republic.
    Tell me again? Is this post from the dust jacket?

  • George_Babbitt

    It would be nice if Ann Coulter would settle down and have children already, that way something might come our of her that at least has the potential to be decent.

    • Ted G

      George, it reflects badly on you when you try to denigrate a women who is clearly out of your league.

      • George_Babbitt

        Out of my league??? Sounds like you're smitten with leggy Ann aren't you??? Got a poster of her above your bed in the basement? Is she in an iron maiden outfit while licking Rush's bald spot? Do you have sweet dreams of her giant Adams apple slapping you in the face?

        • Ted G

          No George, I think my comment stands on its own.
          But you do remind me of someone….What's his name, oh yea "Richard Cranium:" that's it.

          Try to add some value eh?

    • Maxie

      I must have missed your reasoned critique of Coulter's book and your insightful dissection of her flawed arguments. Your ad hominum attack says more about you than her. But you've certainly established who you are at least. Stick with the zit-pickers over at

  • Ghostwriter

    It would be nice if George_Babbitt wasn't such a sexist jerk,then he might ACTUALLY have something intelligent to say. But that's what happens when you're an anti-semitic bigot with too much time on his hands.

    • George_Babbitt

      Get it RIGHT, I'm not anti-semitic you etymologically stunted neanderthal( )I'm anti-Judaism, and what right minded Christian wouldn't be if only he wasn't hornswaggled by the Jews who wish to erect a third Temple, despite the facts that they have nothing that they need to get back to their obsolete ways, and that Jesus Christ is THE High Priest for all time from the cross until the end of time, and that there will NEVER be another MAN that will serve in that capacity again!

      • Ghostwriter

        Would it make you feel better if I called you an anti-Jewish bigot? That would be more descriptive of what you are.

        • George_Babbitt

          No, as anti-Jewish still ascribes a dislike for the person, and I don't blame the persons of Judaism, so much as Judaism itself for being the failed and lost system that it is. Of course that has the risk of supporting the continued victimhood status of Jews everywhere, and I don't wish to heap any more victimhood identity on them, as the Holocaust already does so much by itself.

          P.S. I fully admit to the veracity of the Holocaust, just so we don't go there. Though I do appreciate the questions raised by Neturei Karta on the matter.

  • Roy

    Well so much for intelligent discourse.
    A perfect article followed by a few cogent comments followed by George Babbit with some inane rambling.
    Proof that though there might be many less than intelligent Conservatives there are certainly no intelligent Liberals.
    Or whatever our friend Geo might be.
    (I sense the absense of a moderator here. " etymologically stunted neanderthal" is certainly an ad hominem attack)
    I love the 1st amendment!

  • Matt

    "For the first hundred years of American history, Coulter noted, the liberal Democrats refused to treat blacks as human beings"

    Since the Democrats have only existed since 1912, and they're a splinter group of the Republican party, I have a really hard time believing that. Perhaps if people spent more time in history class and less time reading Ann Coulter books, they'd know that? But of course, then they'd realize how full of crap she really is and then they wouldn't read her books.

  • mi1

    The democrats have only existed since 1912??? the democratic party is the oldest continuing political party in the US dating back to before 1832. Check your facts, pal.

  • George_Babbitt

    The terms 'Southern Democrat' and 'Northern Republican' is enough to reveal how different both parties are from their political forebears. There is no unbroken stream of Republicanism or Democratism. They have both reconfigured themselves numerous times,Post-Colonial-era, Reconstruction-era, Depression-era, and most recently Civil-Rights-era. If that weren't true, the code words of 'law & order', 'southern strategy', 'solid south', 'forced busing' all so called dog-whistle politics for the ability to sound harmless to outsiders while triggering a response in those who were attuned to such issues. Good grief, the fact that the political parties of the Whigs, Federalists, Democratic-Republicans(Jefferson for one) not to mention the ebb and flow of numerous other national level parties that continually redefined what it meant to be affiliated with any party –>

  • mi1

    Sorry, but the democratic party cannot disavow its past. Reincarnated or not, it is still the same party with its roots going back to the early 1800s. Republicans came as a splinter of the Whig party around the time of the Civil War. No wonder people have some of the beliefs that they do when they cannot even deal with cold, hard facts such as the origin of their favored political party. Just because each of the parties may have somewhat different beliefs today than they did in the distant past (necessarily so, since, for instance, whether or not to belong to the League Of Nations is not a hot politcal issue today), does not mean they are not the same party.