Charles Murray at the Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club

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Charles Murray’s new book, “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,” was the subject of his April 30th talk at the David Horowitz Freedom Center’s Wednesday Morning Club. The purpose of the book, Murray explained, was to set up a candid conversation on the overlooked existential crisis facing America: the formation of the new upper class and the formation of the new lower class in the United States along the lines of morality. Indeed, this candid conversation unfolded with alarming clarity throughout the lecture.

Murray asserted that the formation of this new class system in American society is primarily due to our increasing abandonment of traditional American values and our increasing embrace of secularism, which always engenders relativism. In such a world, there is no good, no evil, just a static government-imposed lackluster conformity masquerading as equality. We have lost, he said, the personal government of ourselves.

This loss has induced an acceptance of destructive trends as being normal. Full of alarming statistical data, Murray’s book points out that the marriage rate of upper middle-class white Americans is 83% while it is only 48% for white working-class Americans. The consequences of these statistics play out in a number of ways: Married men tend to be more productive than unmarried ones. This leads to a certain amount of cultural inequality, said Murray. Unmarried fathers, he notes, are unlikely to coach the little league and unmarried mothers are less likely to attend PTA meetings. Murray contended that we are not so much materially poor as we are spiritually poor, and that this stems from a lack of kinship with our family and neighbors. There is a far greater chance of gaining satisfaction from our lives when we interact with our families, within our vocations, with our respective faiths and with our community.

Books like “McGuffey’s Reader,” a six-volume primer of American values encouraging independence and self-reliance, which sold 120 million copies between 1836 and 1960, and which was used in a majority of classrooms during that period, has now virtually disappeared, along with the principles and values it sought to inculcate. This, Murray said, is how we ended up with a recent proposal to reduce the tax deduction for charitable donations, which reflects the government’s fundamental belief that only the government can or should help the poor. Private and community charity is now thought to be wrong. Only government welfare does not stigmatize its recipients, it is believed in some circles. In this way, people are able to buy off their conscience by telling themselves that they pay so much in taxes that it really is the government’s job to take care of those in need. However, it used to be thought that we should not do by legislation what properly belongs to charity.

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  • harrylies

    Ted Nuggent said for the most part, people are poor because of bad decisions they make. They have nobody to blame but themselves. It is the poor who serve in the armed forces. Where would David Horowitz, Ann Coulter, Ted Nuggent, the list goes on have been if they served? May be living in a homeless shelter. If they were still alive.

    Mr. Murray may write a book on how the rich couldn't care less about America. They do business with China. All they see is the money. Look at |Romney and Obama.

    • Western Spirit

      that's true, except sometimes its the the bad choice of others, not ourselves, that impoverish us.

  • aspacia

    Not so. Mom's neighbor, a husband district attorney, and wife high school principal's son joined the marines as an officer. Billy Kristol's son is presently serving, and so are many Republican Congressmen's sons.

  • Schlomotion

    When the Israel Lobby falters (sorry Mr. Schnee, not the "so-called Israel Lobby"), it punts. The Israel lobby always punts with the race issue. The reason the Israel lobby is punting now is because support for Israel is at an all time low, Americans have turned their backs on an Israeli war on Iran, and because there is a black President in office who doesn't seem to be bending over as far backwards for ZOA, AIPAC and JINSA as they would like. White people are just not as interested in the second decade of the century in wiping out brown Muslims as they were in the last decade. So the American part of the Israel lobby is digging deeply into its origins (the rift with the Civil Black Rights Movement) and trying to generate good old fashioned White-Black animosity to boost the backdrop for White-Brown animosity. It's White Pride Week at FPM as the Freedom Center puts forth its best and Breivik minds to restore the Norse Templar, the British Soccer Hooligan, the Suburban WASP, the Catholic Traditionalist and the Beatle Record Burner to their former glory. A syncretistic secular religion that combines World Church of the Creator with Kosher eating is in the making.

    To paraphrase Paul Schnee, who is the Executive Director, Western Region of the Zionist Organization of America:

    "It takes some chutzpah for Mr. Schnee to imagine we have all been waiting for him or Charles Murray to put White America "in context". Chutzpah, as Mr. Schnee knows, is an old Yiddish word but then so, of course, is schmuck!."

    • Western Spirit

      Arabs may be brown but they are racially white just as Jews are white because they are a Semitic people.

      Racially the people of India are also white making white people the majority people on earth. White people range from the blond blue eyed people of Sweden to the brown people of India because race is determined by things like hair follicles, bone structure, and language roots, not skin color.

    • Boston

      I don't recall Israel being mentioned at all in this article, but I suppose it's all anti-Israel all the time for Schmuckemotion.

      • Schlomotion

        Israel is doing the mentioning.

        • Ghostwriter

          Boston,I couldn't have summed up,Schlockmotion any better.

          • Schlomotion

            Especially since you fail the Turing Test.


            Schlock, We know how self-enamored you are so I present a Pat Condell video to feed your obsession.

            Useful Idiots for palestine

  • clarespark

    I was at the talk, and remember Murray starting with his belief that white people had lost a common civic culture, but he used the word secular only once. We have a different understanding of what that word means, if this article is accurate. I wrote about the differing uses of the word "secular" here:….

  • Red Baker

    I just finished "Coming Apart" and it is great. Basically, government has replaced much of what made America exceptional. What makes people genuinely happy and satisfied with life are four pillars of America: happy family including marriage, community participation, satisfying work, and participation in religion. Government charity in the form of welfare have replaced the huge civic involvement and community service of volunteers which created the backbone of our communities. Massive welfare systems have almost entirely destroyed the father-mother family among minorities and poor whites. Religion has been declining among the working class and poor. Murray wants the upper class to resume participation in a renewal of and return to traditional American culture. Four stars.

  • clarespark I attended the Charles Murray talk and wrote this blog about it (entitled Charles Murray Dreaming). I answered a question that left Murray silent, perhaps because it required a longer answer than there was time for. I wrote about why the Hollywood left is so "liberal". Also, that I doubted that there ever existed a white civic culture of the sort that Murray wants to reinstate.
    He was a pleasant and approachable person, who really does want unity, and I would gather among all Americans.

  • Schlomotion

    I have never spoken to you in another forum, unless you mean another discussion thread here, otherwise I had forgotten the jibe. Israel need not be mentioned by yourself or Mr. Murray. It is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room. Why would I bring it up? Is it not significant that the executive director of ZOA is adding his voice to the preaching to the choir at DHFC by doing a book report on a speaker of the DHFC to combine with a slew of center column articles whose purpose is to refashion White Supremacy into a Jewish bulwark against black Americans? Is it not significant that where all the laments about "White Civilization's Decline" were once handled by White Nationalists such as D.W. Griffith, Tom Metzger, and William Pierce now they are all written or favorably reviewed by Jewish Nationalists such as yourself?

    Is it not significant that since the creation in 1947 of the first PAC, an Israeli one called The Political Action Committee for Palestine, Inc., the CIA's prediction (in… has come to pass that Zionists have become increasingly dissatisfied with Israel's borders and the "injustice" of the boundaries, and they exaggerate every rock and bottle attack on their illegal settlements and dramatically wage a propaganda war in the United States, insinuating themselves unfavorably into our politics? Is it not significant that you are part of that foreign propaganda campaign in the United States and you review said material, issue said material, and are showcased doing so? No one is supposed to mention that? One is only supposed to deal with the minutiae of your book report, whether you were right about page 32 or wrong about page 33? The big picture is that you endorse racist literature and are trying to fan up this Judaic Eurocentricity that Mary Lefkowitz was trying push in 1996, and Anders Breivik is bombing in the name of now. I am calling you out for glowing about a White Man's Burden book.

    I am using a nom de plume because several members of this Hasbara cannot handle criticism. I am the only person here who criticizes them resoundingly. Anyone who has done it has always been me, Robert Goodwin, the rapper Flipside, from Boston, Massachusetts.

  • Ghostwriter

    New name,same idiocy.


    Schlock, Bantustans for Jews are OK with you.

    Sclock, Please try to control your innate racism and national Socialist facism.