Robert Spencer’s Talk at the Wednesday Morning Club

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If Islamists keep a list of people they never wish to see or hear from again, then Robert Spencer’s name must be high up on it. In his talk about his new book, “Did Muhammad Exist?” given at David Horowitz’s  Wednesday Morning Club on May 16th, Spencer said that he was interested in the health of honest discourse in America, for nobody is ever accused of being a racist, a bigot or a hate-monger about inquiries into the existence of Jesus or the truth of Judaism. Spencer already knows the answer to his question about the health of honest discourse. Since the publication of two of his other books, “The Truth About Muhammad” and “The Politically Incorrect Guide To Islam,” the so-called “religion of peace” has been so peaceful in its intentions towards him that he now finds it necessary to live in a secure and undisclosed location.

The more one looks for Muhammad the less of him one finds, asserted Spencer. Although Muhammad is alleged to have lived from 570 A.D. to 632 A.D., and his thirty or so conversations with the archangel Gabriel started around 610 A.D., no mention is made of him for more than another seventy years. By 690 A.D. the Muslim conquerors of the Middle East, North Africa, Persia, and India never referred to him in any way when they might well have been expected to do so, since Islam today claims he had already become their sole object of veneration by that time. Surely the vanquished would have noted how a new religion had come to conquer in the name of Muhammad and the teachings of the Quran. Again, there is only silence.

There is also doubt about the exact meaning of inscriptions inside the Dome of the Rock completed in 691 A.D. It is unclear whether the inscription predated the Quran or vice-versa or whether the inscriptions are actually referring to Jesus. But one thing is certain, noted Spencer: by that time the specifics of Islam had nowhere been elaborated, although there was the beginning of an effort to question the divinity of Jesus.

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  • Schlomotion

    "[Robert Spencer] now finds it necessary to live in a secure and undisclosed location."

    Like Osama bin Laden? I'm sure the forces of good will find him eventually.

  • john in cheshire

    If all muslims converted to Christianity, there would be more love in the world.

    • Kufar Dawg

      If they converted to practically anything besides Islam there would be a lot less murder
      and persecution in the world.

  • marios

    G-d bless Robert Spencer, David Horovitz and other who sacrifice their life to inform us about horrible danger of Islam. Islam is incompatable with western civilization. "Schlomotion"s are fifth column in our country and they have to be deported to where they came from. All of those Muslims are part of stealth Jihad against us, against US. What Muslims brought to the world for 1400 years except death of hundred millions? Nothing. They are curse for all living human being. They are curse for themselves as well. All Muslims countries are still living in 7 century. Even enormous Oil money can not make them human being. Where is Islam, there is horrible poverty, illiteracy, murder, … Only to consider " Honor" killing,,,, Fathers or their cousins rape their own daughters and sisters, stone them down, behead them… Muslim immigration must be stopped. Let them do what they use to do in their own countries.

  • wctaqiyya

    I'm all for historical accuracy. However, I'm not convinced that proving whether Muhammad existed or wrote the Koran advances the ball much. True believers will never change their minds and critics of Islam already have plenty of ammunition. Then there's me, who thinks the authorship of the Koran is completely beside the point. I don't care who wrote it because the meaning of it's content is what matters. That is what attracts it's adherents and what justifies their behavior. If Mickey Mouse wrote the Koran, it would still be a vile collection of hateful intolerance and bloody minded perversions. The Koran, it seems to me, is the accurately recorded reflection of the nature of the people who carried it's wisdom with them for generations as memorized truths. Wandering the desert wastes for centuries isn't easy and a ruthless, kill or be killed, ethos was probably firmly embedded over time. Or something. Not that it has ever been difficult to conjure up wickedness in the hearts of men. So, whether one man or several hundred constructed the Koran, establishing those facts does not change it's contents and does nothing to mollify it's message.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The efforts of David Wood and Robert Spencer definitely undermine the dogma of islam. If no one does so, then the tenets and theology of islam go unopposed, which I imagine is what the islamofascist leaders of the world would much rather see and take steps to insure.

      • wctaqiyya

        They (Spencer and Wood, etc.) speak to the actions and expressed desires and motivations of Muslims. It is those actions and the expressed desires and motivations of living Muslims that undermines Islam. Spencer merely reports the facts. Which is nice. My point is simple and valid, the Koran speaks for itself and reveals Islam as the primitive, barbaric and nearly completely intolerant abomination it is. Who wrote the Koran is not pertinent. I like the idea that Micky Mouse wrote it. At the time, he was very angry because he wasn't cast as the leading man in Snow White. He remains bitter about women, pretty things like music and art and hostile to anyone else's ideas. Till this very day, he is one very angry mouse.

  • ahmadnb

    Nice try…but it won't work. So sad…

  • Sarah

    What makes you think it’s just Islamists who would never like to hear from Mr Spencer again? Being a Muslim I would say it’s all Muslims who would profoundly dislike him. And with good reason. He is the most bigoted person I have ever come across and fails to debate actual credible Muslim scholars. Only debate that has come close however is one with the Imam Moustafa Zayed. That is about it. The fact that Spencer dare not come to the UK is telling. I think he knows he will be banned immediately.

    • wctaqiyya

      Sarah my dear, Islamists and Muslims are one and the same. I like your idea that Spencer should debate 'credible' Muslim scholars. Who do you recommend for that? I know, how about the chief cleric in Saudi Arabia or the Mullah in charge of Iran? I'm sure their 'credibility' is unimpeachable. But I wonder, will they be as anxious as you to set up a debate with an unbeliever? You say you are a Muslim, yet you are ignorant of the fact that Islam forbids religious discussion or debate with infidels. Silly girl, you again destroy your entire premise when you make the point that Spencer's right to debate would be suppressed in the UK. Have you any idea how far Spencer's rights to free speech might be honored in Saudi Arabia or Iran? And you have the unmitigated gall to speak about bigotry, as if you had a clue.