Raoul Wallenberg’s Legacy for America’s Patriots

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Editor’s note: August 4, 2012 marks the centennial birthday of World War II hero, Raoul Wallenberg. The following article commemorates his life and legacy. 

The Colorado movie massacre was a tragedy and the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. It’s still in the news. Every commentator and so-called social science authority has a theory and root cause analysis. Worst of all, people are politicizing the issue. New York Mayor Bloomberg, along with his call for banning super-sized sugary drinks, salt, trans fats, cigarettes, baby formula and Orthodox circumcisions, is getting up on his soap box for stricter gun control. Every cockroach is coming out of the woodwork to sound off. Nassau County Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy, who never speaks in public, is also suddenly grandstanding gun control, her one-issue agenda. Liberal commentators are blaming everyone from Bush for overturning the assault weapons ban and the Colorado Tea Party as the cause of the shooting. But all this grandstanding is just deflecting us from the real issues. The real issues affecting America that no one wants to talk about are what we are going to talk about here. It’s a message of truth, hope and strength for the Tea Party and for freedom loving people everywhere.

I am involved in a community project in Queens, New York, to place a statue of Raoul Wallenberg, one of the foremost heroes of WWII, at the Holocaust Center at Queensborough Community College.  The message of his life and legacy is particularly germane to the Tea Party which is all about individual initiative, constitutionally limited government and free enterprise. Raoul Wallenberg epitomizes individual initiative, freedom and the sanctity of the individual against the all-powerful state.

Comfortable in his affluent Swedish homeland, while nearly everyone was steeped a culture of denial and submission, Wallenberg was alarmed and stood up fearlessly taking action during WWII when millions of Jews were being rounded up and sent to be slaughtered in the Nazi death camps. Jews were considered traitors and sub-human parasites in Hitler’s Germany and civilized people in German and European high society turned away from the horrors of the concentration camps believing it can’t happen here.

Jews were well off and no one wanted to believe that millions of European Jews were being massacred right next door. Life was comfortable outside the war zone in Wallenberg’s homeland of Sweden and good people believed they were insignificant and powerless in the face of Hitler’s mighty authoritarian state. But Wallenberg, a righteous Christian stood up alone against all odds and became a heroic figure in the fight of good against hatred and evil saving 100,000 Hungarian Jews from extermination toward the closing days of WWII.

He stood eyeball to eyeball with Nazi colonel Adolf Eichmann in Hungary, who was charged with rounding up all the Hungarian Jewish men women and children, the remaining large concentration of Jews left alive in Europe in the last days of WWII, and deporting them to the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps in neighboring Poland for slaughter. He bluntly told Eichmann you cannot kill the Jews and that he, Raoul Wallenberg would stop him. He did so with the spirit of his fierce determination and diplomacy and the bold strategy of issuing 1000’s of protective Swedish passports to Hungarian Jews. He was the hero that appeared in times of great danger to win the battle against great evil. We will be erecting the statue at Queensborough Community College, the first Wallenberg memorial on a U.S. college campus, to model his life as an example for our youth and all good people to follow today.

Fast forward to the present. Today we are beaten down by the growing power of the state. We live in a communist state in the USA run by the ruling elites. Communism, Nazism, Fascism, Islamism are all the same. They are all about big government control by an authoritarian party. They function to eradicate the people’s freedom of speech, thought, property, guns and money and place total power in the hands of the minority elites, destroying the middle class in the process, leaving just the peasants and the ruling class.

Obama’s first term is the tip of the iceberg. Today our conditions are very much like pre-war Nazi Germany when Hitler rose to power, was appointed chancellor and started nationalizing the banks, auto industry and healthcare and then seized absolute power.

Similarly Obama took control of the auto industry, the banks and nationalized healthcare. The state now controls the schools, the press, our cultural institutions, our healthcare and large sectors of the economy. Our freedoms are being stripped away. Soon the internet will be a tool of the government and free enterprise will no longer be free. They will soon seize control of our property, our money through undue taxation, our guns and our total welfare from cradle to grave.  Government is the biggest criminal element in the world. The government is stealing your money, not the rich, not Bain Capital, not the banks.

Obama is the master of manipulating the system for power. Nine million people are now on the federal disability rolls. It has increased five million since Obama took office. People are gaming the system with back problems, depression and anxiety so they can collect lifetime disability payments, encouraged by the Obama administration, since it takes millions of people off the unemployment statistics who are not counted as unemployed. This keeps the unemployment numbers down, a key economic indicator for the coming presidential election. Likewise, 46 million people are on food stamps. Food stamp commercials, on TV for the first time in U.S. history, are Obama’s taxpayer funded campaign commercials, since people getting government handouts will vote to have them continue. And over 100 million people are now getting welfare payments from the government. This 35% of the American people are guaranteed votes come Election Day. National security secrets were leaked by the White House putting the lives of our field agents in jeopardy in order to boost Obama’s national security resume.

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  • Art

    Ok, it is impossible to take seriously a writer saying that "we live in a communist state in America". He obviously has never been to a communist state.
    Nevertheless, he shoots into his own foot…among the most "individualistic", "free-market" players currently operating are the people he despises, for example, Soros, who on his own broke the bank of England, bankrolls institutions and think-tanks, and essentially does what he wants. Orenstein is definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    • Steeloak

      "He who laughs last has not yet heard the bad news" Bertolt Brecht

      • Looking4Sanity

        Jesus! I think you just found Obama's campaign slogan for him! ;o)

    • PaulRevereNow

      You are free to take this article any way you want to, but it makes a great deal of sense to me. Orenstein is absolutely correct when he says "we live in a communist state in America," and the examples he gives support this idea very well. Another example is the Chick-Fil-A issue. Who in a truly free country ever heard of elected officials–the Mayors–of large cities, offering their opinions as a basis for denying a company the right to do legitimate business in those cities? Twenty five years ago, this would have been unheard of; now not a peep is heard from the national media. On the other hand, how do you know Orenstein "has never been to a communist state?" Then you offer the very poor example of George Soros, who despises free markets, even as he takes advantage of them; and who took the assets of fellow Jews in WWII Europe, while Wallenberg tried to save them. You shouldn't mention anything about "the sharpest knife in the drawer", if all you can do is shoot the messenger.

      • Art

        A communist state is a police state, with police, secret and otherwise, looking over your shoulder, controlling what you say and do, and if it is out of party line, throwing you into jail (not metaphorically, LITERALLY). It is also a state that has only ONE party. It is also a state where the production of good is in complete control of the state, a central bureaucracy. This designs every item down to the last detail, including the color of women's shoes. A communist state is also one where health care and education are free, and where toddlers are sent to training and education camps for communist indoctrination. In a communist state you wait for 5-10 year before you get a car or a flat, and you cannot chose. Do I need to go on??? This is a communist state. Ok? Current Muslim state overlap with these states, because also they have a thought police, and the punish different thinking with JAIL, not newspaper editorials or, as you mention, "offering opinions". BTW, the banks, the auto industry and health care are not nationalized. Or has a middle-aged working person suddenly got access to free health care? Who spreads this nonsense about nationalizations? Bailing out is not nationalization, it's the state giving money to companies/banks.
        Orenstein's 'America is communist' could be a hyperbole, but it is so far removed from what America is, that it doesn't make any sense, and is very offensive to all the people who constructed America and still make it great.

        The example of Soros is excellent. Orenstein celebrates Wallenberg for his individualism…if Soros is not an individualist, then who? This is independent of what his values are.

    • mlcblog

      …and you are (the sharp knife)?

      • PaulRevereNow

        I never claimed to be.

  • Tatersalad

    The President's economic policy, still after 4 years is NOT working. He can't blame George Bush anymore and it is all on his shoulders.

    1. http://sweetness-light.com/archive/the-real-joble
    2. http://sweetness-light.com/archive/195000-more-am

    Mitt Romney's economic plan can and will put Americans back to work and here is how it can be done.


  • Pacifist1

    Raoul Wallenberg was pacifist…want change? Vote in liberal pacifists.


    What about WWII? – pacifist considerations

    Objectors to nonviolence often make the claim that World War II was the ultimate example of a justified war.  How could it be wrong to fight a war against Hitler, a war to save Jewish lives?  And how could nonviolence have been effective against such a tyrannical power? 

    …..The high generals who served under Hitler admitted, during the Nuremberg trials and in their own extant writings, that they were confounded by nonviolent resistance. They knew how to crush enemy armies, but the subterfuge of nonviolence couldn't be fought in any efficient way.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Is your comment sarcasm? Or are you really THAT naive? Because Nazis certainly weren't bothered by killing anyone, armed or not, pacifist or not and neither are islamofascists. Ditto for Pol Pot, Mao Tse Tung and Stalin. Nazis didn't even relent when it came to the slaughter of Jewish children (and neither did the muslims who went after the Fogel family).

      • Pacifist1

        I understand the gist of what your saying…I don't live in Israel, and my Jewish relatives were in the United states during the Holocaust; and because I'm a half Jew your question is the first time, I have ever been asked that question.

        And, because I'm getting up there in years almost 50, and starting to look more like my father whom is Jewish and having to deal, with mostly coded antisemitism…as a US citizen it's illegal to walk around with a gun, like it would not be in Israel, and America is to diversified to arm itself against terrorist groups such as the Muslim brotherhood; and, like in Germany, when I seen the Muslim Brotherhood marching down the street in New York recently; it felt like I was in a waking nightmare, seeing terrorists literally legally marching down a New York street.

        I think it's very important that in this present day and age, that Jews, and half Jews etc., put aside their ideological differences and help each other through this time of fundamentalist Islam; for example, if the State of Israel would put out a International press release about the dangers of the Muslim brotherhood, and how to avoid them, that is one of many pacifistic strategies; that the terrorists are hoping Jews and half Jewish such as myself will not see until it is to late.

        I won't go into all the different kinds of strategic pacifism, because I don't want to give the fundamentalist Islamic terrorists ideas about how they can be confronted; but it is a way to oppose them that works.