An Open Letter to a Palestinian Propagandist

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You have chosen to use irony to attack my friend Philippe Karsenty. In so doing, you have indirectly attacked me. Because, for the record, it was I who introduced Philip to the Al Dura case, when we were both members of a Jewish organization. I gave him my file. I got the same organization to buy the first film by Esther Schapira, that I had previously helped, by giving her all my contacts in Israel and my own version of events.

Much ink has flowed since this tragic case. We have both written, been published, and we have both made a number of documentaries and news stories. You have done so with the means of a TV Channel that supports you. I have done so… with the means at hand.

And this sums up the whole history of Israel and anti-Jewish propaganda, which has developed in the world like a virus. Huge means on the Muslim side. Little enthusiasm for propaganda, nor the time to implement it in the the Israeli side. I use the term Muslim here, because if it was just a territorial dispute, it would have been solved long ago!

Comfortably settled in Jerusalem, walled up in your indefensible positions, don’t you feel, though, this nauseous wind blowing, which has already and more than once in our common history, forced us to adopt a position of survival?

In our discussions, you have almost made me doubt, when you have claimed you are a true Zionist, who would not take over the destiny of a people with a different culture. This view that requests to give everything up to finally live in peace is, basically, honorable, if not acceptable. But in this case, why systematically demonize Israel and ignore the reality that exists in the opposite camp?

So that both parties can reach an agreement, it is necessary for their hopes and goals to be realistic, if not achievable. You know, as well as I do, that the Palestinian leadership and the Arab dictatorships that support them, have never had any other purpose than the destruction of Israel and that, failing to achieve it by military force, they have chosen the path of demonization. Thanks to you, among other “bona fide journalists,” it is working pretty well. From one provocation to another;from one death to another. Tragedy settles in. And the world is convinced that the Jew, and only the Jew, carries evil. Nothing new here.

I will conclude this column I am sending you with a little anecdote, I have already told you and you did not believe.

While I was shooting “The Road to Jenin” (which was broadcast again last week on Arutz 1, to commemorate the battle), and, to please my Palestinian fixer (it was also a matter of survival) I was hypocritically singing Talal’s praise and his scoop, the fixer having taken a liking to me asked me if I “could be interested in a similar case”, claiming it could be arranged if I had available means. You did not believe my story. For my part, I refused to have a child killed so as to make me famous and to advance the Palestinian cause.

To compensate, my fixer was kind enough to arrange the false testimony of a Palestinian woman who was supposed to have given birth at a checkpoint, because of the wicked IDF soldiers. This false testimony, and its preparation, including the intervention of the doctor who made her repeat her lines, are an integral part of this film that I sent you and I recommend you should watch.

Even if you claim you have done so. And even if, to use your own words, you did not want to make any comment after viewing it, out of kindness to me.

I regret all this. And, just like you, I dream of going back in time, to the precise moment when you took the decision to broadcast this live death without knowing any better. Getting a scoop before anything else!

What would you do if you could start it all again?

All I wish you is that you can manage to get to sleep occasionally.

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  • yisraelmedad

    so, that's how one produces a Pallywood movie.

  • dougjmiller

    OPEC isn't just in the business of maximizing profits which is a feature of most trade groups. OPEC is trying to destroy their customers. We need to both pump more oil domestically and work on an alternative to oil. Then we can say to OPEC, "stick it where the sun don't shine."

    • stern

      Um, excuse me, but are you sure you're posting to the right article?

      • dougjmiller

        Oy vey!I posted that letter on the wrong article. I was talking with my daughter while I was typing the letter. They're right when they say that men can't do 2things at the same time. <DIV> <DIV id=SkyDrivePlaceholder></DIV> From: notifications@intensedebatemail.comTo: dougjmiller@hotmail.comSubject: stern replied to your comment on An Open Letter to a Palestinian Propagandist

  • Indioviejo

    I doubt Charles Enderling is capable of feeling shame. Shame comes with carachter and values which he appears to lack.