Obama’s Memorial Day Photo-Op Blocks Families, Vets from Vietnam Memorial for 7 Hours

Reprinted with permission from ThoughtsFromAConservativeMom.com

On Memorial Day, the Vietnam Memorial in D.C. is supposed to look like this:


Instead, for seven long hours, it looked like this:

Obama’s secret service shut down the memorial for most of the day, as families and veterans who had come to pay their respects to fallen loved ones were forced to stay hundreds of feet away.

Why?  So that the Narcissist-in-Chief could show up for 15-minute speech and photo-op with his carefully selected fans in the audience.

In his campaign speech remarks, Obama made sure to mention that:

“As long as I’m president, we will make sure you and your loved ones will receive the benefits you’ve earned and the respect you deserve,” Obama said. “America will be there for you.”

Wow.  How did our veterans ever get their benefits before the benevolent Obamessiah came to office?   Is that his argument for why they should vote for him?  Because their benefits are only available “as long as I’m president?”  Perhaps he’s hoping they’ll forget that he suspended hazard pay for deployed U.S. troopsterminated 157 Air Force Majors without retirement benefits, and proposed a budget that would cut healthcare benefits for active duty and retired US military while protecting union benefits.

Brian Trubee left this comment on Weasel Zippers:

I just received this e-mail from a brother in arms who I served with as a USAF pararecueman. A link to his e-mail is at the bottom of the message. I deleted the photos because the server rejected them. -Brian Trubee, Redmond, Washington.:

I am currently in Washington DC and witnessed the following. I saw this first hand and I bet you won’t hear about this from the Liberal media…

Vietnam veterans and the families of Vietnam veterans killed in action whose names are etched on the Wall were denied access to their memorial today, of all days, Memorial Day. The Vietnam Memorial was shutdown, cleared and secured for approximately 5 hours prior to Obama, his cronies and hand picked veterans for a 15 minute appearance by Obama. It’s obvious it was all for show. After all, this is an election year.

Hundreds if not thousands of Vietnam veterans and families of Vietnam veterans killed in Vietnam stood in disbelief as Secret Service, Park Police, Washington DC Police, etc., blocked all access to the Vietnam Memorial and kept everyone approximately 100 yards away from their memorial for the first time in the history of the Memorial so Obama could get some photos of him at the Wall. Veterans in uniforms stood in the heat angered as Obama makes them wait. It was a photo op at their expense and families of those killed in Vietnam.

As I stated, I was there and witnessed all of this. Many veterans and others flipped Obama the finger as his motorcade drove past. I didn’t honor him with a finger salute because I was busy holding up my 3′x5′ Don’t Tread on Me Flag as his motorcade drove past.

On another note, I was able to dedicate some port-o potties to Jane Fonda. Pictures attached. Maybe Obama should share this honor with Jane Fonda henceforth.

Jim Morris

Kristinn at Free Republic confirms the story:

So this is how Obozo honors those who served….I just had this passed on from a friend who was at the wall this morning:

I normally try to avoid political statements, but this one is a bit different. This was received by Colonel Wayne Morris just a few moments ago, who was refused access to the Vietnam War Memorial, where he has visited his fallen comrades for the last 15 years.

Today is Memorial Day and I went to the Vietnam Memorial and something happened there that upset me greatly and I want to pass it on.

For over 15 years I had been going with my dear Marine buddy, Larry Cullen. Since he passed away last year and was interned at Arlington Cemetery, I went this year accompanied by my grandson, Cameron. I had my list of Recon Marines, school classmates, and Larry’s fallen buddies to visit but, as we got close to the area of the National Mall where the Wall is located, we saw huge white tents. We also saw barricades all along Constitution Ave and for a couple blocks in each direction from the Wall. They even closed down all of Constitution Av from the Lincoln Memorial all the way to the WW-II Memorial and there was a virtual army of uniformed and plain-clothes security everywhere.

The biggest tent was right at the west end of the Wall entrance and there was a covered walkway leading right up to The Wall. It was so close, you couldn’t get to the Wall on that side so, my grandson and I went all the way around to the eastern entrance to the Wall and walked down along the Wall to the first of my names and I began telling my grandson about my buddies and how each one died. In short order, a guy in a dark suit and earpiece in his ear told us we had to leave as it was 0730 and they were closing Memorial until at least 1400 so the President could drop by. I asked if he was serious and he assured me he was. We and all the other veterans and families were forced to leave and it was locked down.

The Vietnam Memorial is the most visited site on the entire National Mall. Memorial Day has more visitors to the Vietnam Memorial than almost any other day. Even at the rather early hour Cameron and I were there, there were a lot of veterans and family members down there. In the midst of all that, Obama decides to close it for over seven hours just so he can roll by for 30 minutes in the afternoon for a campaign appearance with Democrats, supporters, and campaign donors? This is an incredulously arrogant, egotistical, and inconsiderate thing to do. What in hell was Obama thinking?

Hey President Obama: Since you ran me (and all the other veterans and family members) out of the Memorial before we finished our business there, how about doing me a favor. If you can take a short break from all the grippin’, grinnin’, posin’ and pontificatin’, how about taking a minute or two to stop by and say hello to my fellow Recon Marines and other classmates on the Wall. I suspect you’ll be too busy with photo ops, campaigning, and stroking donors to be troubled with a couple minutes doing what the Memorial was built for but, just in case, here’s a list so you can have your man find them and point them out to you. Hope you have a Meaningful Memorial Day.

Joseph J. JONES; 53-W-02
Sherwood David Kreis, 42-W-40
Dale Kagebein, 34-W-50
Jerry Bock, 25-W-95
Larry Daniels, 09-E- 66
Joe Mack Kemp, 09-E-69
Rhonda L. Raglan, 09-E-70
Robert L. Studards, 09-E-71
Jose D. Flores, 09-E-74
Arthur Willie Greene, 14-E-56
Eric Barnes, 17-E-41
Godfried Blankenship, 17-E-48
Michael Ray Smith, 19-E-113
Ervin Lovell, 19-E-120
William D. Martin, 25-E- 87
Michael L. Laporte, 26-E-1
Ronald Frederick Kitzke, 32-E-76
Charles Harris, 34-E-48
Robert Tracy, 34-E-72
Michael G. Murdock, 36-E-57

Maybe it would have been better for everyone if Obama had just gone golfing like last year. Unfortunately, this is what veterans and their families have to suffer when Obama is in full campaign mode.

No wonder a recent Gallup poll showed veterans prefer Mitt Romney to Obama, 58% to 34%.

H/T Jan Weeks

UPDATE: The National Park Service, Public Affairs, and Vietnam Veterans of America all confirmed the shut-down when contacted by phone.  VVA said that all the guests had to be pre-screened for security reasons, and it would have been “very difficult” to give advance notice to all the families and vets who arrived to find it closed.

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  • Mick

    Oh for a Vietnam veteran scout sniper to be in the vicinity with such an opportunity in front of him.

    • http://geosciblog.blogspot.com ontherocks

      Not cool. Despite my intense dislike of this 3rd generation Socialist, suggestions such as this are not appropriate. Until the ballot box and the rule-of-law are taken from us, we have to abide by them.

      • Rick_in_VA

        Like him or not, I have to agree with you.

        Ballots, not bullets, at least for now.

        • cloverfarms

          Lest anyone wonder why the White House has security concerns….

    • Vince V. Viggins

      That’s bad, BUT GOOD! ; )

    • http://www.conwebwatch.com ConWebWatch

      Mick is a gutless coward, too afraid to put his own name to his death threats. Be a man and show yourself!

      How come FrontPageMag condones such death threats?

  • Stephen Browning

    You talk about an in-considerate ass hole, that takes the cake. As far as I am concerned, he does not deserve the title of President. That SOB should be drummed out of the White House. If this site decides not to allow this post, or censor it, I am claiming Amendment 1 of the Constitution.

    • Sage on the Stage

      Obama should be dragged out of the White House, kicking and screaming, and hustled off to the DC jail,
      confined with the rest of the low-lifes there, and left to rot. WHO is he, anyway? WHAT is his real name?
      He needs to be impeached and prosecuted, for various crimes against the American people.

    • Ole Sarge

      If bummer croaked, I would cheer, but this site is private property and they can decide to publish it or not as they choose. First Amendment does not apply.

  • oldtimer

    I remember when he wouldn't salute the flag…He'll do anything to get what he wants.

  • Schlomotion

    How DARE the President of the United States give a Memorial Day address at the Vietnam Memorial! Wicked President! Doesn't he know that this outrages stay at home moms in Oregon?

    • Ruths

      Perhaps if he had not closed the site for 7 hours in order to give his 15-minute speech there wouldn't have been so much anger. There should have been a media announcement as to the time of the closing so people could plan their day accordingly. How would you have liked to stand around for 7 hours when he could have accomplished the closing and speech in half-an-hour? I'm sure if you had to wait 7 hours for your hamburgers and hotdogs you would have been angry. These people had to wait or entirely miss their tribute to their friends and relatives, men and women who died fighting for this country, the country that somehow allowed this self-absorbed man to become president.

  • Swatty Jim

    As always, it's just another PHOTO OP for the BOY KING himself. He does not give a damn about any of the 59,000 names on the wall. Never did, never will.

    With all the open lawn space in the vicinity, why couldn't he set up a tent with the backdrop being the Vietnam Memorial?


    • Barbc

      You have to be a man to be king.
      Everything this phoney does is for his glory.
      Hopefully the next president will issue an executive order to void every one of the phonies signatures. Congress must up or down vote on every law signed. All of the court justices must voted on again.
      Nothing the phoney has done is legal.

  • mrbean

    This communistic twinkle-toed c&**ksuc*ker President Obama has little to no known qualifications with the exception of being a street hustler and community organizer. Frankly, the man is not qualified to be a Cub Scout leader let alone Commander-in Chief.

    • Swatty Jim

      As the great Michael Savage says, "The only experience obamma has is stapling flyers to telephone poles."

    • Steve Chavez


      I really don’t understand why OBAMA is not falling back on his vast Capitalist economic knowledge since he had plenty of business experience including from a very young lad on the beaches of Hawaii. He was a savvy business kid dealing MAUI WAUI TO STONIES from all over the world. Whether it was a joint, a dime baggie, or a LID, he learned
      to wheel and deal with people that made him the Great Communicator he is now. Yes, while tourists were surfing the waves, he was selling J’s and surfing for lays. He charmed the girls, and guys too, with that never-ending smile but once he conned them into their bungalow, they
      quickly found out his bark was bigger than his bite.

      OBAMA also helped Frank with his HOT DOG STAND and his favorite was the Chicago Dog, German Sheppard’s, and for the occasional mid-afternoon snack, BBQ Chihuahuas and Schnauzers. His curiosity about the Chicago Dog was the reason he eventually ended up in Chicago and immediately ate every stray Dog in town.

      In High School, he was in a drug-induced daze and there too he was not only voted the Most Popular, Most Likely To Have A Stash, and a new category, The Rainbow Man, for his dealing Orange Sunshine and Purple Micro-dot acid.

      Then while in Chicago and becomes a Community Organizer of neighborhood street dealers. He did so well, he eventually moved to New York to attend Columbia University
      where he sold drugs at Central Park to pay the bills. He used his loan money to buy the best and quickly tripled his profits. That's Capitalism at its best!

      Speaking of Columbia, let’s talk a bit about Colombia, his source for YOUTHFUL BLOW. While Secret Service agents were getting their rocks off, others were loading pallets
      full of ROCK COCAINE AND RED BUD into Air Force One. “Hillary liked it too. Did you see that smile while she was dancing?” When they returned, the pallets were snuck into the White House hidden with Michelle’s five gallon Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Then he attends Hollywood fundraisers and you know that the $38,500 got you a kilo of the freshest and best crystals.

      So yes, Obama is an expert in economics and surely the FIRST President who had to deal drugs in order to support his habit. Now he and the Democrat PUSHERS are addicting American's to government handouts so you HAVE TO VOTE FOR THEM IN ORDER TO GET YOUR FIX!

  • lizaz

    Do you think he really gives a rat's behind about the veterans and their families??? It's all about money and votes, folks. Remember that in NOVEMBER!!!!

  • Gashoon

    WHITES 22%
    ASIANS 22%
    LATINOS 45%
    BLACKS 99%
    THE DEAD 100%
    SEIU 150%
    AFL/CIO 200%
    (ballots arrive to late to qualify)
    *obama(pbuh) runs unopposed in 7 of the 57 States
    **1/3 of ballots to be counted by Spanish online voting company SCYTL

    • Steve Chavez

      How any Jew or Vet can vote for a Democrat is beyond me!!!

    • Made in America

      hahahaha, I keep forgetting about our 57 states (awesome post)

  • 1willford

    P.O.S. to the EXTREME!

  • flyingtiger

    message to BHO:
    Your immediate resignation is in order. (I had a longer post planned, but I think you get the idea.)

  • Steve Chavez


    • Steve Chavez

      "America, a country where our Soldiers will put their lives on the line in order to protect our right TO SPIT ON THEM!"

      Steve Chavez

    • Ole Sarge

      The only way bummer gets a GI’s vote is by denying him the right to vote as the dims have been doing for years. We have no friends on the marxist left, never have, never will.

  • Ole Sarge

    Steve Chavez,

    You are so right as to spiting on us and we still protect their freedom to do this. You shoulda tried returning from Vietnam, a lot of guys had a bit of static from the marxist, when they came home, some responded more appropriately, the marxist of course had to go to the hospital to get their A-s repositioned, back on their shoulders.

  • Herbster

    This narcissistic person has no shame!

  • dkharley

    How did this sit with all of the 'Rolling Thunder' Vets and fellow riders who ride from across our country to pay tribute to our Fallen and MIA over the Memorial Day Weekend?

  • Rick_in_VA

    To those of you who may not remember, Obozo did the same thing at Arlington National Cemetery a while back.

  • Ed Skinner

    by Rachel Bjorklund

    A speech by the Narcissist-in-Chief ruins a scared day for bereaved family members and former soldiers. …

    Please fix the spelling, sacred, not scared……

  • cloverfarms

    Yeah, the Commander in Chief giving a speech honoring vets on Memorial Day. He didn't serve in the military? Oh, goodness, I can't wait 'til we have a true vet in the White House. You know, the guy who served in Paris going door to door for the the Latter Day Saints in his Magic Underwear…

    I'm a vet but sorry, some of you here are just, well, full of hate and I frankly just don't get it. But it's pretty ugly.

    • Klondike Klem

      Hey, my daughter wants to be a veterinarian, too. Make a good living, do you?

    • gary cook

      Well said !



  • Jholt

    What is it going to take for the house to take actions against this impostor. If nothing is done soon, he will of enacted many executive orders that will take years to reverse if even possible. I hear we have proceedings of impeachment going on now, you just never hear about it. Has it even taken a foot hold?
    This guy is dangerous, very, very dangerous. If he wins in 12, our country is doomed. I and other's are doing everything possible to stop him. I'm hoping we have woke up many people in the process.
    Now the drones, the voting machines coming from Spain that Gorge Sorros owns that will all be tabulated in Spain with no oversight to monitor any criminal activity at all. This will be done in 26 states.. Does anyone know how to stop this?

  • MSH

    notice sourpuss mooshell is wearing her everyday expression at anything to do with patriotism. vømit’s isn’t much better.

  • http://facebook David Hendrick Behrens

    At the Dedication of the Three Man Statue, by the Vietnam Memorial Wall, in Washington DC in the early 1980’s. President Ronald Reagan was there about a hour. Many Hours before Reagan arrived, everyone had to go thru a large Secret Sevice line and turn in their pocket knives and sharp flag pole ornaments, there were thousands of them laying on tables.. But it went fast and the thousands of Nam vets were allowed near the platform and could see and hear Reagan an tens of thousands more were around the whole area and could hear his speech on speakers……………Reagan did arrive in a closed in fenced area in front of the Wall, but the SS didn’t keep any Vets or Familes away from the Wall.. Read in his term, Reagan, would visit the Wall many times in the early morning hours before and after that dedication day, with just a few SS men……….

  • DIDIMAU6667

    I bet the secret service is REALLY proud to protect such an arrogant, anti-American piece of cow plop as O BUMMA! And to keep REAL AMERICAN VETERANS away from such sacred ground must really make their chests swell with pride. _OBUMMA…..Your day is coming when your ignorant äss is outta here! And I'll be in line to help! (___!___) here's to ya!__A PROUD AMERICAN VIET NAM VET

  • Weeping Veteran

    just as the Vietnam War sadly tore this great nation apart so is Obama sadly continuing to tear this great nation apart at the very place where healing began for so many veterans of the Vietnam War..

  • Dan

    Just remember this sorry excuse for a man, in November. The only way to purge this great nation is to be educated and vote accordingly. Those who drank the cool-ade better wake up and face the facts

  • http://twitter.com/joevch56 @joevch56

    What the hell is Ovomit doing at the Vietnam Memorial. He is a disgrace and it wasn't built for political photo ops. It is there for us the American people to remember the sacrifices made in the name of freedom and wasted by an over zellus media who thought showing the relatives of soldiers that they are dying and war is horrible. We won every objective we deployed for yet if back then you listen to the news( as today) you only hear the negatives. They turned the American public against our military. In other words, they turned us against our own friends, family and school mates. Instead of watching the very thing we fought against speak at a sacred memorial, let's remember why these soldiers died. How if it wasn't for politics the war would have ended sooner and with a victory. I am watching " The Vietnam War in HD" and it is disgusting to how it is and was portrayed. The greatest military in the history of the world play for political purposes. So I have no respect for Ovomit or his communist minions. I will not ever use the word "President" when talking about this fraud.

  • uncleRick74

    .. so it was Veteran’s day, and our POTUS shoulda’ been out in a field someplace (Iowa, maybe?).. giving a speech?.. if I’d been at the event I’d have shown him the respect he deserved, same as Dubya’, the worm I don’t really respect at all.. but just to respect the holder of the office (in the service we were told we were saluting the uniform, not necessarily the officer.. just in case we didn’t like the sumbitch who was wearing it [which was oft times the case]).. I gather you don’t like our prez much, or do you just dislike black people?.. ahh, just as I suspected, ulterior motives.. he’s really a pretty good guy ya’ know?.. good husband, doting father.. very, very (!) smart.. doesn’t go around bombing the wrong country, killing upwards of a million people (mostly innocent people, by the way, [i.e. women & children, non-combatants] as that is the nature of war now).. hmm, sounds like a pretty decent sort.. so it must be something else about him bothering you..
    .. okay I’ve said my piece, and I hope I didn’t offend you too much with my thoughts/observations, after all that’s one of the things I was in Vietnam in ’65 defending.. your right to say whatever you want.. no matter how vile and illogical it is.. but being that it’s based on your prejudices & ignorance, well, I just had to say something…

  • uncleRick74

    .. oh, Rachel.. I almost forgot, you know by now that the man re-elected to an historic second term was Obama, right?.. I know your original post was before the election, and you quoted a poll that said the majority of ‘mericans loved Romney to pieces over Barry.. well, they musta’ changed there minds!.. Hah!.. and you also made a callous comment on his declaration that he was going to protect veteran’s benefits.. you don’t really believe that Romney (or ANYBODY on the right; Cruz/Rubio/Christie.. whoever..) really gives a rat’s ass about the veterans, do you?.. they only cared about us when we were warm bodies in uniform.. as SOON as the fighting’s done, they want us to disappear.. and the next thing on their list is Social Security, then medicare & medicaid.. they want ALL the money.. every penny.. (my military disability is nominal, luckily I was in a coupla’ good Unions during my career, so if they get the military disability I won’t be too bad off, but lotsa’ others depend heavily on those ‘SOCIAL’ safety nets..)

  • pmxpilot

    This is a great article by Conservative Mom, and the comments by uncleRick74… well, not quite so…