Freedom Center Ad in the New York Times Slams BDS

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American conservative writer and advocate, David Horowitz, placed an advertisement in the New York Times on Wednesday, accusing supporters of the Boycotts, Divestments and Sanctions (BDS) movement of contributing to anti-Semitism worldwide.

“The Holocaust began with boycotts of Jewish stores and ended with death camps,” the ad begins. “The calls for a new Holocaust can be heard throughout the Middle East and Europe as well.”

It also references Mohammed Merah, the terrorist who killed 4 people at a Jewish school in Toulouse, France last month, claiming that “ancient blood libels” supported by the BDS movement contributed to the murders.

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  • Nakba1948

    Saying that BDS contributes to anti-Semitism worldwide is kind of like saying that vaccines contribute to diseases. Israel and Zionism of the sort professed on this website are the pathogens that contributes to the disease of anti-Semitism, and BDS is one of several non-violent would-be remedies. You want to see a massive drop in anti-Semitism (which while genuinely manifest by some around the world does NOT include anti-Zionism)? Dismantle Israel. At the very LEAST, recognize the Palestinian right to exist and end the occupation. This is not to say that anti-Semitism or other forms of prejudice, like the ones routinely espoused here against Muslims and Arabs, are ever justified, but for Pete's sake, open your eyes to the fact that YOU are the very cause of this scourge. I will NEVER recognize the Apartheid State as a legitimate entity, as it a priori has no right to exist on my people's land; but I would at least be willing to tolerate its existence were it living side by side with a free Palestine.

    • truebearing

      i've always wondered how hard it is to ennunciate with a forked tongue. How is it working out for you?

      Palestine was a creation of Rome, not the fabled "Palestinians". Many of the people living there, when Israel was created, sold their land willingly to the Israelis. Many others are doing much better in israel than they could in any Arab country, and that includes their personal safety, so your argument is hollow and false, and the only real motivation for it is your false religion, moronic hate, and the empty nihilism that is Islam. But for the Jews, the land that comprises Israel would still be an arid, empty, non-productive land with a few poor inhabitants.

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      I am far from being Pete but here it goes.
      Nothing doing "nakba". You people steal, rape, maim as a way of life. And this Land of Israel is ours, Jewish, since thousands of years before islam came about to soil the human race.
      Muslims are involved on murdering and mayhem making everywhere the islamic cult of death happen to infest. A day, no, an hour, take that back a minute does not go by without a Muslim murdering, raping, maiming, mutilating baby girls, or stealing from human beings, and do not make me tell what we see regarding pets and in general animals of burden or help that happen to drift into islamic villages.
      Eretz Israel was never islamic and will never be either. The day is not far when only trustworthy, respectful, non violent Muslims will be the only remaining in our Land. The rest can return to Syria, Libya, Egypt, etc, and enjoy the settings there.
      You talk about "apartheid"? Islam has used slavery and it still does. Woe to maids and helpers living among your folk. Humanity can count the millions of black people and other religions believers exterminated by islam to this day. It takes the level of a Muslim that assaults "infidels" as a way of life to insult the intelligence of humans using stupid labels.

    • umustbkidding

      Sure they can exist – some where else. GOD gave the Jews that land.

      • muchiboy

        God "giveth" and God "taketh".Jews,of all people,should know this.muchiboy

    • guest

      go bang a dead broad!

      • kafir4life

        Think it'd need the entire six hour allontment?

    • ISRAEL1948

      you and the rest of the arab filth couldn't care less about the invented palestinians – remember how quickly kuwait kicked out the palestinians living there after iraq invaded? you don't care if the palestinains get a state – it just burns you up that the Jews have their own sovereign, strong state and armed to the teeth! to protect herself and her citizens from savages like you.

    • kafir4life

      Blessing1948 (odd name for a savage moon god worshipper) – Nobody is really not concerned if you recoginize Israel or not, as it does exist, and you're not relevant.

      allahu snackbar to ya, nakkie! allahu snackbar.

    • UCSPanther

      Do you really think you can destroy country that has survived worst threats such as the UAR alliance, the Soviets and economic isolation from the western world just by refusing to buy Israeli goods?

      Good luck.

    • wsk

      Why should Israel have to keep the Palestinians? After all, they were kicked all about the Middle East by ARAB nation (including several massacres.) The Muslim nations are just the Palestinians as a rationalization. for their anti-Israel activities.
      You Muslims are really dog-shiite caliber people.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,Nakba1948,maybe if the Palestinians TRIED to live in peace with the Israelis instead of trying to kill them,then there would be peace. But THEY don't want to. They just want to kill Jews. Any excuse will do.

    • Antinakba

      And we are all oh so worried that especially such a valuable person like you will "NEVER recognize the Apartheid State". "Your" people's land is Turkey, is Iraq, is Saudi Arabia, is Egypt, is Morroco, is Algeria, is Kuwait, is Oman, is Yemen, is Syria, is Lebanon, is Libya or Qatar or Sudan or Tunisia or Bahrein. There´s a plethora of oil-soaked sand-filled hell-holes where you can kill and be killed according to your sharia laws and your medieval customs, where you can live as pedophiles, as women-abusers and as crazed religious fanatics worshiping a delusional assassin whose life achievement was plundering, killing and maiming.

      Israel doesn't belong to "your people", it did belong for a short and sad moment to those that sequestered it from its true inhabitants, and parts of it are unfortunately still invaded by your ilk, but that will also come to pass. Jews are in Israel to stay, no matter what you or thugs like Ahmadinejad or Arafat or Erdogan say.

    • nakba

      “You want to see a massive drop in anti-Semitism (which while genuinely manifest by some around the world does NOT include anti-Zionism)? Dismantle Israel.”

      You idiot. Check your facts. Anti-semitism has existed longer than the modern state of Israel and Zionism. Both are very new ideas, while anti-semitism has existed since pre-emancipation(Jewish emancipation in Europe).

  • Anamah

    David you deserves a much better expression of gratitude that what I'm able to make. However here is mine because you give so much in this difficult time when so many can not comprehend historical facts and consequences until you so clearly talk about what and how had happened last century. So my friend here my respect and deep gratitude. We attend your classes with great interest. Thank you Professor!

  • truebearing

    Has anyone ever adequately explained why it is that when the people of earth move toward evil, they always want to persecute the Jews? Arab Muslims floundered in poverty and primitive thinking for centuries when there were no Jews to blame, yet they act as if Jews are the authors of one of their failings. the Nazis and Communists are no different. Is it possible that evil has an ethnic obsession? And why would that be?

    • Western Spirit

      nitszche explains it best when he calls the jews a priestly nation that takes the prey out of the birds of prey. in other words, civil behavior by the strong, because of morals learned from the jews made the jews a threat to the natural order of things.

      hitler was one of his desciples.

    • stevefraser

      You're seeing the phenomenon of tribalism. This sort of hate toward the Other is found in all tribal societies.



    You want to see a drop in "islamophobia"? Ttell your friends to STOP KILLING PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    – 9/11
    – 1993 truck bombing of the WTC
    – Bombing of Pan Am 103
    – 7/7 2005 London transport bombings
    – Madrid train bombing
    – Bali bombing
    – Beslan school hijacking massacre
    – Mumbai India massacre
    – 2012 Toulouse France massacre
    – Saddam Husseins poison gas attack on the Kurds – 5,000 dead
    – assassination of US Senator Robert F. Kennedy
    – richard reid sneaker bomber
    – Nigerian underwear bomber
    – Times Square SUV bomber
    – Death fatwa on writer Salman Rushdie
    – Death threats on Danish cartoonists over pen and ink drawings
    – Near nuclear war between the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and India
    – Beheading of journalist Daniel Pearl
    – Various other kidnapping and video taped executions
    – $100 per barrel Oil – Thanks OPEC
    – $4 per gallon gasoline – Thanks OPEC
    – 8 year Iraq / Iran war
    – Genocidal death threats by the Islamic Republic of Iran
    – Death threats against Europe by Muslims living IN Europe – see British Muslism
    – Honor killings of Muslim girls over "family honor" in the US too
    – Murder of Dutch filmmaker Theo Van Gogh
    – Fort Hood massacre
    – Assad kkklan of Syria murder of over 9,000 Syrians AND the absence of "anti-imperialist", "anti-war" protests outside the Syrian consulate
    – attack on the 1972 Olympics and murder of atheletes
    – hijacking of the Achille Lauro and the murder of a wheelchair bound innocent
    – Current Day Slavery in Sudan (Darfur) and Mauritania
    – Empire State Building observation deck murders
    – Muslim-Only city of mecca in saudi arabia
    – wahabbi / salafi fascism
    – Luxor Egypt massacre of tourists
    – murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt
    – synagogue bombings in Turkey
    – church bombings in Nigeria
    – church bombings in Pakistan
    – mosque bombings in Iraq

    P.S. Say hi to osama bin laden for me.

    • Zionista

      great list but you have to add SHAGGING WITH THOSE WHO'VE ASSUMED ROOM TEMPERATURE

    • Bartimaeus

      "Please, do not defame us in this way, we are a pure and righteous people and our religion is a religion of peace. We are only poor victims of the oppressive western nations". I can hear it being said somewhere already.

      • wsk

        Almost thought this was a serious post. Good one!
        I reiterate: Muslims are dog-shiite caliber people.

  • jacob

    I feel that Eternal is and has correclly stated the problem. I am an islamaphobe because how you try to conquor the world and treat women

  • muchiboy

    We can have any number of conversations about Antisemitism,anti-Zionism,genocidal or existential threats,but any and all such conversations must include the horrific,unconscionable and largely denied crimes against Humanity and the Palestinian people,including ethnic cleansing,by the Jewish people and Israel.That the persecution,including multiple ethnic cleansing of Jews over time and place,and the most horrific genocide ever,the Holocaust ,predates the occupation and re-creation of Israel at the expense of the Palestinian Arabs,should tell us that Jewish fears are not wholly imagined,and in many cases well founded.Still,that does not give the Jews nor the west reason enough to deny the Palestinian people their homeland nor birthright.That long denied and difficult and complex wrong needs to be made right,by the Jews and the West,and like it or not,that very wrong against the Palestinian people,largely followers of Islam,will be seen as justification for acts against Jews,Israel and the West.And really,the same observation applies,that the wrongs perpetrated against the Palestinian people do not justify the targeting nor persecution of Jews nor acts and policies of Antisemitism.muchiboy

    • Ghostwriter

      Still on your anti-Jewish kick,aren't you,muchiboy?

      • muchiboy

        Has something changed,Ghostwriter? Have the Jews acknowledged their sins against the Palestinian people and made amends? Post the link.muchiboy

    • stern

      Hey muchiboy, this is the same post you wrote last week. Too lazy to start again? Just copying and pasting? May I suggest, then, that you copy and paste my reply that disproved every anti-Semitic word in your rant.

      • muchiboy

        "Hey muchiboy, this is the same post you wrote last week."
        I don't think so,stern.But then again,there are only so many ways to say "unconscionable".

        "copy and paste my reply "
        I've been through this several times,stern,with Jews as wise and well read and intentioned as you,going back many years.Still,it never hurts to examine new or old,familiar sources with fresh eyes.When time permits,I will (re)search your numbers and reply.In the mean time,there was a text either you or ziontruth recommended.Do you recall the author?muchiboy

  • maria

    Never trust Muslims as they use taqyya (lie and deception) to fool gullible people. There are no such one on this site. Mohhamed order Muslims to use 'taqyya" to promote Islam. So disgusting! Take muchiboy and nakba's comments and exchange any word "Paleistinians" to "Jews" and v.v and it will be truth.

    • muchiboy

      I am hardly a Muslim,maria.All grandparents were Christian and I was brought up Catholic.Given the history of Christianity toward both Jew and Muslim,I don't know if I should be proud of this or not.muchiboy

  • Dispozadaburka

    The New York Times and "formally" Time Incorporated used to have writers that could "think" and write.

    They, as well as other Main Stream Media, have turned into propaganda machines for the government.

    How else could well researched writers and educated people in the United States and Europe

    and in non-muslim countries turn such a "Blind Eye" or a "Blind Willingness" to Sharia Law and Islam.

    It just doesn't make sense.

  • muchiboy

    It seems to me you would have to give Jewish intellectuals such as Amy Kaplan and Michael Neumann the benefit of the doubt on their motives for their anti-Zionist views.Well,of course,that would depend on your agenda,wouldn't it,assuming you had an agenda,which FPM and most posters here certainly have,right?You would have us believe they were the devil incarnate.And if we may judge one by the company they keep,or the ideas they stand by,then perhaps the rest and remaining accused should be considered likewise.And if by chance some of the accused are indeed guilty of your charges,then you are partially responsible for the confusion,given your inclusiveness.muchiboy


      Please excuse muchiyob, He was home schooled in a mental hospital.

      • reader

        May be some Jew-boy punched him in a nose in a play ground, and he never got over it. Things like that happen.