Anders Behring Breivik and Norway’s Illness

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Hegghammer portrays both the international Islamist-jihadist-terrorist movement of which Al-Qaeda is a part and Breivik as new “macropolitical” movements that advocate total war between clashing civilizations:

In the Muslim world, so-called pan-Islamism has a long history and has inspired militancy since at least the 1980s, when Arabs traveled to Afghanistan to fight with fellow Muslims against Soviet occupation. The West has long lacked similar movements, but the rise of counterjihad in the 2000s and the appearance of the Breivik manifesto suggest that this may be changing.

When we think about Hegghammer’s analysis, however, the asymmetry it postulates between the “maropolitical” jihadist movement and its supposed Western “counterjihad” counterpart is staggering. The jihadist “macropolitical” phenomena includes hundreds of terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, thousands of terrorists, as well as millions of people and several governments–e.g. Iran, Syria, Pakistan –who support them. Hegghammer’s putative Western, anti-Islamist “macropolitical” counterpart, on the other hand, consists of–Anders Behring Breivik.

And then there is former BBC reporter Alan Hart, now writing for Dissident Voice, who compares Breivik favorably to Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu:

“The man now on trial for killing 77 people in bomb and gun attacks in Norway last July has admitted, even boasted about, what he did. Netanyahu denies Zionism’s crimes.”

What these two individuals have in common, according to Hart, is “the mania of victimhood” and “the fact that they both live in fantasy worlds of their own creation and talk a lot of extreme rightwing nonsense.”

“The nonsense Anders Breivik speaks is driven in general by his fears about the consequences for Norway of immigration and multiculturalism and, in particular, by his vision of an Islamic takeover. The nonsense Netanyahu speaks is driven by his perception of Israel in danger of annihilation.”

Perhaps Hart’s vicious comparisons require no comment, other than that they reveal the extreme malice and total disregard for the truth of Israel’s enemies.

While the pro-jihad, anti-Israeli demagogues have drawn false lessons from the Breivik disaster, there are some legitimate ones that may be drawn from it: A society like Norway’s, which seeks to avoid conflict at all costs by avoiding public discussion of sensitive issues, may succeed instead in exacerbating conflicts and permitting them to fester.

After all, Breivik succeeded in getting the attention he wanted for his ideas, and above all for himself, by committing mass murder. Before he did that, no one had noticed him and his ideas, and no one was likely to have paid any attention to them.

And a society that discourages from early childhood the expression of negative feelings by such harmless or relatively harmless means such as crying, shouting, or blunt language may end up with the spectacle of Anders Behring Breivik, dressed in an elegant suit, discoursing calmly and in meticulous detail about the 77 murders he has committed.

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  • Alvaro

    "[…] the lawyer freely admits that he finds it distasteful to represent his client, and he doesn’t make any serious effort to defend or even excuse him. “I feel I have lost my soul as a result of this case,” he told reporters."

    That man is simply not doing his job. He should have been fired a long time ago.

    "Breivik will live a comfortable life under some form of detention, with numerous rights and privileges that in Norway’s ultra-humane correctional system are granted to all criminals."

    I see nothing comfortable in being locked up in a prison for the rest of a lifetime. And there is also nothing wrong with criminals being treated like human beings – that is, after all, what we want them to behave like if or when they return to society. Treat them like animals, and they will start behaving like animals.

    "In an American courtroom, a defendant pleading self-defense after killing 77 unarmed, unresisting people would be required to produce evidence that he actually was under attack and needed to use deadly force to protect his life."

    He did not plead self-defense, but nødrett. I know all the mainstream media translated nødrett to self defense, but the Norwegian word for self-defense is selvforsvar, and Breivik never pleaded selvforsvar. Nødrett can make a criminal act legal if certain requirements are filled, and in reality, to prevent something significantly worse. For example if I am walking in the mountains and am caught by a storm and am about to freeze to death, I can legally break into a cabin to save my own life. I can also legally break the speed limit to reach the hospital in time if I am driving someone who is critically injured. Breivik himself mentioned the bombing of the civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasaki as an example of nødrett, and an act he directly compared his own with: The sacrifice of tens of thousands of innocent civilians to prevent an even worse disaster.

    • pete

      Oh. So FDR and Harry Truman and the extreme measures they took to end the war in the Pacific are his real inspirations? Well, I guess its possible. I figured Geller and Spencer and the others mentioned were most unlikely figures to inspire this sort of thing.

    • Adam Dalgliesh

      Alvaro–could you explain to me what a plea of "nodrett" means in English. My impression is that it means "need," but I am not certain of this.

      When Norwegian law speaks of "need," what sort of need does it concern? Does it mean that the actions of the defendant were necessary to save a life? Or can it be offered if the defendant thinks that his actions were necessary to achieve any goal that is important to the defendant. For example, could the defendant claim that he needed to rob a grocery store because he needed the money to maintain his standard of living? Or that he needed to commit a rape in order to satisfy his sexual desires and avoid sexual frustration?

      Does the defendant have to show some logical connection between the action for which he is charged, and the objective that he claims he claims made these actions necessary, before he is allowed to enter a nordrett plea? For example, would the defendant be allowed to plead that he needed to rob a grocery store in order to prevent the Russians from droppiung an atomic bomb on Oslo? Does the nodrett plea have to make some logical sense before it is allowed in court?

      I am concerned that a nodrett plea could be abused to inject all sorts of subject matter into the trial that is irrelevant to the question of the defendant's guilt or innocence. In fact, I think that Breivik has used the nodrett plea in this way at his trial, since it enables him to voice his political opinions at length in the trial. In my mind, this is an abuse of the legal process, since whether Breivik's political views are not really relevant to the question of whether or not he has committed murder.

      I think that Breivik committed the massacres mainly to gain a forum for this political views. The nodrett plea has enabled him to do this. This might encourage other people with minority opinions to commit massacres in the future in order to gain a forum for their views.

      I would be interested in Alvaro's response to my questions

  • Bamaguje

    'Hegghammer concedes that…“the more belligerent part of Mr. Breivik’s ideology has less in common with counterjihad than with its archenemy, Al Qaeda.” – Neuwith/Landau.

    I'll take that a notch further.
    In his infamous 1500 page manifesto, Breivik not only profusely referenced Islamic scriptures (Quran, Hadith, Sirat), he actually fancied collaborating with Jihadi terrorists like Al-Qaeda:

    “An alliance with the Jihadists might prove beneficial to both parties… We both share one common goal”

    “They (Jihadists) will be asked to provide a biological compound manufactured by Muslim scientists in the Middle East. Hamas and several Jihadi groups have labs and they have the potential to provide such substances.
    Their problem is finding suitable martyrs who can pass “screenings” in Western Europe. This is where we come in. We will smuggle it in to the EU and distribute it at a target of our choosing. We must give them assurances that we are not to harm any Muslims etc."

  • dave

    If the left want to play by these rules, then they must be forced to apply them across the board. For example, to sweep away the Toulouse child killers evil by blaming Israel 'oh yeah, he did it because of Israel', there should be the same treatment of Breivik, 'oh yeah, he did it because of the Islamification of Europe'. In truth they are both disgusting barbaric acts which defy logic or reason, but should be afforded the same treatment. After 9/11 a lot of people I know, my Mum included, said the USA had it coming to them, the US subsequently became introspective and wanted to find out what they had done wrong. I see none of this happening in Norway and yet they're supposed to be culturally much more likely to do this.

  • Sue

    A nation of cowards which provided no means to protect innocent children from a monster.

  • Anthony

    No one was likely to pay attention to his views before his rampage, and the same after.

    I am at the point of thinking that it would be better if Islam just takes over now, just to get this whole thing over with.

    After seeing just how femminine the Norwegen people are, and learning how 77 murdered people is likely to result in a college campuse style dormitory detention for the killer, how will this deter anyone, From engaging in terrorism there? If Jihadi operative wanted to, he or she, could do the same with no consequences.

    Norway is an embarrassment.

    • Alvaro

      "After seeing just how femminine the Norwegen people are […]"

      You should come to my Muay Thai gym where I train and tell us just that…:) We have people training from all over the world, and the Norwegians are as tough as anyone. In fact, the most intimidating people there are all Norwegian.

      Anyhow, I have been a long time reader of FPM, but frankly, these attacks on little Norway – not on leftists like we all suffer from, but on the country – is starting to alienate me.

      • Anthony

        Please sir, I am sorry to have hurt your feelings, don’t be alienated.

        I did not intend to imply that the Norseman are not physically tough, but training babies to be gender neutral and never express normal human feelings makes them perfect Dhimmis.

        These Thai Norse fighters will make excellent Moslem Jannisaries.

        Please don’t go alien.

        • Alvaro

          Please understand that *leftists* may be training babies to be gender neutral, just like *leftists* do everywhere – probably even right where you live. And the point about never expressing normal human feelings – I have no idea what you are talking about.

          I know Norway a hell of a lot better than you, Bruce Bawer and the authors of this article. The problem in Norway (and the rest of the western world) is *leftists*. Real Norwegians like Fjordman and many other conservatives in Norway feel the same way about them as you do, so it is asinine to lump us all into the same category.

          • Anthony


            Ask Rachael and John, the two writers of this article, you say you know them, what I mean by Norwegians being unable to show normal human emotions. About Bruce Bawer, is he your hero, close friend? Is he a conservative?

            They described Norwegians as "conflict-adverse", so it follows that their inability to exhibit any form of collective, societal outrage against virtually all forms of outrage makes them unable to be fully human emotionally. Maybe Breivik's cool, weirdly inappropriate aloofness is a part of the psychic repression likely found in your people. Maybe that explains the immorality of their approach to meting out justice, by barely making the criminal feel remotely punished, merely restricted. Their justice system does nothing to express societal outrage at even the most detestable human filth by punishing severely someone like this guy. So how can repressed outrage produce healthy citizens with the normal full range of human emotions? How can a society accepting of the perverse experiments on children that seeks to rob them of their identity not be an accessory to the leftists they claim to reject?

            BTW, I don't lump you all together, I just feel for example that if virtually every European I meet views me as a racist for engaging them in debate about their dilemma, their Moslem problem, their dire future expectations, the evil of the EU, and so on, I just don't see the conservatives you extol visiting New York City. I did not see them anywhere in Western Europe either.

            About the Thai work outs,are you afraid of something in particular?

          • Alvaro

            "Ask Rachael and John, the two writers of this article, you say you know them […]."

            No, I did not say I know them. I said I know Norway better than them, having lived in three parts of the country for all my life. Secondly, the country is quite stretched for European standards – from where I live to North Cape, it is about as far as from where I live now to Italy. Even Germany is closer than the part of Western Norway from where I grew up. So people in the north have probably more culturally in common with people across the border in Finland than with people in the south. In the far south of Norway we have strong cultural bonds to Denmark and also quite a few Danes living here. And in eastern Norway, they are culturally much closer to Swedes than anywhere else in the country.

            "They described Norwegians as "conflict-adverse", so it follows that their inability to exhibit any form of collective, societal outrage against virtually all forms of outrage makes them unable to be fully human emotionally."

            How do you know that their descriptions are correct? Have you seen any research on the matter? What part of Norway would it be valid in? Are Norwegians all the same?

            "Maybe Breivik's cool, weirdly inappropriate aloofness is a part of the psychic repression likely found in your people."

            Assumptions that unlikely are correct once again. Breivik is a nutcase, and hardly your average Norwegian. It would be about as useful to analyze Breivik to understand Norway as analyzing Ted Bundy to understand the USA.

            "Maybe that explains the immorality of their approach to meting out justice, by barely making the criminal feel remotely punished, merely restricted."

            If you can't understand the punishment in having your liberty taken from you, you must place very little value in it. We have a humanistic approach where the loss of liberty is the punishment. The prisoners will not be degraded until they hate the same society the vast majority one day will return to.

            "Their justice system does nothing to express societal outrage at even the most detestable human filth by punishing severely someone like this guy."

            Being locked up in a prison or a psychiatric institution for the rest of his life is not a severe punishment? I guess we could have given him 77 life sentences, but since he has only got one life himself, that kind of defeats the purpose.

            "So how can repressed outrage produce healthy citizens with the normal full range of human emotions?"

            You really have a distorted view of Norway. Maybe you should come to Norway, preferably somewhere on the countryside at a good redneck party a saturday night with plenty of karsk (pure alcohol and coffee). Ask for everyone's attention, tell them of your theory of feminine Norwegian men with repressed emotions. After that, try counting your teeth.

            Thank you for your concern for the health aspect, but help yourself before trying to help others:

            "BTW, I don't lump you all together, I just feel for example that if virtually every European I meet views me as a racist for engaging them in debate about their dilemma, their Moslem problem, their dire future expectations, the evil of the EU, and so on, I just don't see the conservatives you extol visiting New York City. I did not see them anywhere in Western Europe either."

            I have no idea who you have met, but if they feel that you are attacking their country, they will defend it.

            "About the Thai work outs,are you afraid of something in particular?"

            I started training karate with a former Spetsnaz when I was 16 because he wanted a training partner. I thought it was fun, and have tried many different martial arts until I settled with Muay Thai about four years ago. It is a great combination of strength and conditioning training, and I do it for the workout – not because I am afraid.

  • tagalog

    Considering the pathological anti-Islamic actions of such figures as those mentioned, namely, Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, and “Republicans like former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Representative Peter King,” who is the most militant anti-Islamist in the world? Why, none other than the Somali pirate-killing, al-Awlaki drone-bombing, Osama bin Laden-shooting Barack Obama himself! And what is among his most prominent selling points for re-election? He killed bin Laden! What a Geert Wilders/Marine Le Pen fascist monster! Run this guy out of office!

  • logdon

    When such a small nation's cultural signifiers are……

    Munch's angst ridden, The Scream.

    The global synonym for treachery, Quisling.

    And practitioners of mass suicide, lemmings, is there more to it than meets the eye?

    Has suppressing all of those rape 'n pillaging Viking instincts turned them into self loathing, herring eating surrender monkeys with the odd psychopath thrown in?

    Has the weight of utopian expectations destroyed this Scandinavian Utopia?

    The name, Utopia was coined by Sir Thomas Moore and is made up from the Greek words ou – not, and topos – place.

    Go figure.

    • Norwegian

      In that case the cultural signifiers for the USA must be creationist drivel, race riots, gay serial killers, Paris Hilton – and the fattest people on the planet.

      Go figure.

      • logdon

        And with that I'll add easily rattled cages, plus a total lack of any sense of humour.

      • HoR_Emperor

        Yes, answer an insult with an insult — that'll show how morally superior you are!


        • Roger

          And you aren't, you are up front and open with your hate.

  • Schlomotion

    It is amusing to watch Zionists revert to Communist press control now that their Frankenstein is going to have his day in court and the disgusting beliefs with which they indoctrinated Breivik are now going to be aired like filthy lingerie. These people wanted to resurrect Nordic, Neo-Templar Europhilia and put it in the service of the Zionist fight against Islamic Sharia and Islamic immigration. None of the proponents of this racism and religious bigotry had the fortitude to act out physical violence, but like magpies, they crowed out the Mansonian message until one guy did the Helter Skelter. Now they want him bound and gagged so that he cannot out all of his benefactors, instructors, and cheerleaders. Fie, I say. Let him now sing all of your names out loud.

    • HoR_Emperor

      Screw off, anti-Semitic cretin.

      • Roger

        My my, the atheist muslim friendly troll is on the attack?

        Are you just blinded by hate and bigotry perhaps?

    • Ghostwriter

      What do Jewish people or Zionism have ANYTHING to do with this case? You're not just an anti-semitic bigot Schlockmotion,you're a pathetic,disgusting piece of garbage with no brain or heart in you. I doubt you'll ever learn your lesson. Don't come crying to me when you finally get banned from this website,you piece of filth.

    • pete

      Why does he need to say anything when he has you to put words in his mouth? Why does anyone need to think or say anything with you around? You sound like one of those old commies from the fifties and sixties. A great vocabulary in the service of a dialectic materialism fart bag.

      Please Chairman, another six hour speech where everyone in the audience is afraid to be the first to stop clapping.

  • Ed Frias

    Alan Hart is a true pro Islamo fascist nut job.
    In May 2010, Hart stated on various media, including the Kevin Barrett Show, that consultants close one the world’s most prominent construction company assured him that “The twin towers were brought down by a controlled ground explosion, not the planes.” Hart also speculated that the planes had been fitted with transponders and that Israeli Mossad agents guided them into the towers. Regarding the purpose of the 9/11 attacks, Hart stated that: “My guess is that at an early point they said to the bad guys in the CIA – hey this operation’s running what do we do, and the zionists and the neo-cons said let’s use it.” Hart also stated that the Israeli operation which became 9/11 was likely aided by certain corrupt American leaders.

    In another interview, Hart stated that "In my analysis there’s enough evidence – visual, technical and scientific, and from eye-witnesses including fire fighters – to invite the conclusion that the Twin Towers, like Building Seven, were pre-wired for controlled demolition with nanothermite, the highest-tech military explosive."[9]

  • JasonPappas

    "… allowing it in court serves only Breivik’s twisted purposes–and perhaps those of others who seek to exploit his atrocities, and the horror they have inspired, to advance their own political agendas."

    Actually, the court seeks to put the Counterjihad on trial. It is seeking to "show" that the anti-Islamic worldview directly and inextricably led to the slaughter of Utoya. The Norwegian government knows exactly what it is doing.

  • wctaqiyya

    The first paragraph of this post discredits the authors as enemies of due process. They complain bitterly because the accused mass murderer is 'allowed' to speak and present a defense in court. Shame on them for speaking and believing the same filth practiced by every tyrannical system. I agree that Norway's pathologically disconnected effort to conjure an elysian reality makes a joke of the trial in many ways. They are so desperate to believe everyone is good unless or until illness makes them vulnerable to impure thoughts, they must prove Brievik insane. To be sure, their efforts to 'prove' the defendant insane is a circus act. But it's not Brievik's rights to due process, however imperfectly construed in Norway, that is the problem. The author's expressions of contempt for due process, the rights to be heard and present a defense, is shameful. They might as well grab some knives and help her many enemies slice the throat of western civilization. What's left of it.

  • Ghostwriter

    To the Norwegians on this site,I want to say something. It's a shame your country doesn't have a death penalty. Anders Brevik deserves it. In fact,he deserves to be hung.

    • Gary Rumain

      You are a fool. He deserves a medal as a hero. Time will tell this.

      • hahyrningur

        Uh, no he does not. Whatever disagreement you have, you don't run around slaughtering kids and you don't adopt al Quaida tactics. In fact, Breivik has so much furthered islamism and communism that you might almost think he was a false flag.

        • wctaqiyya

          Why not? Certainly, the Muslims and Communists have no problem using terrorism. And it works. Norway has been terrified into complicity with the Muslim invaders. Just look at how deeply they are in denial about the nature of Islam. In the addled minds of those whipped dogs, it's more important to 'prove' Brievik insane than it is to convict him for his crimes. Why? Because they dare not admit to themselves that Muslims are shi*ting all over their little slice of socialist heaven. They must always pretend that their Pretty Pony version of socialism is valid. They are plugged into the Matrix and enjoy their dreams too much to risk waking up. All this, despite the nearly complete monopoly on rapes, robberies and murder enjoyed by the Muslim immigrants. (sorry, citizens, ha, ha) Personally, I despise the Norwegians more than the Muslims. At least the Muslims are straightforward, they know what they want and they aren't afraid to grab it.

          • hahyrningur

            Ah. You use "taqiyya" as your name, and claim the Muslims are "at least straighforward". There has to be a joke in there somewhere.

            No, the Muslims and the Communists have no problems using terrorism. Neither have the Nazis, the Anarchists, the third way, the LTTE and a whole bunch of poorly pottytrained idjits. Idjits come in all colors. Dont be one.

          • Roger

            Do you realize the muslims rape white women in this country?
            It's not subtle how they are training the culture to submit.

            The children this mad man killed were there to train how to help break the Gaza block aid. But it's never reported in our media.

            Was he getting his message out wrong? Of course. But there was a kernel of truth that his country is on the wrong path on several issues.

    • hahyrningur

      Actually, I've arguued a bit for that, We should have a death penalty just to stop recidivism. Terrorists very often go back to their killing ways, and I have no cinfidence whatsoever in Norway's ability to keep this guy locked up.

      Already he is the mealticket for an appalling swarm of press and lawyers, and will be so for years. As time rolls on, you'll see more and more "analysis" and understanding his motives. And then, anything can happen. My guess, based on knowing Norwegians, is that he will be out, maybe within 10 years.

  • Reason_For_Life

    "While Mr. Breivik’s violent acts are exceptional, his anti-Islamic views are not. " Therefore, all anti-Islamist groups are potential mass murderers, or such is the conclusion that we are expected to draw.

    How about "While Mr. Breivik’s violent acts are exceptional, his anti-smallpox views are not." I guess that anyone who hates smallpox is a psycho killer just waiting for his chance.

    Anders Brevik is no more a sign of civilizational decay than tattooing. He's just an intelligent killer, no more, no less. Mass murderers have been around since the stone age and will continue to haunt humanity well past the time when humans have evolved into something else.

    We need to keep some perspective and remind ourselves that the biggest threats to us are heads of state who justify their murders on the grounds of the common good, national security, brotherhood or ideology.


    I wish for norway what it wishes for Israel and the US.

    SCREW norway.

  • viking

    Yep. If you want to find ignorant and “all-knowing” people, just visit a commentary field on internet. And since all those who claim they know Norway, probably dont even know the the names of the three biggest “cities” here, its quite entertaining to read this.

    But its time to be nasty. Its time to apply the R-word. The word that every selfaclaimed professor on internet forums fear and tries to ignore: REALITY!!!!!

    So Norwegians are wimps? Well, we have conscription for all men and are introducting it to women in the next years. And I have seen US Marines cry of pain during a winter excercise where we didnt even bother with heat in our tents. If you dont have open fire in the tent, you dont need someone to guard the fire. And then everyone gets an hour more with sleep. As long as it dont get under -20 degrees, its no problem. For the soft Norwegians….

    So Fjordman and Brevik are the great heroes? The great nidings are a more propper description. For lets see….Fjordman is the definition of a internet troll that have never been outside his parents home or kissed a girl. When the newspapers here in Norway published a picture of him, everyone at my office begin laughting. So he is the typical racist. He is a looser and have to find someone else to blame than himself. Just so he dont have to get out of bed in the morning and go to work like everyone else. And Breivik? He run away from millitary service with the excuse that he has to take care of his sick mother. Who actually took care of him….. He gets a nosejob because he is not “arian” enough. Like if a real viking would care about how his nose look like! Personally I got a heel in my nose and noticed after traning that it was pointing to the right. I just twisted it the other way and its pretty straight today. A little loose, but who cares. Its just a nose. So guess what? There are 12 year old girls on my taekwon-do practise who are both tougher and smore dangerous than Fjordman and Brevik togheter. Thats the reality. And that is why Brevik chose to kill unarmed kids with guns. Because he would never stood a chance against those same kids if he was unarmend. And he is too big coward to join the Telemark Batalion and fight against Taliban. So he chooses to kill kids. And thereby shows just as much currage and honor as every right wing idiot has. Absolutly zero!

    And at last: We dont punish him? We waste time on a trial? We give him a speakers chair? Sorry, but if you are so stupid that you dont understand what we are doing with this trial, then I’m afraid I can help you. But in 20 years no-one will remember Brevik as he is rotting away in isolation. But I will still remember the boy who threw himself in front of a girl to save her from the bullets. He died. She survived. I will still remember the girl who swimmed towards land after she had piced a bullet out of her foot. She staded afterwards: “We wom. He lost. Norwegian youths know how to swim”. And the girl who testified and proudly wore a blouse that showed her arm that was shoot off. Just to show Brevik that she had only lost her arm. Not her courage. And there are hundres of simillar stories that are published every day in the newspapers. And if you are unable to grasp how importain this is…. Well, then I can only feel sorry for you. Because then you live in a very small world that you have created around yourself.

    So guess what? That people tell you something that you dont like to hear, dont mean that they are wrong. I know we have integration problems in Norway. I know our politicans are just as useless as politicans in the rest of the world. And I know that we are a ignisificant country with delusions of grandeour. But the difference is that I am willing to hear those truths. And I am willing to accept them. And then I begin to think about how to make things better. Those who close their ears just because they dont like the triuth just begin to think about how to make things worse. And thats the difference between Norwegians and Brevik. We have open ears and can see ourself in the mirror with all our flaws without needing a nose job. He closed his ears, got a nose job and then killed children when nothing improved. Case closed.

    • wctaqiyya

      Your extended comment kind of wanders all over the map, but I guess your main point is that Brevik should not be confused with the 'real' Norwegians. If you will permit me to notice, I haven't seen many people saying Brevik is a typical Norwegian. I also don't see many people saying he is a hero. It may be that you are too close to your subject. Because from across the pond it is clear that his sanity is not the issue. And yet your legal system is determined to prove otherwise. I wonder why this might be and I infer it is because the truth may frighten you more than a lie. Like the lies you tell yourselves about multicultural integration. You see, you don't have, 'integration problems'. You suicidally imported several hundred thousand Muslims who despise you and want to convert or kill you. They rape, murder and rob you and your laws forbid you from saying so. Brevik did a horrible crime. But, it was not insane, he at least knows who the enemy is. Insanity is the Norwegians continuing to force themselves to believe their Muslim integration policies have any credibility. Viking, it's not about nose jobs. And killing women and children is Muslim POLICY. Maybe you should get used to it, because for all of your open ears and eyes, you and your people don't seem to get it.

      Not saying most Americans do either. But, that's changing and we are still permitted to discuss it. Good luck with your Muslim troubles. I hope you wish us luck with ours.

  • Guest

    So in other words, your complaint is that the Norweigan justice system isn’t exactly like ours, and because they abide by the rule of law and know how to be polite around crazy people.

  • HoR_Emperor

    Oh look, another anti-Christian post from the hateful lunatic formerly known as WeeToddEdwards.

  • hahyrningur

    Going through his "manifest" in the early days, I came across a passage where he describes himself also as "Christian Identity". Don't know how much you know about Christian Identity, but it's certainly not Christianity. And I don't think ABB was making a mistake. In other places, we've seen him also arguing for working with the islamists, and also commenting on the "Jewish Problem" that the US is supposed to have. Just another point that makes the official view of Breivik stand on very shaky ground.

  • hahyrningur

    Not all claiming Jesus are actually Christians. Read his "manifesto". 1500 pages of it, most of it insanely boring and gibberish. But no, no christian.

  • rachaelamb

    WestBoro Baptist Church people think their Christian too,but by their fruits you know their not.

  • Roger

    You just can't stand it can you.
    You got called out and it rankles you.

    And Anders is not following the teachings of Christ. So why do you blame Christianity for what anders did?

  • Roger

    Can you show any of your hate list followed a single teaching of Christ?

    Nope. you're just a hate filled bigot blinded by your intense stupid.

  • hahyrningur

    Lol. You know, that was quite extraordinarily confused. Hitler and Koresh. Funny guy.

  • UCSPanther

    Funny. I thought Hitler HATED Christianity, but then seeing on how desperate you are to smear, I highly doubt you care about empirical evidence.

  • rachaelamb

    "Love your enemies", "Do good to those who persecute",and "pray for those who spitefully use you" "blessed are the peacemakers" "Love is patient","love is kind,"love does not hold grudges". That sounds like the exact opposite of the hatemongering crowd at WestBoro.

  • Roger

    Which teachings of Christ do they follow exactly?

    You keep failing because you miss that one point every single time.

    Your muslim friendly hate blinds you.

  • Ricky Michael

    You have hit the nail with the hammer on this one, rachael. I have been chatting with the artist, formerly known as WeeToddEdwards for almost a year now. Don't let him fool you, he knows the Bible better than most people on the Intense Debate site and he miss uses it to try to get christians to loose their temper.

    Hilter is his favorite historical apostate to throw around to stir people up. Have a nice day.

  • Ricky Michael

    Hi Todd, back at it again on Weds. I didn't catch any fish, but I saw a lot of whales.

    Leave the girls alone. You know better than that.

  • Roger

    Christions terrorists, are they like Mother Theresa?
    Did she terrorize you?

  • rachaelamb

    If you read my message,you would understand I am saying the teachings of Christ are the exact opposite of the "hate"mongering crowd at WestBoro. I have no hate towards anyone,even towards Muslims, although I am horrified by the actions of the Islamist terrorists.

  • Roger

    Yes, and I agree with you. My comment was to the troll formerly known as wee todd.

  • Ricky Michael

    Hi roger, Alaska is a wilderness to behold. I am now on my way home and in Vanquver, BC right now. The wife wants to move up here. It's fine now but 50 below is too cool for me during the winter.

    I will be back to work on Weds. Back on the rock pile making big rocks into to little ones again. See you later.

  • Roger

    As long as he can attack Christians and Israel he's a happy camper.
    But he denies being part of islam, in spite of taking muslim friendly positions.

  • Roger

    Still the muslim friendly kind of guy?

    Still blaming Christians for the very things islam rewards?

  • Eyes_Open

    If you check the historical records, he did have the backing, and "Blessing" of the Pope. Pope Pius XII was a noted anti-semite and one of Hitler's biggest aids in getting much of Europe to "fall into place". Several books have been written about it with historical backing in the forms of his (The Popes) own letters.

  • Roger

    And none of those advocate violence.
    Not in the teachings of Christ for the modern Christians.

    I can match those with the koran, just from surah 9.

    9:5 Then, when the sacred months have passed, slay the idolaters wherever ye find them, and take them (captive), and besiege them, and prepare for them each ambush. But if they repent and establish worship and pay the poor-due, then leave their way free. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

    How many should I list?

    9:14 Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands, and He will lay them low and give you victory over them, and He will heal the breasts of folk who are believers.

  • Roger

    You can't match the teachings of Christ to the koran.
    That's the issue. I'm a Christian, I follow the teachings of Christ.

    You lose this one every time.

    Didn't your cleric give you better talking points after a three day weekend?

  • Roger

    And where did Christ teach that for His followers?

  • Roger

    I had a brother stationed up there, he said the same thing.
    But he mentioned the mosquitoes. Something about almost being the state bird?