‘Rehabilitating’ Jihadis With Cage-Fighting?

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Likewise, exactly how does the specific act of cage-fighting help rehabilitate jihadis? Again, the closer one reads, the fewer answers one receives.  Instead, one gets more of the usual: during their training, Raja “impresses on them [the released jihadis] that true Islam is spiritual, tolerant and humanistic, and not the narrow-minded, divisive message of hate peddled by self-serving radical preachers,” who exploit the fact that, in Raja’s words, “some of them [UK’s Muslims] are very angry.”

In short, this jihadi cage-fighting business is being hailed by CNN simply because it has all the ingredients to validate leftist ideas:  1) “true Islam is spiritual, tolerant, and humanistic”; 2) jihadis are simply “very angry,” presumably at Western foreign policy; 3) this pent up frustration and hostility is nothing that some good old-fashioned cage-fighting won’t alleviate (apparently “art therapy” and Play Station were deemed insufficient).

On the other hand, this story can also be interpreted according to Islam’s perspective: 1) jihad is not about instantaneous terrorism but long-term preparations.  Even the Muslim Brotherhood—which recently boasted “we will be masters of the world, one of these days”—showcases the word “prepare” in their logo, which comes directly from Koran 8:60, which commands Muslims to “prepare” for jihad “so that you may strike terror into the hearts of Allah’s enemies and your enemies”; 2) according to most Arabic legal manuals on jihad, combat sports—cage-fighting being ideal—are essential for jihadis in training.

Despite all this, now that the Olympics have ended without incident, no doubt those UK officials who myopically think only in the short-term and according to their leftist paradigms are now fully convinced that training jihadis in cage-fighting—that is, preparing them for extreme acts of violence—is the way to go.

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  • semus

    I agree this probably is not solving a long term problem and will only quell the concerns of those who would rather turn a blind eye anyway. So the glaring problem will move further under the radar.

    "UK officials who myopically think only in the short-term and according to their leftist paradigms are now fully convinced that training jihadis in cage-fighting—that is, preparing them for extreme acts of violence—is the way to go."

    Perfect classification I will add one thing to this though, unfortunately for too many of the "Officials" it's a purposeful myopia.

  • JeremyBeadleshand

    I can't possibly believe how stupid this is. We release violent murderers and rapists to the care of a violent murder or rapist who teaches them the most brutal sport outside of Japanese robot fights. Way to teach them that violence isn't the answer. Reward them for committing crimes by teaching them how to commit them far more violently. I hate my government so much. Where is V when you need him.

  • kingofdisco

    Well, there is reverse psycology, but this is surely some wacky modern branch of perverse psycology. When a puppy sh1ts in your house, everyone knows you rub its nose in it and throw it out the house, so it learns not to cr&p inside in future. But this seems to be the wolf in sheeps clothing teaching other fancy dress converts to sh1t twice as big right on the civilised place, when they perform their next bowel movement of hatred in your house. Is there not another, more multi cultural way? Like a healthy diet of romcoms, holistic healing, aromatherapy, long walks in the local park, sitting in the lotus position, and Mary Poppins reading from children's books like Thomas The Tank Engine? And tickle the soles of their feet with feathers every Friday afternoon 'till they laugh themselves into submission? Or perhaps ask them to convert to christianity, and go out and preach the gospel of a superior religion, or go home? That is what christian dogs are now asked to do in many places, isn't it? Or would that be practicing the religious code of reciprocity that no one dares preach? I’m all for for muzzling or chaining, which self-respecting vinyl spin doctor who's whipped the crowd into a frenzy isn't, but what’s so wrong with a simple dog collar, connected to the almighty, and the nearest police station?

  • http://iamiranaware.wordpress.com/ IranAware

    Actually the thought of making the captured terrorists fight to the death every day in a cage watchable online might be kinda nice…

  • Rifleman

    It can work, if the jihadis are cage fighting with Alaskan Browns. Allah will protect you, Abdul.

  • patriotwork

    What next, caged rapists? And for something really heinous– caged bullies. Social justice? cage Michelle O. and another foodnazi.

  • Eddie

    if sports can nullify the 112 Quran verses that demand Jihad, Terror and Violence from the believers, why not Ping-Pong or Tennis???

  • Schlomotion

    Is it the cage fighting aspect that repels Mr. Ibrahim or is it the terrifying aspect of a fair fight? I think these remote speaking pundits and bloggers are freaked out by anything that resembles a true one-on-one without the extra padding, spoon-fed questions, and guaranteed outcome of being interviewed or published by a favorable agency. Mr. Ibrahim looks nothing on TV like his pictures. The pictures depict a rugged and handsome young man. The television shows a balding, out of shape low-brow intellectual. The videos of Suhail Khan vs Robert Spencer show that the towering mongol Khan would be a quick win in a brawl, despite the Turko-Greek heritage of Spencer. I think it's a great idea, or would be a great idea for the jihadists and the counterjihadists to be matched in televised Mixed Martial Arts fights. It would be much more exciting and much more decisive.

    • Shirl

      As someone who has met Raymond, all I can say is he's one tall and muscular dude, probably more than most linebackers! Are you that hot on him, Shlo, that you have looked up all his pictures and videos?

    • Crossbow87

      Is this really the site to describe your homo-erotic fantasies?

    • Drakken

      God made man, Sam Colt made man equal and the only good muslim jihadist is a dead muslim jihadist. Let the purge begin.

  • Ghostwriter

    With all due disrespect to Schlomotion,is it really a good idea to put jihadists in MMA bouts? They were violent enough already. This will make them worse. All you've done is prove that you're an idiot of the highest order.

    • Schlomotion

      Then where's my Shillman Fellowship?