Courtroom Terror

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More details include eyewitnesses reporting that the Muslim lawyers were “armed with clubs.” Several, including reporters, were injured in the ensuing melee, and human rights groups were “forced out of the courtroom by the Muslims.”

Was the condemned Christian’s attorney right to categorize this incident as “terrorism”?  According to, the primary definition of terrorism is “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.” In other words, terrorism is not just limited to 9/11-type strikes, but involves intimidating, bullying, threatening, etc.—precisely what happened at this courthouse trial.

Some more key points to keep in mind:

• Those making the death threats, physically assaulting others with clubs, and otherwise engaging in terrorist behavior were “more than 300 Muslim lawyers”; not jihadis or fugitives hiding out in caves, but lawyers.

• The entire issue revolves around something that, by Western standards of freedom, would be a non-issue to start with: insulting a“holy” figure, Islam’s Prophet Muhammad.  In a Western court of law, the Christian “blasphemer” would not even be tried, but rather the terrorist “lawyers.”

• The attacks on fellow Muslim lawyers who merely sought to represent the condemned Christian is in keeping with Islam’sdoctrines of loyalty and disloyalty, which command Muslims always to side with fellow Muslims, while having enmity for non-Muslim infidels—certainly those perceived to have insulted their prophet.

The ultimate lesson emerging from this shameful fiasco is one of sheer predictability. Anyone familiar with the doings of the Islamic world—its history, its doctrines—cannot be surprised at any of the above: rage and violence in response to a non-Muslim insulting the prophet; rage and violence toward Muslim members of a legal system for trying to represent an “infidel”—these are quite standard, with ample precedent, regardless of whether the enraged Muslims are suit-and-tie wearing lawyers, or kalachnikoff-wearing jihadis.

Contrary to popular belief, then, and as this episode clearly shows, Islamic terrorism is not a byproduct of “weakness,” but rather the typical approach to those who transgress the bounds of Sharia.  Whether one man “blaspheming” Muhammad in a Muslim-majority nation (as in this example) or whether an entire nation existing on land perceived to be Islam’s (as in the case of Israel)—terror is never far behind for those transgressing the bounds of Sharia.

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  • Larry

    Exactly the same thing happens in Pakistan, and will happen in Tunisia, Libya, Syria when the Assad regime falls, in Iraq when we leave, in Afghanistan when we leave, is happening in Nigeria, Mali, Sudan, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc, etc, the list goes on.

  • Schlomotion

    Lest we consider that Muslim society is innately barbaric and Israeli civilization is innately kind and wonderful:

    Israeli teen jailed for one year over assaulting Arab youths:

    Two Jews Arrested for Assaulting an Arab on Jerusalem Light Rail:

    Israeli settlers assaulting Palestinian children and women:

    Yesh Kodish settlers deforest a man's property:

    • Bartimaeus

      You thinking is false. “Israeli teen jailed”. “Two Jews arrested”. Israeli law is far superior and much more humane than Sharia. 7th century barbarism codified in law is not morally equivalent to western law developed to secure humane rights. The freedoms and rights enjoyed by minorities in Israel are far superior to what is going on toward non-Moslem minorities in Egypt or any other Moslem country.

      • Schlomotion

        So have you not read any books since the Baby Boom or do you deliberately use the archaic spelling "Moslem" to denote a condescending librarian's attitude toward Muslims? Do you also use the term "negro?" Do you call Chinese people "Orientals?" Do you call Jews "Hebrews?"

        • Ghostwriter

          Well,Schlobrain. I'll spell it out for you. If a Jewish teen assaulted an Muslim teen in the Muslim world,I doubt that the Jewish teen would have LIVED long enough to have been tried. He would be dead.

        • Western Canadian

          Do we call you a dishonest moron and jew-hating jackass. Well, yes to that one. But you’ve earned it, many times over.

  • scum

    Shockingly weak article, and what a pathetic example in Egypt, and what a pathetically weak definition of terrorism. Of course, resorting to '' explains alot. If that event was terrorism, then the New Orleans Saints' "Bounty-Gate" is surely the same. Move on, people.

    • Frasier

      How is the article "shockingly weak," Scum? Is it not newsworthy for you when 300 Moslem lawyers violently attack a Christian? As for the definition Mr Ibrahim gives for terrorism, that's pretty much what my dictionary says. Does your dictionary define terrorism as "Sept 11"? Maybe he linked to to make it easy for all readers. You think? Maybe? Scum?

      • NotYou

        Who would sign in with a handle like 'Scum?' Does he hope for pitty or outrage when people answer him by name?

        I wonder if his definition of terrorism is getting yourself arrested so you can suicide bomb the courtroom by exploding their small, bigoted inbred minds with language they will kill to supress.

  • Nobody Important

    As usual, Mr. Ibrahim, well researched and written.

    Well, maybe not AS “well researched” as it could have been, at least with respect to your hyperlink under the text “byproduct of something else,” which, to the MLM and their well-greased mannequins in the Democrat party, essentially means “poverty.” While I won't take issue with the citation you offered there, I will offer an extended selection of additional references on Another Slow News Day's blog page confirming the liberal lie that poverty causes (or even promotes) Islamic terrorism.

    Several dozen additional pages related to Islam and the lies it perpetuates (with the assistance of their fellow travelers in the MLM, DNC and WH) are accessible from the sub-topical branches on ASND's Update Topics / Religion / Islam menu tree.