Egyptian Election: Islamist Victory or Deceptive Strategy?

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Originally published by the Gatestone Institute.

Has anyone stopped to ask where the headlines “Muslim Brotherhood Wins Egypt’s Presidential Election!” originate? They come, of course, straight from the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies—particularly the Qatar-based Islamist propaganda machine, Al Jazeera—and were then unquestioningly picked up and spread like wildfire by the Western mainstream media and talking-heads.

Left unquoted by the Western media are the many Egyptian analysts that have a different tale to tell—that the secular candidate, Ahmed Shafiq, has won.

But what does the Muslim Brotherhood have to benefit by claiming victory now, if official results might prove otherwise on June 21, a mere three days from now? Simple: they will be able to scream foul play—and gain the world’s sympathy. For days the world will have been inundated with news that the Brotherhood won, so that, when and if it hears that Shafiq won, it will naturally conclude electoral fraud—which best serves the Islamists’ interests.

Mahmoud Baraka, a Shafiq campaign spokesman, maintains that “their candidate [Shafiq] won the presidency, with 52% of the votes”—precisely the same number the Brotherhood is claiming—adding that the Brotherhood’s claims to victory “are bizarre and unacceptable,” a “big act.”

Likewise, talk show host Tawfik Okasha appeared emphatically saying that the Brotherhood’s claims are “all lies,” that most polls indicate that Brotherhood candidate Muhammad Morsi “failed,” and that the Islamist group’s motive is simply to sow “discord and dissension.” He proceeded to give several examples of how the Brotherhood’s claims are incongruous with reality.

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  • realist

    So whats new – their prophet Mohammed practised & taught them deception. Islam is after all a altered version of the Bible…… the srtaight opposite.

  • H&R_ Barack

    The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most dangerous Islamic groups in the world, not only because it supports terrorism — providing political and financial support for its Palestinian branch, Hamas, for example — but because it is part of a global Islamist network and promotes an ideology that encourages extremism and terrorism.

    B. HUSSEIN Obama has been courting Muslim Brotherhood operatives, Michelle is also gotten in the act.

    Michelle Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood & Let's Move:

  • Grace

    These are sneeky people who use trickery to get what they want. Look at the United States. Obama didn't qualify to be president, but lied his way in.