Egyptian Election: Islamist Victory or Deceptive Strategy?

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But why believe Shafiq’s spokesman and staunch secularist Okasha? Good question. Here’s a better one: Why believe the Muslim Brotherhood? Why follow the lead of an organization that has mastered dissimulation, an organization that promised Egypt it would not run a presidential candidate, only to renege once opportune?

Knowing the Brotherhood’s deceptive tactics—”War is deceit” declared their prophet—there is good reason to think that they may have planned a propaganda victory well before the elections. They could claim victory, won fair and square; they could have their Islamist and Western media supporters trumpet it; they could embed it in everyone’s mind over the course of three days before the results are formally announced—all to set the playing field to their advantage.

Then, if Shafiq wins, everyone—from militant Islamists in Egypt to a grandstanding U.S. Secretary of State—will shout, “foul play!” thereby exonerating the long promised civil war Egypt’s Islamists vowed to wage if the election did not go their way—a rebellion that would then be portrayed in the West as a result of “grievance.”

The truth is, as of this moment, no one knows which candidate won. What is known is that it’s a close race. Perhaps Morsi will win; perhaps Shafiq. Short time will tell.

In the meantime, although the media need to “break the news” and not be left behind, prudence is in order. It is folly for the West to eat straight out of the Brotherhood’s hands—to unreservedly follow their tune and propagate their unsubstantiated information—which is precisely what the Islamists want: it works only to their advantage.

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  • realist

    So whats new – their prophet Mohammed practised & taught them deception. Islam is after all a altered version of the Bible…… the srtaight opposite.

  • H&R_ Barack

    The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the most dangerous Islamic groups in the world, not only because it supports terrorism — providing political and financial support for its Palestinian branch, Hamas, for example — but because it is part of a global Islamist network and promotes an ideology that encourages extremism and terrorism.

    B. HUSSEIN Obama has been courting Muslim Brotherhood operatives, Michelle is also gotten in the act.

    Michelle Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood & Let's Move:

  • Grace

    These are sneeky people who use trickery to get what they want. Look at the United States. Obama didn't qualify to be president, but lied his way in.