Egypt’s Presidential Elections: What’s at Stake

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One of the blocs not voting for the Islamists consists of Christian Copts, who make for some 12-15 million people.  Not only does an AFP report capture their mood well, but it demonstrates how Egypt’s non-Muslims are so convinced that any Islamist president, including the oxymoronic “liberal Islamists” like Abul Futuh, will lead to even more intolerance for Christians—a reminder of reality from those non-Muslims on the ground.

[V]oting lines were long, and the worry and tension felt by many Christians was palpable.

“I don’t want the Islamists. If they come to power and I oppose them, they will say I am criticizing their religion and who knows what they’ll do to me? We can’t talk to them,” said 57-year-old Sanaa Rateb after casting her ballot….  Nassim Ghaly, a young man with a cross tattooed on his wrist in the distinctive manner of Egyptian Christians, interjected: “God protect us if the Islamists come to power and they control the parliament and the presidency at the same time.”….  “What we want is a non-religious state,” which would guarantee the rights of all religious groups, Sanaa Halim, in her sixties, said. “The Islamist trends are worrying,” one of her friends added, declining to give her name. “And what have they done in parliament? Nothing, except talk about women and female circumcision.”

Indeed, above and beyond the recent clash between Egypt’s Islamists and the military—where the former exposed their jihadi face, losing some popular support—the elected Islamist-majority parliament is increasingly seen as a disappointment, more interested in banning toys that “humiliate Islam” and legalizing “death-sex,” rather than addressing the country’s economic woes.  As another voter put it, “I voted for the Brotherhood in parliament elections. Now they want to control religious tourism, this is what I got from them. The parliament has failed.”

Likewise, Ryan Mauro reports that “the secularists have benefited from a sharp fall in Islamist popularity. In February, 43% of Egyptians supported the Muslim Brotherhood, 40% supported the Salafist Nour Party and 62% felt that it is positive to have a strong Brotherhood presence in parliament. A Gallup poll in April found that the statistics fell to 26%, 30% and 47% respectively.”

Notwithstanding all this, perhaps the most decisive voting bloc consists of those tens of millions of impoverished Egyptians who care little about voting, who care little about Sharia or secularism, and are more than happy to exchange their vote for a temporal boon.  These, the well-organized Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis—funded by Saudi petro dollars—have been busy buying, including with food and drink.

The outcome of the elections remains uncertain.  While Egypt is home to the modern day Islamist movement—giving the world several headaches, including the Muslim Brotherhood, the “godfather of jihad” Sayyid Qutb, and al-Qaeda leader Ayman Zawahiri—up until recently it was also home to one of the Islamic world’s most secular and “fun-loving” societies (it’s not called the “Hollywood of the Middle East” for nothing).  Yet, based on the spectacular advance of political Islam in the last few decades, one remains pessimistic.

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  • Chezwick

    It'll be no different than the parliamentary elections…the MB will surely win. The new President will tread circumspectly at first, just like Erdogan did in Turkey…until he has the military and the security organs under control. Then, watch for dramatic shifts in domestic and foreign policy.

    We're watching an historical epoch unfold, folks. These are the first stirrings of the rebirth of the Caliphate.

    • Choi

      You're absolutely correct.
      In fact, they'll act ,as you put it,circumspectly,until AFTER our U.S. Election.

    • hahyrningur

      It is a rebirth of the Caliphate which president Obama is taking direct part in. The "spring" was fueled by the US for the purpose of a MB revival, just as it is meant in the other springs.

      • Roger

        And the flaws in the policies as Obama explained them are becoming more and more apparent.

  • StephenD

    Our current administration will be satisfied enough to secure the "aid" (our tax dollars) from us with a smile and a promise of "moderation" from the Muslim Brotherhood. Hell, they’re satisfied enough to hold talks with the Taliban and we wonder if they’ll accept the M.B. ?!? No, Egypt is in for some rough times and for a long time I fear. They will listen to the counsel of fools up until their rivers run dry and the cotton dies and there is no work. What will be left for them is to try to take from their neighbor. My only hope is they aren’t fool enough to start with Israel.

  • Schlomotion

    If they all want to vote to hit themselves in the head with a big hammer, that's fine with me. I can't stand the arrogance of this writer, and others here, telling us to "bear in mind" that voting over there is not like voting over here because they don't vote how we would. So what if they vote between Muslims and non-Muslims? It's their country. Over here we vote between different kinds of plutocrats. There's nothing noble about that.

    • ziontruth

      "If they all want to vote to hit themselves in the head with a big hammer, that's fine with me."

      Would be fine with me too, if the results of the vote were kept to themselves. But…

      "So what if they vote between Muslims and non-Muslims? It's their country."

      Here it is: Your arrogance of thinking that if you ignore the fact that Islam is imperialism, a political program to be imposed worldwide, it'll go away.

      "…the arrogance of this writer, and others here, telling us to 'bear in mind' that voting over there is not like voting over here…"

      So now even "bearing in mind," in other words being cautious, is an instance of "arrogance" to be criticized. I don't question your patriotism—it's patently clear that it doesn't exist.

      "Over here we vote between different kinds of plutocrats."

      Classic Marxist language. But keep on calling the staff of FPM "leftists" if that gives you a good feeling.


        Happy ETERNAL NAKBA Schlocky!

      • Schlomotion

        Elyahu, you are an Israeli ethnic cleansing supporter trying to dictate the outcome of Egyptian elections and impugning the patriotism of Americans for not supporting a Jewish Jihad against Islam. You therefore don't have the credibility capital to speak down to me in any way.

        • Zionista

          once you spew your paranoid Jew hatred on this site, you're fair game you Jew hating insect

          • Schlomotion

            That's funny. In all your research and cogitation, research The Seven Stage Hate Model, and cogitate upon "secondary justification." It's the skinhead rationale for reactive offense such as one “who grounds his attack on a perceived transgression, such as an insult, interracial dating, or a neighborhood integration.”

            That's you. You are a Jew, but you are a Skinhead.

          • guest

            you are one psycho Jew hater, but everyone on this site knows that already shmo


            You have to understand Schlocky, His family has a history of mental illness and low self-esteem.

          • tagalog

            Please explain the Seven Stage Hate Model. I've never heard of that one.

          • Schlomotion

            Rick Ross of the Cult Awareness Network has reprinted a nice, readable version of that useful FBI paper. The short form is:

            Group Gathers
            Group Defines Itself
            Disparages Target
            Taunts Target
            Attacks Target Without Weapons
            Attacks Target With Weapons
            Destroys Target

            The longer, more detailed description of each stage is here:

          • poppakap

            More Marxist didactic from the FPM Troll-In-Chief.

            Is it just me or has Slomo's sense of self-importance reached delusion?

          • Schlomotion

            So the FBI is a Marxist organization now, Ray?


            No you silly socialist, the KGB is a marxist organization.

          • Stephen_Brady

            Stage 1: The Haters Gather

            Stage 2: The Hate Group Defines Itself

            Stage 3: The Hate Group Disparages the Target

            Stage 4: The Hate Group Taunts the Target

            Stage 5: The Hate Group Attacks the Target Without Weapons

            Stage 6: The Hate Group Attacks the Target with Weapons

            Stage 7: The Hate Group Destroys the Target
            I would say that you're in Stage 4, right now, Schlo …

        • Judas

          Speaking of credability Schlomminded simpleton, "JewishJihad"????

          Take off the tinfoil hat and start taking your meds daily so you can rejoin reality. Stop with the drivel fairy tale propaganda that is not based in reality or just come right out and tell everyone that you are simply an anti-Semite.

        • ziontruth

          "…you are an Israeli ethnic cleansing supporter…"

          I support the same kind of ethnic cleansing you do: Cleansing the colonist to make way for the indigenous. We just differ as to who is the colonist and who the indigenous. You can get off your high horse.

          "…trying to dictate the outcome of Egyptian elections…"

          I'm not so arrogant as to believe I, or my state, could have any effect on the outcome of Egyptian elections. I'm flattered, though, by your belief that we have such influence.

          "…and impugning the patriotism of Americans for…"

          For seeking to appease Islamic imperialism on the Jewish State's expense. A patriot does not appease an imperialist aggressor. A patriot knows appeasement will only bring, eventually, one day, the imperialist aggressor to feed on him.

          "…a Jewish Jihad against Islam."

          Comedy gold! And I though Schlockbrains had no sense of humor.

          "You therefore don't have the credibility capital to speak down to me in any way."

          I wipe you off my soles after I come back home from a walk in the park, and I hate every moment my nose has to suffer it.


            ziontruth AKBAR!

        • Choi

          Hey,F-HEAD,there is NO Jewish "Jihad" against Islam.
          And WHO do you think you are to tell a poster they don't have the credibility capital to" speak down " to you.
          A newborn has the CREDIBILITY to talk down to YOU.

    • poppakap

      …and who exactly gives a damn about what you find offensive Slomo?

      What we conservatives find offensive is your constant jabbering and crypto-commie sentiment. Did you always pee in the sandbox as a kid so others wouldn't want to play there? It's time to grow up and get a job.

    • Ghostwriter

      Schlomotion,I wouldn't be surprised if the next person to hit in the head with a big hammer was you. Your drivel that you pour out is proof that someone must have hit you on the head A LOT.

  • AntiSharia

    Yeah, the Muslims are afraid of the Christians. It's not the Mosques that are getting burned down, it's not the Christians who are being tortured and killed. Whom should be afraid of whom?

    • Choi

      You meant the Christians are being TORTURED & KILLED

  • tagalog

    The right to vote will not prevent people from voting for people who will do them harm. That is well-known. The right to vote among well-armed free people who are steeped in a tradition of individual accountability, self-reliance, and personal responsibility, works fairly well. Without the cultural foundation, people will vote for Hitlers and sharia nuts.

    • ziontruth

      Ben Franklin's distinction between democracy and a republic comes to mind.

      • tagalog

        Also, the oft-noted need for the existence of a well-established sense of virtue among the people in order to insure that people don't vote for tyrants, since the Enlightenment philosophers, including John Locke, Adam Smith, Montesquieu, and Alexis de Toqueville, all noted that government and the governed occupy the middle ground between wanting to have their freedom and their rights protected and the desire to be told what to do in order to avoid the trouble of thinking for one's self, so that there is a continual tension between the mutually contradictionary desires for both freedom and slavery.

  • Choi

    Germany first ELECTED Hitler who went from there to DICTATOR & THIRD REICH,aka,NAZI GERMANY.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Are elections such a wonderful thing, look what has happened to America, we got Obama and
    a criminal government, they spent more money than America made last year and continue the
    scams. The left has gone from "burn baby burn" to "spend baby spend"……………….William

    • tagalog

      De Toqueville was the first (but not the last) to point out that when government is perceived as a provider of entitlements to things that are perceived as benefits, there is a tendency among the governed to accept the entitlements and to lose their edge, using their power only to wake up once every election cycle and cast a vote for the current crop of people who promise to continue providing the benefits. Some wag pointed out that, under such a political scheme, people can't be trusted to make responsible decisions about their own individual well-being, and need government to make their decisions for them, but are trusted to elect leaders who have a permanent effect on the future of the entire society.

      • WilliamJamesWard

        So true, and this type of arrangement destroys individualism while making it a family
        business controling the public purse. Think of it, people promoting dependency for vote
        and this changes the paradigm, voters become the main cause for those who sell America
        out and into Marxism. The upcoming election is for survival of America as a free Nation ,
        we are on the cusp and may put the one third who demand freedom with their back against
        the wall, a dangerous thing to do………………………………..William

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  • Lastkingbabylon

    With all the candidates receiving votes, makes one wonder whatever happened to al-Baradei, the liberals and moderates great hope. That, and the failfure of the once-popular Amr Musa to generate much traction shows that the liberals and moderates weren't as numerous as they thought they were during the demonstrations last year. To see where all of this is heading read the essays: "Arab Spring, Arab Winter" and "Islam's 700-year Cycles of History" on the website

  • Zionista

    and they kill muslims who don't adhere to a strict interpretation of islam – they're also famous for using mentally handicapped and women they consider 'not marriage material' (i.e. ugly) to be homicide bombers – pure evil