Egypt’s Salafi Party Objects to Banning Sex Slavery

Considering that the abduction, enslavement, rape, and trafficking of Coptic Christian girls, especially minors, in Egypt is at an all time high—according to U.S. lawyers, 550 such cases have been documented in the last five years—Egypt’s Constituent Assembly to the Constitution met yesterday to consider the inclusion of a new article, #33, in the section dealing with Rights and Freedoms, that would expressly criminalize “forced labor, slavery, the trafficking of women and children, human organs, and the sex trade.”

Yunis Makhiyun deems human trafficking laws pointless, since "such things do not exist" in Egypt.

Yet some members on the assembly are grumbling. According to Masrawy, Muhammad Saad Gawish, a member of the Constituent Assembly, wondered: “How can an article [#33] mention human trafficking when this is not happening in Egypt?” Likewise, Yunis Makhiyun, another Constituent Assembly member complained that “this article will give [Egypt’s] citizens the impression that things like slavery, trafficking in females and children, are happening in Egyptian society, when such things do not exist.”

Rather tellingly, both of these men are also members of Egypt’s Salafi Nour Party, which closely patterns itself after the example of the Islamic prophet Muhammad and his companions—who owned and sold infidel slaves, and advocated deceiving the enemy. Moreover, it is those called “Salafis” who are most associated with the abduction, enslavement, and selling of Christian women and children in Egypt.

This should be no surprise considering that Egyptian Salafi preacher Huwaini urges Muslims to abduct, enslave, and sell infidels as a Sharia-approved way of making a good living.

Yet here are the Salafis—out of Egypt’s prisons and sitting in Egypt’s parliament—complaining about the outlawing of human slavery and trafficking, and insisting (with a straight face) that “such things do not exist.”

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  • sharpsrifle

    hussein obama's good friends, the creatures he "will stand with if the political winds turn ugly"…also known as the enemies of humanity and human dignity, also known as muslims. The first "black" president is allied with slave traders, and his "feminist" Secretary of State considers these raping, murdering atavisms (look it up) to be a positive thing for Egypt. Either hussein and Hitlery are morally blindered and unable to see vicious evil when it stares them in their Marxist faces, or they're so consumed by their anti-American ideology that they don't care that they are allied with Paleolithic monsters who would kill or sell them JUST AS EASILY as they would the Copt girls they're selling, raping and murdering now! What are YOU going to do about it? Or are you so attached to a failed and evil president that you too think this is no real issue?

  • oldtimer

    Is that a hole in his head?

    • Beagle

      Zebibah: the mark you get from bashing your head against the ground five times a day. A symbol of Islamic piety and brain damage.

    • Joseph

      So called pious muslims develop these marks on the forehead supposedly from praying. However they would not develop these from normal prayer practises as demonstrated by several hundred million " normal " muslims. I think these idiots spend hours of time rubbing their heads in the dirt to develop a mark to show they are holier than others. Stupidly other muslims actually believe this is true and respect them for their piety. Shows how stupid muslims are.

  • Marty

    Sex slavery has been part of islam from its beginnings. The pedophile mohamad sanctioned and practiced rape, the slaughter of defenseless and innocent people, and the confiscation of their property. islam is part thievery, murder, subjugation, and kidnapping. It is a huge protection racket. Only by paying the jizya can christians and Jews find some degree of physical security that can be revoked by some genocidal muslim leader at any time. Those copts who are able should leave egypt; their situation will only get worse.

  • jose

    Islam will be very popular in America. It just has to be approved by Hussain Obama's 'executive privaledge'. Soon at your local malls. ;) Tolerance is one of our newest priorities. Until death.

  • Chanameel

    That mark on the forhead is what is known as "the Mark of Cain."

    Cain is the personification of the fallen state of mankind, the symbolic representation of spiritual alienation between man and G-d,

    Cain was exiled from his family after he murdered his brother, Abel (Gen 4) G-d marked him so that all creatures would know not to kill him.