How ‘Religious Defamation’ Laws Would Ban Islam

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As the Islamic world, in the guise of the 57-member state Organization of Islamic Cooperation, continues to push for the enforcement of “religious defamation” laws in the international arena—theoretically developed to protect all religions from insult, but in reality made for Islam—one great irony is lost, especially on Muslims: if such laws would ban movies and cartoons that defame Islam, they would also, by logical extension, have to ban the religion of Islam itself—the only religion whose core texts actively defame other religions.

To understand this, consider what “defamation” means.  Typical dictionary-definitions include “to blacken another’s reputation” and “false or unjustified injury of the good reputation of another, as by slander or libel.” In Muslim usage, defamation simply means anything that insults or offends Islamic sensibilities.

However, to gain traction among the international community, the OIC maintains that such laws should protect all religions from defamation, not just Islam.  Accordingly, the OIC is agreeing that any expression that “slanders” the religious sentiments of others should be banned.

What, then, do we do with Islam’s core religious texts—beginning with the Quran itself, which slanders, denigrates and blackens the reputation of other religions?  Consider Christianity alone: Quran 5:73 declares that “Infidels are they who say Allah is one of three,” a reference to the Christian Trinity; Quran 5:73 says “Infidels are they who say Allah is the Christ, [Jesus] son of Mary”; and Quran 9:30 complains that “the Christians say the Christ is the son of Allah … may Allah’s curse be upon them!”

Considering that the word infidel (or kafir) is one of Islam’s most derogatory terms, what if a Christian book or Western movie appeared declaring that “Infidels are they who say Muhammad is the prophet of God—may God’s curse be upon  them”?  If Muslims would consider that a great defamation against Islam—and they would, with the attendant rioting, murders, etc.—then by the same standard it must be admitted that the Quran defames Christians and Christianity.

Similarly, consider how the Christian Cross, venerated among millions, is depicted—is defamed—in Islam:  according to canonical hadiths, when he returns, Jesus supposedly will destroy all crosses; and Muhammad, who never allowed the cross in his presence, ordered someone wearing a cross to “take off that piece of idolatry.”

What if Christian books or Western movies declared that the sacred things of Islam—say the Black Stone in the Ka’ba of Mecca—are “idolatry” and that Muhammad himself will return and destroy them?  If Muslims would consider that defamation against Islam—and they would, with all the attendant rioting, murders, etc.—then by the same standard it must be admitted that the hadith defames the Christian Cross.

Here is a particularly odious form of defamation against Christian sentiment, especially to the millions of Catholic and Orthodox Christians.  According to Islam’s most authoritative Quranic exegetes, including the revered Ibn Kathir, Muhammad is in paradise married to and having sex with the Virgin Mary.

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  • objectivefactsmatter

    "one great irony is lost, especially on Muslims: if such laws would ban movies and cartoons that defame Islam, they would also, by logical extension, have to ban the religion of Islam itself—the only religion whose core texts actively defame other religions."

    Bingo! Exactly. Islam is essentially a blasphemy against Judaism, Christianity and any other belief systems, but crucially, one can prove that it propagates outrageous lies specifically against the Christians, and even more so against Jews.

    Obama's actions are proof of what a pathetic administration we have. It was bad enough tolerating Bush's tolerance, but at least we knew that behind the scenes he wasn't actually convinced of Islam's qualities. This idiot Obama really thinks he can find the essence of Islam in his childhood memories of kids in Catholic school in Indonesia. (Obama attended a Catholic school registered as a Muslim).

    • Kufar Dawg

      What's sick to think is that while the zero was attending school in Indonesia, Indonesian muslo-fascists were committing their genocide of kufrs/infidels (most Catholic BTW) in E. Timor. A genocide that claimed the lives of more than ten thousand kufrs/infidels and was only stopped by the direct military intervention of AUS (and G-d bless AUS for that, because the rest of the civilised world did nothing).

  • Axiom

    Mr Ibrahim's trademark logic cannot be denied here. All people who are in any way and in any capacity combating the OIC's defamation of religions bill, should take note and adopt this argument, as it is flawless. When Moslems complain about cartoons defaming their religion, we need to throw in their face the fact that their entire religion defames us!

  • Jaafar_1946

    I still think we should treat Muslims exactly as Muslims treat Jews. What's sauce for the goose…

    • Kufar Dawg

      Funnily enough, the religion that has suffered most at the hands of the muslo-fascists isn't Judaism, but Hinduism. Some 80 million or more Hindus were either slaughtered, forcibly converted to islam or enslaved by muslo-fascists with the most egregious offender being the great muslime hero Tamerlane, who bragged about the number of Hindus he had slaughtered and had towers made of their skulls.

    • Jaafar_1946

      I get your point, but there is a point where "being better" turns into appeasement and surrender. Specifically, I reject TOTALLY Morsi's idea that Americans should conduct themselves to make Egyptians happier. I am disgusted that Hillary THANKED him for protecting our embassy. There does come a time when people need to be told to go jump in the lake, and that time is LONG overdue for the Religion of Perpetual Offense.

    • leonardeuler

      I get your point, Jaafar, and its good enough as a piece of rhetoric. But I respectfully disagree if you propose this seriously. I don't believe we should stoop to that. One reason traditional western (small-l) liberalism is superior to Islam is precisely because we treat all equally. Why violate our own core principles in a game of tit for tat? Our response must not be equivalent — it must be better.

  • Trevor Blake

    Islam […] the only religion whose core texts actively defame other religions.

    An error in an otherwise useful and welcome article. The Bible of Christianity actively defames Judaism (examples). The Bible also actively defames religions that no longer exist (see Deuteronomy 7:1-2).

    • oldtimer

      There is a big difference, look up for yourself the 7 pillars of Islam… Surah 2:193 ….Jihad is the mechanism of elimination of idolatry….surah 3:84,85….islam is the one true religion…No where in the Christian/Jewish 10 Commandments ,which are the law, does it call for murdering non-believers.

    • Si

      Trevor Blake is mistaken. Christians accept the Old Testament in its entirety, without defaming it. Islam claims Jews and Christians distorted the OT and NT, which is why the Qur'an is always harping on them. Unless if by "the Bible of Christianity actively defames Judaism," you mean that the NT records Jews as calling for the execution of Jesus? If so, this is called "history" not "defamation."

    • Kufar Dawg

      Um, Yeshua and his followers were Jewish, born and bred in Judah/Judea. Are you saying they didn't have the
      right to criticise the religion and people that were their birthright? They weren't outsiders looking in, Yeshua was preaching, in Jerusalem, to a populous that on a percentage basis, consisted of more Jews than reside there now!

  • MikeWood

    This is a great argument. Note also that the Muslim prayer, known as "The Opening", which is recited by devout Muslims at least 17 times a day (that's over 6000 times a year) contains what is commonly understood amongst Muslims to be denigrating of Jews and Christians. The lines, "Guide us in the straight path, the path of those whom Thou hast blessed, not of those against whom Thou art wrathful, nor of those who art astray." Those attracting wrath are the Jews; those who have gone astray are the Christians. (See Mark Durie: The Third Choice p.46)

  • Demetrius M

    That would be fine if islam was a religion. I would urge anyone reading this to google Rebecca Bynum and her articles regarding islam. Her articles, at least according to my research, are accurate, yet concise and to the point (unlike myself).

  • Paul B.

    Delicious irony, but the law would never be enforced with equity. Just as with hate crime laws of today, the Left's cognitive dissonance would prevail.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The muslo-fascists only referred to defaming all religions as a rhetorical convenience, because, quite obviously, they don't refrain from defaming ALL other religions in their islamofascist states today.

      • Jaafar_1946

        Absolutely not! Why, it's one of their favorite hobbies when the wife-beating is done for the day.

  • PhillipGaley

    No, . . . enforcement would be discretionary, and in all probability—with guys like Eric Holder and Bill Ayers runnin' the show—whatever enforcement might be thought to be done, would be upon actors which are not Islamic, . . .

    But even before, I concur with those who say that, Islam is not a religion at all, and to buttress statements in support of that as a categorical fact, Moslems' personalities are entwined in enforced patterns of behavior—not in beliefs which can be inquired into. And for instant example: The more mature Moslems teach mayhem (stone throwing, acid, etc.) and suicide to their young. In spread and actuality, Islamic so-called teachings, appear as more pert to a criminal organization operating under a false flag which mere color of religion, provides; and in all criticism, sure, for the illiterate or, otherwise ignorant who may be among us, if we wish to bridge to equal considerations of Christians, are the Christians chopping and hacking family members heads and hands off, burying alive, stoning, throwing acid in faces, and so much of this of Islam, done under the rubric of some so-called sense of honor.

    With its institutionalized sensuality, in its cruelty even to its own, in its history for actuality of mayhem, in the current pronouncements of many imams, and in the writings of its own book, it appears most clearly described as a philosophical invention, by bad men and for the use and maintenance in both malice and malevolence of bad men.

  • LindaRivera

    In Obama’s UN speech, Obama declared: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

    One blogger has stated about Obama’s declaration: “I consider that statement a death threat to me and all anti-Islam
    bloggers, authors, and activists by the President of the United States…” End of quote.

    When DECEIVER, Barack Hussein Obama declared: “The future
    must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”, he meant the future must not belong to those who tell the TRUTH about Islam.

    Barbaric mass murderer and huge slave trader, founder of Islam,
    Mohammad, who married a six year old child when he was in his fifties,
    declared: WAR IS DECEPTION.

    U.S. ruling elites spit on the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights,
    our patriotism to America and on the graves of every brave hero who
    fought and died in the Second World War so that we could live in FREEDOM
    and SAFETY. And they spit on the graves of the European heroes who
    centuries ago, fought desperate battles to stop the cruel, barbaric
    Muslim invaders.

    The Obama-Clinton administration are eager to wage WAR against hated
    non-Muslim infidels, especially those who tell the TRUTH about Islam.

    • Kufar Dawg

      I agree w/you and that blogger LR. When we speak of someone as having no future, what do we normally think of? We think of someone who isn't long for this world, someone who is sentenced to die, or perhaps someone who is going to be imprisoned for a long time. However the zero's words are spun, he's proposing persecuting those who defame islam's holey prophet of hate.

  • Hein Maassen

    And look at the Joint statement by the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, OIC Secretary General, Arab League Secretary General, and Chairperson of the Commission of the African Union, isssued September 20th. It states: "We share a profound respect for all religions. We are united in our belief in the fundamental importance of religious freedom and tolerance. We condemn any advocacy of religious hatred that
    constitutes incitement to hostility and violence. While fully recognizing freedom of expression, we believe in the importance of respecting all prophets, regardless of which religion they belong to." It then mentions the: "anguish" of the Muslems, and ends by halfheartedly condemning the recent violence and murder in the Muslem world. No comment necessary. The fact that the European Union allies itself with the Arab League and the African Union in matters of religious freedom speaks for itself.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The EU has been entirely compromised/corrupted by islamofascism. It no more represents freedom and liberty than Joseph Stalin did, or Mao Tse Tung.

  • Thomas Wells

    This is an excellent well thought out article. Unfortunately, it's very reasonableness will cause it to be deleted from the rabid-like "minds" of the fuhrer following islamites and their lackeys.

  • Ghostwriter

    "Islam is the only faith who's core texts defame other religions."

    I doubt that quote is going to be received well in the muslim world.

  • @JeanCurry3

    My policy is to stare and glare at Muslims whenever I see them in public. It's childish, but satisfying. I've tried it a couple of times now. They know.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Funnily enough, there was a hijab wearing woman in Costco who I was furtively glancing at, then I noticed she was furtively glancing at me!

      One time, at a local grocery store, another head bag wearing woman had her toddler in tow, a real cute kid. A woman interacted w/the kid and got him to laugh. The head bag woman screeched something in her guttural foreign tongue at the kid and he stopped laughing.

  • Rachel

    But we know that Muslims are above the law… is our Muslim-friendly Federal Govt. So who is going to enforce these laws against Islamists? No one, that's who.

  • EthanP

    You mean ban the "religion of peace". That may be the facts, but it's not how the usefull idiots on the suicidal left will see it. The UN has become the worst agency for tyranny in the world.

    • Kufar Dawg

      It is amazing how the UN has become nothing but a rubber stamp for the OIC and islamofascism. Does anyone here want their tax dollars supporting such a corrupt organization? Considering the level of representation us kufrs/infidels get from our corrupt federal government, should of any of us really be paying taxes at all? After all, isn't it supposed to be no taxation without representation?

  • R.C.

    But that doesn't include Islam and its Godless adherents–they can, do and will continue to defame the God of the Bible and those who love him!

  • pyeatte

    What we should do is first, get an English language electronic copy of the Koran, then redact out all the odious parts and republish it. It would be a much thinner book and cheaper too, since if would require less paper. Next we re-translate it to Arabic and send millions of free copies back to the Middle East. It could be published under the name of Joe Smith Publishing, Inc.

  • burke

    Islam is an ‘honor culture’, meaning they consider reputation more important than facts.

    If the facts about the life of Mohammed lower his reputation, prestige and ‘honor’, then the facts about Mohammed must be suppressed.

    If the facts about the life of Mohammed are depressing and discouraging to Muslims, then the facts must be suppressed to spare the ‘feelings’ of Muslims…they cannot bear to read, see or hear about the pedophilia, mass murders, genocide and misogyny. Anyway, if Mo did them, it is necessarily ‘noble’ and ‘good’.

    Reason is pushed aside when examining the life of Mohammed.

  • Edward Clne

    Ibrahim points up the logical contradiction in the Islamic push for censorship, and reveals the fork-tongued taqiyya being promulgated by the OIC. But logical contradictions have never caused Islamists – or irrationalists, or, for that matter, religionists of any stripe, which are the same thing – to pause in thought. Islam is a dualistic system of thought that treats contradictions as an extension of evidence-barren faith and admits them as doctrine. This is why it is fruitless to argue theology with Muslims, as well. Reason is their enemy and they dismiss its role as a form of "defamation," as an infidel "trick" or just plain irrelevant. Furthermore, Islam is a political blueprint for the "perfect" society, and Islamists will never allow themselves to be gagged in that respect. After all, they also claim their own brand of "freedom of speech."

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