Huffington Post, MSM Facilitate Destruction of Egypt’s Pyramids

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He then portrays me as “scaremongering” and “offer[ing] a deeply misleading account of what has been happening in Timbuktu,” because I had written, “Currently, in what the International Criminal Court is describing as a possible ‘war crime,’ Islamic fanatics are destroying the ancient heritage of the city of Timbuktu in Mali—all to Islam’s triumphant war cry, ‘Allahu Akbar!’”  Morgan explains:

To read that that you’d think that the only Muslims involved in events at Timbuktu were the ones doing the vandalism.  But of course it was Islamic buildings that they were attacking. Ansar al-Din, the al-Qaeda-affiliated zealots in northern Mali, consider the traditional Sufi practices of Timbuktu to be heretical.

This is strange logic, indeed.  Because the Salafis of Mali consider Sufi buildings insufficiently Islamic—as all Salafis, Wahhabis, and “radicals” do—according to Morgan, that is proof positive that the Pyramids, which are purely pagan, are “under no threat whatsoever” from Egypt’s Salafis.

If Morgan’s point is that, by destroying Sufi Muslim shrines, the “al-Qaeda-affiliated zealots” are not practicing “true Islam”—that’s still neither here nor there.  All Salafis—whether in Mali or in Egypt, whether “al-Qaeda affiliated” or not—reject Sufism as a heresy and pagan Pyramids as worse; and in Egypt, the Salafis are now out of the prisons and sitting in Parliament.

All of these apologists are unaware that the Koran portrays pre-Islamic Egypt’s Pharaoh as the quintessential infidel, with the result that the Pyramids, the handiwork of Pharaoh, have always been seen by the pious as an affront to the total victory of Islam in Egypt—hence why any number of Muslim leaders through the centuries tried to lay low those defiant symbols of Egypt’s pre-Islamic past; hence why such calls are again become vocal.

Indeed, here’s the latest bit of evidence: just published in El-Balad, on July 17, “Egypt’s Justice and Development for Human Rights warned against the ongoing incitements from a large number of men of the Islamic religion to destroy the Pyramids and other Pharaonic antiquities, deeming them pagan symbols of pre-Islamic Egypt…. these calls have greatly increased after the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate, Dr. Muhammad Morsi.”

These calls are not a joke—nor a “hoax”: the same mentality that sought to destroy the Pyramids in the past, is the same mentality that is gaining mastery over Egypt in the present—with the exception that, if destroying the Pyramids was an impossible task then, it is realizable now, a wonderful feather in the turban of any aspiring “champion of Islam”—a feat that none of the greatest caliphs and sultans could accomplish, try as they might.

Accordingly, those who understand that the Great Pyramids belong to all mankind, not just Egyptians—and I say this as a Copt, the closest living descendants of Pharaonic Egypt—must safeguard their preservation, and not abandon them to Islamic zealots.

Still, the “leftist” mentality remains oblivious, as if to say, so what if Islamic doctrine and history is replete with the destruction of pre-Islamic monuments from one end of the Islamic world to the other, including several attempts against the Pyramids?  So what if, at this very moment, Muslim fanatics are destroying artifacts in the name of Islam?  So what if Egypt’s Salafis are on record calling for the destruction of the Pyramids?  Not to worry, the Huffington Post et al. say it’s just a “hoax.”  Nothing to see here, folks; go right back to sleep.

Incidentally, these media outlets and their writers are the same ones who, when the day comes and the Pyramids are attacked—just like when the Twin Towers were attacked on 9/11—will wring their hands and shake their heads, wondering, “Who knew?” “How?” “Why?” Then, because they still cannot comprehend Islam’s teachings and history, they will, as ever, cite “grievance” or “poverty” or “political oppression” as the real reasons behind this latest atrocity, calling for more Western engagement and head-sticking in the sand.  And so the vicious cycle of Islamic intolerance followed by Western appeasement will continue, ad nauseam.

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  • JaM


  • susan

    blow up pyramides then build a "victory mosque"!!! right?

  • Jakareh

    Raymond Ibrahim and the other Copts are the only true Egyptians. The Muslims are nothing but invaders and collaborators.

    • Roger

      Which explains why they want evidence of any other cultural greatness destroyed.

  • Donahaue Wait

    I have studied the Greet Pyramid for 30 years now and I share this discovery that many do not know:

    "In that day shall there be an alter to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt,
    and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD" ISAIAH 19 19-20 KJV

    Most ministers and preachers do not know this…

    • oldtimer

      And what is missing it's capstone? The great pyramid…And Who was the stone the builders rejected…..Acts4:11
      And the Muslim's want to destroy the pyramids, they want to destroy all reference to the true Messiah.

      • chemistmom

        I've got one even clearer than that: Ezekiel 30:13 "Thus saith the Lord God; I will also destroy the idols, and I will cause their images to cease out of Noph; and there shall be no more a prince of the land of Egypt: and I will put a fear in the land of Egypt." Noph is the city of Memphis, where the pyramids are. If the current threat to the pyramids fails, we still can know that eventually, they will be destroyed.

    • walte65

      It also says they will speak Hebrew.

  • Anne Selby

    It really depends on what the agenda is I guess. After having seen some destruction in Iraq and other places with ancient monuments, I can well believe that they would use it as some kind of threat. I can also see them using a dramatic announcement like that in order to distract from their original agenda as well. Kinda reminds me of Tolkien when he talks about Elven wisdom… "Go not to seek advice from the Elves for they will say both yes and no." The trouble is that everyone comes out with so much damn rhetoric these days, it's difficult to sort the truth from the lies.

    • johnnywoods

      Anne if the spealer is a Mooslim or a Democrap then be sure what they are saying is a lie.

    • Don

      Forget the rhetoric let's consider deeds done: The Buddhist statues in Afghanistan destroyed by the Taliban, The various laws throughout Islam that restrict and prevent the repair of Christian Churches. The pattern is consistent.

  • David

    Didn't the taliban destroy giant Buddist carvings in Afghanistan in early 2001? I believe that they fired artillery at these carvings because the koran says that this was worshiping false idols.

    • oldtimer

      Yes. Budda is the god of Buddists. Islam states that anyone who does not worship allah is an infidel, and deserves to die.

      • Paul222

        Sorry friend, Buddha is not considered a god by buddhists. A seated statue of Buddha in a temple or shrine, is a guardian, a friend who will sit with you for meditation. As Buddha recieved 'enlightenment', he sits with anyone who wishes to achieve it.
        Buddha himself would be very unhappy to be named a god.
        As for his claim of enlightenment, well he did say: ''everything is one'', a profound statement for someone living in 500BC & a belief that has been postulated by many scientists today!

    • Kufar Dawg

      Kinda makes you wonder what happened to the Buddhists of Afghanistan. After all, I doubt it was muslims
      who built the Buddha statues.

      • Steeloak

        Afganistan was the birthplace of Buddhism as it is known today. Buddhist monks from India met Greek culture from Alexander the Great's decendents and the fusion of both changed an acetic, monastic faith into the popular one known today. There were once 100 million Buddhists along the Silk Road from Afganistan to the border of China – none remain, they were all slaughtered or converted by the invading Muslim armies.

  • davarino

    All they do is destroy. What have they built? Nothing. What have they contributed to society? Ditto

    Oh wait, they have contributed oil. Something they had to have technological help with in order to extract from the ground.

    • Kufar Dawg

      There are reportedly some beautiful mosques that have been built throughout the world.

      • Chiggles

        A beautiful mosque makes as much sense as a beautiful privy.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Davarino sounds like a typical American, head devoid of knowledge, but lungs full of hot air. Has no idea the volume of science delivered to the West at via the minds and pens of Muslisms.

      • bwsmit

        that's why, short of oil profits, all the muslim countries are so advanced, economically and socially eh mensch?

  • ★FALCON★

    I would love to see the technologically challenged lazy muslims move 2.5 million blocks weighing between 2 tons and 50 tons.

    Once again – Muslims destroying history and adding nothing to it.

  • Bamaguje

    My dear Raymond,
    You shouldn't bother with the bogus propaganda of Muslim spin doctors and their dhimmi collaborators in lamestream media who are intent on white washing Islam, despite its clearly evident evil.

    Tellingly, none of these Islamist propagandists and their dhimmi apologists was able to back up their Taqiyya spin with an unequivocal denial from the Bahraini cleric.
    If the Islamist Bahraini cleric hasn't denied calling for destruction of the pyramids, who are the naysaying propagandists to say otherwise?

  • Ain't No Dhimmi

    If (g-d forbid) the Pyramids are destroyed.
    will that mean,
    Imhotep (Pharaoh Obama) won't be able to reincarnate again?

    • Roger

      No repeated chances to wear a suicide vest.
      No wonder islam hates those pyramids.

  • ras

    "trust me – you'll feel better" – very funny and accurate :)
    I fear that RI could be right. They already joyously burned an invaluable library, and they have other reasons to destroy the Egyptian heritage. With the major tourist attractions gone their political opponents cannot promise a return to the better life before, because the conditions for that life no longer exists. Who would want to spend their holiday going to weep at the ground zero of Luxor (while risking ones life among the persistently enraged brotherhooders).

  • Oleg

    I wonder what the possiblity is of the Egyptian military allowing such an act to occur? Considering how much of the Egyptian economy is in the hands of the junta, and one of their main industries was tourism, will the generals stand aside and allow the Islamists to destroy one of their main cash cows? I'm kind of leading towards no as a possible answer, in fact I suspect that the junta is waiting for the Moslem Brotherhood and the Salafist to mess up before initiating a coup, and declaring marshal law again.

  • Diana

    They are all over our country working to destroy our monuments to People!! Thank you democrats.

  • Jerry

    The Washington Monument will be the first to go, followed by the Statue of Liberty. Thank you Obama.

  • Bert

    If the Pyramids are destroyed Egypt will lose a major tourist attraction and experience yet another major blow to her economy.

    • Kufar Dawg

      Who among the kufars in their right mind would go to Egyptistan now to see anything? I wouldn't go just
      because I don't want my hard-earned dollars supporting an islamofascist state.

  • Lisa Richards

    The left can never admit what Islam has done for 1400 years: destroyed everything that's not Islamic. They have been doing this for over 1000 years, they have destroyed Jewish and Christian sites for centuries, but the left sees this as nothing wrong, rather Islam taking back what oh so nasty people had no rights to own.

    Keep writing these fabulous columns!

  • Amused

    Let'em destroy the Pyramids , and the Great Sphynx , maybe then the US will cut of the 1.2 billion a year we give them , in addition they'll lose a prime source of revenue – Tourism . Then they can plot their attack on Israel in which they will decimated . Their economy is a basket case now .

    • Kufar Dawg

      Rather than decimation, I'd rather see annihilation. I wish Israel has annihilated the entire Egyptistan army in '73'. After all, the muslo-nazi apes invaded Israel w/visions of another slavering Holocaust going through their

  • Davidka

    Doesn't the Bible say somewhere, "Egypt will become the basest of kingdoms?"

    It's hard to believe that Egypt was once the seat of empire and a center of learning. But then, it's hard to imagine that of Rome or Greece, isn't it? And come to think of it, how did a nation which produced the likes of Jefferson, Washington, Franklin et. al. now produce the likes of Bill and Hillary?

  • Hank Rearden

    Ever wonder why the tombs of Egypt and its other great archeological artifacts were discovered by 19th century Brits? The Muslims who had taken over Egypt several hundred years prior had no interest in non-Islamic history or culture.

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,I'm not surprised at this. It looks like Morsi doesn't like history all that much.

  • Hubcap

    A dome won't balance on that point.

  • Ronald Johnston

    islam is an evil ideology, not a religion!!!!

  • ebonystone

    IF the Moslems were consistent thnkers, the pyramids would be low on their list of things to destroy, since they are merely geometric constructions. One would expect them to give a higher priority to the destruction of hundreds of other ancient temples and monuments, with their depictions of humans and gods in both human and animal forms, since Islam forbids images of living things.
    Of course, that's a big "IF"; Moslems are not known for either consistency or thinking.

  • stevefraser

    Don't tell them there are hundreds more pyramids still buried under the sands of Egypt.

  • Mensch Kaymelon

    The Romans were wise enough to see the value in a pile of cut stone…I am all for dismantling them, cataloguing each stone, laser imaging, treat it with scientific precision so there is a permanent record of what was there…then use the materials to build new buildings people will actually benefit from.

    • Ghostwriter

      I'm not,Mensch Kaymelon. The Great Pyramids should stay exactly where they are NOW. They are of immense historical and cultural significance to the world. You're no better than those who blew up the Buddha in Afghanistan. You're such a vile creep,that is impossible to say how loathsome you are.

      • Mensch Keymelon

        Remember the Collossus? Yeah, that huge metal statue that crashed to the ground due to an earthquake. The local people were foolish sentimental and superstitious thinking it was some "omen from the g-ds" When the Muslims came along what did they do? "Scrap it, that stuff is useful and valuable." Kind of like a person balking at picking up a penny because it is the wrong side up…we don't miss a stride, scoop up the penny and move on. After all when it get's demolished think of all the things we will learn about how it was put together. As I said, no one seems to fault the Romans for demolishing a pyramid and recycling…I see no difference in it…it's a pile of cut stone.

    • gravenimage

      "Mensch Kaymelon" wrote:

      The Romans were wise enough to see the value in a pile of cut stone…I am all for dismantling them, cataloguing each stone, laser imaging, treat it with scientific precision so there is a permanent record of what was there…then use the materials to build new buildings people will actually benefit from.

      Notice how "Mensch Kaymelon" here pretends that his call for destruction of the pyramids is really some sort of "humanitarian" effort. Nice try…

      • Mensch Keymelon

        What you think is not important in this context though, is it? Egypt is not your country, it is not your decision…kind of like the Buddah…yeah, it was theirs and they blew it up. Tough cheese…I am sure you have plenty of social issues wherever you live…go fix your mess before you try to tell others how to fix theirs.

        • gravenimage

          "Mensch Keymelon" wrote:

          What you think is not important in this context though, is it? Egypt is not your country, it is not your decision…kind of like the Buddah…yeah, it was theirs and they blew it up. Tough cheese…

          It "was theirs" in the same sense that the glories of the Roman Empire were the Hun's–damn barbarians.

          The pyramids are part of all mankind's heritage–something pious Muslims are incapable of understanding.


          I am sure you have plenty of social issues wherever you live…go fix your mess before you try to tell others how to fix theirs.

          One of those "issues" is that devout Muslims want to bring this sort of destruction to the civilized West, as well. Those statues on the Gothic Cathedral of St. Estaban in Burgos, Spain didn't behead themselves.

          Somehow I doubt you have any compunction with your barbaric coreligionists wreaking destruction in Dar-al-Harb, as well.

        • gravenimage

          I notice, too, that you have already dropped your laughable "building materials" argument in favor of an "unlimited national sovereignty" argument. How long before you drop that as well, and just start ranting about "Jahillya"?

          • Mensch Keymelon

            I haven't changed a thing…you are just getting worked up.

            The materials are still in that pile of stone and the example of the Romans is what I opened with…corollary to the Colossus example. Right now it has more economic value to some in garnering tourism dollars, but I feel there is a better use for that stone, and a great use for the actual foundation.

            It could be turned into a stellar Masjid…talk about a Mega Masjid… that would be it. Quarry it down to the foundation, grind and polish that granite to a high shine, raise some epic outer walls after relaying the orientation…doesn't quite face the Qibla…then have a giant spire at each of four corners.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            Raze the Funerary Temple to the ground, symbol of idol worship that it is, and rebuild it as a main courtyard entrance to the new Masjid. Of course it is way out there in the sand blown middle of the dirt…we'll have to fix that…pipe in some nile irrigation and green it up.

            Oh, yeah, and the "Valley Temple of Kafre" not making that's almost too cliche with the right twist of the tongue…oh yeah, that could definitely be turned to more use than a gigantic sand box.

            There is plenty enough cut stone in that old rock pile to develop the whole area around it. Hotels,restaraunts, private homes, you name it…imagine how much the Egyptian elites would pay to live in a house of ancient cut stone? Yeah, I am liking this idea more every minute.

            If you don't own it you don't control it…don't open up with that "imminent domain" crap and "treasure of humanity" … it's a pile of cut stone

          • gravenimage

            Of course, a barbarian would look at marvels like the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the other treasures of ancient Egypt and see nothing but a "pile of cut stone".

            Michelangelo's David and Pieta are nothing more than "piles of cut stone", either–and are every bit as endangered by destructive Muslim zealots.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            The Romans? Barbarians? I thought a Westerner like you grovelled at the mention of the "Great and Mighty Rome." Barbarians? You people have values that are reveresed in nature…you get enthralled by a piece of stone, a canvas with oils on it…such transient useless things…they are only distractions in a moment of time, and they do not last.

            The idol worshippers of old called the Muslims "zealouts" because they refused to value what the idolators valued and grovel in the mire of ignorance with them.

            Sorry… MIchalangelo's David? Just a naked man in marble…and the Pieta? Just more idolatry and self worship from an artisticly gifted man…don't fall into the trap of worshipping created things…and the pyramids are just piles of cut stone and nothing more…there is a lot more value in the materials for living people in Egypt. Don't be sentimental, this life does not last.

          • gravenimage

            "Mensch Keymelon" wrote:

            The Romans? Barbarians? I thought a Westerner like you grovelled at the mention of the "Great and Mighty Rome."…

            As I said, no one seems to fault the Romans for demolishing a pyramid and recycling…

            I don't "grovel" at the mention of the Romans, and I am critical of their faults, but also recognize their incredible achievements in art, architecture, engineering, and law—all things you would be incapable of appreciating.

            As for your claim that the Romans destroyed an Egyptian pyramid, this is completely false. Prove your assertion.


            Barbarians? You people have values that are reveresed in nature…you get enthralled by a piece of stone, a canvas with oils on it…such transient useless things…they are only distractions in a moment of time, and they do not last.

            Actually, we are also enthralled by other values such as human love and achievement, as well—more things that pious Muslims are incapable of valuing.

            The most devout Muslims only value destruction—of art, of archeology, and—most of all—of innocent human life. Ugh.


            Don't be sentimental, this life does not last.

            This is especially true when your vicious coreligionists are in full cry—they are happy to murder people as well as destroy inanimate objects.

            What a soulless creed Islam is.

            I am proud to be "sentimental" when it comes to defending against savagery.

          • Mensch Keymelon

            You are confused …not suprising, though, go ahead chase your shadows, tilt away, Quixote, tilt away.

            I am sure you have soundly defeated many savage straw men.

          • gravenimage

            No "confusion" here. I know barbarism when I see it.

            Still waiting for you to back up your spurious claim that the Romans destroyed Egyptian pyramids…

          • Mensch Keymelon

            Spurious? You should know better…see, I know you can read…so here's your lead so you can go look it up.

            The Roman Emperor Augustus deconstructed the Abu Rawash pyramid and the materials were used for new construction projects. The pyramid was orignially consrructed by Djedefre Pharaoh 2566–2558BC.

            There, two solid facts even you can find by looking them up.

    • Bone in my Trous

      The drugs aren't working, are they.

  • Vlad the Impaler

    Muslims do not create, they destroy. All the great inventions of the last few centuries- vaccinations, electricity, internal combustion engines, electric lights, telegraphs, telephones, computers, radio, television, automobiles, trains, airplanes – not one single thing invented by by muslims. Every technological advancement has been made by Western society. Look at the number of Jewish Nobel prize winners versus the number of muslim Nobel prize winners.

  • Toecutter

    ‘Others’ might have something to say about that. Desecrate the Pyramids and see what follows…

  • abdul ghani mahfouz

    This is quite nonsense and it's ok to go viral on the internet because of its stupidity. Islamists are keen to encourage tourism as a source of income for Egypt and of course preserving the nation's heritage whether it's pharaonic, Coptic or Islamic.