Islamic ‘Death-Sex’ in Context

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What was Muhammad saying and doing?  Perhaps his magical shirt would transport the dead woman to heaven, and his blessed body would protect her from the “pressures of the grave”?  A more cynical—a more human—reading is that he stripped his shirt as a natural step before copulating; that he precisely meant the act of sex would “alleviate” the pressures of death from the corpse; and that the observers covered them with dirt for privacy and/or for shame.

This interpretation is given much more weight when one considers that the secondary meaning for the word I translated above as “lay” is “intercourse”—further demonstrating that the proposed Egyptian law is, in fact, based on this hadith: after all, the Arabic word used for “intercourse” in the phrase “farewell intercourse” is the same word that Muhammad used to “lay” with the dead woman.  As if all this was not enough, one finds even more validation in Islam’s legal texts.  For example, according to al-Sharwani’s Hawashi, “there is no punishment for having intercourse with a dead woman” and “it is not necessary to rewash the dead after penetration.”

Incidentally, this issue of “death-sex” far precedes Egyptian parliamentarians.  In fact, I first wrote about this macabre topic back in 2009, based on an episode of Father Zakaria Botros, where he explored the perverse sexual habits of the prophet Muhammad (see here for summaries).  Interestingly, when that episode first aired, many Muslims were livid, denying the existence of the hadith, and renewing calls to assassinate the priest for trying to “defame” Islam: yet here it is, once again—only this time, the hadith is being passed into a “law,” further validating the existence and legitimacy of necrophilia in Islam.

Which leads to a final eye-opener: it is no longer this or that “radical” cleric, but parliament members who are, not merely acknowledging bizarre Islamic practices, but trying to implement them as “laws.” (Perhaps this should be unsurprising, considering weeks earlier in Egypt, suit-and-tie wearing Muslim court lawyers attacked with knives a Christian defendant for supposedly “blaspheming” Muhammad.)

What else do such “parliamentarians” and “lawyers” have in store for Egypt and its neighbors?  If this little know, disgusting practice is being endorsed simply because of one arcane hadith, how much support must be given to those other ideas of Islam—for instance, Islam’s position on non-Muslims, whom Muhammad unequivocally condemned, ordered Muslims to fight and/or deceive in perpetuity, and to keep in a state of subjugation?

When it comes to Islam, it is high time for the West to learn to connect the dots.

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  • clarityrising

    It is a death cult, plain and simple; from killing to laying.

    • Roger

      Yes, but before no matter how badly a woman was treated, at her death the abuse stopped.

      Now, not even death offers a reprise.

  • Ram Prakash

    > Fatima was the foster mother of the Prophet Mohammed.

    When she died Mohammed immediately went to her house sat beside her body and prayed for her soul and said:

    "My dear mother, may God keep you under His Protection. Many times you went hungry in order to feed me well. You fed me and clothed me on delicacies that you denied yourself. God will surely be happy with these actions of yours. And your intentions were surely meant to win the goodwill and pleasure of God and success in the Hereafter."

    He gave his shirt to be used as part of her shroud. When the grave was prepared Muhammad himself examined it and placed her into the grave. Thus, she was one of the few people whose graves were examined by Muhammad.

    Fatimah is buried in Jannatul Baqee' cemetery in Madinah, Saudi Arabia.

    Why should he have to marry her corpse to give her the status of 'mother of believers'

    > The same Arabic word has been translated as "laid" and not "laid for sex" in Arabic Bible 2 kings 4.32 2 Kings 4.32 (KJV)

    And when Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, and laid upon his bed.

    • Jim K

      So WHO was the first guy to write about F'ing the dead? And WHERE did this Islamist group get the idea? I haven't spoken to my liberal Muslim friends in Cairo, but they are horrified by the ignorance and bigotry of these Islamists who rode in on the Revolutionaries' coat tails.
      And where do you stand on women breast feeding their male co workers so they are considered as family, ALLOWING them to work together? In some workplaces, that could go over big btw.

      • Ram Singh

        The whole false translation is the handiwork of Zakaria Boutros, who has knowingly hidden the fact that Fatima bint Asad was Prophet's foster mother.

        Secondly, the same Arabic word Idtaja is commonly used in the Arabic Bibles to refer to "lie down" in Bible 2 kings 4.32 2 as in : And when Elisha was come into the house, behold, the child was dead, and laid upon his bed. (Notice that not laid there to have sex) , while in the case of prophet, he applies the subverted meaning – to lie down for sex.

        Zakaria is a lunatic who exploits the fact that not many people will care to read the original sources.

        Like Gospels from different authors most hadith are provided by many writers, Zakaria conveniently pushes the one that he can utilise to subvert the meaning.

        Note that the actions of the prophet constitute things that are Halal or Haram ( Allowed and Disallowed), if the precedence was set, you would have already heard most Muslims having sex with their aunts/mothers (like the prophet) in a 2 feet wide ground as a part of farewell intercourse with onlookers watching as Burial is a community event.

        Inspite of what the brainwashed perverts here are writing – looking at the nakedness of a corpse is strictly forbidden.

        OK, you may believe that the prophet was a satan's incarnation but at least keep your language under control if you expect respect for yourselves and your beliefs.

        • Ram Singh

          The term "farewell intercourse" was infact invented by the LSD laced brains of a Daily Mail UK reporter called LEE MORAN, I wonder why his parents didn't change the last A into O.

          • firefox

            You're the Moron, Muslim.

          • gray man

            he's also a liar

          • intrcptr2

            Really?? You're demanding that critics of Mohammad keep their language under control, and you're going to insult Moran like this?


    • mike b

      And the child rose up and lived. Thanks to Elisha. The Jewish prophet. Elisha didn't have sex with the child.

      Ram Prakash, it's time for you to come over to the side of Christ. You wouldn't be the first to reject the lies and violence and perversions of Islam for something better and true.

    • Lajid

      The hadith depicting Muhammad lying next to a dead woman in her grave is present in 6 Islamic books including Al-Hindi v. 13, p. 274 and Al-Asbahani v.1, p.488.
      “The Messenger of Allah took off his shirt and put it on Umm Ali, and slept with her in her grave.”
      (The Arabic word used here for slept is "Id'tajat," and literally means "lay down" with her. It is often used to mean, "Lay down to have sex.")

      Hadith categories called “Intercourse with a Dead Woman” can also be found in Islamic books including Al-Sharwani v.1, p. 263.
      “Do not re-wash the deceased after having intercourse with.”
      “Do not put any limit on the intercourse with a dead woman.”

    • intrcptr2

      Your misrepresentation of Elisha's visit proves the inferiority of your prophet; Mohammad was merely helping her die, Elisha raised that boy from the dead.

      When did your "perfect man" ever do such a thing?

    • RUI

      Nice try. An islamist trying to withewash islam in a conservative website: good luck with that!

  • LoveFreedom

    Excellent, informative article as always, Mr. Ibrahim–thank you——-RE: "When it comes to Islam, it is high time for the West to learn to connect the dots." —-and do…WHAT?————For some time now, I have reflected on how glad and encouraged I am that so many individual citizens, writers, churches, bloggers, and websites (there's prob. 100 or more) have been informing the public about the absolute threat that Islam, creeping shariah, and stealth jihad are to our Freedom and democratic republic. (I'll bet that every regular reader/commenter here has informed 50 or more people about this threat.)

  • LoveFreedom

    I also have a great sense of urgency that—IT'S TIME TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! —not violence, not physical fighting—but to elect informed politicians who will actually pass laws that will STOP the islamization of America. I don't have the specifics, but Congresswoman Sue Myrick (Rep, NC) and former Congressman Virgil Goode (there are are others) have been trying to achieve this (such as requiring new citizens to agree that they will not promote or support any foreign laws other than those passed in America, including islamic shariah law–if they did promote shariah laws, they could legally be deported).

  • LoveFreedom

    Does anyone else agree that it's now time not to just read, comment, and talk about the perversion/idiocy/threat from islam, but to actually pass specific laws against its encroachment on our Freedom? In other words, it's time TO ACT!

    • joy52

      A lot think it is past time.

    • Constitutionwoman

      Geert Wilders offers seven clear and sensible methods of stopping the spread. His speeches can be found on youtube. We need to start following some of these.

  • Amused

    Man , that's a great line for someone caught in the act of boning a corpse !!

  • Amused

    That alone should have discouraged any NORMAL human from joining "the club " .

    • sharpsrifle

      What makes you think they're "normal"?

      • Amused

        They're not , else they'd be discouraged from joining .

  • popseal

    I'll be waiting for Christiane Amanpour to report on this, but I'll not hold my breath, Clearly the best way to understand Islam is to study the personal lives of Mohammed and his first generation of disciples. Disgusting perverts all………………………even by Seventh Century standards!

    • joy52

      For sure, Mo, the Koran and supporting texts are the best authority. Only fair.

  • ISAIAH5417

    Mohammed the so-called "founder" of Islam was an illiterate desert tramp that Satan possessed and inspired with the laws of Islam. Islam is the Evil One's Antidote for Christianity. Apostle Paul declares straight-up that Satan disguises himself as "an angel of light". Satan appeared to Mohammed claiming to be the angel Gabriel and the rest is history. Evil is as evil does as evil is. The death-cult of Islam is an inspiration from the pit of Hell. Women enslaved by Islam should rebel against its evil exploitation of their bodies and their very lives. For a spot-on description of Islam and its manly devotees, read verses 11 & 12 in the 16th Chapter of Genesis describing Ishmael & his descendants.

    • curmudgeon

      you are giving too much credit to the devil. i see no reason to believe that the prophet, peace be upon him, was inspired by god or devil. he was just a pervert and a criminal who lived among some really, really gullible people. not as gullible as the fools in the west, though, who are willingly allowing muslim conquerors to invade their countries.

  • Chezwick

    In the Hadith, we find a treasure trove of perversion, intolerance, hatred and murder.

    We have Aisha, defiled by the "prophet" at the tender age of nine; we have "renegades" who are ordered mutilated by the "prophet" and denied water as they bleed to death in the desert sun; we have the adult male POWs of the Banu Qaurayzah tribe – 600 to 900 in all, ordered beheaded by the "prophet" of Islam as a show of his enlightenment; we have the visiting traveler, ordered killed by the "prophet" because of the mere suspicion that he MIGHT be a spy; we have Zainab, the wife of Muhammad's adopted son, usurped by the "prophet" because of her beauty; we have K'ab bin Ashraf, ordered murdered by the "prophet", who gave the executioners permission to lie to the targeted victim in order to fulfill their deed; we have the women of Mecca, representing women everywhere, being branded by the "prophet" as being "deficient in intelligence and religion";…

    ….and on and on and on.

    Muslims MUST be enlightened to the pronounced moral failings of their prophet…and this will never happen for as long as we engage in our peculiar, largely un-coerced, obsequious validation of Islam.

  • Dispozadaburka

    Pure Luciferian Doctrine.

    Thank g-d they haven't decided to make breast feeding after death a new law.

    I hope I haven't given them a new idea.

  • waltjr

    Great article…..Just shows the sick minds of the faith….Literally gives new meaning to a Dead ****..

  • waterwillows

    There is no low to which Islam will not bend to reach.

  • Extra fill

    How do you know your wife is dead? The sex is the same but the dishes pile up.

  • Mr New Jersey

    The phrase for after death sex is "Cracking a Stiffy". Some questions come up. If she was a suicide bomber should she be reassembled before the sex or can the husband have sex with the body part only?

  • reg

    just another reason to oppose Islam

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Considering the story in it's entirety the only thing they got right was tossing in the dirt, just not
    enough. Napoleon the leader of my hamsters says "you humans are so funny, is this another
    example of 'you can't keep a good man down'….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!……….and all the
    hamsters had a good laugh…………they want more of mankinds odd stories…….little perverts.

  • joy52

    Anyone notice what happens to room temperature meat after two hours?

    • Roger

      The marinade is done?

  • speakdtruth

    no mater what u do ,no mater what lies u make up u wil never defeat d truth! ISLAM SPEAKS FOR ITS SELF! such lies only shows your desperation n ur hate. may GOD [s.w.t] guide u to d truth n forgive me for entering such a filthy site.

    • Lajid

      It wasn't filthy until you came. It will be gone when you leave.

    • firefox

      You're the filth, Muslim.

      • Justice

        Why do you behave like a coward throwing low shots at him instead of addressing his comments properly?

        He said "such lies only shows your desperation n ur hate" and the Egyption parliament has now announced the "necrophilia" incident was a hoax and rumour started by Egypt’s Glenn Beck aka Tawfik Okasha who hates the Islamists and then it reached the Daily Mail who now dropped the story after Egypt parliament confirmed it was all a hoax designed for idiots like you to add one more lie to your list about Islam.

        Randomly calling him filth based on his belief in Allah does nothing but show your vile, racist, discriminating nature. Furthermore the lot of you are hypocrites, which is one of the most disgusting behavior to exist…

        Nothing is more sickening to me then HYPOCRITES with their self-righteous Islamphobic bitching about how violent muslims are, yet they themselves, if given the oppertunity, would probably start a crusade against the muslims, all due to their ignorance. You display HATRED and PREJUDICE just like an Islamic extremist terrorist, you have the same mentality of evil and corruption.

        Its disgusting that someone as corrupt, hateful, violent, evil, deceptive, ignorant, racist as you can try and judge someone like me who is against violence, discrimination, injustice and corruption. My morals, empathy and decency proceed well above yours and for starter I don't generalize and stereotype people based on their skin color, gender, sexuality or their beliefs.

        Being Muslim doesn't automatically make someone as corrupt as you are, if you want to categorize people do it properly because the only true category's that exist are god and evil and if you think only Muslims are evil then goto jail where you belong and ask the people there what religion or whether they believe in God at all and you may find that its full of criminals who share your same hateful values but are not Muslim.

        There is a difference between you and I but its not based on religion, its based on the fact that you belong in the same corrupted group of your species along with the Islamic extremists and terrorists which you and your retarded buddies here pretend to be different from.

    • crankywhitewoman

      What does s.w.t. mean?

      • Roger

        I don't know, but I hope it has nothing to do with suicide bombs.

      • Rateau DC

        « S.W.T. is an abbraviation of "Subhanahu wa Ta'ala" which means 'Glorious is He and He is Exalted' and it is placed after the name of God like so: Allah (SWT), as a sign of reverence. » (

        There's also A.W.J. for "Azza wa Jal" that means "He is The Mighty & The Majestic"

    • Amused

      Oh Islam HAS spoken for itself , quiete clearly .These are no lies , they are the machinations of the collective sick and perverted minds of muslims . You know nothing of your "prophet " read what "the companions have to say " Muslima ,Bukari and the like …..if possible they are even MORE perverted than the present disgrace your fellow perverts have come up with .THESE ARE ALL WORDS AND IDEAS THAT COME FROM THE MOUTHS OF MUSLIMS > Btw -you're forgiven , now get the F–K ouitta here . You are not hated , but pitied you've lost your minds and your humanity , you have no dignity .

    • poppakap

      Dude, did you ever graduate from elementary school? Your writing skills (or lack thereof), tell me you're either 6 years old, or the product of a madrassa. I'm betting on the latter.

      One thing is for sure, Islam does indeed speak for itself. That you miss this irony is no surprise.

    • chanah

      Well I am sure that ill-allah will forgive, and yes islam speaks for itself it speaks volum every time a suicide bomber blows himself up not only killing himself but also innocent ppl or every time we se schools being burned to the ground by the taliban and the girls being poison or churches, houses, and shops of the Christians being burned to the ground or Christians being murdered while muslims scream allahu akbar yes my dear lost friend islam speaks volum of hate murder rape violence taqiyya, or we se little girls being married of to old men some of them as old as their granfather

  • Frank

    President Barack Obama's June 2009 speech at al-Azhar University in Cairo, in which he proclaimed that "I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

    • Roger

      So we have to pretend we don't notice the slavery and cousins getting married?

    • intrcptr2

      Do you suppose he meant the ones that Muslims create for us?

  • H&R_ Barack

    ~ Israel first became a nation in 1312 B.C, two thousand years before the rise of Islam!

    ….Jews do not eat lobster and butter sauce…..much less…….never mind.

  • Courreges

    Raymond, I was banned from JW a few months ago by Marisol who has since fled the scene. I called a woman who relentlessly bullied and harassed me a "bitch." Which she is. So, that one word alone got me banned from JW, a long-time many years devotee of Spencer and his important work.

    I'm so glad that b Marisol is gone, and that you continue your learned and erudite contributions to JW, the most important anti-Jihadist website on the Net. Bravo to you, Raymond. Sincerely, a former JW Commenter.

    • firefox

      Raymond, I was banned from JW a few months ago by Marisol who has since fled the scene. I called a woman who relentlessly bullied and harassed me a b*itch." Which she is. So, that one word alone got me banned from JW, a long-time many years devotee of Spencer and his important work.

      I'm so glad that b Marisol is gone, and that you continue your learned and erudite contributions to JW, the most important anti-Jihadist website on the Net. Bravo to you, Raymond. Sincerely, a former JW Commenter.

      Oh, I see you have to put an asterisk in "b*tch," so there it is.

  • firefox

    Raymond, I was banned from JW a few months ago by Marisol who has since fled the scene. I called a woman who relentlessly bullied and harassed me a "b*tch." Which she is. So, that one word alone got me banned from JW, a long-time many years devotee of Spencer and his important work.

    I'm so glad that b Marisol is gone, and that you continue your learned and erudite contributions to JW, the most important anti-Jihadist website on the Net. Bravo to you, Raymond. Sincerely, a former JW Commenter.

  • mrbean

    A sicko Jihadist named Mohammed
    would hump his wife who was dead
    He said with a grin
    as he stroken his bearded chin
    If you haven't tried it,
    Don't nock it!

  • mrbean

    And you thought we had heard it all. The police in Lexington Missouri have charged Felicity Marmaduke, a 38 year old mortuary worker with desecration of the dead and necrophilia after becoming pregnant by one of her clients. She is now being held on a $250,000 bond. According to a statement made to police by Marmaduke, the alleged victim experienced a post mortem erection while being bathed. (This is where you science majors come in and please explain how this is possible.) While she was alone with the dead man, Marmaduke straddled him and proceeded to have sex with him. Much to her surprise, the alleged victim came to orgasm after several minutes. While receiving a routine medical exam a few weeks later, Marmaduke had a positive pregnancy test. Police were immediately notified after she confessed as to how her pregnancy came about. She was arrested without incident in her trailer home a few blocks from the mortuary. What makes this whole situation worse is that Marmaduke plans to sue the dead man’s estate for child support.

    • crankywhitewoman
    • JoelB
      • gray man

        I wouldn't rely on snopes for too much if I were you. they've been proven wrong too many times.

    • Roger

      Don't supposed you have a link?

      • Amused

        NAaaaaa , she's just got good drugs . LOL….and a good imagination ! She related to you mr.bean ? Why would that NOT surprise me if she were .:)

  • Ghostwriter

    Eeewwww!!!!! I hope what mrbean was writing about was something he made up! Between this and the attempt in Egypt to have sex with dead wives is disgusting in ways I don't even WANT to imagine.

  • Stuart Parsons

    I am totally opposed to IIslam, but I see no firm evidence that the self-proclaimed and'Prophet and messenger' actually committed necrophilia.

    • gray man

      which simply means that you have done no research, but don't mind voicing you're opinian.

  • Johan

    Now, this is a heap of BS

    • gray man

      see my reply above – apply to self

  • trickyblain

    FPM has officially jumped the shark.

  • Ray

    With regard to true morality, there is nothing in the Koran that hasn't been in Judeo/Christian Scriptures for a long time. What we don't know is how he came by those writings. The rest of it Mohammed made up to coincide with his personal warps.

    • gray man

      now that comment was pure BS

  • Jeamar

    I'll put this in the, If it's too good to be true, it probably is." Or in this case too bizarre or outrageous to be true… Considering the pitfalls of interpreting from one language to another I don't necessarily think this author is 100% credible in what he thinks was in someone else's mind ages ago. There are plenty of crazy ideas people try to get put into law in every country including this one; fortunately most never see the legislative light of day. I'm no sure "FP Mag" did itself any favors publishing this article.

    • Roger

      Of course they did.
      And your attack on it proves that it hit a nerve.

  • Mujahed

    This is pure slandering , masquerading as journalism and scholarship … Shame on the ignorance. of this LIAR ZIONIST cabal.

    • Roger

      Name calling falls flat when it's so well documented.

      If you want to dispute it, you're going to need to do better than that.

  • ahmadnb

    The more Mr. Ibrahim keeps bringing up this sort of nonsense, the more he undermines his own credibility with those of us who actually have a brain that we think with. Is he so hell-bent on destroying Islam that he would sink to this low level? There are many Hadiths floating out there, and ALL of them were written 150+ years AFTER Muhammad had passed away by people who never met him or knew him. And there are many…and I KNOW this to be a fact…people who create new "Hadiths" and claim them to have been quoted by Muhammad. many of the texts in them not only contradict the Qur'an, but each other as well.
    Swim with the pigs and you will be as filthy as they are. Get your information from dimwits and you'll become one of them.

    • Observer

      Islam should be destroyed. Islam has been nothing but a plague on the world for 1400 years.

      BTW, Mohammedan, you're the filth and the dimwit. You're not a pig because a pig is better than you.

      • ahmadnb

        Excuse me, but who just dug up Mao's stinking corpse out of the ground? Back to your stinking commie grave you go, worm-brain. Not meant to insult worms, btw…they play a vital role in soil ecology.

        • Observer

          Islam should be destroyed. Islam has been nothing but a plague on the world for 1400 years.

          And you and your vile and disgusting language is the proof.

          BTW, did I say a pig is better than you? I think I did. But, just to make sure – a pig is better than you. Also better than your false "Prophet," your evil unholy book, your mass-murdering moon deity that doesn't exist, and your entire warped and deluded species known as "Mohammedans."

          Capische? Good. Have a great day, freak.

          • ahmadnb

            Awwwww…poor baby. Likes to dish out sh!t, but can't take it. Tough luck…go back and play in your sandbox and don't soil yourself.

          • Observer

            Aww…lookit the poor Mohammedan. Why don't you go back to Yemen or whatever islamic cr*phole you crawled out of. Take your vile evil islam and shove it, and your pagan Arabian moon god, too.

          • ahmadnb

            No…I'm having too much fun shoving it up YOUR a$$. Now bend over and take it like the b!tch that you are…

          • Observer

            Your vile and nasty language only proves what an evil Islamic demon you are. Just like your demonic moon god. No wonder you're nothing but a human devil, rotten to the core. Now get out of our country and slither back to your islamic cesspool where you belong, savage. Primitive savage.

          • ahmadnb

            This is my country. Maybe it's Nazis like you who don't believe in the freedom of religion as mentioned in the 1st Amendment to get the hell out of MY country.

          • Roger

            Your insisting you have the only voice to demand he takes it up the backside shows you don't want freedom of religion.

            And you've admitted you were muslim, but curiously you also say you don't live sharia or take the koran literally. So, you must be lying about it one way or the other.

            Don't you plan your al taqiyya better than that?

          • ahmadnb

            Awww…boohoohoo. Scram, b!tch…and stay in Coventry this time. No one asked you to be his/her spokesb!tch.

  • anonymous

    For a true muslim, it is a crime even to think of embracing other religions let alone converting when he or she could face becoming an outcast in his/her own society, disowned by parents, and/or even killed. On the other side, it is absolutely their duty to islamize the whole world. When you live with them long enough, you will discover that it is in the heart of every muslim to spread Islam to every corner of the Earth. For many years past, this plan has been taking a latent form, a plain talk, but more recently (and especially with the recession of western countries after the 2008 crisis) they are starting to really mean business. Given their very high birth rates, their resilience to any living conditions, the fact that they take others' girls for marriage (not before converting them) but never give theirs to a non-muslim, it's only a matter of 50 to 80 years before they attain a majority or a considerable percentage in a country's population. That's when wicked smiles disappear and their behavior changes drastically from relatively peaceful citizens demanding their "rights" to armed fighters imposing their rites on everybody.

  • anonymous

    You will either get yourself a civil war, or comply and gradually die out as a civilization like it has been happening in Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan, Nigeria(rings any bells?) to name just a few. Look at the map, and what do you see? How many muslim countries are there? Is that not enough land for them with all those riches to create decent living conditions that they keep going in hords to Europe, the Americas, and Australia? The question is: Why letting them in, giving them citizenships, and allowing to stay forever? They do not in anyway believe in democracy though say they do. Why not letting them in only for a certain period of time, say for 5 years, for education and work which could be extended but never forever? I think that's a fair deal. Democracy should be for people who believe in democracy not for those who come to take advantage of it for their own needs while changing and destroying the host country from within. (This is not to mention the planet's dwindling resources.)

  • mrbean

    Darius, a king of ancient Persia, was intrigued by the variety of cultures he encountered in his travels. He had found, for example, that the Callatians (a tribe of Indians) customarily ate the bodies of their dead fathers. The Greeks, of course, did not do that – the Greeks practiced cremation and regarded the funeral pyre as the natural and fitting way to dispose of the dead. Darius thought that a sophisticated understanding of the world must include an appreciation of such differences between cultures. One day, to teach this lesson, he summoned some Greeks who happened to be present at his court and asked them what they would take to eat the bodies of their dead fathers. They were shocked, as Darius knew they would be, and replied that no amount of money could persuade them to do such a thing. Then Darius called in some Callatians, and while the Greeks listened asked them what they would take to burn their dead fathers' bodies. The Callatians were horrified and told Darius not even to mention such a dreadful thing.

  • Eyes_Open

    “I have dressed her in my shirt so that she may be dressed in heavenly robes, and I have laid with her in her grave so that the pressures of the grave may be alleviated from her.”

    Wow, what a stretch to make this about a guy having sex with a corpse. But this guy, or buy the Egyption government. It would be equally valid to say that Jesus turning water into wine is proof that he wanted all of his followers to be drunks and drink blood and eat human flesh.

    Necrophilia is a sickness, but really, that isn't what the story is about. I guess you can twist things to mean anything you want if you are depraved enough.

  • Rateau DC

    Compile all the darkness you want, you'll never get a white picture.

    This is for those who want to consider the positives as well:

    The Brilliance of the Book

  • yaya

    Islam is pure evil

  • Gentle

    the prophet is not what you guys portrayed him to be. may God forgive us all

  • Han

    Just shows how backwards Islam is and how women come second and even their death isn't respected and it's instead taken advantage of by their husband who can have 4 wives anyway. Islam should be illegal. It's absolutely ridiculous and written/interpreted by idiots.

  • Han

    and I bet this will be passed in their backwards countries, otherwise it's going against their messed up religion. So they'd allow the exploitation of a woman's body for a religion aka, the perverted men. It's practically rape and it's immoral to the highest degree.

  • PeaceBeOnU

    so many peole have commented on the article wthout even clarifying it….how could you all believe the words of this person without knowing Prophet Mohammad S.W..Who has been famously called mercy to mankind…

  • Gia

    God help you people, youre all stupid believing stupid news reports from! Seriously start acting like adults, The funniest comments I have seen here is that Satan possessed Mohammed, wow some ridiculous beliefs in the comments. Your just as extremist in your christianity as the some of these muslims are…Christ get a grip.





  • Trq Atallah

    the only perversion is the heart and soul of raymond ibrahim and similar ignorant people. A man who hates the Maker of existence so much that he deceives people with corrupted opinions and interpretation from his corrupted and lost mind. raymond ibrahim is not a Christian, he’s far from being one, he’s lost and drowned in the elevated hypocrisies of the church’s past. He’s so drowned and proud of his drowning he’s unable to surface back up and admit it. Stay down and you will rot in Hell. raymond ibrahim, your only chance is to become a Muslim.. hoping you get over your folkloric and small town allergies before you finish your trial in this mortal dimension.

  • someNonsense

    may be he was relieving his pressure