Islamic Sodomy or ‘Islamophobic Hoax’?

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Abdullah al-Asiri

In “Sodomy for the Sake of Islam,” I wrote about Abdullah al-Asiri, the 2009 suicide-bomber who inserted explosives in his rectum, and how news emerged later that he likely relied on a fatwa permitting sodomy to “widen” his anus to accommodate the explosives. (Click here for a graphic picture of the aftermath of this approach.)

It wasn’t long before the infamous “hoax!” charge appeared—this time over at the anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian website, Electronic Intifada (henceforth EI). Writing that “The Advocate, an important US-based national gay and lesbian news magazine, has published a homophobic, racist, sectarian and Islamophobic hoax as if it is actual news,” one Benjamin Doherty unequivocally denounces my article, the Advocate’s source, as “pure nonsense,” a “vile Islamophobic hoax,” and a “defamatory joke targeting Muslims.”

Amazingly, despite all this sure language, the fact is, EI does not offer a shred of evidence to counter my article.


The first couple paragraphs are, as mentioned, devoted to portraying my article as a “homophobic, racist, sectarian and Islamophobic hoax,” with sporadic attacks on the David Horowitz Freedom Center, where I am a fellow.

So far, no evidence, just the usual smear campaign and ad hominem attacks to set the stage and influence the gullible and naïve.

Next EI spends time bemoaning how the Advocate mistakenly thought that the man who appears in the video I linked to was the actual cleric issuing the anus-fatwa, when in fact he is the man reporting on it, Abdullah al-Khallaf.

I had written, “A 2010 Arabic news video that aired on Fadak TV gives the details. Apparently a cleric, one Abu al-Dema al-Qasab, informed al-Asiri and other jihadis of an innovative and unprecedented way to execute martyrdom operations…” By linking to that video, I was indicating my source of information—not saying “the man who appears talking is Abu al-Dema.”

Either way, this misreading by Advocate is neither here nor there, and has absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand: does such a fatwa exist or not? It’s just filler dressed as “evidence.”

Then, as if more unnecessary fluff was needed, EI offers a long retranslation of the sodomy fatwa, with no discernible difference between the substance of their translation and mine.

Mind you, we are more than halfway through this rambling diatribe that began by repeatedly screaming “hoax,” and still no evidence, though language implying the “proof” has already been given begins to appear. For example, EI casually goes on to declare that “Al-Khallaf reads the item [the fatwa] from the website as if it is real.” Well, why shouldn’t he? EI has yet to give evidence that it is not real.

Finally, we come to the “proof”—the only section that is bolded in the EI article, to emphasize its “importance.” EI claims that al-Khallaf

also characterizes the alleged protagonists as “Wahhabis.” It appears his intention is to incite his audience’s disgust at the supposed thinking and behavior of Wahhabi Sunni Muslims who, he suggests, will justify anything in pursuit of their goals.

And there it is—EI’s “ironclad proof” that the sodomy fatwa is a hoax: Al-Khallaf must be an anti-Wahabbi Shiite, and “it appears his intention” is less than honest.

Sorry, EI: “appearances” and “intentions” do not constitute proof. After all, I can easily argue that it “appears” EI’s “intention” in writing this article is simply to save face, since, as a pro-Palestinian, anti-Israeli website, it does not wish to see the recruitment of suicide bombers diminished by this scandal.

But that wouldn’t be “proof,” would it?

Needless to say, the rest of EI’s arguments consist of (second-rate) sophistry, lies and contradictions.

EI asserts that the fatwa’s

text appears to be at best an extremely vulgar joke and at worst sectarian defamation. It is written in a style commonly used for stories in which both the teller and listener know it is a joke or fiction…

Once again, EI continues treating “appearances” as proof. Whether it appears to be a “vulgar joke” or “sectarian defamation” is hardly evidence that the fatwa is a hoax. After all, fatwas almost always look like jokes to Western people (see here for some clear examples), which is what EI is counting on.

Next, EI contradicts itself. First, Al-Khallaf is portrayed as reading the fatwa on the air to “incite his audience’s disgust.” Yet now, EI claims that the fatwa “is written in a style commonly used for stories in which both the teller and listener know it is a joke or fiction.”

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  • ★FALCON★

    A Pasha Pedophile with a purse and a blown-out rectum. Yeah, there's nothing gay about Islam.

    • ★SEAGULL★

      Sounds like a perfect match for you.

      • ★FALCON★

        You really need to stop obsessing over me.

  • davarino

    Whats next, throat widening? What ever it takes to get that bomb across the goal line.

    =; O

  • Kyra

    You Go Raymond!

  • Looking4Sanity


    You sound surprised that a group willing to stuff explosives up their bums for the opportunity to kill those they hate would stoop to lies and distortions. Shouldn't you have seen this coming? I'm sorry for your troubles, pal…but seriously!

    And isn't pointing out the hypocrisy of a bunch of murdering butt buggerers just a tad anticlimactic? That's kind of like pointing out that Jeffrey Dahmer also cheated on his tax returns or that Hitler didn't brush and floss after every meal!

  • Crossbow87

    Mr. Ibrahim, your argumentation is clear and I always finish your workknowing more than when I started.

  • Myron

    At this point, methinks it is perfectly accurate to say that Raymond Ibrahim just tore the sodomite apologists at Electronic Intifada a "new butt hole"!…

  • Mel

    Maybe this is what President Hussein meant when he said he would lead from behind??

    • Dead space

      So that’s why he always bows to foreign leaders…

  • Mensch Keymelon

    Raymond a former lacky for Robert Spenser is the same as his former mentor and will say anything to smear, anything as long as it is an evil reflection, cast upon his target, Islam. Both of them pretend to be doing some kind of noble service to humanity targetting "jihadis" "No, we are not attacking the religion, but just this evil facet of it! Join me in my noble Crusade!" These two always ignoreg the iron clad basic rules in Islam, such as the transmitters of hadith were all aware of, layman's terms " If anything I relay is returned to the Quran and does not stand up to that test then throw it out." Basically, if anything someone is trying to say is "acceptable" in Islam that must be able to be returned to the Quran as a test. Wow, this trash Raymond is wallowing in and feeding you does not stand up to that test. We should just throw them both out, the baby with the bathwater, Raymond with his trash.

    • pagegl

      Actually, Islam does well enough, without Ibrahim or Spencer's help, at casting an evil reflection.

    • gray man

      you are full of crap, maybe you should go get your anus "widened". Like I said in the first article, I spent a year in Afghanistan training new recrutes for the Afghan military. 18% percent of new recrutes showed up with syphilis of the anus. They didn't get it from toilet seats. try looking on youtube about the dancing boys of Afghanistan.
      Islam is sick and needs to be eradicated for the filth it is.

    • aspacia


      You failed to provide any valid support. You post is nothing but a rant.

      • Mensch Keymelon

        Doubt if you have the requisite knowledge to understand it in depth…sorry. To boil it down to its essence, in the Quran it is forbidden explicitly (homosexuality, homosexual acts) there is no way to make it "okay" no matter what you or anyone else tries to say about it. Ibrahim uses this "story" from somewhere ( not even going to go verify it it's so pathetic ) and blasts it all over the web with glee because he gets to throw mud at "Islam" Sad thing is most of you here think he is rigth, wich is pathetic, in his position that this is a valid article about a valid subject condoned in Islam. It is not, plain and simple. It wasn't a rant, I expected some level of competent knowlege on Islam in the audience that "claims" to know so much about it.

        • aspacia

          LOL, the Qu'ran is loaded with contradictions regarding no compulsion in religion, but it also calls for the murder of all infidels; this means me.

          The Qu'ran explicitly claims that Muslims cannot murder innocents, but they daily do this regardless of faith.

        • Sonny

          Lame response. The Quran also commands Muslims not to kill themselves — yet there is no shortage of suicide bombers convinced they're going to heaven to have sex with 72 virgins/raisins.
          They believe that suicide is ok for the same reason Raymond Ibrahim documents here regarding sodomy jihad — the ends justify the means, it's all about 'intentions.'

  • Willy Rho

    To be a devout Moo Slim, one must be averse to truth and logic.

  • Western Spirit

    What ever it takes to make homosexual practices allowable in Islam. No wonder these people are mixed up. First their religion forbids sodomy and then sets up conditions that makes it desirable.

    No wonder they want to blow themselves up.

  • YLEM

    When Muslim boys are sent to a madrassa, that's where they are sexually molested and raped. They use butt plugs so that the boys will be big enough for a man.

    • Mensch Keymelon

      With friends like you who needs enemas?

  • YLEM
  • wsk

    Remember there are no homosexuals in Islam; ask the little dicktator in Iran

    • Mensch Keymelon

      Of course they don't, I hear they don't give much rope to them in Iran…

  • Infidel

    I would trust Raymond against 1000 muslims. Go Raymond!

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Ibrahim contends that because we did not falsify anal penetration of Muslim extremists that we did not falsify his hoax. This is the most stupid form of absurdity. Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Torossian need to team up.

  • Schlomotion

    Mr. Ibrahim contends that because we did not falsify firsthand the anal penetration of Muslim extremists that we did not falsify his hoax. This is the most stupid form of absurdity. Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Torossian need to team up. There is another ad on this site that Mr. Ibrahim and Mr. Glazov are doing a call-in show show to discuss sodomy even more with call-in guests.