Islamic Terror vs. Norway Massacre

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Ever since last year’s Norway massacre, when Anders Breivik killed some 70 people, the relativists and Muslim apologists of the world felt exonerated: for here at last, thought they, was proof positive that terrorism had nothing to do with Islamic teachings per se. If Christianity cannot be blamed for Breivik, why blame Islam for al-Qaeda?

This question was restated in a recent email to me from Gehan D. Sabry, editor of Cross Cultures, a website dedicated to “Promoting Harmony Through Knowledge and Better Understanding.” Regarding my recent article “A Tale of Two American Martyrs,” where I discussed the slayings of two American Christians in the Muslim world due to allegations of proselytizing, she wrote:

[…] I know enough fellow Christians who agree with me that the majority of Muslims and Christians, in fact the moderates of ALL religions … get along just fine, and only the radicals of each are the ones who make the news, and cause turmoil and tragedy in this world … when I read this article of yours, I immediately remembered the psycho from Norway who killed over 70 youth recently … why don’t you try to explain that away for me?

My explanation, which may be of general interest—this question of moral equivalency plagues the many who think on superficial terms—follows:

First, the two murdered American teachers were killed by Muslims under accusations of proselytism.  As it happens, according to mainstream Islamic interpretations of Sharia, proselytizing Muslims is a capital offence.  In fact, it is mentioned as far back as the so-called Pact of Omar, which Muslim doctrinaires still quote from, and which delineates what non-Muslims (it was first made with Christians in Syria) must—and must not—do to safeguard their blood.

One of the stipulations they had to agree to was, “We shall not manifest our religion publicly nor convert anyone to it.” At the very end of the pact, they had to agree that “If we in any way violate these undertakings for which we ourselves stand surety, we forfeit our covenant, and we become liable to the penalties for contumacy and sedition,” which is death.

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  • Azim

    loool are you stupid ?? You act like you know it all but you are a total idiot! Sharia cannot be applied by an individual living in a foreign land. It has to be applied by its ruler or anyone representing him and this is done in his land where Sharia is the law. So dont confuse things and try to educate others when you yourself are ignorant

    • HermitLion

      Looooool are you stupid, Azim? Do you think it’s so easy to deceive us about the nature of islam? Go practice your taqiyya someplace else.

    • deprogrammer

      You were expecting coherent, consistent and correct analysis and commentary from FPM? That's like going to a Klan rally and being surprised by their inaccurate take on African American History and their interpretation of the Torah.


        Like your FAKE "anti-war" socialists who are mum when it comes to genocide by the commie backed Assad regime in Syria.

        14,000 dead in Syria. Where are the "anti-war" demonstrations outside Syrian consulates???

        It's counter-revolutionary to do so?

        • deprogrammer

          Could you provide six CREDIBLE sources proving the following:
          1) I'm a socialist.
          2) ALL anti-war activists are socialist.
          3) The anti-war movement supports the authoritarian dictatorship in Syria (which would directly contradict your socialist comment by the way)
          4) Proof of the "global socialist conspiracy" that support Assad.

      • Western Spirit

        give us an example of fpm erroneous reporting or shut up. otherwise its like listening to a "deprogrammer" attempting to program his believes instead of backing them up with facts.

    • aspacia

      The two men were in a foreign land, and how do you explain the numerous honor killings occurring in the West? Azim, you are a lying dog.

    • Michael Canzano

      Azim , further proof that "An addition of Muslims to a nation is a subtraction in civilization."

  • Ann

    fact is Azim, people aren’t all as enamored of Islam as you are

  • Tariq Shamim Khwaja


    What?! No trying to convert! What are you talking about?

    A whole delegation of Christians went from Najran to Medina at the time of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to try and convert. Dialogue was conducted with these people and they left with a pact ensuring their peaceful coexistance with Muslims should Muslims ever rule over them.

    Islam is not scared of people converting or trying to convert … Islam welcomes anyone to try and definitely they would lose in logic. That is why Islam said "There is no compulsion in religion" (Al Baqarah).

    The article basis itself on dogma purported by terrorists. That .. is not Islam. Our doctrines are primarily from the Quran which tells us to be compassionate to all humans.

    The question, I think, is would there be a massacre by Brievek if the media did not make false exagerations about Islam?

    Love for All; Hatred for None – Offical Motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

    • esatire

      Please show us occurrences of muslims leaving islam, and not being threatened.
      Please show us islamic countries that do not persecute Christians, or for the very least allow them to try and convert muslims.

      Then, when you fail at that, please try to contemplate why muslims cannot ever provide facts to back their empty words.

    • Looking4Sanity

      What a surprise! Lies from a practitioner of the religion of Lies. You disappoint me, Hadji. Your masters obviously did not teach you well. Go back to your madrassa for a remedial lying course.

    • Lan Astaslem

      islam is a peaceful religion, and if you don't believe it, I'll chop your head off (with a dull, dirty knife)
      Lan Astaslem! I will not submit – to a filthy psudo religion called islam

    • Drakken

      Who are we going to believe ? You? Or our lying infidel eyes? Every bloody day you muslims demonstrate to us infidels what kind of so called religion you follow. Murder, mayhem, bombings,beheadings,rape, honor killings and you have the gall to say to us infidels to be blind to those facts, well I have this to say, no more and go pound sand !

    • Beth

      "Love for All; Hatred for None – Offical Motto of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community"

      Tell that to your koran:

      Mass Murder……………………………..009.005 – 033.061
      Gang Rape (of female 'infidels')……033.052
      Lie to non-muslims…………………….003.028
      Cutting off hands and feet…………..005.033

      From the words of your very own prophet….there is no love in those teachings. None whatsoever.

      Even your own koran calls you a liar Tariq Shamim Khwaja

  • Brujo Blanco

    If Islam is so peaceful why are so many Muslims plotting to murderer and in fact murdering. We need to stop all immigration from Islamic terrorist States. Sweden and France now have Muslim communities that are using violence against non believers. I can see Sharia law being established and recognized by western countries.

    • aspacia

      One poor kid in Tunisia just had his head sawed off for converting to Christianity.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    […] I know enough fellow Christians who agree with me that the majority of Muslims and Christians, in fact the moderates of ALL religions … get along just fine, and only the radicals of each are the ones who make the news, and cause turmoil and tragedy in this world … when I read this article of yours, I immediately remembered the psycho from Norway who killed over 70 youth recently … why don’t you try to explain that away for me?

    Two things are glaringly wrong with her perception. First, she morally equates Islam with true faith-based religions, i.e., Christianity. Islam is not a faith-based religion at all as it requires total, complete, and unconditional submission to the will of Allah where the freedom of conscience is forbidden under the pain of death. In reality Islam is a supremacist theo-political totalitarian ideology that seeks to subjugate the world under the tyranny of Sharia, i.e., the will of Allah.

    Second, she believes in the fantasy that there are so-called moderate Muslims and radical Muslims and she even morally equates them with moderate and radical Christians. For a Muslim to be a true moderate that Muslim would have to be a blasphemous apostate, which under Islam is a capital offense.

    In other words, like most delusional leftists, she lives in a fantasy world.

  • Bartimaeus

    Thanks, Mr. Ibrahim. You and your work is a great service to all persecuted Christians living in Moslem lands and very informative for those of us living in the west. May God continue to bless you in the work you are doing.

  • aspacia

    I enjoy your work Mr. Ibrahim.

  • Thor Mikalsen

    If Arafath got the Nobels peaceprice,why not give the peaceprice to Anders Breivik?

  • dougjmiller

    Islam is not a religion. It's a radical political ideology that uses monotheism to justify territorial expansion, mass murder, slavery, torture, theft, drug dealing, oppression, discrimination againist women and minorities, forced conversion, and sexual perversion.

  • curmudgeon

    there are great similarities and great differences–breivik vs jihadis. huge difference. islam's goals are to force the entire world to worship a god of evil, and give obeisance to a prophet (peace be upon him) that advocated genocide, murder, robbery, lying slavery, child rape, adult rape, and wife beating. islam's cause, therefore is unjust. brievik's cause is to stop the subjugation of norway by islam, and therefore is just. huge similarity: breivik and the violent jihadis use the same criminal tactics–murdering people of their own kind who cooperate with the enemy. huge difference #2. the jihidis methods of promoting their aims are very successful. muslims almost never risk doing anything to curb other muslims' lust for the blood of innocents. brievik's effort was totally unsuccessful. he is uniformly condemned by those he was trying to save from slavery, who have redoubled their efforts to surrender to islamic slavery and genocide.

    • W. C. Taqiyya

      Oops. Don't look now , but I think you just posted up a fine comment. Very fine indeed. :)

  • trickyblain

    "Would there have been a Norway massacre if there was no Islam in Europe—with all the troubles associated with it?"

    This is eerily reminiscent of the argument justifying 9/11, rightfully condemned by most conservatives. Substitute words in brackets.

    Would there have been a [9/11] if there was no [American military presence] in [Muslim lands] —with all the troubles associated with it?

    • MMK

      Or, a better way to put it:

      "Would there have been a [9/11] if there was no [hostility for infidels and commands for jihad in the Qur'an] —with all the troubles associated with it?"

    • Alvaro

      I think Muslim Jihad aggression started many hundred years *before* American military presence in Muslim lands, so it probably has nothing to do with it.

      I also think there would be no massacre in Norway if the politicians had used a little common sense. If you lived here, you might understand.

  • Ghostwriter

    Despite what idiots like trickyblain say,there has been a virtual litany of terrorist attacks by Muslims against non-Muslims. I wish these people would leave their fantasy worlds and live in reality like the rest of us.