Islam’s Black Flag Flies Over U.S. Embassy in Egypt

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Left unsaid and unknown in any Western media is the fact that the U.S. embassy has long been under threat, but for different reasons.  Earlier, the Egyptian paper El Fagr reported that Jihadi groups in Egypt, including Islamic Jihad, the Sunni Group, and Al Gamaa Al Islamiyya had issued a statement threatening to burn the U.S. embassy in Cairo to the ground unless all the Islamic jihadis currently imprisonment and in detention centers in the U.S. including Guantanamo Bay were released:

“The group, which consists of many members from al-Qaeda, called [especially] for the quick release of the jihadi [mujahid] sheikh, Omar Abdul Rahman [the 'Blind Sheikh'], whom they described as a scholar and jihadi who sacrificed his life for the Egyptian Umma, who was ignored by the Mubarak regime, and [President] Morsi is refusing to intervene on his behalf and release him, despite promising that he would. The Islamic Group has threatened to burn the U.S. Embassy in Cairo with those in it, and taking hostage those who remain [alive], unless the Blind Sheikh is immediately released.”

Despite all this—despite longstanding threats to the U.S. embassy, followed by a real attack, culminating with the destruction of the American flag—Victoria Nuland, the U.S. State Department’s Spokesperson, speaking in response to this latest attack, said that “none of this suggests that there are hostile feelings for the U.S. in Egypt.”

In fact, none of this is surprising—neither the attack on the U.S. embassy, nor the U.S. government’s head-in-the-sand response, with strong words reserved only for those non-Muslims exercising their free speech rights.  This event also explains the situation in a way that even a child can understand: the more you appease—as the Obama administration has been doing with the Islamic world in ways unprecedented—the more contempt you earn from those you appease, and the more demands will be made of you.   Thus, today, far from being respected as a super-power, the U.S. is increasingly seen as a subdued, contemptuous dhimmi—who must say “how high?” whenever Muslims command “jump!”

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  • Jackie

    Mr Ibrahim makes an interesting point, quoting from an Arabic source — the US embassy has been long under threat in Egypt, not just because of cartoons, but because we actually have jihadists in our prisons! Like the article concludes, the more we give in, the more they demand. If Romeny wins, I really hope he'll be better than "Barry" at least on this Islam issue.

  • guest

    Its Obamas flag, too!


      Obama is a FREEMASON… NOT A MUSLIM!

      So stop with the lies…

  • guest
  • chowching259

    Social order comes before media freedom; an American ambassador has been murdered because Muhammad was insulted in a film. Imagine the riots that would occur if a porno movie was made showing Moses, Jesus, and MLK having a threesome.

    • Greg West

      “Social order before media freedom” is the justification the Chinese dictatorship uses to crack down on freedom of the press. No freedom of the press allows these thugs to get away with murder and corruption. Who wants to live under a murderous dictatorship?
      Chowching259 also wrote “Imagine the riots that would occur if a porno movie was made showing Moses, Jesus, and MLK having a threesome.”
      I would say that in western democracies there would be some clergy who would publicly protest such a film but there would not be murderous vigilantly mobs in the street seeking revenge on some person who had nothing to do with the making of the film (or even on the film makers for that matter). Western democracies have moved on to a post-Christian era where less than 10% of the population attend church regularly and people just don’t get that worked up over religion.

    • Arius

      There wouldn't be any riots if a porno movie was made showing Moses, Jesus, and MLK having a threesome.

  • oldtimer

    These creatures(can't honestly call them people) are pure evil. Life means nothing to them. And an ambassador was also killed in Libya, along with 3 staff members. The policies of the current administration are to blame, they supported this, but refuse to speak to Israel, the only human beings left in the middle east. We can't survive 4 more years of a foreign and domestic policy that encourages radicals both overseas and right here.

    • Arius

      Yes, the Obama administration supports the Muslim Brotherhood that is involved.

  • pierce

    There can be nothing worse than appeasement. For a sitting President to apologize to the world for what he perceived as US atrocities (Hiroshima, Nagasaki to name 2) does not deserve a second term, unless a majority of the citizenry thinks there is nothing wrong with that. Mitt, you have to call him down on that, among other things when you debate him, or we will never win.

  • tagalog

    “Mainly ultraconservative Islamist protesters climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Egypt’s capital Tuesday and brought down the flag, replacing it with a black flag with an Islamic inscription to protest a video attacking Islam’s prophet, Muhammad. Hundreds of protesters marched to the embassy in downtown Cairo …. " So says Fox News. By evening, there were thousands of them.

    So, help me out here; where are all those MODERATE Muslims while all these thousands of Muslims are demonstrating agains the United States government for a video the U.S. government didn't make and had nothing to do with?

    Also, they killed three American diplomats? Doesn't that seem a bit extreme as a response to YouTube showing a video that mocks Mohammed? "Make a joke about my religion and I'll kill your diplomats and attack your embassies!"

    • tagalog

      Why the hell isn't President Obama bringing our diplomats in Libya and Egypt home and closing up those embassies temporarily? What possesses our leaders? Americans are being killed over this comic opera turn of events. I can understand not sending the airplanes to napalm and cluster-bomb the demonstrators; after all, we don't want to do what the Muslims are doing, but jeez, at least bring our people out of harm's way.

    • Dagger

      Moderate Muslims? They get shot / beheaded as well if they try to protest this type of behavior by the Fundamentalist Muslims. That's right, I said Fundamentalist. These are not Radical Muslims. They are doing just what their religious belief system dictates.

      Oh and one more thing. Since the U.S. Embassy is sovereign soil, next time one of these wall climbers start feeling the urge to climb, the U.S. Marines on duty as guards needs to open fire. Then keep shooting when the rest of the protesters show up to protest the death of the first one. When that's done, bring our people home and carpet bomb these idiots so far back into the Stone Age that they have to reinvent fire.

    • Sunbeam

      That is not only a bit extreme but rather it is extreme beyond comprehension. Therefore do you believe that this religion is from God? There has been too many innocent blood been shed in this black banner.

      • i hate them all.

        You obviously cannot write in proper English which leads me to believe you're Muslim scum. Your opinion does not matter. Please light the whole middle east up. No boots should ever touch the ground. Blitzkrieg these sheep herders.

  • EthanP

    This was only the first shot. BHOs weak leadership brought this about. It will get much worse. Remember that Britains failure to stop the Mahdi in Khartum led to 20 years of bloodshed in the Sudan.

    • Jon_Babtist

      It's worse that weak leadership, it is treasonous support for Islamists that has gone on from his first day in office,
      99% of which goes unreported. President Carter was naive and he ushered in the ayatollah, Obama has a heart as black as the Islamist flag and when a piece of America burns isn't this an example of G-D America his pastor railed for?

    • Jon_Babtist

      It's worse that weak leadership, it is treasonous support for Islamists that has gone on from his first day in office,
      99% of which goes unreported. President Carter was naive and he ushered in the ayatollah, Obama has a heart as black as the Islamist flag and when a piece of America burns isn't this an example of G-D America his pastor railed for?

  • ApolloSpeaks


    by refusing to meet with him later this month he has two jimmy Carter moments in Cairo and Benghazi on his way to defeat in November.

    Google ApolloSpeaks at to read more on this subject

  • ross1948

    Black flag represents the black heart – Clinton actually regretted some fellow's exercise of hisright to free expression, and the spoilt brats have run amok. Enough is surely enough.

  • Joe Ordinary

    God knows that they mock the things that I value with aplomb every day. When does Hillary speak up for my feelings? When do I get to riot?

  • Spider

    Was this "Workplace violence" or a "Man caused disaster" ??

    • JoJoJams

      Both. And mind you, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with islam! (repeat ad nauseum until you are fully brainwashed in to stupidity, or your head explodes) /end sarcasm

  • dockywocky

    We can lay the blame for these deaths squarely at Obama's feet. He is increasingly asleep at the switch when it comes to presidential duties. Harry Truman said, "The Buck Stop Here," but Obama says, "What have you got for me?"
    His lack of interest in foreign affairs is evidenced by his failure to attend daily National Security Briefings. Nothing could be clearer than that.
    WHY? Why is he even running again? Obviously, it is a pain in his ash to act like a president should. Let's make sure he doesn't have to strain his ash looking out for us any more.

  • Ghostwriter

    President Obama's probably thinking "Uh-oh! Looks like my reelection is about to go up in smoke." That and two of our embassies did the same thing.

  • Stuart Parsons

    Gentlemen ! Gentlemen ! We may be entirely sure that CAIR, that great bastion in the United States, of honesty and free speech, will point out to the Egyptians the error of their ways. The peace loving, totally rational and multicultural supporting Egyptians will apologise, rebuild the Embassy and award each Coptic Christian compensation of $10,000.

  • Guest

    How can you stand yourself! Obama is no worse than the stupid republicans who pushed for the over throw of the existing governments in the middle east all in the name of "democracy", "nation building". I can stand the narcissistic Obama and consider him an outright danger to this country, but he is not alone in our actions here. Even this site has advocated a repulsive attitude of nation building in areas where the people have a genuine hatred for us.

    Only when you recognize the real enemy, Islam, and not some government entity will you be free to take the fight in the right direction.

    • Arius

      You are correct. Romney will not do much better except that he will be MUCH better on the economy. Obama is an all around disaster.


      Do you know how dumb and ignorant you sound?! You are a fool, and a bigot!

      Islam is NOT the enemy. Now go back to sleep and continue with the brainwashing you dumb know nothing slave!

      The Government has got you by the neck.

  • Danfortruth

    Are we still sending our tax dollars to thise evil nations fo they can kill our diplomats, service men and women. They would kill the rest of us as well, no matter where we live. Our muslim president must go before he puts us all under Sharia. Enough is enough.

    • Arius

      Not just Obama, but also the US courts are implicated in allowing sharia into their rulings that can make a Muslim woman in the US a second class citizen.


      Sharia is the truth and is the laws of God unlike the fake and corrupted system of man made laws we already live under, Democracy is EVIL and a LIE!

      By the way Obama is NOT a Muslim, he is a FREEMASON.

      Get some knowledge before you come back.

  • Danfortruth

    Hard to read text area makes spelling and writing hard. Please fix this.

  • Anon

    "In a statement, the U.S. said, "The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals [film makers] to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims—as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others."

    This statement was made just after the attack. I believe it was made in order to protect the ambassador and his staff. Try to imagine being them, enclosed in the embassy, after an attack that lasted for hours. They must have been terrified. Are we to expect our administration to issue a statement that would further incense the mob?

  • Jon_Babtist

    At the same time Obama is French kissing Islamists he is spitting in the eye of Americans and our ally Israel. Joe Biden's big quote from the convention was "GM is alive and Osama is dead." Does anyone believe that all this crowing about killing Osama is not inciting Obama's Islamist buddies worldwide?


      Islamaphobe fool! You have no real understanding of Islam or anything for that matter of Muslim people.

      Obama is a stupid puppet, and those men are not of Islam of which who he kisses, they are as well fake puppets…close interraction of such like that is forbidden in Islam. They are as well FREEMASONS.

  • ihate islam

    Kill em all


      You are a rediculous Islamaphobe. Get some knowledge and an real understanding.

      Go back to watching Fox News and CNN you moronic fool.

  • Sunbeam

    The color black represents Satan symbolically. As with darkness, The Price of darkness – the power of darkness…(ferocious, insidious)


      You are wrong! And just sound completly ignorant. Go back to sleep you mindless slave.

      Pick up a book and learn something you cable television watching and mainstream radio listening fool. You are a devil.

  • Janice Goodson

    Propaganda ?

  • Janice Goodson

    Propaganda ?