Media Reveal the Muslim Brotherhood’s True Face

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More to the point, his Brotherhood colleague, Sheikh Sayyid Abdul Karim, asserted: “Those who do not wish to see Islam [Sharia] applied are drunks, druggies, adulterers, and brothel-owners.”

While such talk is commonplace from Egypt’s self-styled Salafists, here is yet another indicator that the Brotherhood, which has long mastered the art of dissembling, is beginning to feel comfortable enough to let snippets of the truth come out.

Popular Egyptian Presidential Candidate: ‘Sharia Must be Applied’

At a recent conference, Dr. Abd al-Mun’im Abu al-Futuh—one of the most popular presidential candidates in Egypt, of the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Freedom and Justice” party—declared that “Islam must be upheld and Sharia must be applied; nor shall we permit the methods of the former regime—imprisoning our sons simply because they are committed to religion [Islam] and because they go and pray at mosques—to ever return again.”

To the average Western reader, this smacks of religious freedom—until one realizes why the former regime, and all secular Arab regimes, are wary of those Muslims “committed to religion,” who “pray at mosques”: the more zealous they are of Islam’s teachings, the more likely they are to espouse violence, even terror (under the banner of “jihad”), the more likely they are to target anyone and everyone who stands in their way, including the “near enemy” (the state, if it is secular), the “far enemy” (the Western infidel), and everyone in between (“dhimmi” minorities such as Egypt’s Christian Copts).

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  • Chezwick

    These are the first stirrings of a reconstituted Caliphate. It's a movement whose time will come, perhaps in fits and starts, but inexorably.

    What are the centrifugal impediments we can anticipate?

    Quite obviously, confessional differences, particularly in Iraq and where the new ruling Shia majority will resist being subsumed into a Sunni Caliphate, the commonality of Arab culture and language notwithstanding. Lebanon is another potential straggler, due to the presence of its Shia plurality and Christian minority.

    Another important impediment – one that exists throughout the Arab world – is that post-colonial, Western construct, the Arab nation-state. The challenge for the ummah in overcoming this ugly Western legacy is not so much the ideology of nationalism as it is the likely reluctance of local elites to want to surrender their power to a supra-national authority.

    Meanwhile, what are the centripetal forces at play?

    Religion of course….and its expression through the popular will. There will likely be a new round of popular rebellions within a generations time, turning out the hangers-on in various countries where local elites resist the unity that Islamic theology commands.

    And what does the coming, reconstituted Caliphate portend for the West?

    Optimists might say that Muslim unity could facilitate a counter-unity among non-Muslims…..and that the infidel world will finally have a clear-cut enemy with which to focus its attention. I'm not nearly so sanguine. If the Western elites genuflect as they do today at the alter of Islamic supremacism…at a time when the Arab world is divided and relatively weak, how much more obsequious will they likely be when confronted with a unified Caliphate, one that will extend its tentacles into Europe…and in all probability will possess nuclear weapons.

    • Rifleman

      Bingo, but I think it's further along than you realize. I think they'll allow a lot of local autonomy, so they can maintain plausible deniability for the umma, while continuously attacking the West. Our msm and academia will play along and give them cover for that line.

  • Rifleman

    If one looked closely, that face was visible all along. Reestablishing the caliphate has always been a goal of the muslim brotherhood. What has changed, is that the POTUS is putting the power, resources, and influence of the USA behind the effort, and it's clearly working.

    Something else notable about this, is that the ME Studies departments at our illustious universities either don't see this coming, or they're pretending they don't. It's funny how they never see any threat coming until it's too late to do anything about it. They're like economics professors, they don't ever have to be right about anything to keep their jobs.

    • Chezwick

      "the ME Studies departments at our illustious universities either don't see this coming, or they're pretending they don't."

      Surely the latter. MESA was bought off by the Saudis long ago. One would be hard-pressed to find a single dept in any major university in America that hasn't been the recipient of Saudi (or Kuwaiti, or Qatari) largess.

  • aspacia

    Regardless, the ME will remain a backward sewer loaded with illiterates, brutes and public maiming, floggings and beheadings. The problem is that many intent on our demise have free access to our technology and use it against us.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Obama is seeing to it Iraq will have advanced American fighter jets, how nice., he trains Hamas with
      American troops, wonderful. When will he have the red cross take blood donation trucks to our
      schools to drain the children of their blood for Islamist armies, sounds crazy but hey would it really
      be beyond the One?………………………..Israel should flush the ME and the sooner the better.

  • StephenD

    Not much of a religious person per se, I still find it a bit disconcerting that the Christian Bible talks about those that are under the alter of the Lord who were Beheaded for the faith. This is yet to come. Who do we know that Beheads people for believing differently??
    This is done by the same folks that insist on one, world-wide religion; with one, World Leader.
    Seems to me the Bible is pretty accurate as we see this beginning to unfold. I pity what my grandchildren will have to live with if we fail to take a proper stand against this evil.

    • Hannah

      Especially as so many today ( including many Evangelicals) believe the anti-Christ will herald from the Roman Empire. As long as they are deceived into believing this they do nothing as Islam quietly through demographics and taqiyya takes us over.
      As Walid Shoebat has highlighted: All countries the Messiah will be victorious over mentioned in the Bible, are Muslim today.

      • Raymond in DC

        To this, Hegazy replied: “No, I say the capital is Jerusalem, Allah willing.”

        Well, this would be the first time Jerusalem was the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Indeed the only folks who *ever* made Jerusalem their capital were the Jews!

  • oldtimer

    The return of the Ottoman Empire…Will they change the name of Jerusalem like they did Constantanoble? The WW1 people saw the dangers of this situation, that is why they dissolved it, unfortunately, only to allow it to come to life again.

    • Observer

      They already have a name for it. Al Quds.

    • Chezwick

      Interestingly, the Caliphate survived WWI. It wasn't formally dissolved until 1924, and then, it wasn't the Western powers but Attaturk that removed such an anachronism from the modern world. But how times change…and history moves in cycles.

  • mp_19

    yea the muslim brotherhood are terrorist i think the best thing for all is a separation of people western people dont like the muslim ways and they dont like us we should get out of muslim countries and muslims should go to muslim countries it would be best for

  • Marty

    The good news is that the arab world has rarely been united, at least in modern times. There are simply too many competing narcissists in high level positions. The unity that arabs seek is less to re-establish the caliphate than it is to first destroy Israel. Hopefully, the unity they want will elude them for a long time. Instead, the United States should foster disunity: the kurds don't want to be part of the arab world – encourage the formation of Kurdistan. Doing so will have the additional benefit of helping to cause the political disintegration of turkey, syria, iraq, and iran as Kurdish communities separate from regimes that have oppressed them for generations. There is no downside to this. Kurdistan, with over thirty million people (as big as iraq and bigger than syria), would be an American and Israeli ally and perhaps even build democratic institutions.

  • Ghostwriter

    Great. More nutjobs coming out of the woodwork.

  • bubblebrook

    If there is a government anywhere on this planet that uses democracy's one principle, "Majority Rule" to govern a nation, name it! If there is one, I will be its cheer leader. Until then, I am not surprised that the Muslim Brotherhood or any other world conquering organization uses the old democracy fraud to make their dupes believe the dupes are going to be allowed to govern the new government. The deceived cannot govern the deception. Get the Muslim Brotherhood's definitin of democracy, and compare what they say their democrcy is with what they have done in the past. That is the beginning of dismanteling the Muslim Brotherhood's hold on the muslim People.
    Marvin E. Fox

  • Rick Taylor

    Well you know the old Islamic version of democracy:

    One man (literally), one vote. once = the golden dawn of the Islamic utopia.