Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin

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According to several reports in the Arabic media, prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids—or, in the words of Saudi Sheikh Ali bin Said al-Rabi‘i, those “symbols of paganism,” which Egypt’s Salafi party has long planned to cover with wax.    Most recently, Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sunni Sheikhs” and President of National Unity, Abd al-Latif al-Mahmoud, called on Egypt’s new president, Muhammad Morsi, to “destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not.”

This is a reference to the Muslim Prophet Muhammad’s companion, Amr bin al-As and his Arabian tribesmen, who invaded and conquered Egypt circa 641.  Under al-As and subsequent Muslim rule, many Egyptian antiquities were destroyed as relics of infidelity.  While most Western academics argue otherwise, according to early Muslim writers, the great Library of Alexandria itself—deemed a repository of pagan knowledge contradicting the Koran—was destroyed under bin al-As’s reign and in compliance with Caliph Omar’s command.

However, while book-burning was an easy activity in the 7th century, destroying the mountain-like pyramids and their guardian Sphinx was not—even if Egypt’s Medieval Mamluk rulers “de-nosed” the latter during target practice (though popular legend still attributes it to a Westerner, Napoleon).

Now, however, as Bahrain’s “Sheikh of Sheikhs” observes, and thanks to modern technology, the pyramids can be destroyed.  The only question left is whether the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt is “pious” enough—if he is willing to complete the Islamization process that started under the hands of Egypt’s first Islamic conqueror.

Nor is such a course of action implausible.  History is laden with examples of Muslims destroying their own pre-Islamic heritage—starting with Islam’s prophet Muhammad himself, who destroyed Arabia’s Ka‘ba temple, transforming it into a mosque.

Asking “What is it about Islam that so often turns its adherents against their own patrimony?” Daniel Pipes provides several examples, from Medieval Muslims in India destroying their forefathers’ temples, to contemporary Muslims destroying their non-Islamic heritage in Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Malaysia, and Tunisia.

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  • BS77

    Is there still any doubt left about the nature of this ideology. It's insanity on steroids.

    • CPTobviousX

      The exact same could be said about Christianity. Christians lynched slaves, burned and tortured their own kind, and now have a network of extortionist posing as churches. We should look at our own problems and mind our own business abroad.

    • truthhurts

      Let them destroy that countries only source of tourism. Once the Oil (assuming Egypt has any) dries up they can go back to exporting pomegranates. Oh wait it was the true Egyptians who did that. These wacked out Islamists have nothing to export and nothing to contribute to the world. The fact is the pool of uneducated people who still live in the mentality of the 4th century grows smaller and that means the collection of people who can still be tricked into believing this outdated crap is dwindling.

      • Dave

        Islam is a virus. People who encounter it either die or become carriers.

        • Lakeysha Gober

          so do christians not an isolated thing to 1 belief system.

          • objectivefactsmatter

            >Islam is a virus. People who encounter it either die or become carriers.

            "so do christians not an isolated thing to 1 belief system."

            It's difficult to find something that is more untrue than this absurd statement.

    • Scuba

      Beautifully put. I may have to borrow that phrase.

    • Bill Thrower

      Don't worry Obama said the Arab spring was a good thing.
      After all Obama has been right about everthing else right?
      You know hope and change etc…

    • ImaHippyBurning

      The left undoubtably has doubt and will continue to do so until one day there is a warm glow in the sky maybe in their backyard! even then they will find ways to rationalize this imbecilic ideology. Moo HA MUD was a butchering, Thug who completely bastardized a religion and the only thing left to do is for good people everywhere to rise up and smack down the evil that exists in every nation…

      • @fireinthedawn

        the left is not pro-muslim. It's Secular. I'm a Leftist against ALL of the religions of Abraham

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "the left is not pro-muslim. It's Secular. I'm a Leftist against ALL of the religions of Abraham"

          That makes you pro-Islam by failing to distinguish the differences between good and evil, and between lies and objective facts.

    • Pronghorn

      Barbarism is written into the Koran, so it's little surprise that many Muslims are barbarians. The surprise is that so many are civilized.

      • Lakeysha Gober

        Have you read the Koran, its the same stuff in the bible dummy. Read it as a historical document and as nothing eles. So you can see for your self. The thread that runs through the so called evil in the stuf being done is not in that book. But in the people that want to keep control over the minds of the masses for their ego.

        • objectivefactsmatter

          "Have you read the Koran, its the same stuff in the bible dummy."

          The way that plutonium and gold are made from the same atomic particles? That's not helpful. It's only deceptively stupid by highlighting trivial elements in common and ignoring the salient distinctions that are as serious as the distinction between life and death. But yeah, life and death have a lot in common too, if you just want to hold hands and visualize a world without conflict as the knife is slipped in to your back.

      • infidel

        I have never met a true muslim that is civilized. I have met a few that fake it well, but if you sit back and watch you will see the barbarism show through. Just call muhamed a detrimental name and see what happens.
        If you doubt me try the same thing with a true Christian and notice the difference in response.

    • Bella

      It's not insanity. With all due respect, it is a calculated effort enacted by a mass of humanity that falls under an all consuming doctrine of belief. To call Islam a religion is to sell it short. Islam is an entire way of life dictated by a man who desired to control those around him. Islam is a an entire religious/legal/social/political decree that is complex and interpreted to serve itself. What other doctrine do you know of that changes its directive based upon a complex system of abrogation to the point where its own scholars live, breath and eat a constant debate as to its message? Only the cult of Islam provides this mess. It is a cult. A very powerful cult and its enemies are freedom, liberty and justice and equality. Please don't be fooled. It;s not insane. It is a force to be reckoned with.

    • damon

      Ugh this guy is a joke, this isn't a Muslim belief. Think of him as that pastor from the Westboro Baptist church

    • Dan Baker

      I don't want to read through all of the posts here, but let me say this, as a Muslim I find such talk and actions completely abhorrent. From the razing at Timbuktu or the desecration of the Buddha statues in Afghanistan. These backwards beasts do not speak for me or for my religion. This is culture and power gone awry. Please, I beg of all fellow sane and modern Muslims to condemn these atrocities and root our this evil amongst our midst. With all of the nonsense that goes on in the name of our religion no wonder people hate "us". It is up to us to dig the rot out of our foundation.

      • Joe

        Sorry Dan, but the rest of the non-Muslim world has ZERO confidence in the Muslim ability to EVER "dig out the rot" of your foundation. It isn't going to happen. The violence, the pandering, and the blind eye given to Muslim atrocities will continue, nothing will be weeded out. The overthrow of sane, peaceful societies will continue, as well as the destruction of ancient artifacts will continue- unless those people who simply want to exist without constantly being reminded that they are an "infidel" to a religion that they don't get, or even care about- put and end to it. Sorry, but that's the way it is if society is to survive.

      • Rastafari

        Good luck Dan. After all the rot is dug out, I don't believe you will find much of anything left to build on.

      • anonymous

        I am with you, Dan. You are in a damned if you do and damned if you don't position (pun intended). As a Muslim, you can either be perceived as a threat OR as not a REAL Muslim by people who have already determined to believe there are no peaceful Muslims. It is a stinky position to be in because your bravery and honesty will fall on many deaf ears in this world and you will be persecuted from all sides. Yes, non-Muslims on this site, there are plenty of nasty people in the world doing all sorts of nasty stuff in G-d's name. And in the end, if we don't stop hating on each other, you know who will win? Atheists. People are already sick of ALL religion because its no more than political mudslinging and "Your religion has caused more harm to mankind than my religion" garbage. Let's stop arguing over who has done the most harm and start worrying about who can do the most good… as in each of you on this board. Start competing in who can do the most good (as in doing it not just talking about it). Then maybe people will start to be moved and inspired more often than disgusted with religion in general. Just sayin'

      • Bane

        thats where regrettably you are wrong.
        As a muslim, you know there is only one, only one islam. its your law. so to say they differ from you is rubbish because you are heretic to your own religion, or they are.
        So either you support your 'race' because islamist/muslims hold no affintiy to a 'country' only their 'religion', or you are not muslim.
        The only way to defeat these sick diease ridden psycho's is to walk away, for every non-facisct muslim to walk away is one less for them to control.
        chrisitanity is exactly the same. sick pedophilic conrol freaks.
        Religion is nothing more than the progadandic population control.
        So, if you are muslim, then by your own law, you are obligated to support them. The choice is yours.
        But please, dont get me wrong.
        I also deeply feel for you.
        Because if you are indeed as you describe yourself, then to see such filth defiling your faith it must be hard.
        My question tou you, if you are kind enought to respond, why do muslims such as yourseflf, not fight back,?? to reclaim the faith so to speak??
        If you truly believe in what your book says, and adore your faith, then why do you not stand up?

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "This is culture and power gone awry."

        I agree with you. However, the facts of history strongly argue that Islam itself is no more than culture and power gone awry with the clever use of plagiaristic lies about Abraham, Jews and Christians and all of their legitimate texts. It's fine if you want to believe something that has no factual basis or worse that can be disproved by analysis of the objective facts, but don't scoff at other believers with the same level of evidence, which is to say zero.

        Thanks for rejecting jihad (apparently), I do appreciate that…but that doesn't mean your beliefs are any more valid or even safe. Search for objective truths, not dangerous apologies for jihadis, or beliefs that can be exploited by jihadis.

    • Rene de los Rios

      Sad to say, but you are right. It's indefensible. These people are truly insane.

      • Alex

        Be sure to read everything you hear and read without question.

      • Lakeysha Gober

        I think it is us all brotha, we seem to live on planet insane.

    • old white guy

      can anyone find one redeeming quality of islam? i for one cannot find any.

    • johnnycobra

      so true!

    • Sineater888

      Exactly! I swear these "Ideologists" are probably retards with Tourette's Syndrome who ramble out verses from the Koran. What a waste of life. They should all gather in a desolate place, strap C-4 to their bodies and blow themselves up since they seem to like to do that. No innocents, just a bunch of miserable scum in a blast crater. Now that will be a statement for the world press!!!

    • prince pauli

      them cock sucking roaches then lost thier minds, those pyrimids are sacred to the stars and to the black people of the black lands. they will not be easily destroyed even if they attempt to. i guess they mad bcause they wont accept the fact the black gods built the sacred pyrimids of giza and not the pale race. they cant even stand out in the sun without burning thier skin let alone build pyrimids in hot egypt in over 115 degree weather. my point being is if they destroy the jet black ancestors beautiful works we know as the pyrimids in todays times, they will be severely punished, cursed and will suffer the true wrath of the jet black kings and queens who truly owns the land. i pray that the ancestors will curse and destroy the enemies who dares challange them. peace ..

      • Rastafari

        Actually Prince, back in the day there was much more fertility in this area. But given present conditions/occupants the land is actually destroying itself. But I say let them try, they are in for a helluva surprise!!

        • Lakeysha Gober

          Climate change also.

    • marika
    • Ari

      This is a completely delirious article. No one in Egypt cares about the rantings of an old Saudi Sheikh who has never set foot in Egypt! Raymond Ibrahim's story is laughable, at best.

    • ari

      Come on, this is a completely delirious article. No one in Egypt cares about the rantings of an old Saudi Sheikh who has never set foot in Egypt! Raymond Ibrahim's story is laughable, at best.

    • Rebecca

      If fundamentalist Christians lived in that area, they would want the Pyramids destroyed also. Anything that conflicts with their beliefs is unacceptable.

    • jyo

      USA should take action against this, Whoever he may be doesnt have right on destroying Such monumnets.
      They have done enough destroying churches, temples every where .

      Now enough is enough

    • sam

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    • nia

      you all dont know egypts history

    • nia

      this is stupid stop egypt is history to me at least an im really young

  • cjk

    To those who understand:
    'Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;'
    Daniel: 7,19
    Carefully read everything about the fourth beast and it becomes clear that it is Mohammedanism.
    Also consider that the true evidence points to an invention of the Mohammedan religion in Baghdad some fifty years after the initial Arab conquests, which is a stones throw from ancient Babylon.

    • stan

      Sorry, You cannot pull one passage out to make it mean what you want to. The rest of Daniel 7 gives us the location of the 4th Beast (Rome) the Time of its rise, (After the division of Rome into Ten nations and after 3 kings Fall), Its original duration, (Times time and half a time or a literal 1,260 years) before its receives a mortal wound and appears to die, It would be a kingdom but be different from all others. It moral character, (arrogant and lawless) It war against Gods People and speaking Words against God himself. It would have a man at its head and change Gods Times and his Laws.
      This is a European power and can be nothing else, To complete the picture Paul gives us more details in 2 Thess and John still more in 1 John and the Revelation. This power was with the Christian church at the beginning and left and will claim to be God and speak for God. This will be a "Christian" power that will be a seeming friend that will deceive not a Foe that openly hates the Bible and Christians.
      It is not the Muslim world!
      It is the Roman Catholic Papacy and has always been.

    • catpoop

      antichrist is a western kingdom, not islam…go back and read it again

      • cjk

        Rome never stomped anything to powder, on the contrary, it always bent over backwards to allow conquered nations to keep their culture.

        • Drakken

          You might want to read up what the Romans did to Carthage. As the Romans did, we in the West will have to do the same to the muslims.

      • cjk

        The prophet Micah clearly identifies the Antichrist as an ASSYRIAN which would fit well within Mohammedanism, but not Rome.

        • Stone

          The Assyrians are still around in the middle east and are christian, not muslum.

          • cjk


          • kmichaels

            It seems that the crux of your theory is that an Assyrian will be the anti-Christ and somehow this ties them to being muslim/islam, SO since the Assyrians are historically Christian and with very little political and or military power, how exactly does these facts jive with your theory? In short, they don't.

      • truthhurts

        Oh and FYI

        ASSYRIAN's are not called or referred to by that anymore they go by Chaldeans; who converted to Catholicism centuries ago. They are the few Christian types you find in the area of Iraq

        • cjk

          You don't know what you're talking about. I know Assyrians who call themselves Assyrians. Furthermore it is irrelevant whether or not the majority are Christian, but don't let the obvious get in your way.
          The Prophet Micah clearly identifies the Antichrist as THE ASSYRIAN, like I said FYI.

          • kmichaels

            Micah did no such thing. And you have failed to make your case with actual scriptures. But feel free to repent and show us your evidence. All Micah does is reference some "Assyrian" but he does not lay claim to the false notion that this Assyrian is some mystical singular anti-Christ. If that is the degree of evidence that you work by then pity those you think you are teaching.

          • cjk

            Yes he does, go read the Book.

          • kmichaels

            I read the book. Micah mentions an "Assyrian". However Micah does not connect the Assyrian to some singular anti-Christ. And why so shy about showing us which scripture and or wording of Micah's does what you think it does. Just show us his words and explain your reasoning. Do you fear confrontation with your beliefs? Just show us your evidence and let us learn from your wisdom.

          • cjk

            You deny that the 5th. chapter of Micah talks of the Messiah?
            You deny that it specifically says that the Messiah delivers Jacob from the Assyrian?
            You are blind then. Chapter five is very specific as to the Messiah ridding Israel of the Assyrian at some future date.

          • kmichaels

            I understand that Micah is talking about the Messiah. That part is clear. The part that you fail at is to establish that when the term Assyrian is used here that it is is reference to a single person and not a group and that it is saying that this Assyrian is the one and only anti-Christ.

            Also one needs to understand that in those days Assyrians were a big deal, politically and militarily, and that there were major battles between the Egyptians and the Assyrians. With the houses of Israel worried about what might happen with either group. However today Assyria is practically a nobody, politically and miltarily.

            And Assyria of both history and today has very little to do with Mohammed, which is one of the points that you wanted to establish.

            In short, you are barking up the wrong tree, once again.

          • cjk

            You twist the plain text of Micah because it doesn't fit what you've been taught.

          • kmichaels

            Project much do you cjk? I am staing the facts. Micah does not specify that there will be one and only one antichrist and that his ethic background will be that of "Assyrian" whatever that means today, and that this given Assyrian will also be a Muslim as you stated he would be. First point, Assyrians are almost exclusively Christians of today so one would be hardpressed to lay the claim that he will likely be a Muslim. In short it makes no logical sense. Secondly, in order to be plain text to make your point Micah would have to word what he said quite dufferently that the way that it was worded. And finally, what actionable difference in your mind does it make whether or not some future antichrist is an Assyrian in your mind? In short, you are straining at gnats and swallowing camels.

          • cjk

            You twist the Scripture to your own destruction.

          • kmichaels

            How exactly is my understanding of multiple antichrists going to destroy me exactly? What actionable issue here will make a difference in anyone's life whether there be many or one? You really need to use more logic and less dumbfounding emotion.

          • tula

            Your arguing about fairy tales.

          • kmichaels

            And your group is typically arguing about how human babies are nothing more than unimportant organic tissue.

          • Jennifer

            And the intrusive and irritating atheist rears his ugly head. It was only a matter of time. Atheists critsize Christians for pushing their religion on others, yet it sees that atheists are far more pushy and intolerant. Live and let live, bro.

          • Guesty

            Absolutely untrue Jennifer. Tula simply stated that you're arguing about fairy tales. Then you referred to him/her as intrusive and irritating with an ugly head. AND made some unfounded claim that atheists are far more pushy and intolerant..(than Christians) But hey, don't let the truth spoil your fun. Bash the atheist! You're no better than the Muslims.

          • mlcblog

            she was replying to kmichaels

      • kmichaels

        First point, there is no indication that there is any singular anti-Christ of special note. The concept is that there are people (multiple) that will choose to fight against Christ and these sort are all referred to as anti-Christ. This can include individuals, communities or even entire nations.

        • cjk

          You're wrong.

          • kmichaels

            Here are the scriptures proving my point about mutliple/many anti-Christs and illustrating a general spirit of being anti-Christ. I am sure that all those scriptures that you have demonstrating that there is just a singular anti-Christ were left out because of a simple oversight on your part.

            1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

            1 John 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

            2 John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

            1 John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

          • cjk

            I agree with what you are citing as being examples of the spirit of Antichrist, but that in no way negates the reality as to the individual which will embody that spirit to some degree. It can't be denied that there is also a future individual person identified as the Beast, Man of Sin, or even the Assyrian among his many names.

          • kmichaels

            You keep missing the key point here. That point being your serious lack of evidence. I understand that the popular meme is that there is some singular anti-Christ to contend with. I just don't see your meme being backed up by actual scriptures. The actual scriptures do however back up my claim that the anti-Christ is not a singular person but rather a collection of many people with a similar goal, that being to deny the Christ. And you keep bringing up the "assyrian" as some sort of point of proof of what you are saying. But Micah did not make the connection to this "assyrian" with the idea of a singular anti-Christ. That is a connection that you made in your head, but the actual scriptures do not make that connection. And if they did you would not be so shy about showing us the actual scriptures that you think back up your claim.

          • cjk

            I just gave you some of his names from Scripture !
            You need to read the Book of Micah which clearly shows that the Messiah saves Israel from the ASSYRIAN AND MAKES THE OBVIOUS CONNECTION.
            Any person who can't see that the Scripture speaks of an individual Antichrist is blind to obvious Scriptural reality IMO.

          • george

            I can see that both of you are truly admant in your beliefs, and are defending them with great enthusiasm. While the occasional passive-aggressive insults have flown back and forth, they are bourne from obvious exasperation, and have not struck this reader as malicious in intent. Hats off to each of you. I am impressed not only by your cogent arguments, but also by the civility of your exchange. Whomever he is…if he is…God bless you both.

          • cjk

            Thank you for the kind comment. I do indeed realize that kmichaels merely has a different view and does deserve respect.
            If he's blind to Scriptural reality IMO that doesn't mean he's a bad guy.

          • kmichaels

            I am not blind to scriptural reality. I just fail to see you making a case by tying together what the scriptures say with what you think they mean. For example, you assume that if a scripture mentions "The Assyrian" that it must be referring to one person. However the Old Testament is repleat with examples of using such terms to represent a host of people, in other words, more than one person, from a given collective. So if the term says "The Jew" it does not mean one Jew, but is representative of many. Or if the term says "The gentile" it is not talking about a singular gentile. Thus it is the case with Micah referring to "The Assyrian". He is not talking about a single person that happens to be Assyrian but is talking about the Assyrians as a group of people. If you continue reading from the same section of scripture it replaces the word "Assyrian" with the gentiles, in a more open manner, referring to all those that reject and or do not know God.

          • Colt_15

            "So because you are luke-warm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth"
            Rev 3:16

          • kllj

            Wait… specific examples… like these?

            And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him. Hitherto is the end of the matter. As for me Daniel, my cogitations much troubled me: but I kept the matter in my heart (Daniel 7:25-28)

            Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.…For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders, And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie (2 Thessalonians 2:3,4,7-11).

            Daniel 11:21-24 states that a willful king will arise "and in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honor of the kingdom; but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by intrigue."

            All references to the Prince of Tyrus, the willful king, the man of sin, the anti-Christ, or the false messiah indicate quite clearly that while yes there will be many false anti-christs before him raising their voices against God there will ALSO be one singular being.

          • cjk

            You've very accurately just mentioned a small part of the evidence, yet some people insist that the Antichrist is not an individual.
            I really can't understand how they do.

          • kmichaels

            Really? All he did was quote some scriptures but he did not show how they were evidence of his conclusion. He shares the same basic logic flaw that you demonstrate. The inability to make the tie between the scripture and your conclusion. In short, you lack what real bible scholars have. The ability to explain why a given scripture or set of words is referring to one and only one conclusion.

          • intrcptr2

            Maybe it's because John never uses the term AntiChrist to refer to either beast of Revelation… Or does the Bible simply say what you want it to say?

          • kmichaels

            Now here is the basic flaw with those that would be bible scholars but obviously do not understand how true bible scholars work. They quote a bulk of scriptures then out of the blue tell us whom or what those scriptures must be referring to. This is the mark of true amatures. Notice what they fail to do however. They fail to illustrate why a given scripture term or set of scriptures point towards one singular conclusion when they could just as easily be pointing to something else altogether.

            Look at kllj's unfounded conclusion, without any explanatory notes as to why he concluded it. "All references to the Prince of Tyrus". Why are they references to the prince of Tyrus?

            In short, nothing either cjk or kllj have provided have proven their case that there is either a singular anti-Christ and or that this anti-Christ would be a muslim. This is why others so easily laugh at some Christians since they are so short on evidence to back up their claims.

          • sue

            Your own quote destroys your argument.

            1 John 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that ANTICHRIST shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

            I think both of you are correct to some degree. There is a person who will be the main ANTICHRIST. However, there are many antichrists.

          • cjk

            That's exactly what I believe.

          • kmichaels

            What is the actionable difference between how you treat one of many antichrists compared to "the" antichrist? Why do you think that the distinction is important? I suggest that there is zero difference.

          • kmichaels

            How does my own quote destroy my argument? You seem to be unclear even what my argument is. It is that there is no significant rational reason to concern oneself over whether there is one antichrist or many since one's actionable response to any antichrist would be to reject that person and or persons. So before you jump into the discussion it would behoove you to understand the debate.

            So my quote demonstrates that there are more than one antichrist, going along with what I always stated.

            Not quite sure why it matters whether there is one main antichrist or many influential antichrists. That is my main point. How do we treat a lesser antichrist any different from "the" antichrist? What is the actionable difference here? I suggest that there are none. Was Hitler an antichrist? How should he have been treated differently from say "the" main one? It is examples like this that leads me to conclude that you treat them all pretty much the same way, whether you think there will be one or one billion.

          • intrcptr2

            OK, dude, you really need to stop this; I just showed you from the Hebrew that "The Assyrian" cannot possibly be a name of the Beast of Revelation because there is no article.

            You need to stop persisting in accepting extrabiblical teachings as though they are in fact holy writ. I appreciate that your pastor reads from the Bible on Sundays, mine reads from the same one on Saturdays; this is absolutely irrelevant if what you type here is not in fact found there, which it isn't.

            You may notice that not even the Talmud says any such thing. Such a novel interpretation is not automatically false. But pushing it as the one and only accurate understanding of a 2600 year old prediction is itself dangerous, and arrogant.

          • cjk

            Talmud? That Satanic, anti-Scripture, Book?

          • kmichaels

            The Talmud and what it references would logically give you some historical background and insight. You would be wiser to be less sure of things that you obviously know so little about. Certainly many of your conclusions are from extra-biblical sources since much of what you have concluded is not what is stated in the bible.

          • cjk

            Everything I have stated is based on the Bible.

          • kmichaels

            Bwa ha ha ha. cjk still trying to convince us that 2 plus 2 really does equal 5.

          • anon

            Guess that means that all Jews (except the Jews for Jesus) are antichrists?

          • kmichaels

            I guess reading comprehension was never your strength.

      • Colt_15

        @catpoop; "antichrist is a western kingdom, not islam…go back and read it again "

        You don't know because it doesn't say who or where he comes from. The description, however, is very clear on his personality type. Think "Obama" and you've have a good idea – however – in the grand scheme of history, Barry Hussein Soetoro is nothing but a flash in a pan or a fly on a horses rear end compared to the anti-christ.

      • isukusa

        More specifically Christianity. The Western Christian nations are the only ones with the "teeth of iron and claws of brass" allowing them to devour all others as they have aptly demonstrated. The three other beasts are world religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. These "beasts" have erroneously been attributed to the world kingdoms in Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The four beasts are contemporaneous not successive. Food for thought.

        • kmichaels

          Micah clearly concludes that the four beasts are "four kings". Not sure if you can tie four kings to four religions.

        • Sue

          You don't seem to be paying to much attention to the world you live in. Followers of radical ISLAM are the most prevalent ones with "teeth of iron and claws of brass". ISLAM has in the last 20 years slaughtered more innocent people than anyone else. Probably at about 1000 to 1. Have you been off planet or something? Did you hear about 250000 Christians in Rwanda slaughtered by Muslims. And going further back, how about Serbia – most of the mass graves contained Chrisitians, not Muslims – proven by DNA. And how has Western Christian nations devoured others lately? And don't be so naive as to believe the bigoted newsmedia about the "atrocities" in Iraq and Afghanistan. The numbers are made up to further an agenda. Many soldiers returning are shocked by what they were seeing on our news and asking where the info came from. Some of you people are so gullible.

          • cjk

            This isn't a recent development by no means. Egypt and the rest of north Africa were once centers of Christian, Greek culture. Iran was Zoroastrian, Pakistan was Hindu, etc. Mohammedanism as the fourth Beast has consistently stomped and destroyed all it's victims. Rome never did any such thing.

            My original comment is meant to tie the possible destruction of the Pyramids with all the former destruction's executed by Mohammedanism.

          • kmichaels

            The USA has stronger teeth of iron and claws of brass by far compared to any other nation. So don't be so sure Sue that you really have a clue. In short, that verse can apply to quite a few more groups of people than just Islam. So all your other statements about Islam may be true but that does not prove your point that the scripture about iron teeth and brass claws must be about them.

          • cjk

            I tire of your insults so please refrain from replying to my posts.

          • oogenhand

            What about oil? I am beginning to think that the USA has alternatives to oil that it already uses on a large scale, albeit in secret.

      • P2ALM

        consider that Daniel 11 tells us the geographic location of the Antichrist’s rise to power. this was the same area ruled by the Seleucids (the King of the North) earlier in chapter 11 after the break-up of the Greek Empire upon the death of Alexander the Great. it is present-day Turkey/Syria/Lebanon et al. the king of the South is Egypt. look it up.

        the Antichrist is referred to as the King of the North in this chapter around verse 36 until the end (as Daniel makes the switch from the near to the far fulfillment of his prophecy). this, among a myriad of other biblical clues, suggests that that the Antichrist will arise from a revived Islamic Caliphate and not a revived Roman Empire. once again, at the time of the end (11:40), these two kingdoms will war with each other.

        • kmichaels

          Sorry, but your logic is weak at best. You need to do a better job of eliminating all the other myriad of possibilities.

      • American Redneck

        The ancient prophets were Zion-centric, and their prophecies must be interpreted from a Zion-centric point of view. Everything points towards Islam being "The Beast," the Anti-Christ. Saying the Anti-Christ is a western entity is the height of narcissism. Get used to the idea that from God's point of view, America and Europe are NOT the center of the world.

    • truthhurts

      Religious people are sheep. Believe their crap even in the face of conflicting history. This stuff has been debunked for more than a century but the sheep still believe. __The Book of Daniel:__Though traditionally the book was believed to have been written by the Daniel figure of the court tales, around the year 536 BCE, today the scholarly consensus is generally that it is a product of Maccabean times. Though many evangelical commentators still defend a sixth century date,[2] for mainstream scholarship the issue was settled over a century ago.[3] The common view is that the court tales represent a stratum of older, traditional stories, while the visions and final redaction of the work date to the second century BCE. The visions describe the national crisis that occurred under Antiochus IV Epiphanes, a Seleucid king who attempted to introduce Hellenistic religious practices, including the worship of idols, into the temple and the Jewish religion more generally, sparking outrage from Biblical authors.

      • cjk

        People who deny God's existence are so foolish they absolutely bewilder my mind.
        The Book of Daniel has not been proven to be written in the Maccabees time although so called mainstream scholarship which has toiled and turned every stone to try and disprove the Bible imagine it to be.
        Keep your foolish eyes tightly shut to the reality of prophecy if you wish, but those of us with open minds see the truth clearly.

        • Jeff

          I'm sorry, blind faith in a 2500 year old book, written in days where we couldn't explain the sun and stars and had no knowledge of the real universe, is absurd and part of the problem with organized religion of any sort.

          Faith, God, Heaven and Hell, these are all moral ideals which help us determine right from wrong and provide us with some deepet meaning. I'm not saying its a bad thing to have faith or be religious, but above all you should be a tolerant person who understand the spiritual side of life.

          • cjk

            Actually I'm even more sorry for your ignorance as to obvious realities which normal people realize naturally.
            Then again it is even sorrier that you atheists always seem to believe that you are somehow more intelligent than us unwashed common men.
            Furthermore why do you all come out of the woodwork to reply to my comment which is solely aimed at 'those who understand'. My comment isn't meant for the foolish.

          • intrcptr2

            Caslling my faith blind is being the polar opposite of tolerant.

            And considering that these Neanderthals invented astronomy (And the Hebrews racked up our alphabet, just for the sake of understanding not the stars but their maker), you might think you could cut them a little slack.

          • true lilly

            "…written in days where we couldn't explain the sun and stars and had no knowledge of the real universe,…"
            Jeff, Those Books, are much older than we're (miss)led to believe, yet still, They Describe,
            THE BEGINNING of what Is Real, in this Whole, Real World's, Whole History, that was 'sealed' until
            this age of science playing catch up, and so, to those who DON'T put the 'much writing' of man,
            above God's Living Word, it's clear that the 'out of Egypt/Africa' time line LIE, is The Great Apostasy.

            The Time Line God Described, IS Supported what Good Science keeps REVEALING,
            but, ALL The World has been Forced, Slaughtered and Deceived into accepting
            the insanely too short, 'out of Egypt' time line LIE.

            And so, in this age of 'much knowledge but No Understanding', people Refuse to See
            The Blessed Obvious.

            God Described, From and Of THE BEGINNING, WHAT NO MAN COULD KNOW until
            This Age of Revelations, SO that we would Have PROOF of The TRUTH of HIS WORD.

            Just some KEY points from The Beginning God Described,
            that Science has RECENTLY discovered:

            This globe became covered in water.
            ONE land mass rose out of it.
            Life existed here BEFORE Oxygen formed.
            With Oxygen, DEATH/rust/degeneration came.
            That ONE land mass was flooded again.

            And all that and more, was BEFORE the end of The Age of NOAH.
            Long after which, that ONE Land Mass, Started to Divide, LONG BEFORE
            the mountains of Ararat even existed.

            God didn't only tell us to let Scripture interpret Scripture, but to Test and Prove All things,
            i.e. do Good Science, and so, of course anti-Christ's had to HIJACK science under the UN's
            Push to the belief of The Global Green (with Envy) Religion, that "only man can 'save' the planet",

            Islam/Ishmael and The UN are a match made in 'hell', and one God Warned us of,
            From The Beginning.

            And remember, ALL but 'the very elect' ARE DECEIVED, which includes 'Christians',
            who UNlike The Anointed Christ, put Him, ABOVE HIS CREATOR FATHER'S WORD.

            Their faith is NOT in The Creator God, but in the twisted 'histories' of that Insanely
            TOO SHORT time line LIE, they believe 'proves' their 'faith'.

          • true lilly

            PERATH was one of the four river heads in the Edenic Age of the the super continent,
            NOT the piddling little Euphrates.

            Some other 'words' NOT found in God's Word, that 'just happen' to BIND and BLIND
            the world's belief in the 'out of Egypt' time line, that also 'just happens' to DENY that
            GOD Described ALL The World and ALL Peoples, From THE BEGINNING:

            Egypt, Nile, Ethiopia, Red Sea,
            oh, and No mention of 'The Cross' or 'The Trinity',
            but more than enough warning of lying preachers,
            long before there even was an 'Egypt'.

            Mitsrayim Describes the Ancient Americas (north and south),
            NOT Egypt.
            Lebanon Describes the Ancient Antarctic,
            with it's vast forests and White snow-capped mountains.

            And, the only birds you simply walk up to and collect more than your fill of,
            are Shearwaters/Mutton Birds/the sheep of the sea, and there is only one area
            on all God's earth, you can do that. The area of The Richest, Most Stable,
            Glorious Land in the world…where all the Most Anciently scattered, mixed and mingled
            Tribes of Israel have long been gathering back into; much longer than the invention of
            Modern 'Israel', and CURRENTLY having Our Borders OPEN WIDE to ISLAMIC INVADERS.

            But take heart, it is also The Land from which All the World Will Be Blessed and Healed.

            And please, DON'T take my word, but SEARCH GOD'S WORD, in The Light of
            what Good Science (testing and proving), keeps REVEALING, and please,
            stop 'reading The Bible' BACKWARDS, trying to cram ALL of WHAT GOD DESCRIBED
            into 'that' LYING 'out of Egypt' 'time line' that DENIES THE HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH

          • thejon

            This is the interresting part of it; Here you have Christians trying to discredit Muslims. And they use a 2000 year old book to make their points. Ignorance is bliss!
            "If someone said we're banning religion. I'd march, to not have it banned. Cause it's your right to believe what you want. And it's your right to be wrong. And I'll fight for that right!" Ricky Gervais

          • cjk

            Christians don't need to 'try' to discredit Mohammedans, they do a nice job all by themselves.

          • kmichaels

            It is pretty clear that the modern antagonism against muslims of today is based not on old books but on current terrorist activity. The fact that almost all modern terrorism of today is being performed by radical muslims is a very telling reason why the bulk of the world is concerned about controlling them.

          • cjk

            Read up on Mohammedanism. The terrorists are acting according to their Scripture which is just about the opposite of Christianity.

          • kmichaels

            What an oversimplification. There are plenty of old testament scriptures that discuss stoning and harse treatment of sinners and neither the Jews nor the Christians practice stoning today. So I suggest it is more than just what scriptures one tends to read. And there is no solid evidence that the terrorists are that well read even in their own scriptures. I know that radical Christians (far fewer and less dangerous in general than muslims) are not up on their scriptures for example.

            Of course one's base of scriptural work can be a contributing factor but the content of one's heart is the biggest clue as to the direction in life they are willing to take. But it gets even more complex than that since economic factors, educational factors and culture can be a heavy influence as well.

          • cjk

            Now you are exposing yourself as an ignoramus commenting on a subject you obviously know nothing about

          • kmichaels

            Notice how cjk operates. Makes a generic claim, but rarely backs it up with evidence. Are you, cjk, saying that Jews and Christians do practice stoning these days? If so, supply your evidence. If not, then perhaps as I stated above, one's set of scriptures is not the determining factor in one's behaviour.

            As to exposing one's ignorant thought process, well, cjk, you have us all beat in that department.

          • cjk

            No, I'm saying you're an ignoramus by commenting on a subject you obviously don't know, or was my above comment too complicated for you to understand?

          • kmichaels

            I guess reading comprehension and logic were never your strong points. I keep giving you an opportunity for you to explain yourself, and provide evidence for your claims and all you end up doing is repeating some of your unfounded claims, as though your goal is to prove my point for me. If you want to show me ignorant logically, you just show some counter evidence. Are these ideas above your pay grade?

          • American Redneck

            Go get a copy of the Sirat Rasul Allah, read it through, and see if you can still make that ridiculous statement. Muhammad was the original Islamic terrorist.

          • Jen

            You claim religous people should be tolerant but who is the one here slamming others' religion? Yes, as usual, it is the intolerant atheist. No one here slammed atheists. You slammed first. Which is typical of the intolerant left/atheists/liberals/progressives, etc. You're all cut from the same cloth and sing the same tune. Next will come the accusation that Christians are all racist… Yawn.

          • Sue

            Those people who couldn't explain the sun and stars seemed to know a lot about them that we are just relearning today. Info from the Mayans that is intriguing people today was also known to a lot of these people you are dissing. The description in the Bible about the sky rolling up(the end of the age) is probably what you'll be seeing later this year according to astrophysicists when we go through the plane of the universe. Funny how the Mayans knew about this and so did the writers of the Bible.

          • kmichaels

            And if the sky does not roll up in a scroll this year then what did you and the mayans really understand?

        • selman

          The Christian religion was created by Saul of Tarsus. Jesus and the REAL disciples got wiped out. Saul's creation was then taken over Roman emperor Constantine who realized that religion based on human revelations (scizophrenia) was an even more powerful way to to control people than slashing them with swords. The Roman Empire was clever. Mohammed knew his history. rinse, wash, repeat.

          • cjk

            You don't know what you're taking about.

          • kmichaels

            The liberal religion of today was created by Marx and Stalin. So I would be careful about tossing out who created whom.

          • Sue

            I think you're probably correct about the last sentence. Or maybe it was just the info passed on to him by whoever was giving him his delusions.

      • Lucy

        Anyone who uses the acronym BCE instead of BC cannot be trusted.

      • intrcptr2

        Such is an interesting argument, but has little validity in the realm of history.

        Before buying any more snake oil, I suggest this short little analysis;

        The very simple fact that Daniel recorded himself standing on the banks of the Ulai canal is proof enough, really. It is positively ahistorical to conclude that a provinical Jew, living in political distress in the Levant under the Greeks, had the capacity to rediscover a canal running through a city a few thousand miles away and really stretches credibility.

    • kmichaels

      Ah yes, the evidence is so clear that the fourth beast is all about Mohammed and his followers that you don't even need to include any evidence, scriptures, logic or rational connections to back it up. You don't even need to explain why the beasts are referred to as kings of the earth and then explain how mohammed or his followers should be thought of as a king of the earth.

      • cjk

        Go look it up, I'm merely making a comment to those who understand and wish to understand.
        Anyway you'll notice that the fourth Beast is specifically mentioned as different from the others.
        If you really want to learn than you don't need me to point out every single verse for you, go see for yourself.

        • kmichaels

          Go look up what exactly? I read the scriptures. All of them. I also understand how real scholars draw logical conclusions. And real scholars ALWAYS include background on the terms used, corroborating evidence, and demonstrate a true historical knowledge of the language in question "Hebrew in this case" and a working knowledge of how terms were typically used. You display none of these things. All you do is assume that you must be correct because the thought popped into your head so it must be true.

          • sue

            If all you are relying on here is "logic" (I'm a qualified logic instructor), you've got a problem. It means you aren't Christian and shouldn't be posting as though you are. Inspiration by the Holy Spirit is required. Most people who "apply" logic, really have no idea what they are doing – including some "scholars". After all we have some who think same sex marriage is OK; we have some that believe homosexuality for ministers is OK; and of course, we have those who think neither is acceptable. ALL use logic to support their arguments and do INDEED quote scripture. They can't all be correct. I've also come to realize that many people are so arrogant as to think that people today can interpret what was meant back in the time of Christ better than the people who lived then and wrote about it. What a joke!

          • kmichaels

            Good grief sue but that was an incredibly stupid response. Any serious logic instructor respects the concept of logical proofs and their value. I could go on but if you are too slow witted to understand even basic concepts of logic then you would easily fail to undestand further explanation. Of course God's words and concepts are totally logical. This does not mean we will understand his conclusions at first glance. However Jesus taught the LOGICAL idea that babes are not prepared for meat so they must start out with something easier to digest, but it does not follow, as you suggest, that line upon line and precept upon precept would not follow a logical pattern. Yes, sue, there is a joke involved here and that joke is you.

          • American Redneck

            Um, Sue. . . Go back and read the opening to the Gospel of John, and relate it to the original Greek. The word that was (mis)translated as "The Word" was the Greek "Logos". Logic, thought, essence, reality. If the Holy Spirit's revelation isn't logical, you need to be suspicious.

    • Maharishi of Mayhem

      I believe the Fourth Beast to be Pagan Rome, eventually becoming the Holy Roman Empire and Catholic Church. However, if you check the recent research by Tim Roosenberg, the "King of the South" in Daniel 11 fits Islam quite nicely.

      • cjk

        I used to believe that also. I am now completely convinced that the Fourth Beast is Mohammedanism in that ALL the descriptions fit. My opinion, while I don't have a monopoly on truth, however, I believe the truth of my and others thoughts will become more and more apparent as time goes on.
        Check out some of the work by Joel Richardson.

        • NooYawkah

          Now how did I know you've been reading WND publicized books?

          • cjk

            You didn't.

      • American Redneck

        The problem with this supposition is that the Catholic Church has never had any historical connection with Babylon. Islam does. the Quran was practically written there. Babylon was predominantly Zoroastrian until the year 634, when it was overrun by Khalid's mujahadin.

    • pca

      Read The Islamic Anti-christ by Joel Richardson. VERY enlightening.

    • R T Kraken

      Countering Islamic idiocy with Christian ignorance is no solution. Besides, the Book of Revelation was written as a diatribe against Nero. All serious biblical scholars agree.

      • NooYawkah

        Then they're not very serious.

    • NooYawkah

      It's the Holy Roman Empire, it was the fourth of four empires encompassing the known world at the time, and it was prophecied to go through 10 resurrections, 7 of them under the control of the "woman", or church, also well known to be the Roman Catholic church. This has happened and today's EU, which is striving to become a revived Holy Roman Empire, is the 7th and last resurrection. Those prophecies in no way describes Islam. However, Islam does play a huge role as the King of the South, which pushes at the King of the North, the Holy Roman Empire, here in these last days.

      • P2ALM

        You are viewing Scripture with Western eyes. All of the action in the Bible has always taken place in the Middle East. Just as God’s chosen people are the Jews, Satan’s chosen people are the Middle Eastern gentiles. Just as Jesus came through the Jews, the Antichrist will come through the Middle Eastern gentiles. This conflict has been highlighted throughout the Bible starting in the Book of Genesis and continues to this day.

        • kmichaels

          Silly idea that God is not the God of the entire world, and an infinite number of worlds just like it. You are viewing the scriptures as though they are limited to just one earth. The scriptures, locales, cities, etc are mostly symbolic. Babylon represents the ways of the world and their rejection of God and Jerusalem represents the city of peace and the acceptance of God. Not all major events will be taking place in just one spot.

    • Fred

      Revelation describes events "that must soon come to pass." They are over and done with. Stop using the Bible incorrectly to predict the end of the world. Christ himself, a far more trustworthy prognosticator than any other man, said he did not know when it would come.

    • KMC

      The Beast is a super president in the northern nations. He will be a man in Germany in a 10 nation EU that is a brittle alliance (partily of iron, partly of clay). The King of the North. The King of the South is more what you are referring to, but it is more than likely Iran (which is influencing Morsi)

    • prince pauli of kush

      them cock sucking roaches then lost thier minds, those pyrimids are sacred to the stars and to the black people of the black lands. they will not be easily destroyed even if they attempt to. i guess they mad bcause they wont accept the fact the black gods built the sacred pyrimids of giza and not the pale race. they cant even stand out in the sun without burning thier skin let alone build pyrimids in hot egypt in over 115 degree weather. my point being is if they destroy the jet black ancestors beautiful works we know as the pyrimids in todays times, they will be severely punished, cursed and will suffer the true wrath of the jet black kings and queens who truly owns the land. i pray that the ancestors will curse and destroy the enemies who dares challange them. peace ..

      • American Redneck

        Uh, yeah, about that. . . .The ancient Egyptians weren't of Bantu stock. The Bantu became the dominant ethnic group in Africa because they domesticated sorghum and a couple of other food staples, and out-competed their hunter-gatherer peers. Those crops never crossed the Sahara and never were introduced in northern Egypt, where they would likely have done poorly anyway, as they're a subtropical crop. Sorry. The pyramids weren't built by people with Bantu ancestry.

  • Jim

    As long as they do not wish to make money from tourists who come to see non Muslim attractions then they should destroy the Suez canal as it was made by non Muslims.

    By the way destroy half the Aswan dam as it was half built by the atheist Communists.

    Get busy you slackers and start destroying your own well being.

    • Are you stupid?

      I dont think its as simple as "non-muslims made this=destroy it." its more like "Pagans made these and it pings of paganism."

      • nate

        Non-muslims and pagans are one in the same to Muslims. Both are infidels and both must either pay the jitzra, convert, or die.

    • 1654american

      I spent 5 months in Somalia, a Muslim country. They stole every wire from the telephone poles and sold for its copper; lived in darkness with only candles and oil lamps, if they could afford it. They ransacked factories and businesses and sold machinery for money; they left everyone without the means to work. They dug up the water and sewer pipes to sell it for the metals they were made of; they left everyone without water and living in their own squaller. They poisoned water wells of opposing tribes and clans so their own clan can have more resources; leaving hundreds of thousands to die slow deaths by dysentery, dehydration, and hunger. People within a village from the same clan would walk by dead and dying who collapsed on the paths and roadways; not having the humanity and respect to comfort the dying or bury the dead.

      They were ALL Muslim. These Muslims will certainly not have compassion or respect in any sense for non-Muslims.

      • Bella

        Glad you made it out of there alive. Thanks for sharing your experience,

      • Mandi

        Wow that is a very sad way to live… Glad you made it out of there in one piece and thank you for sharing your experience!

    • ruth

      Amen ! Those who want to destroy the sites in Egypt are CRAZY !

    • blancojoe

      In America, we have groups who, when things don't go their way, burn down their neighborhoods. They have done it several times over the last decades. Same DNA, I guess.

      • Eric

        That's it. Right there, that's IT!

    • Rena

      I worked for the quaker company Priestman Brothers Ltd of Hull, Yorkshire, manufacturers of dredgers, grabs and excavators, who I'm proud to say had the technology to give a helping hand in the building of the Aswan Dam.

  • Bamaguje

    We non-Muslims must make it abundantly clear to Muslims that if they destroy the Great pyramids or the Sphinx, we will reduce Mecca and Medina to rubble, and prevent these Muslim holy sites from being rebuilt.
    If they have no respect for our heritage, we will not respect theirs.
    The Israelis should also demolish the infamous Al-Aqsa mosque on the Jewish holiest site – Temple Mount.

    • C.R.

      You are an irresponsible fool!

      You have placed too much import on the pyramids!

      • DisappearHere

        The Pyramids belong to humanity, not the Arab thugs that currently live in the lands of Ancient Egypt. It's a heritage that all of us have a stake in.

        The attitude of "Just let them do they're own thing" will only ensure that our civilization will be one of the last things that get destroyed.

        • Nudge

          No its not that way, if that was the way it was, then it would give the rights to do whatever, wherever to just about anyone. It would also make people like Osama think that what they do is their right (as they had their stake in it).
          Nobody has any stakes on anything that doesn't belong to them. And you are wrong on that mister.

        • HermitLion

          Well said. The Pyramids are not the property of the usurpers. If they do not treat them with respect, they deserve to be replaced with someone who does.

        • Roger

          Now, what do you really think? Are you going to explain that the pyramids aren't pagan but tombs?

          • Roger

            Poor little wee wee.
            So much hate. Are you counting to ten hoping I'll be scared and quit posting comments that show how much a bigot you are?

      • God

        CR you idiot – Islam has destroyed every country it controls.

      • Dan

        So the Islamic religion and their desire to rewrite history that is non-islamic should be more important to me than The Great Pyramids and Sphinx. You place too much import(ance) on Islam.

    • John Rutley

      Agree whole heartedly.

    • Alexander Draganov

      Harsh, but fair. The Pyramids are probably the most important monuments on Earth.

    • Nudge

      Finders keepers, losers weepers. Having said that, its the Egyptians who decide what remains on their land, not you. Also whats in Mecca and Medina will be decided by people who rule there not people like you who think they (and their likes) can do just about anything from the comfort of their homes siting in front of their PCs.
      And when you talk about the Al-Aqsa mosque in Israel, its also alleged that it has its importance to the Jews, hence it has not been demolished yet. The only thing you can do is locate some Islam related “heritage site”, buy it and then go about destroying it to make your point. Oh yes, better luck next time.

      • Sage on the Stage

        Well, since its "the Egyptians who decide what remains on their land, not you," then Constitution Hall in Philadelphia. nor the Western wall(the "Wailing Wall") in Jerusalem, should be on the U.N. "Heritage Site" list. Interesting how the U.N. hasn't uttered a word in defense of Muslim desecration of Rachel's Tomb, or the Jewish graves on the Mt. of Olives. I wonder if the U.N..will have the kohones to protect Egypt's pyramids. As for the Al-Aqsa mosque, it hasn't been demolished, because of Israel's tolerance of Islam; and Israel's desire for peace.

        • ssh49tn

          But, in this particular case, it's NOT the Egyptians deciding. It's the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, & they are nothing but terrorists. And, IF they decide to take down any of our heritage sites, they'll do it. They don't give a hoot about anybody's heritages except their own FALSE heritage. There IS no allah, except satan, & mohammed was a pedophile rapist murdering thief, so they could care less. And, they also don't care about what the rest of the world thinks about them either. I don't advocate going in & trying to stop them, or destroy any of their monuments, but, I sure am not going to stand silent about a murdering bunch of terrorist thieves. And, I'm SURE not going to promote the idea that Islam is a 'religion of peace'. It is NOT about peace in anyway, shape, form or fashion. They have people that they have fooled into believing that it is, even Muslims themselves, but their whole way of life since the Arab tribe began has been about murdering the infidels, especially the Jews.

      • Roger

        Why do you always advocate for violence?

        • Roger

          Wee, you aren't even pretending to make your comments about the stories or the real events in the world? Are you finally reduced to the bare naked truth that you're here to simply push a hate filled agenda?

          Boy, that sounds so muslim friendly. Any leads on recovering your sex toy goats by the way?

        • larry

          Roger: Some people only understand violence. Muslims as a whole are trible and only understand violence. The only way to fix it is to declare Islam an evil cult and ban it. Contain them and let the boil fester and rot. Ethnic cleansing.

        • Steve

          Because 90% of the world's problems can be solved with a suitable application of high explosives :)

      • Hugh Rhodes

        They haven't destroyed it yet because the worldwide cry of indignation would be deafening. Muslims can destroy anything Jewish or of any religion with little or no response. If a Jew destroyed or desecrated anything of Islamic importance, the UN would go nuts.

      • Holugu

        "Finders keepers, losers weepers."

        Right, hence, invading Egypt to preserve the humankind's heritage is ok. Because, you know, there is no cut off date preventing a disposal of some temporary entity, like what you call Egypt (the true Egyptian are Copts, not the Arab invaders). If the rule is valid, then i is valid, no buts or "that being said…".

      • Melanie Faith

        The Copts are Egyptians (the two words are synonyms), and the Muslim population are invaders, in the same way the Muslims have invaded France and the U.K. Their *ideological* expansion must be stopped by fervent, unforgiving application of laws that protect individual rights (life, liberty, property including contract enforcement, and the pursuit of happiness). That includes arresting imams, who preach the destruction of the Western nation where they live, convicting them of sedition, giving them sentences exceeding ten years, and banning them from engaging public groups. (Keep in mind that in violating the terms of their citizenship & presence in America, they gave up their rights! We are not taking away their rights.).

        Plus, any nation that clearly funds, trains, or harbors terrorists, &/or fails to act to capture them must, ipso facto, be presumed to be condoning the terrorist actions and to be declaring war. This should result in immediate *military* retaliation, demolishing military sites and key administrative buildings.

        • JJj

          The USA is harboring terrorist, there called Democrats and sometimes Republicans and they in turn harbor a Muslim Terrorist called Obama and because of this the Our national security is full of a bunch of Muslim terrorist. Just ask Hillery and her aid who is a Muslim and probably a terrorist, she hasn't been asked to put on her vest yet.

          • Melanie Faith

            Obama is not exactly a terrorist, but it is difficult to argue that he is not a Muslim sympathizer. I agree with the rest of your comment, which is why I wrote the half dozen lines beginning with, "Their ideological expansion must be stopped. . . ". I was not excluding American Islamification, which also must be stopped!.

          • guest

            Oh, Melanie, I believe he is TOO a 'terrorist'. He is in place to bring America to her knees, financially, militarily, and in any other way he can do it. He did NOT 'earn' the right' to sit in the hot-seat. He was placed there for a specific reason, by Islamo-communists, a 'marriage' of terrorists who simply want to destroy America, not caring what the result will be, nor what the fallout will provide. He is a Commie, the Clintons are power-hungry and hoping to pick up much of the spoils of war, wherein a great many men and women have become rich doing the same.

          • Melanie Faith

            OB has not engaged in terrorism, so he cannot be described as a terrorist. Is he a Muslim sympathizer willing to excuse terrorists, as Muslim brothers? Very likely. He is most definitely anti-American, socialist (which is what "progressive" now actually means). Of course, in any major political game there are those seeking to game the system to get rich.

          • @fireinthedawn

            I am a socialist and I WISH he was that far left. How bloody misinformed is the gop in their reality bubble? he's to the RIGHT of REAGAN

      • Sue

        The Egyptians of the Pyramids were slaughtered by Muslims over a century ago. They were mostly Christian. Those that survived still have their descendants persecuted. No freedom of religion is truly allowed in Egypt. BTW, the only reason the pyramids have lasted this long is a lack or ability to easily destroy them before now . BTW, how did the Sphinx lose its nose? Look it up.
        Nudge, the Al-Aqsa mosque is considered as the third holiest site in Islam because Mohammed had a dream about it. So by your comment, it could be destroyed with no problem. However, it sits over the holiest site in Judism – The Temple of Jerusalem (you know, a real tangible item)

      • ssh49tn

        The reason the Al-Aqsa mosque hasn't been destroyed yet, is because GOD isn't ready for it to be destroyed. However, in the very near future, it WILL be totally destroyed. And, it has very little importance to the TRUE Hebrew! And, Islam has destroyed every nation that it has taken over. They may actually take over for a while, but I read my Bible, & in the end, WE win, not Islam, not Mohammed, & sure not satan, otherwise known as Allah.

      • Realizten

        The Egyptians where slaughtered and driven westward from Egypt when the Muslims invaded. There are no true Egyptians in Egypt now, its mostly arabs..

        • Chelsea

          That's like saying…there are no Germans in Germany, they are mostly European. Being Arabic is an ethnic group, not a religion. There are Arab Christians and arab Atheists as well.

    • Brian Alger

      Buddy… We already destroyed their Mecca, they aren't even allowed to pilgrimmage to the land their savior walked. Don't act like you're the one to hand out favors, that old Hitler saying…. First they came for the africans, I wasn't african so I didn't speak up. Then they came for the jews, I wasn't jew so I didn't speak up.. By time they came for me, there was noone left to speak up. Don't start caring about what they do with Egypt, after you let the world rob them of Israel.

      • TheNoseKnows

        Yes, good quote.

        "First they came for the communists,
        and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

        Then they came for the drooling morons
        and they got Brian Alger."

        I remember it well.

      • ssh49tn

        For one thing, Brian, the world did NOT rob them of Israel. GOD gave that land to ABRAHAM over 4000 years ago, & told him specifically that he would never NOT have any seed on that land. So don't give me that junk. Israel belongs to the Jews, always has, & always will. And, THEY are the ones who are to blame for losing anything, with their hatred & violence. Islam will be DESTROYED totally, by God, & all who have not repented & given up Islam will be sent STRAIGHT to hell. And the MUSLIMS stole Egypt from the Egyptians.

        • LeopardSeal

          I agree that Israel belongs to the Jews, the descendants of Abraham through his second son and heir, Isaac. But don't the Arabs consider themselves to be descendants of Abraham through his firstborn son, Ishmael? The Bible teaches that Isaac was the heir because he was the son of Abraham's wife, while Ishmael was the son of his slave. Nevertheless, the Arabs believe that the promises to Abraham devolve to themselves, not the Jews.

          • ssh49tn

            Yes, they are, Leopard. Ishmael was the ILLIGITIMATE son of Abraham, so he in no way was eligible to inherit the first born's inheritance. And, God specifically told Abraham that. He did promise to take care of Ismael, but Isaac was the true heir. And, what gets me, is, why they call Jews 'apes' since the 2 people are actually half brothers. Both descended from Abraham. Also, God specifically gave the Israeli land & heritage to Jacob, thereby disinheriting Esau, who actually sold his heritage to Jacob for a bowl of pottage. He also changed Jacob's name to Israel, so there would be NO misunderstanding over who the TRUE heir was. Esau intermarried into Ishmael's descendents & there's been war between these 2 for at least 4000 years

        • Realizten

          god doesn't exist
          You can not claim an area, you can only hold it and defend it from those who wish to take it.

          • ssh49tn

            YOU ARE TOTALLY WRONG. God DOES exist. And, He gave that land to Israel, & NOBODY is going to take it from them, unless GOD allows it, for a time. And, if I purchased an area, I CAN claim it, AND defend it to. You need to wake up & look around, & see all that's going on around the world. Otherwise, you will become an Islamic convert, or be executed. They ARE coming to take over America.

    • RMC

      Green glass time.

    • rick


    • abundy

      Time to stop talking and start doing! Destroy Mecca and Medina. Level every Mosque in the world. The 3rd World War is again of freedom. Muslims seek to destroy everyone who is not of their religion. Might as well get busy and start with the idiot clerics that are making these speeches. It is obvious the leadership is the fault as the religion itself is of peace so I've been told.

      • Melanie Faith

        Read the first two or three chapters of the Quran, online at, and you will be shocked at how sick and evil it is. It is not the leadership, it IS the religion, which is as also a political ideology —an intentional blending of church and state. With that blending the religious leaders ALSO get all the power of Fascist political leaders.

      • nastynole1

        I agree completely. Time to take the gloves off and, if necessary, level the holy sites. At the very least, make this known to these heathens that it is our option. Unfortunately, we are weak and pc to follow thru…

      • johnnycobra

        just as they destroy christian churches they should also suffer destruction!

      • Sue

        You've been told incorrectly. A Christian friend of mine grew up in Egypt. He was told everyday by his teachers that he was lucky he was allowed to live. Imagine having your 6 year old come home and tell you that. My friend got a degree in Electrical Engineering with honor from the University of Cairo. He couldn't get a job though unless NO Muslim wanted it. That's right. If a Muslim could barely do the job, he was hired prior to honor graduates who weren't Muslim. My friend had to petition to leave the country in order to order to get a job. That's right again. You can't just leave, you must get a permit to leave. As a Christian it wasn't easy. The Muslims seem to like having someone around to harrass, punish, kill, rape, etc. because that is what they do to Christians. Check for current humanitarian complaints at the UN.

        • ssh49tn

          The UN isn't going to allow the general public to find out the TRUTH about Islam, not if they can help it. And, now that the Muslim Brotherhood is in control of Egypt, Christians will be under even more persecution. And, they are also ready to come here, & do the same to us. However, they don't KNOW that Americans are different than any other people on earth. We don't just lay down, & let someone take over, as Obama has found out.

    • ruth

      WOW !. That would certainly get someones attention.

    • ssh49tn

      Get ready for that to happen! Only God Himself is going to do it, & not Israel. In Biblical end time prophecy, the temple of Solomon MUST be rebuilt, & the ONLY acceptable place is the Temple Mount. So, the mosque has gotta go! A lot of archeologists, construction workers, etc, have been warning the Arabs for years that the Dome is crumbling, & so far they have totally ignored them. So, one of these days, I look for an earthquake, or an awesome storm of some sort, to hit, & bam, away goes the mosque right before their very eyes! And if tourists threaten to stop visiting these countries that destroy their heritage like this, & actually DO it, it MIGHT stop them.

      • Atheist for life

        But won't they simple blame the Jews some how even if an earthquake did deistroy it? And then riot as usual.

        • ssh49tn

          Well of COURSE they will, & most of the rest of the world too. Nobody wants to admit that the JEWS aren't the bad guys in all of this that's been going on over there. And, the Jews aren't ALWAYS innocent, I admit. But, the Palestinians continue to launch rockets on a daily basis, & nobody in the world has told them to stop it, if they really want peace. They really don't want peace, at least the head ones don't, the majority of the regular everyday citizen would probably be very happy to have peace. Most of the Arab leaders won't be happy with anything over there, unless it leads to the utter & total destruction of Israel. But, if they DO destroy these monuments, there's not a lot that America is going to do about it, since Obama fully supports the Muslim Brotherhood.

          • Sue

            I don't think the utter destruction of Israel would make them happy either. To the credit of the people in that area, I don't believe many of them are truly Muslim. It's just that if they change their faith, they can be killed by those who still claim to be Muslims. Got this from coworkers who have travelled extensively in the Middle East. One of them said there are more alcoholics in Riyadh that he's seen at any one place in the U.S. Alcohol is strictly forbidden by Islam. So why so many drunks!

          • ssh49tn

            Doesn't surprise me. They are horribly unhappy. And, that's why there have been 1000s of converts to Christianity. Most of them would rather die as a Christian, than live as an Islamic believer.

          • muhaba

            saudi arabia in this age isnt a muslim country the royal family is a corrupt family that claims islam as their religion but doesnt follow it at all they drink and gamble and do everything thats outlawed in Islam

      • Sue

        Israel is ready to rebuild the Temple. The financing is complete. Some (if not all) of the original vessels from when Rome took down the Temple had been in the Vatican as great antiquities since the time of Constantine. Pope JPII returned them to Israel. The pure red heifer was born a few years back.

        SO, I like your commentary that God himself is going to take down the mosque. How apropros! His timing will be perfect.

        • ssh49tn

          Amen, sister, it will! And, all of these crazies running around threatening death & destruction by THEIR god, don't know OUR God, & what He can & WILL do for His own!!

    • JanineC

      Yes, and let's make sure they know their holy cities will be uninhabitable for the rest of the next aeon…radiation is a nasty thing!!

      • sonofgalt

        why are our cities not holy holy ny holy dc holy pennsylvania

    • alex

      after Pearl harbor, we annihilated two Japanese cities….
      after 9/11 (more American killed than at Pearl Harbor) – we are building a mosque there…………………………………..kissing up to muslims

      • Sue

        Pathetic isn't it!

    • Bill B.

      Agreed! This is a card we should also play, per Rep. Tom Tancredo, if a nuclear device is unleashed on America by one of these rogue raghead states. It will put the fear of Allah into these heathens.

    • NastyNole1

      Agreed! This is a card we should also play, per Rep. Tom Tancredo, if a nuclear device is unleashed on America by one of these rogue nations. It will put the fear of Allah into these heathens.

    • AZ Walt

      You are quite right. But, I will go further, . . . its time to remove a 7th century bedoiun mentality religion started by a pediphile, from the face of the earth. If that statement afends a Muslim, TFB! If the UN doesn't like that TFB as well. I have had it with political correctness that defends a bunch of savages that have every intenion of destroying the CIVILIZED EDUCATED world and replace it with their backward, irrational, stone age mentality, so called religion, on every one else in the world.

      • sonofgalt

        you got it's the same a greek mythology

    • sonofgalt

      should have done it centuries ago

    • Abdy Mac

      Nuke the whole damn place and all the vermin in it. Last time I checked we could drill for oil through glass.

    • ali

      sure.. you can try.. i challenge you to bring mecca to rebels.. do it.. and do it now.. and we shall bear witness..

      surah al feel
      1. Have you not considered how your Lord dealt with the possessors of the elephant?

      2. Did He not cause their war to end in confusion,

      3. And send down (to prey) upon them birds in flocks,

      4. Casting against them stones of baked clay,

      5. So He rendered them like straw eaten up?

      go on honey.. hurry up… bring mecca to rubble come on.. you are strong.. im sure you can do it.. rofl

      • RadioactivePig

        No one care what your heretic cult book says, pig. We will do it and you'll be one of them you swine…you pig. Oink oink!!

      • ssh49tn

        YOU are an infidel, & a disgrace. Your religion is a doctrine of devils, perpetrated on humanity by a PEDOPHILE who wouldn't know God if He smacked him one, & YOUR god, allah, is actually satan. So, spew your hatred & filth, doesn't scare me in the least. God Himself is going to reduce Mecca & any other symbol of any religion that is false, to dust, & send all of you demons to the very pits of hell!!

      • Muhaba

        hahaha nice comment brotha

    • Dan

      Oh, I like that! I Like that.

    • Muhaba

      u can try all u want mecca and medina will never be reduced to rubble its been tried before and couldnt happen so stop with ur idiocy

      • @fireinthedawn

        no ones ever gotten into a nuclear exchange with mecca. if they did it would be rubble and uninhabitable. The us AND israel HAVE the weapons. no one has to march on it at all. I wouldn't be so arrogant. Unless you think your god allah is going to intervene and redirect the weapons on us. Which is funny. For the record Between Satan, the god of the jews and the god of the muslims and the god of the christian (Same god as the jews but lest I be misinterepted) I say a pox on all houses…

      • @fireinthedawn

        I would not worship ANY of those gods even if I believed they existed I would spit on them and march proudly into hell.

      • @fireinthedawn

        I just think it's funny people think the us fights it's wars from the ground. Lol. We fight wars against oru cities from planes so high in the sky radar never even sees it approaching.

    • amarena

      Do you really think that the Western Countries will have the GUTS to destroy the muslims "holy sites"if the great pyramids will be destroyed???????
      No, my dear Bamaguje,, they don't have the courage to do it, because "political correctness" ( read muslims ass kissing) is more important to them than courage, dignity, integrity and justice!. Those barbarians (read muslims) know this and they take advantage, doing every barbarians acts they can because they know that THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! amarena

      • Mike Forrest

        Do you have any idea of the amount of resources and money that would be needed to destroy the Great Pyramid?

        I mean estimated number of 2.5 ton blocks of stone: TWO MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND!

        Estimated weight of the stones SIX MILLION PLUS TONS!

        You can't blow it up! Too much rock and not enough open space inside! And then how would you get that much dynamite or whatever other explosive might be selected! And even if they could place enough such an explosion would cause a minor earthquake and fling a million or so tons of debris over CAIRO which is one of the largest cities in the World! (Giza sits only a couple of miles from the Cairo Suburbs)

        And the manpower and heavy equipment needed to dismantle it would be enormous!

        And the costs? BILLIONS IF NOT TRILLIONS!

        And that's just for the one Pyramid!

        On the other hand the Sphynx would be no problem at all sadly!

    • Rich

      Destroy the mosque? Do you want to start WWIII?

    • Rachel

      As the great Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that."
      Destroying their holy sites would do nothing beneficial, just add more hate and ruin to the world. Doesn't anyone here understand that?

    • Justicee

      You people have NO RESPECT For our WORLD !!!!!!!
      You Guys are nothing but terrorists …
      You people need to b put in JAIL !!!

  • C.R.

    Its foolish talk–they don't have the resources nor do they have the will to do it–and if they did so what!

    • cjk

      It wouldn't take all that much to drill and set charges over and over till everything was flattened.
      Foolish talk? The real foolishness is whole nations of people worshiping a pedophile and his so called god who closely resembles the Christian description of Satan.

    • blue

      Are you are nut

    • wohlfguy

      What's foolish are asinine comments likes yours.

    • American_League

      Those are works of Art likely never again to be repeated. Would you say "so what" if an iconic piece of your culture or history was to be destroyed?

      • Roger

        What if they took out Mecca? The muslims don't really, really need it do they?

        • Htos1

          They worship a meteor,for more insight follow the seminars of Michael Tsarion.

        • Htos1

          They worship a meteor,for more insight follow the seminars of Michael Tsarion.They are crippled DNA decendents of the nephillum.

          • benjabo

            They incapable of building, all they know is destruction, google the following, loads of examples, including weekly casualty & murder updates


    • ssh49tn

      Oh, yes they do, to both. These people are a totally different breed from the 'ordinary' Muslim. They are religious zealots, who could care less about anything, or anyone else, if they think it gains them points with Mohammed & Allah, better known as pedophile & satan.

    • tubaman

      you're too much of a fool to even argue with,idiot!!!!!!

    • dave mowers

      Saladin's son spent eight months trying to destroy the pyramids. How much more proof does the world need to show that Egyptians did not build the pyramids?

    • Howard Hockett

      From ashes to ashes, from dust to dust…

    • cyclisttx

      Ever Heard of dynamite Fool!

    • benjabo

      It seems that have already forgotten awhat the Taliban did in Afghanistan. ancient stattues of Buddha were destroyed by Moo slime fanatics

  • Aeoneroic

    Why do people love to destroy things? Should these people have something better and constructive thing to do?

    • KarshiKhanabad

      Replace the word "people" with the word "Muslims" in your questions and pose your questions again.

      Oh, and "C.R.", it's Mohammedans like you that make lots of us "infidels" long for the nuclear obliteration of Mecca & Medina. The world would quickly become a much better place. Inshallah!

    • james hazan


    • jimnase

      They are muslims, it is a religion of death, what would you have them do??

    • Logical1

      They are muslims, they do not believe in ANYTHING constructive. Every aspect of their culture that they try to take credit for has been stolen or looted from others with the exception of their perverse religion. They are a obscene cult of death. ignorance, violence and hatred and need be eradicated before they cause the world to be buried under piles of radioactive ash.

    • Bud Wood

      It is much easier to destroy than to create. For examples, look at children – – it takes some maturity to create.

    • Timothy Rupp

      These are not "people" they are savage animals. The sooner you come to grip with that fact, the sooner you will understand these "savages"

    • ali

      exactly.. why do people love to destroy things.. rather countries.. first destroyed afghanistan.. then iraq.. then libya.. syria.. palestine.. now after iran.. and then pakistan.. seriously why man why

    • Roberta

      No. They are too busy executing raped women as adulterers.. Oh, I forgot to include poisoning innocent school girls.

    • Sonny

      Because Islam is a peaceful religion?

    • Joe

      Why? Because they're barbaric idiots who actually think non-Muslims give a s–t about their religion. News flash- I don't get up thinking about Allah. Leave us the f–k alone.

    • chares prince

      america doesn't love to destroy things, just people. Daniel Pipes is a PNAC freak and frickin Knight of Columbus. American empire forever and let the rest be damned

      • Rifleman

        Nonsense, we've saved more lives and raised the standard of living for more people than any country in history. The commies by far hold the record for destroying people, both in total, and per capita.

    • Sherri

      These are the same idiots who destroyed the Alexandria library and stole 2000 years of technology from our civilization.

    • The Truth

      The very nature of Islam is destruction. They have destroyed or attempted to destroy the cultures of many peoples since their "religion" began. They simply don't know the meaning of the words constructive or positive accomplishments.They don't care for culture, history, beauty , or art. All they know is Jihad, conquer and destroy the "infidel" Left to them , the world would be a barren desert.

    • james denning

      over my dead body this is gods
      s testimony in stone

  • Aleeya

    why the hussle n bustle abt destroying the pyramids when the human living in egypt is not even doing what’s supposedly?

    dun just talk abt destroying things resembling non-muslims, but rather, get the ppl to practice religion in a proper manner…. make sure all the unnecessary terrorists be banished first… make sure these ppl know how to even curb rioters….

    • GuestPoster

      "all the unnecessary terrorists be banished first."
      Banished to where? And what do you propose to do with the necessary terrorists?

    • Ralloh


    • el polacko

      good grief, lady…learn to speak english. you comment makes no sense whatsoever.

      • el polacko

        you=your….hahaha… guess i should proofread before i post too.

        • Roger

          You just amaze and confound with each syllable.

  • Nicole

    Total BS.

    • steve

      I know archeologists in th field and there are no such plans. If there were, one would think that the BBC or other news agencies would have reported it, but they do not.

  • HermitLion

    I say the pyramids are immensely more important to humanity than the islamic theocracy occupying Egypt. It should be destroyed first.

    • sonofgalt

      home run

    • Pedro Alvarez

      The pyramids are important for historical purposes and human life is even more important. All the pyramids combined do not equal the life of one innocent person.

      • HermitLion

        How fortunate, then, that none of the muslim brotherhood members are innocent.

    • nia

      i agree to yo u hermit

  • boadicea

    To my Muslim and non Muslim friends in Egypt……(run) the Islamic.brotherhood will do to Egypt what al-quida did to Afghanistan anything of beauty and culture will be destroyed

    • SHAWN


      • Rifleman

        The taliban blasted those ancient Buddhist statues, but that must be the Rothschild's fault too, huh? Those Masons and Jews worship God, stalin on the other hand, was an atheist, and Lincoln was a lawyer, not a banker. Lol, you're a hoot.

        • Ghostwriter

          This SHAWN character must have flunked history class when he was in school. Not only that,he another vile anti-semite that pops up here from time to time.

          • ssh49tn

            Between the anti-Semite & the Muslim fanaticist there's not much difference. I have no use for either. And, one day, God will show them that there isn't either!

          • Rifleman

            I think it's a guy that used to post here as Deshawn, pretending to be an angry Black male, but his site was white supremacist, Jewish conspiracy.

      • sue

        There is medicine that may helped your obvious problem.

      • ssh49tn

        YOU are totally OFF the wall! I don't know what you've been reading, but it sure isn't history! Abraham Lincoln was NOT a Jew. Stalin MAY have changed his name, since he hated Jews, but no way was Lincoln a Jew!!

    • ssh49tn

      Yes, they will. And, OUR president supports these destructive infidels!

      • shit on you

        our prsident does not but he is a gay man

        • ssh49tn

          Yes, he does support them totally. Who do you think made sure they were armed good enough to take over? And, why do you think he had some of them at the WH just recently? And, treated them with a lot more dignity & respect than any of our allies' leaders have been treated. And, who do you think is arming the rebels in Syria? Good ole Obama. One reason our country has become so hated in the world is because of us deciding who WE think should be in charge, instead of letting the people there decide it. Sometimes, we did right by going in & helping, like WW 1& 2, but we had no business going in to Libya, no business in helping Egyptian rebels, nor business in meddling in Syria. Because Russia thinks we're involved in Syria, they have decided to take Syria's side in this, & now all bets are off over there. I won't be a bit surprised, if there's some kind of nuke or something set off over there in the near future.

          • Sue

            Heard about all the warships heading there? Any day now people.

            Remember the Lord said to flee to the mountains.

          • ssh49tn

            Yes, I did hear about it. All you know what is fixing to break out, all OVER the world, & America is going to pay the piper for all of her wickedness.

          • amarena

            I agree with you! I believe Obama IS a muslim in disguise! How come the liberal media can dig up every kind of dirt on anybody in Hollywood, in the world of sport, among the GOP politicians, in the churches, etc. BUT has NOT been able/willing to dig any infos about their beloved Obama? We don't know anything about his years in Indonesia ( BTW. , this Country DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY DUAL CITIZIEN pple so if Obama went to school there he DEFINATELY COULD NOT HAVE BEEN AN USA CITIZIEN!!!!)
            We don't know where he got all the money to travel all over; we don't know how he got into those very expensive schools ( Harward, etc.) Did he apply as a FOREIGNER student to be admitted? If so, then how can he be a USA citizien? There is a lot that we don't know about the "IMPERIAL" Obama, someone MUST know, but has been "bought" into silence… and of course the liberal media is NOT interested to find out! How convenient!!!!!

          • ssh49tn

            Well, I DID read that one of the colleges he attended, he went on a foreign exchange student grant. As to WHO is funding him, I believe someone HIGH up in the Muslim world, such as the Sheik of Saudi Arabia, or someone like that, who has LOTS of money. Also, the person controlling him, is satan. He definitely is an instrument of satan trying to destroy America. And, the main reason for that is, because of the Christian heritage we were founded on, plus our staunch support of Israel. But, for some reason, our media has either been hypnotized, or something to be like they have been for him.

          • barrie phillips

            why don't you just shut up, you talk rubbish, i bet you unemployed and living on the dole.

    • oogenhand

      Nuking Mecca becomes a moral duty. What are they going to do to retaliate? Drop bombs on European cities? Then they will kill mainly Muslims. As Mecca is destroyed, they won't get virgins.

    • Ttama

      Al-quida did nothing to afganistan. It was taliban. learn the facts first. And to where will they run? Europe? No thank you.

  • Thepanthersden

    Destroy all Humans

    • Kafir al-Haqq

      There is no point in destroying all humans when simply getting rid of Muslims would solve most of the problems on this planet.

    • FIcke

      Start with yourself?

  • Vicky Loutsou


    • Vicky Loutsou

      The KABBA is not a mosque…..Slave sex marriage is not in Islam….Morsy's group was in ASWAN AND LUXOR promoting tourism in Egypt giving out Pharonic souvenirs…. COME ON PEOPLE DON'T BE SHEEP USE YOUR MINDS AND THINK FOR YOURSELF!!!!!

      • Kafir al-Haqq

        Girlfriend, you're so f'n clueless it's painful! If you know how to use Google – look up the definition of Nikāḥ al-Mutʿah and then come back and tell us slave sex marriage does not exist in Islam.

      • akw

        You're either very ignorant or you're a liar, Vicky.

        "It is a duty incumbent on every Muslim to struggle towards the aim of making every people Muslim and the whole world Islamic, so that the banner of Islam can flutter over the earth and the call of the Muezzin can resound in all the corners of the world: God is greatest [Allahu akbar]!"
        — Hassan al-Banna, founder of the Muslim Brotherhood

        "It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated; to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet."
        —-Hassan al Banna, (1906 – 1949) teacher and imam, best known for founding the Muslim Brotherhood

        "Slavery is a part of Islam. Slavery is part of jihad, and jihad will remain as long there is Islam."
        —-Sheik Saleh Al-Fawzan, 2003, member of the Senior Council of Clerics, Saudi Arabia’s highest religious body, a member of the Council of Religious Edicts and Research, the Imam of Prince Mitaeb Mosque in Riyadh, and a professor at Imam Mohamed Bin Saud Islamic University, the main Wahhabi center of learning in the country

        “Islam does not prohibit slavery but retains it for two reasons. The first reason is war (whether it is a civil war or a foreign war in which the captive is either killed or enslaved) provided that the war is not between Muslims against each other – it is not acceptable to enslave the violators, or the offenders, if they are Muslims. Only non-Muslim captives may be enslaved or killed. The second reason is the sexual propagation of slaves which would generate more slaves for their owner.”
        —Dr. ‘Abdul-Latif Mushtahari, Director of Homiletics and Guidance at Al-Azhar University, Cairo, author of "You Ask and Islam Answers"

        "We demand an Islamic nation, living a true Islamic life in politics, society, economics, education, culture and every other sphere of life. Islamic law does not restrict itself to the cutting of hands or flogging criminals. To neglect prayer is also a criminal act, and to eat in public during Ramadan is a criminal act and so is the refraining from giving alms, taking interest, drinking, selling or transporting wine, opening public entertainment places and accepting taxes from these places, broadcasting (secular) songs on the radio and showing cheap exotic movies on the television, letting women dress indecently, and print heretic ideas in books and newspapers. We shall not be deceived any more. The Muslim people have a clear goal and will not settle for less than complete victory."
        —- December, 1976 article from the Muslim Brotherhood's London publication Al-Dawa on their timeless vision of Islamic democracy and freedom

        • amarena

          I agree with you 100% ! and it is beyond me how some pple in the western world can leave their faith to become muslims! They must be crazy or absolutely demented and ignorant of the facts….especially the women! How can they accept the Sharia Law when this law treats women less than human beings and more like "chickens" and a babies -making machines? It is mind boggling!

        • Bol

          U said, as long as islam lives, ur comments indicate islam is coming to an end and it has no future. The West said it too when they invaded Iraq in 2003 that islam would soon come to an end. My question to u, who is the Dajjal that Arabs and moslems have been saying is coming to earth to destroy ur islam? Who is he please? Tell us who he is. I have much evidence with me that islam is coming to an end by brute force and it has no future. Would u comment on all these? Watch out, the Dajjal is knocking at islam's door with full and brutal force!!!!

          • Bol

            akw, it is me again. write it down now, d days of islam on this earth are numbered. What goes around comes around. D crimes and d atrocities Arabs, islam and moslems have been committing on Afrikans for 2,000 plus years now will be avenged by d avenger with full brutal force and sheer power. When d time comes soon, u, Arabs, moslems and islam will all look like chicken chicks. U and islam shall be met with huge super force that will destroy u and ur islam real soon. U just have to watch out, okay!!

      • kafir4life

        Vicky, the problem you seem to be missing is that islam is a gutter cult that was invented by mohamat, a pedophile with a little tiny "memeber", and a great big ego. He raped a child (according to his terror guide the koran), and was a murderer. How any humans can call him a "prophet" is beyond the pale. Perhaps those that do consider mad mo a prophet aren't exactly human.
        We see muslims all the time saying what you say about islam is wrong. Why should you be believed, and they not?

    • Connie

      Where in Egypt are you living? How do you know this is completely untrue? And PLEASE stop screaming in all caps, and learn how to properly spell names. Something tells me you are a fake.

    • mike4rest

      Do I have to remind you that the Moslem Brotherhood and other fanatics have been blowing up religious monuments all over Africa and Asia?

      It's happening in Syria and the Taliban did it in Afganistan!'

      And Morisy is the leader of those fanatics in Egypt!

  • Heather

    I don't believe they will really do it, but I don't know what I would do if it happens. I may have never been to Egypt but I have been fascinated by its history and its people for as long as I can remember. If the pyramids are destroyed, it would truly break my heart.

    • JanineC

      I do…look at all they have destroyed so far… Believe it!

  • davarino

    Why dont they show us what they can build rather than what they can destroy. Right now they got nothing without oil.

    Backwood ret@rds

  • Sylvia Bennett

    Doesn't Islam destroy all in its path, it has no respect for history as it continues to re-write it constantly

    • sleepingtolive

      Looks like they are using christianity's playbook on how to spread their religion.

      • Jen

        You're the epitome of stupid.

        • Sue

          I accidently thumbs down you. Sorry. I should be a thumbs up. sleeping to live doesn't know history or is just hateful.

    • Shawny

      Yes, destroys all in its path, no respect for history, constantly rewriting it (not as it was but as they want others indoctrinated to believe), recognizes no national soveriegnty, a citizen of the world who will stand with the Muslim people…….who else would this accurately describe?

      • kafir4life

        President Stinky (-bo) and the Democrat party?

  • C Greenwood

    Is there any link to where this information in this article came from?

    I just don’t believe it

    • ahmed tarek

      i am egyptian .. and i tell you this is all nonsence :D :D … it is actually crazy :D … destroy the pyramids?!!! .. also historic facts are untrue

      • Roger

        Sure Ahmed. Did you also tell Caliph Omar not to burn the library at Alexandria? This is a well known tactic of muslims. Destroy anything not of their faith.

      • HermitLion

        Saying that facts are untrue is untrue.

        Of course, to teach muslims what the word 'facts' means requires re-wiring a major part of their brain, which says truth is as shifting as the sands of the desert, or rather as the whims of one's ego.

      • Eliot

        The Taliban destroyed the famous giant statues, the Buddhas of Bamiyan. Of course the Muslim clerics want the pyramids destroyed. Just today, Reuters has an article about how the Islamists have smashed 8 out 16 mausoleums in the city, together with a number of tombs and a sacred door at Sidi Yahya mosque, in their campaign to erase traces of what they regard as un-Islamic idolatry.

        • Eliot

          I should have said that the mausoleums are in the city of Timbuktu.

        • Sue

          The Sidi Yahya MOSQUE would suggest destroying other factions of Islam works well with destroying items of other peoples faith.

      • Sue

        If you're Muslim, you are encouraged to lie to us to push an agenda. I know quite a few of the Egyptian Christian names. Your name doesn't sound like one of them. So I choose not to accept your statements.

    • Roger

      You never believe anything unless it attacks Christians or Jews.

      What a bigot. You have a hard time understanding it was Caliph Omar that burned the library at Alexandria?

  • ahmed tarek

    hey i am egyptian, and this is the first time i’ve heard of such things . all this post is untrue … it is crazy, demolish the pyramids??!! … also the historic facts are wrong .. muslims would never destroy knowledge ….. do you know that the first word to be said in qur’an is ” read ” and it is repeated : ” read ” … go to a strong reference please.. dont post this nonsence

    • Roger

      Have you been busy in the square looking for women journalists?

    • Kafir al-Haqq

      Ahmed, Muslims destroy knowledge all the time because they have no respect for anything but their insane death cult, Islam, and the culture connected to it! Only last December a bunch of stupid Qur'animals burned down Cairo's famous scientific 'Institute d'Egypte', established by Napoleon in the late 18th century. The institute housed some 200,000 original and rare books, maps, archaeological objects, and rare nature studies from Egypt and the Middle East, the result of generations of work by researchers, mostly Western scholars.

    • hunter

      The Taliban- are they not good Moslems?- destroyed the Buddha statues in Afghanistan.

    • JanineC

      Muslims would never destroy knowledge??? What do you think they are doing in Timbuktu? What do you think they did with those ancient buddhist statues?? Why not also destroy the pyramids since they are not part of Islam either. No, this is true and they have been doing stuff like this for a while now.

    • nogard

      Yes, the advanced islamic culture of scientific excellence, tolerance, peacefulness, intelligence and willingness to play well with other people is evident all over the world! And then, maybe not.
      There are three types of muslims.
      1) The active bomb throwing murderers.
      2) The fifth columnists who will pretend love and piece as the rag they read requires, until their numbers are sufficient to start demanding sharias law be the standard (they are in the process of saturating the world now).
      3) The complete dimwits who buy into the lie that is islam, and who will just stand by as resistors heads are chopped off.

    • James Mason

      Why should anyone believe anything coming from anyone who lives in Egypt now? You guys are under Islamic rule now and could be shot or imprisoned for saying or posting anything anti-Islamic.

    • kafir4life

      ahmed – I get my islamic knowledge form islamic scholars and have come to the conclusion that islam is just a gutter cult. And you are a liar, aka good muslim.

      allahu snackbar, and pass the pork.

    • Enlightened Islam

      really Ahmed get the facts straight: the Buddas were destroyed by Muslims and not the "evil American"….and no they would never destroy knowledge but that was in the 9th to 11th century when the Muslim world was enlightened and all major books about any knowledge translated into Arabic. And not now where books about all the Western knowledge are being burnt…by so-called Muslims. Telling you get the facts straight

    • Sue

      Ahmed, the Muslims have destroyed so much important information from ancient times that might be of use to save the world. But power lust has driven some Muslims mad. This is the work of EVIL. Most Muslims I know (and they are few) seem to be Muslim in name only because they realize this. They talk down other Muslims more than Christians or atheists do. One was cheering the Americans going into Iraq because of the evil Saddam Hussein was doing. I can't imagine what he must think of what is going on in the world now.

    • mike4rest

      Why don't you read about what MOSLEM FANATICS did to the Buddhas of Barmiyan!

      They were two 6th Century Statues that the the Taliban BLEW UP IN MARCH, 2001!

      Go back to Egypt!

  • Nacnud

    If anything good would come of this, or the destruction of any other relic, sure, yeah, OK, go ahead. But "good" is not their point. It's an "us-them" thing. It's all about hate.

  • Spider

    The only true Pagan Religion these days is Islam.

    • Rachel

      Um, no. That's an informed comment, right there. Pagan literally refers to the belief in many Gods and the belief that all things in nature have a spirit. Therefore, religions like Buddhism and Wicca are Pagan religions, while Islam is a monotheistic religion and therefore NOT Pagan.
      What you are doing, sir, is using the word Pagan for it's unfortunately negative connotation in Christian society as anything we deem "primitive" or "Unchristian-like." Know what you're saying before you speak, yes?

      • L.H

        Islam is descended from a pagan religion, the Muslims and their apologists will deny it, and make up a narative to try to do so, but Allah was originally an ancient Arabian moon god, hence why his symbol (the cresent moon) is atop a lot of mosques to the ignorance of most Muslims.

        They will try to pretend that it came from the flag of constantinople, but that is simply untrue, it predates that flag by centuries.

  • MrBalk

    Why is anyone suprised. Islam has never and will never respect any culture, religion , or nation. Islam is known to have destroyed great civilizations upon conquest. The next great civilization will be Europe. Wake up and stop the political correctness(lies that serve the governing elite). If muslims could they would destroy the Pyramids. One problem is these massive structures are not easy to take apart and the other is it would destroy its tourism.

    • JanineC

      They don't care about tourism…

    • Sue

      I don't think these people care about tourism. They hate the infidels. Remember these people are depending on their oil revenues. Discovering an alternative energy source would hurt them more. But then you know what they would go after. Remember Muslims were somewhat quiet and in the background for quite a while until oil was found on their land. Sure they raise their heads here and there but nothing like what's happen since they got money.

  • tagalog

    Muslims, it appears, would raze the entire world flat in order to worship Allah and eliminate anything else.

    "They (create) a desert, and they call it peace."

  • Matt

    Apparently Morsi wants to give us even more empirical evidence that Islam can only destroy, not build.

    Incidentally, it just occurred to me that the only reason many ancient monuments still exist is probably because other nations got together and stopped similar fanatics in the past. The will to do this is completely lacking in our brave new politically-correct world of cultural relativism.

  • libertywolf

    At some point, monuments like the Sphinx and the Pyramids, like the Mayan Pyramids, become historical sites for all mankind, they don't belong to Egypt alone. Like the Mexican pyramids, they are so ancient as to supersede the current owners of the land. These are monuments of ancient, not current civilizations. All of humanity has a stake in their continued existence. I do hope the UN (which might still have some purpose if they can pull this off) will fight for their continued survival if it comes to that. I am not sure what else can be done, except to put pressure on the Egyptian government from many quarters to cease and desist. This is insanity!

    • Richard

      To paraphrase the old saying, "Wish the UN to do something in one hand, and $&!% in the other, and see which hand gets full first."

    • Sue

      the UN is run by Muslims. Don't hold your breath for them to do anything but keep soaking the US dry and laughtng at us.

      • libertywolf

        I think you are unfortunately right, but one can hope. I mean, yes Sue – -the UN appears to be dominated by Islamic countries and other totalitarian dominated places. It is very discouraging.

        This is truly upsetting! I'm hoping at least the threat of not having tourist revenue will stop them, but… this is not about reason.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      "At some point, monuments like the Sphinx and the Pyramids, like the Mayan Pyramids, become historical sites for all mankind, they don't belong to Egypt alone."

      That's a cultural-moral argument, but not a legal one.

      "All of humanity has a stake in their continued existence."

      Culturally, yes, legally no.

      "I do hope the UN (which might still have some purpose if they can pull this off) will fight for their continued survival if it comes to that."

      We don't want to give them more credibility considering what they do already with the power they have.

      "I am not sure what else can be done, except to put pressure on the Egyptian government from many quarters to cease and desist."

      We've done it already. By showing our outrage, the consequences are clear: We will be very unlikely to trade with such nations. The Internet is useful in offering timely reminders of this consequence.

      "This is insanity!"

      There is plenty of that to be found around the world on a daily if not hourly basis. We know the origins of most of that insanity.

  • John Rutley

    This is only the beginning. What will islams 'Useful Idiots' call this vandalism?

  • Johnny T.

    Stupid people with stupid ideas. They're just like Liberals, but dressed in sheets instead of Gucci.

  • KevinDougherty

    Religious Zealots are some of the most dangerous people around.

  • hunter

    The deficiency in judgeement this sort of thinking represents- no matter the ideology or faith inspiring it- is staggering. The Taliban robbed the world of some of the largest statues ever built, simply because they were from a pre-Islamic faith. There are credible stories of Moslems desecrating Jewish relics under their jurisdiction in Jerusalem. I am certain that Christian extremists have done the same with american Indian and pre-Christian european relics as well. We only rob ourselves when we deceitfully destroy the past. It is prideful folly and creepily Orwellian to censor the past because of current beliefs. I hope those wishing to rob humanity of thie heritage that the pyramids represent suffer just as the Taliban and Al Qaeda have.

    • Sue

      I'm sure atheists extremists have done much worse than Christians.

      • Rachel

        Any proof to your over-assuming, generalizing statement? Don't be a jerk.

  • Erich Von Sitchin

    I am totally for destroying the pyramids. From all the books I've read and some TV documentaries I've seen, the pyramids are either landing sites for UFOs, or giant ufos themselves. Which means that if we do not destroy them soon we will face a devastating alien invasion, where 95% of humanity will perish and the other ones will face daily anal probing andor becoming the aliens' slaves.

    We are lucky that such modern minded men have seized power in Egypt, and will prevent the alien peril from ever materializing.

    • Johnny T.

      I can only hope that you think this is humor based upon your clever name. Erich Von D. (Chariots Of The Gods) and Z. Sitchin (!2th Planet). Either that or you're aligned with the other nuts running loose on this planet. If you are, please go back to your "bath salts".

    • Thom

      Wow Erich wonderful posting you made my day…….lol

    • Sue

      Since Islam believes slavery is OK, maybe they won't mind becoming slaves of aliens. I'm hoping the aliens go directly to the actual site of the pyramids to start their attacks

    • Zechariah Daniken

      They will come for sure, but they will be destroyed at the Second Coming of Christ.

    • Will

      Seriously smart funny dude!

    • Sue

      This is pure insanity-to destroy priceless artifacts that preceed the Muslim culture by thousands of years cannot be tolerated. These structures belong t
      o all humanity.

  • Dad

    Like I tell my sons when playing with Legos, if you didn't build it, it's not yours to tear down.

    • vabb

      The problem is that these people did not build it either so it is not theirs to tear down.

  • Keith

    1. Thank you England for preserving so many ancient treasures. If left to these cavemen, we wouldn't even have the Rosetta Stone!
    2. Please reoccuppy Egypt before some the greatest treasures in history are lost forever!

    • Keith's Brother

      Why bother expending any more blood and treasure trying to bring these heathen into the modern era? Build the neutron bomb. Use it.

    • Jos

      They're neither England's heritage nor its legal posession, so that would be a quite imperialistic act. Let the Egyptians have their monuments and destroy them if they like. It's their responsibility, not ours.

  • Guest

    If it has anything to do with knowledge the Muslims must destroy it… Satan demands it… Satan only allows worship of himself and knowledge of the true God is not allowed. We need to root out this cancer on our Earth. But in the end, even Mohammed will bow before the Lord Jesus Christ before he is sentenced for misleading billions of people through out history.

    • None

      You are insane.

  • Troy

    They only want to destroy them because they need more rocks. Cave people love rocks. Its in their blood.

  • Chernevog

    I remember at university I had a Turkish professor that challenged me when I told him Muslims had destroyed the Alexandrian Library. He didn't like me saying that. Here we have his own people saying they did it.

  • Amr Emam

    I want to tell the group of people propagating this set of backward ideas that they know nothing about the great Islamic religion. The version of Islam they talk about has nothing to do with the tolerant religion I was taught in school and practice in my daily life. To them I say, go to hell or just find your places in the mountains of Afghanistan. Cursed you will be like all others who defame Islam and spread ideas about it being a backward religion that does not have any esteem for the arts or civilisation. To non Muslims I say, believe me, Islam has nothing to do with these stupid people. This great religion has had enough of defamation by the likes of these radicals. Please, enough of this stupidity. Like any other heavenly religion, Islam calls for justice, love, and tolerance.

    • Guest

      Amr, Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, judge of mankind – loves you and will forgive you of your sins if you but ask Him too. You don't have to do anything… just ask His forgiveness. You'll feel the love of God washing over you as your sins are lifted from you.

    • vabb

      This editorial was brought to you by CAIR.

    • Sickofyourlies

      Oh really, prove it! Islamist who say they believe in peace and tolerance are liars. They lie to your face while hiding the knife they will stab you with behind their backs. If the majority of Muslims do truly believe as you profess then where are they? Why are they not heard in Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Africa, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia,etc?

      Your religion has kept billions in the stone age, caused the deaths of millions, subjugates women, and propagates hate. If you really believe in peace and tolerance, why are you not speaking loudly? The true voice of Islam is from the mouths of terrorists.

      • vabb

        The reason why we never hear about all of this peace and compassion is because our journalists keep getting raped when they try and report all of this goodness.

        • Rachel

          The loudest are often the ones that least deserve to be heard, and that goes for Christianity and many other major religion. Don't hate the whole because of a few.

    • Mllove 1

      If your for such peace why not try to stop all the radicals whom propagate such hate. Police your own, try that my friend. Why sit on the side lines when people practicing the religion of peace blow up antiquities and innocent people alike!!

    • kafir4life

      Amr, sorry to burst your bubble, but we pay attention to muslims and listen to what they say. You are just angry that WE decide which muslims to listen to, and the ones we listen to seem to know more about the true nature of islam than you. They can prove it with terror guide (koran) references, and they back their words with action. Should you want to convince us, I'd have to tell you to first convince the muslims. Once you've convinced muslims, come back here.

    • kmichaels

      Apparently this great Islam does not call for cleaning up it's own house and removing from within their own midst those that you refer to as the radicals. Why do you leave them within your house? Because you have chosen to not clean your own house then your house will need to be cleaned from those on the outside. It was your choice.

    • ssh49tn

      And, I want to tell YOU that you are totally deceived! Is lslam is NOT a religion of peace, or justice, or tolerance. What ever you may have been taught was just an illusion. Islam has ALWAYS been a 'religion' of violence & war. Otherwise, they'd make peace with Israel, & allow them to exist peacefully. They wouldn't trap Christians in churches, & set the churches on fire with women AND children inside them, nor would they have sex with children, nor beat their wives, etc. If you want to believe, that's your choice, however, YOU are the one going to hell, & not Christians. Oh, nor would they poison the drinking water of young girls in a school trying to gain an education. Islam is nothing but a satanic cult, full of devil worshipers & I rebuke you all in the name of Jesus, & send you all to hell with all the other demons. UNLESS you accept Jesus as your personal Savior, that is where YOU are headed., And, your high muckety muck pedophile Mohammed go with you to hell too!

      • Rachel

        You sound just as bigoted and hateful as the worse of the people you are naming right now. Shame on you.

    • amarena

      Oh yes, we know that the great religion of Islam is "the Religion of PEACE!" We, in the Western World, have had so many examples of "tolerance", "love", "respect for others" and "justice" . So we "really", "really" believe you!
      And by the way, I have some beautiful swamp land in Fla. I would like to sell you!!!!!!

  • Geof

    With your "CoExist" bumper stickers and your apologetic votes, how can you think peace with Israel will ever happen? this is a level of evil like no other. There will be no peace with these fanatics.

    • Smitty

      Check out Genesis 16: Then the angel of the Lord told her (Hagar) "You shall have a son and shall name him Ishmael. He will be a wild donkey of a man, his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." Ishmael was from Abram (later Abraham) who then gave birth to the Arabic race! All because of Abram's "screw-up"

  • WilliamPenn

    Madrassa-trained Barack Hussein Obama won't raise a finger to object.

  • Dragan

    I'm not an Islamist, but history will tell you the Renaissance was triggered by the rediscovery of ancient greek and roman texts that had been preserved by the Muslims.

    • Sctbinfl

      The Greeks fleeing the fall of the Byzantine empire contributed much more to the Renaissance than Islam. Europe was virtually in a constant state of war with Islam.

    • ssh49tn


    • Michael Forrest

      History also tells us that the Arabs virtually every indigenous population from Casablanca to Baghdad left on small pockets of those peoples behind!

      I mean the Caldeans and Assyrians (Christians by the way) represent only 200,000 people in Iraq!

      In Egypt the Copts (the real decendents of the Ancient Egyptians) are relatively better off at approximately 10% of the population! OF COURSE THEY'RE BEING PERSECUTED NOW thanks to the so called "Religion of Peace"!

  • JKT

    Does no one remember the destruction of the Buddah Bamiyan Statues in 2001? They have no problem destroying anything that does not fit into their own worldview. It does not matter if it would be hard to destroy the pyramids, the point is that some have made it a goal now. That should be scary.

    • Oscarphone

      Yes, and they did the destroying with howitzers. If this is allowed to happen, they will probably use the same technique. Just keep blasting the c r*p out of them with high velocity, high explosive shells until they are rubble.

      Complete ignorant animals.

      Oh, did I mention that our President is inviting the head of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood to the White House? Presumably he will use the front door unlike the Dali Lama.

    • amarena

      You are absolutely right! They have NO respect whatsoever for past and present cultures and treasures of art and architecture! I would like to know what have they, the Muslims, contributed to the world!…Every Nation in the West have done inventions and discoveries that have greatly helped and improved the lives of millions, what do the nations in the Middle East, with the exception of Israel, have done for the world? Hardly nothing, except to destroy every civilization in the name of "blasphemy" , "religion", "the ideologies of the Koran", " total ignorance" and "stone age mentality"…..Need to say more? Oh, yes… they blast that theirs is the "religion of peace and tolerance" and yet they persecute and kill those who dare to depict or ridicule their prophet or burn their "precious" Koran…BUT what about all the Bibles and Holy books they have burned together with scores of Churches and Christians? Or that doesn't count? Hey, what's good for the goose…..

  • John

    It was only a couple of years ago Zahi Hawass was asking museums from the world to return the rossetta stone and other Egyptian antiques. This article proves that Egyptian historical treasures aren't safe in their country of origin. True Egyptians haven't lived in that region since Cleopatra. Very sad.

    • Sue

      Cleopatra wasn't a true Egyptian. She descended from Ptolemy, a Macedonian. This was from the time of Alexander the Great. Ptolemy was the general who conquered Egypt. But then again, how would you define a true Egyptian. My Egyptian friend says Egypt was a Christian country before the Muslims came in and killed most of the people who wouldn't "convert". Only a few Christians survived the massacre. He considers only those original survivors as Egyptian. Why? They are the only ones who kept the older Egyptian ways. All who converted to Islam had to change any culture, language, etc. to whatever Islam required. Just saying that a definition of true Egyptian might have been appropriate.

    • Michael Forrest

      Actually they do.

      They're the Copts and are Christians and very much persecuted under the current regime!

      Mubarek largely protected the Copts at least from government interference and even from fanatics at times but that's all changed.

  • Chernevog

    I hope you realize Cleopatra was not Egyptian. She was Greek, descendent from one of Alexander the Great's generals, Ptolemy.

    • Sue

      BTW, Macedonians don't like to be called Greek, even to today.

  • Murray

    COEXIST bumper stickers for everybody!

  • liberalsarefunny


    The Religion of Peace strikes again!!


  • derek marlowe

    The only money that the country makes is from tourism and without pyramids and other ruins (Valley of the Kings) then the people will really be poor. Islam can then blame the West for their woes. I think that is their game-plan.

    • Sue

      I think the only ones with a game-plan are the Muslim Brotherhood and they are getting oil money from the remainder of the Middle East. Remember that the terrorist Muslims couldn't care less about human life – including that of other Muslims. When you see a Muslim mother sending off a 13 or 14 year old to die as a suicide bomber what kind of person can you deem her to be. Definitely not one who cares about human life.

  • Sean Delevan

    Hope and change Baby…

    These are the people that Obama is cheerleading about….

    These are the same people that are being invited to the White House…

    If Obama gets re-elected, America WILL become a Muslim nation…

    • Sue

      Cute Sean and probably correct. Hope for him as a rising leader of Islam and Change for us – to ISLAM.

    • amarena

      I agree with you! But what else can we expect from a Muslim in disguise like he is?

  • Bernard Wijeyasingha

    I saw this coming a long time ago. If Egypt goes the way of the Taliban as the Muslim brotherhood is capable then the not only the Pyramids but the Spinx, the Temple of Luxor, Kornark Abu Simbal and the treasures of the museums will be destroyed or sold to the highest bidder. The bust of Nefretiti alone is a fortune and so is the treasures of Tutankhamen. When Pol Pot took control of Cambodia the Angkor vat was ravaged. The same with Afghanistan's treasures.

    • Michael Forrest

      It would be too difficult and cost to much in resources to demolish the Pyramids. Just too dense and too much stone to move, shoot at or blow up.

      But those other monuments are vulnerable. The head of the Great Sphynx wouldn't take much effort at all for instance

  • Troy Emge

    I'm depressed by people who seem to think that these Muslim extremists are a representation of all Islam.

    • jackian

      Your depressed? I dont get it,have you not been paying attention.Lets see, they stone people,commit honour killings,opress women,I watched as their women and children cheered in the streets when the towers fell! Islam supports killing the infidels its in the koran.Extremists?These acts are all sanctioned by that evil book that they all memorize.Snap out of it

    • JanineC

      Yes, and I am depressed that Muslims who are not extreme are not doing a darn thing to stop the extremists!!!!

    • Sue

      Have you not seen the way the Muslims in Dearborn, MI were acting toward innocent people who were standing holding signs? The signs were Christian but did not say anything bad about Islam or its prophet. Nothing that any reasonable person would have considered "in your face". The Muslims threw food, concrete, soda bottles (glass), at them, hit them, threaten them, screamed obscenities at them, etc. The police threaten to arrest the men who quietly held signs in a public area at the edge of the Muslim fair.

      Did you know they are taught that it is acceptable to lie to non-believers if that is how to get what you want? This is sad, but true; when you know they think this way, how do you know when they're just pretending to be nice and moderate. Answer: YOU DONT!

    • amarena

      Prove the contrary! So far we have had plenty of examples that Islam is extremely violent, destructive and intolerant of other Religions and ways of life…if you can prove with FACTS that it is NOT so, then I may change my views! Ahahahahahahah!!!!

  • @PurpAv

    Meh, its their country. If they want to destroy their heritage, so be it. Of course there will be international consequences, but they know that.

    • Sue

      I know people of Egyptian heritage that no longer live in Egypt. Since it is definitiely part of their heritage, do they get a vote? Remember, the Muslims took that country by force.

  • Jim

    Islam = non tolerance of anything not Muslim. What a false B S religion.

  • vabb

    Islam seems only to destroy not create. They have no appreciation for beauty or culture as everything in their world, politics, law, and culture is wrapped up in their "religion". The destruction of the Great Pyramids by an Islamist government might finally wake up the world to what this ideology is all about. It would be wise for the West to look after their museums and monuments because these will be next on the hit list if these people gain any kind of power.

    The destruction of these monuments by Islam is a fitting summary of what the "Arab Spring" really meant. In other words slavery to their narrow hate filled world view. If you think 1930s Fascism was bad, let these people gain power and see what happens.

  • Dpk65

    Maybe we should target Mosques and outlaw Muslim customs and ALL their sacred places.

    • Sue

      Good idea. While we're at it, we can deport them. Those that we find that are probably illegal aliens.

  • Johnny T.

    The Renaissance was a direct result of the rule of Charles The Great (Charlemagne). As Islam was pushed back into North Africa, it did leave behind beneficial items such as ancient documents and the foundation of what would become Western Medicine. Attributing the Renaissance to Islam is like attributing the mankind walking on the moon to Adolf Hitler.

    • MartinKonvicka

      Also, many of the texts were not "rediscovered by muslims", but "preserved from muslims by refuges from Constantinople", and other late Byzantine cities, falling to muslims in about that time.
      Just check your dating.

    • Sue

      Really. And here I thought Charlemagne was so much earlier. Charlemagne768-814. Renaissance, 14th to 16 th century. Difference between the two 600 years. Not remembering my European history that well, I looked up Alhambra, location of rule for the Moorish kings in 13th and 14th centuries. So the suppression or removal of Islamic control at that time could have brought on the Renaissance, but I don't see the Charlemagne connection. The rise of the Renaissance certainly wasn't a direct result of the rule of Charlemagne.

  • dr_bugsy

    I say that we destroy Mecca as a warning.

  • themahdiblog

    Everyone relax. Let me remind you that it's not like Egypt just became a Muslim country. It's been that a very long time. The pyramids and the sphinx are still there. And by the way, it was the British soldiers that used the nose of the sphinx are a shooting target. what?

    • Oscarphone

      British? Not hardly. In my youth it was said to be Napoleon. Turns out that the Spinx had no nose 50 years before the French visited: How about this pal . . .it was the Muslims to "remedy some religious errors":
      "There exists an account written by historian Muhammad al-Husayni Taqi al-Din al-Maqrizi (died CE 1442), in a book called al-Mawa`iz wa al-i`tibar fi dhikr al-khitat wa al-athar (G. Wien, ed., 1913). In vol. 2, page 157 of the Wien edition, al-Maqrizi states that the face, specifically the nose and ears, were demolished in 1378 by a Sufi from the khanqah of Sa`id al-Su`ada named Sa'im al-dahr. The reason for the vandalism, according to al-Maqrizi, was to "remedy some religious errors:" at that time some Egyptians were still burning milk-thistle (shuka`a) and safflower (badhaward) at the foot of the Sphinx while murmuring a verse 63 times in hope that their wishes would be fulfilled. "From the time of this disfigurement also," al-Maqrizi wrote, "the sand has invaded the cultivated land of Giza, and the people attribute this to the disfigurement of Abul-Hol [i.e., the Sphinx]."

      • Kristján Birnir Ívansson

        Wasn't a gaul named Obelix that destroyed the nose. 50 years before Crist.

  • Oscarphone

    We can only hope that they are smart enough or greedy enough (take your pick I'm not sure myself) to sell their treasures to the highest bidder. At least they will be preserved for future generations which is highly unlikely should these animals remain in power..

  • Demetrios

    We do this in America too. Liberals take down Confederate flags and statues so as not to "offend" They take down historic Crosses or the words on historic plaques that have the word "God" on them so as not to offfend. Then they tut-tut the Islmists for trying to erase history.

  • cjk

    Could be said, but it would be false.

  • Jeff the Infidel

    welcome to the new world of islam – set your clocks back 500 years and enjoy the ride to oblivion pagans!

  • allahisapussy

    Muslims will continue to destroy anything that represents anything good. Any thought that Islam is peaceful is pure rubbish. Mohammad was no prophet, he was a pedafile and a murderer and never did anything resembling a spiritual nature. The Koran is a made up piece of fiction that steals from the Bible and the Tora. I challenge any Muslim to demonstrate their god….

  • Andrew

    The West will have to intervene if these Islamists attempt this. Get the aircraft carriers powered up and be prepared to smoke these crazy a-holes.

    • Mr. Common Sense

      I like the cut of your jib sir !! I'll gladly push the button

    • kafir4life

      Let's hope they get powered up before President Stinky (-bo) has them running on algae.

  • andy

    Only about 75% the moderate 25% will be killed off

  • Korben Dallas

    Islamic animals. If they do destroy Ancient Egypt than I hope they get whats coming to them, like nukes turning their country into a glass parking lot.

  • Guest

    This story is a hoax. Egypt has no such plans, if you believe this, you have been watching too much fox news and are a victim of brainwashing.

    • JanineC

      And you are not brave enough to post your real name to say something like that. No, has nothing to do with the "evil" Fox news….

    • amarena

      Oh, really? And what have you been watching? Cartoons and Soap operas?….

    • amarena

      Oh, really? and what have you been watching? Cartoons and "telenovellas"?

  • Barry

    The followers of the false prophet have to pray to a me meteorite multiple times a day (it fell from "heaven"). That ought to tell you everything you know about the hate filled superstitions known as islam.

  • Lan Astaslem

    islamonazis did a good job destroying the twin towers – that's what savages do, they destroy

  • John

    Christians didn't lynch or kill in the name of Jesus (Even in the Crusades). Some were killed in the name of organized religion (i.e. witch-hunts) but a REAL Christian never would have killed in the name of Jesus. The Bible says not too. In contrast, a REAL MOSLEM is supposed to kill others, as ordered by the Koran. Islam has had more slaves throughout history than Western Civilization, though they don't have as many extortionists in their houses of worship. No other major religion is currently seeking to kill people who don't conform to its views.
    And the pyramids are an ancient wonder of the world. It's a symbol of human civilization. It is our problem as well as the rest of the West, wherever knowledge and history is valued.

    • knox

      You are right in your point about muslims and killing other non-muslims, but your facts are way off when talking about Christians. The whole point of the crusades was to rid the Holy Land of non-Christians and to put it in Christian hands….not to mention the fact that crusaders slaughtered any Jew they came across in Europe on their way to the Middle East. To think Christians have a cleaner slate than Muslims is just ignorant of your past.

      • Craig

        Actually…the Crusades were launched to combat Islamic expansion. I do believe the Byzantine Empire asked for help from western Christendom to combat the conquest of Asia Minor.

        • Chris Martin

          Craig: exactly correct. The muslim armies of the day, BEFORE the Crusades, had just taken what is today called Austria, Northern Africa and were crossing Gibraltar… the Crusades were the best defense is an offense option. Thankfully, they were defeated @ Moors in today's Spain. The so called christian church of that day was more of a political organization posing as an authentic Christian church…. to them , it was all about greed, power, control, land ownership and controlling the peasant masses, all of which were detested and still are by Jesus Christ. The Muslims of the time were not that different…. Not surprising the two came to loggerheads. But comparing them today is foolish. Those who do so, have an axe to grind ….more then a valid point to make.

      • old white guy

        read craig's reply. learn more history.

    • Alex

      Christianity was a foreign desert religion spread by the sword in Europe.

      • HermitLion

        As a non-Christian, I can tell you that this is utter nonsense. Read on the history of the Roman empire before you make up stuff based on your hatred.

    • Rastafari

      Historically, all the powerful world civilizations have been trying to conquer Egypt and usurp the spiritual power for themselves. Because Blacks don't harbor the type of insecurities we find in other groups of people, such as Jews or Islamists, they feel it their duty to destroy our Godliness. I say let them try, they are in for a HUGE unsolicited reward!!

    • anon

      Once, again your definitions of REAL Christian and REAL Muslim are rather CONVENIENT aren't they?

    • Lakeysha Gober

      Yes christians did lynch and kill in the name of jesus. The 1st slave ship was named the good ship jesus. You can look it up, dont have to believe me. But the real truth most dont know is that arabs enslaved Africans before europeans. Europeans did the same as them forced us to take their beliefs, act like them, have sex with them, and relocate (kidnapping). John you havn't done your research on the destructive acts of those who slan others for the power of their soul.

  • @Upintheoaks

    This is what I have knew would happen as soon as they started rioting and Hillary and the gang got behind the rioters, calling them "protesters for democracy." Why would they ever want to be like us? They HATE us!

    • Sue

      But they got democracy and VOTED in the Muslim Brotherhood. This was all about giving some legitimacy to the take over of Egypt by radical terrorists.

  • datasdream

    If past history is any guide then removal of any symbolism that confronts or might confront them will be removed. If done this would show the lengths that radicals go to to stay in power.
    Freedom takes another blow for how can you have democracy without the right to disagree. If the landmarks disagree and they remove them. I invite them to convert the Sahara from sand to breadbasket. Destroying things takes a barbarian viewpoint building things takes a civilization.

    I have no information on the source of this news. It may be nonsense just to stir the pot.

  • Becka

    if the world ever wants to see peace, the cancer of islam will have to be exterminated.

  • oceanbnd

    Simple insanity.

  • Phil

    I think the US should offer to help with the destruction, perhaps a couple of nukes could do the trick. Why do we continue to be bothered by these flies when we have a swatter within reach.

  • Bill in Tennessee

    Yep, that about settles it… these folks are certifiably insane. Sure, go ahead and destroy your cultural heritage, pretend those nasty old "pagan" monuments never existed, Islam (the religion of peace) is the only way. Yup. Oh one minor point I'd like to make first… you really have no idea what those monuments are. You really don't know who built them…you THINK you do, but no, you don't. So go ahead, morons, destroy your cultural heritage, you won't be needing it, because you have ISLAM!!! by God…good old desert peasant squatting to s*#t nose picking ass wiping Islam, YAAAYYY!!!!

  • capoprimo

    Why not, their whole idea is to return the whole world back to the stone age, they haven’t and won’t contribute anything to the world except desctruction, it’s the only thing they have been thought and the only thing they know how to do well!

  • pig hater

    what is foolish is christians thinking they are better than anyone, when they are cruel pigs.

    • cjk

      It's foolish to claim you know that Christians think they're better than others when their Scripture clearly teaches them they aren't.
      On the other hand the scripture of the pedophile worshipers teaches the opposite.

    • Drakken

      We are better than you islamic savages in every way, shape and form so go hump your goat hadji because that is about all you muslims are good for. God Bless the Crusades!

    • Oleg

      I think the rise of the Western world, particularly of the Christian English countries pretty much prove that they are. The West builds and flys airplanes, the Islamists hijack then bomb them, the West builds technology and enterprise, the Islamists loot and destroy.

    • Dr. Science

      I am an atheist, and I know I am better than you.

  • Ralloh

    If they do this I would hope the world would unite and wipe every one of the cult following monsters out. Send them to that devil they call Allah so they can diddle with the pervert, child molester Muhammad. What a deranged, sick, perverse religion. If it were wiped out tomorrow, the world would be a better place.

  • Curiousgeorge

    1.2 billion ignorant psychopathic savages the rest of the world could easily do without. Waste ‘em.

  • Darrow

    We don't have to destroy anything. We can stop it if we tell them we will respond by except for Israel, spray the entire Middle East with a fine mist of pork fat. No harm done, but would an effective deterant.

  • Futureadvocate

    It's not their heritage to destroy.

  • t from nj

    Oh cut out the Bulls–t of comparing Christianity to modern day Islam. We are not calling for death, destroying antiquities,acting like a–holes. In fact we're over tolerant to a fault., which is destroying us.

  • nanbeach

    Other world leaders, most especially our own, will watch this happen, wring their hands and, maybe, complain to some UN committee, probably one dominated by dictators and other Muslims. I mean, no one objected too strongly when the Taliban destroyed the great sculptures of Buddha in either Pakistan or Afghanistan (I honestly don’t recall the country but it was done when they first came to power, while the rest of the world watched but didn’t react)

  • Dave

    Islam is a virus. People who encounter it either die or become carriers.

    • Ben Dover

      Islam is the religion of SUBMISSION.

      Submit or die.

  • Deskboy

    Just wait till they (Islamists) get their hands on churches and synagogues. Convents and chapels. And Hillary and the Impostor have invited them to the White House.

  • Ed Wood

    The head terrorist is the president of Egypt should he banish himself? not going to happen. we will loose these great monuments to the ingenuity of man to bassackward dimwitted religious zealots. I suppose it is fitting though they were built by religious zealots.

  • HansJurgen

    It's not a matter of what country, what race, what religion, …. it's about inferior genetics and primal behavior. Just as anything in nature, it sprouts, it blooms, and then it fades. We were "planted" here on Earth and our "souls" were put inside "ape (space) suits" to enable us to survive here on Earth. Something went wrong. Maybe a major spaceship crash or another planet went into demise and we had to move on – be "planted" on a temporary planet while the search for that "next" planet kicks in. Once that new planet, "Heaven", is discovered, then "they" will come back to "harvest" us and take us there. Primal instincts are starting to show up worldwide and it's because Earth is now in its fade period. So, primal survival instincts are starting to kick in as well as genetic degradation. So, the only ones who will survive and be "harvested" are those that are genetically superior. And when that "second harvest" occurs, that is when the "spaceships" will anchor to steeples, pyramids, towers, … things that point up to enable "docking". It's been proven that these pyramids were somehow "directed" globally by "superior intelligence" to enable us to build these "anchors" for when that time comes. So, only the genetically superior will move on to "Heaven" while the genetically inferior will stay and perish in the last burning "Hell" of Earth as it collapses and burns. And those that are genetically inferior primates would naturally want to destroy the pyramids so that the "spaceships" would have less places to anchor and "harvest" the best of the crop. Think about it. I know it sounds weird, but study how things come and go in nature: plant the seed, it grows, and then it's demise while another "seed" is planted into the soil and moves on. And only the "best" survives and moves on. The inferior "seeds" rot and turned back into dirt.

  • sid cappy

    go ahead and do it.

  • sid

    its your country, you wanna lose the only thing bringing in money go ahead. i don't care if you starve.

  • gaoptimize

    This may be the event that wakes up many of my Islam-appologist family and acquaintances. If they bring down the pyramids (and equally precious monuments in the Valley of the Kings and Luxur), the liberal tollerance for Islam may collapse with them.

  • Kolgoroth

    So some useless pile of trash Muslim Cleric wants to destroy a piece of history because his back water laughable waste of a faith tells him to? I spit on his faith, his god, and his words.

  • Kolgoroth

    So some useless pile of trash Muslim Cleric wants to destroy a piece of history because his back water laughable waste of a faith tells him to? I spit on his faith, his god, and his words.

  • zombie2469

    if you think they will not do it you are so wrong. They will sit with a hammer, praying chipping it away. They will consider it God's work. We need another Crusades. 90 percent of the problems of the world is due to this religion. Wow

  • Mark

    Moral equivalence fail.

  • Tom

    Not only might this come to pass, but since Hillary and Barry Sotero are so enamored of the Muslim BrotherHood the US may help fund it.

    Those who do not know their history, are doomed to repeat it.

  • chris

    this religion crap is getting WAY OUT OF HAND, destroy 4000yrs plus history, over a damn religion??? i say destroy the religions, they have killed enough innocent people due to someone's beliefs!

  • Jeff Sherman

    Commit genocide on infidels, and the world turns a blind eye. Attempt to demolish the pyramids, and the world will intervene.

    • Hugh Rhodes

      Imagine if a Jew in Israel even sneezed on the mosque sitting on the Temple mount in Jerusalem. The UN would probably vote to sanction the country. Destroy the pyramids in Egypt? Oh well, its their country will most likely be the response.

  • charles donaldson

    Cavemen,,,,,disgusting,,,,,religion of peace?????no out cry from moderate muslims ,,,,,disgusting,,,,remember the buddist statues in afganiscam…

  • I_Rate

    This story must be a fake: It would be like the Taliban destroying ancient giant Buddha's in Afghanistan, or Iraqis destroying the ancient treasures of Babylon; IMPOSSIBLE.

    • Hugh Rhodes

      Sarcasm meter pegged of course.

  • stan_in_usa

    And Obama is welcoming their leader to Washington DC. I don’t know who is more pathetic.

  • wilify

    This is tragically flawed logic, as per normal. We'll never know how much knowledge was lost by the senseless destruction of the Alexandrian Library and illiterate Muslims could care less. If only they were creative and not destructive idiots..They could perhaps find a new tailor and wear 21st century clothing..OOhh wait! Tailors are Jews.Jews are monkeys and they are so wise as to astound the entire world with neolithic stupidity.

  • Truthseeker

    Islam is mental malware. How much more damage can these folks do before we stop trying to appease them?

  • Hugh Rhodes

    Well, since we whole heatedly supported the Arab Spring and thought it a good idea to help remove a reasonably peaceful leader in Mubarak I guess we can take some credit for their destruction if it does occur. Hillary Clinton can help remove the first piece of stone since she did call up and congratulate them for their election victory. President Obama also defended his support of the Muslim Brotherhood leader as well. The CIA must be laughing their sneaky little butts off.

  • Guest

    When they get here we'll all be delighted to learn that Allah will spare Hollywood, The New York Times, The Baseball Hall of Fame. – May Allah Bring Wisdom to the True Believer, Punish to the Infidel.

  • Captain Obvious


    You seem to assume that I am Christain. What if I am not? Then your arguement becomes "Religion A killed people thousands of years ago so it is ok that religion B is doing it now."

    I am sitting on the sidelines saying, "WTF?"

  • krb1n

    Ha! muslims…. theyre like the little bully on the play ground that picks on bigger kids, well one of these days the big kid is going to say "enough".. ;) that will be the day

  • @theoldkingfish

    Modern technology cannot possibly duplicate the pyramids. They are one of the greatest treasures of human civilazation

  • MCLowe

    Typical of libs everywhere, Sgt Oblivious apologizes for the muslims while bashing the Christians. Meanwhile, it is the muslims who will lop off his non-believing head if and when the time comes. What a maroon.

    • Jennifer

      MCLowe – Thank you. Couldn't have said that better myself. Typical libs, protecting the very people that would saw off their heads in a heartbeat. And the crazy libs would be the first ones to go, too.

  • Morena

    Somebody enlighten me, please! Why, exactly, does the media, and "politically-correct" ideologues, not only tolerate, but actually accommodate Muslims and Islam? They're not that blind or stupid to see what these people do, and yet they're still bending over backwards and frontwards (Obama) to give these people free reign to destroy Western civilization. Granted, more people in Europe are now acknowledging the menace of Islam in their countries, but I just don't understand how even hard-core liberals can sympathize with such a destructive, intolerant religion/culture — especially what it does to women!

    • MartinKonvicka

      Those Leftists'' romance with islam started as a self-hatred, and continues out of fear.

  • bonk!

    Someone interview Zahi Hawass about this!

  • Vincon

    The absurdity of revealed religion continues.
    I KNEW this issue would eventually rear its ugly head after these pyschopaths gained control. What do we do? How do we protect our treasures from these religious maniacs? I guess we will eventually have to commandeer the area with military force to keep the pyramids safe. All because of a bunch of crazed, sexually frustrated barbarians.

  • Reggie

    ignorant cretins

  • Chris Martin

    The idea of destroying the Pyramids of Egypt is absolute folly…. these radical Muslims have no respect for history at all

    • bc

      By there own words it would be justified for Israel to bulldoze that shiny dome eyesore sitting on king Solomon’s temple

  • Omar Kahlid

    Islam is filth. Followers of a pedophile cannot justly be considered as smart. With 70% of ALL muzlims being inbred there is tremendous retardation and brain damage. When I lived in Egypt it was so common to see women pregnant with their son's babies they would laugh about it becoming so stupid as to need a guide. Sister's bellies swollen with their fathers semen results. Sick, sick. Islam is satan and nothing less.

  • hater of the schizophrenic pedophile

    Murder and wanton destruction are integral components of Islam. Just read the Koran and Hadith and it will be apparent. You can get around all the doubletalk of apologists by understanding what every imam knows: where they contradict each other, the later and more violent Medina verses supercede the earlier, and peaceful Mecca verses that were written before Mohammadman had gained political and military power. Ignore the basic mindset of the koranimals at your peril.

  • Linda Moore

    The insanity is the UN and world governments are actually giving these crazy Islamic radicals political and economic deference. Islamic radicals are little different from cultures practicing neolithic cannibalism. Is anyone giving cannibals sweeping political and financial rights to take control of other cultural groups and destroy their history?

  • Bob the Atheist

    I am so sick of religious people. Open up a science book. Look at the pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. Use you brain for a change, '"THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!!! How stupid can some people be. The universe is so vast it is beyond comprehension. There is no being watching over us. When you die, your dead!

    • Crystal

      The Pyramids still exist because Christians do not destroy the culture heritage of those who convert, it is not part of their ideology. The islamists do, and it is the godless world govt types and atheists at the UN who allow it to happen.

    • Sasha


      By lumping in zealots who would destroy a cultural treasure with, say, the deacon of a Lutheran church that runs a shelter for the homeless in Kansas City with a Buddhist monk growing ginger on a monastery farm in Thailand is to show PROFOUND ignorance. Likewise, to imply that religion and science are somehow incompatible is also profoundly ignorant. If “the universe is so vast that it is beyond comprehension” is taken as a truism, then the creator of that universe (if one exists), is also beyond your comprehension, thus to claim as fact that there is no God or gods or anything metaphysical in existence is a faulty conclusion and not reason, but the absence of it. It is reasonable to conclude there is no scientific proof of God. You may even go so far as to say the ultimate answer is unknowable at this juncture. But if you’re going to claim God doesn’t exist? Prove it. Until then, kindly stop considering yourself a font of reasonable thought and discourse.

      • scuba

        excellent response to a atheist troll! Based on the efficient cause principle, it requires a greater leap of faith to believe in “Universal Spontaneous Generation” (which would be unique in the world of science) than it does to believe in a benevolent creator.

      • Amy

        Excellent reply Sasha. Thank you for your very thoughtful reply to a thoughtless spout of idiocy.

      • Mark Warren

        I can't think of a single example to cite for that… can you? However, this is simply another example of a religion removing any trace of an alternate theology. After all, how can you have absolute control of people's minds, if they are constantly being distracted by evidence of an alternate to their

    • Kaine

      So Bob- let me get this straight. You say there is no all-knowing God and the Universe is so vast it is beyond comprehension. I assume you mean that the universe is beyond even your comprehension but yet you still know for certain that there is no God. You kind of defeated yourself there. Also, you will only believe in a God if it shows up on the Hubble images? Really? and we are the crazy ones?

      • Mark Warren

        Just as I thought would happen. Bob gets attacked because he chooses NOT to play the "religion" game, instead of joining in the "my invisible friend is better than your invisible friend" fun and games…
        What a wonderful way to shift attention away from ANY topic of conversation!

    • starzzguitar

      I’m not sure what this diatribe against religion has to do with islamists wanting to destroy the pyramids. Strange that Egyptians would want to destroy the gigantic monuments and symbols of their past power. But most of what they do makes no sense. Now, as far as your hatred of religion in general goes, I don’t think that people can prove a God exists, and you can’t prove that God doesn’t exist, either. I’m not religious, but I’m not about to try to stop people from being religious, as long as they aren’t bothering me.

    • yarply

      So people show you the wonders of the universe from a telescope and you believe everything they tell you about how everything came about? So do you believe that all the gold in the world came from some supernova 2-3 billion years ago? Do you believe comets and asteroids planted all the water on the world? Or do you believe supernovas gain mass? Oh yeah somehow when they blow up they some how gain matter which in billions of years creates other stars? So I guess you believe in global warming also. Life doesn't evolve. Plain and simple. All the parts, cells and everything that makes something alive has to be in place before it can live. Something not alive, can't evolve into something alive. There is so many holes in what they say its really or would be amusing that so many people believe everything they are told.

    • Imnotalone

      Bob is right- Jews, Christians, and Muslims believe in a Santa Claus god. Prayer might provide a way to reduce ones, stress, but let's realize the wonders of the universe are beyond mankind. We are just another species that will eventually die out . Get over it.

    • Justin_Case

      Beware, Bob. Your view is as extreme as that which you are speaking against.

      • Mark Warren

        BUT… Bob's way of seeing the world isn't trying to bury the past because it disagrees with what he chooses to believe.

    • colcllc

      Never heard of "not believing in organised religion" ? Well, that's what i do. I do believe there is a deity that created this vast universe. Science is objective. They try to explain everything while us puny humans will probably never understand all the mystery's of the universe and how we where created. I also believe you have a soul. I'm surtain about it. Can't prove it but still. Atheist just have this horrible attitude about life. Nothing is ever worth anything. Humans are just puppets and just die and thats it. Wow, thats not the perpose of life buddy.

  • http://yahoo fthomascain

    Islam is an insane ideology begun by an illiterate pedophile/warlord, that destroys everything it sees as threatening or more legitimate than itself. How anyone with an intellect higher than room temperature can believe in its absurd precepts, is beyond comprehension. Islam a truly is the religion of the uneducated, and mind numb zealots who blow themselves up thinking they are going to paradise! Yea right!

  • pyeatte

    Only sub-humans obsess about destroying their history. Just keep these maggots penned up so they can destroy each other. They destroy everything they touch.

  • Gary K

    These are not only naive they are gullible and dangerous. This is the danger of blindly following a select few people who claim to be enlightened. IF successful the historical loss would be staggering and unprecedented. Is there any sanity in this Religion?

    This is the same Religion and people that believe by attacking and wiping out Israel that it will usher in and bring their next Imam or messiah or whatever Mohammad’s successor is. This is why Iran or any Islamic Republic having a nuclear weapon is unacceptable because there should be no doubt that they would use it. Up to now there was rationality about the use of Nuclear Weapons because the people that had them knew that if they used them it would mean their own destruction but with these nuts they believe somehow God will step in and protect them or send them to paradise immediately. Unfortunately the only way to deal with these types of people is to eliminate them before they can act or prevent them from gaining weapons that would allow them to accomplish their desires.

  • Gary K

    These are not only naive they are gullible and dangerous. This is the danger of blindly following a select few people who claim to be enlightened. IF successful the historical loss would be staggering and unprecedented. Is there any sanity in this Religion?

    This is the same Religion and people that believe by attacking and wiping out Israel that it will usher in and bring their next Imam or messiah or whatever Mohammad’s successor is. This is why Iran or any Islamic Republic having a nuclear weapon is unacceptable because there should be no doubt that they would use it. Up to now there was rationality about the use of Nuclear Weapons because the people that had them knew that if they used them it would mean their own destruction but with these nuts they believe somehow God will step in and protect them or send them to paradise immediately. Unfortunately the only way to deal with these types of people is to eliminate them before they can act or prevent them from gaining weapons that would allow them to accomplish their desires.

  • yarply

    “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”
    Barrack Hussein Obama
    Audacity of Hope

  • jim

    gay 0bama the anti-Christ and gay Bush the False Prophet.

    Times up gay 0bama July 2012..

    "The Beast"——>gay 0bama….

    "Men worshiped the dragon, for he had given his authority to the beast [see Emperor], and they worshiped the beast, saying, "Who is like the beast, and who can fight against it?" And the beast was given a mouth uttering haughty and blasphemous words, and it was allowed to exercise authority for forty-two months; it opened its mouth to utter blasphemies against God, blaspheming His Name and His dwelling, that is, those who dwell in heaven. Also it was allowed to make war on the saints and to conquer them. And authority was given it over every tribe and people and tongue and nation, and all who dwell on earth will worship it, every one whose name has not been written before the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb that was slain." (Revelation 13:4-8 RSV)

    (Revelation 13:4-8 RSV)

    42 months—->Times up in July 2012

    • Soylent

      Except that the election won’t be until November, and the new president (should Obama lose) wouldn’t be inaugurated until January…

      Seriously, get your head out of your ass, you look silly like that…

  • marble

    My first thought is haven't they heard of curses? Could we be so lucky? A good curse on all of them.

  • Eric Holder

    Obama will help them.

  • Frank Staheli

    Why does the HEADLINE say the Muslim Brotherhood calls for the destruction of the pyramids, but the actual article does NOT??? Why would Mr Ibrahimm and FrontPageMag make that kind of incendiary mistake?

  • Dan

    Weren't the great astronomers of antiquity muslim? Betelgeuse, Rigel, Saiph, Alnitak, Mintaka, Alnilam, Hatsya, Meissa, are all arabic names aren't they?

  • Bill Ludington

    Anything not of Islam must be destroyed. How do you negotiate a peace with that?

  • Mike0oSS

    Tear them down you hillbillies. Those Pyramids and other monuments weren’t even built by your ancestors, but a people far more advanced than your societies are today. You people don’t deserve these kinds of monuments to science and history…So…tear ‘em down. I’m sure your descendants will be all the wiser for your acts of ignorance and stupidity.

  • bsmonitor

    Thank you, Hillary Clinton. Now return your matches to Madeleine's drawers.

  • Jane

    seen the pyramids … they them turn to dust.

  • ForAmerica

    Can’t see anything new here in this article. We all know the destructive characteristic of Islam, so this is no surprise at all.

  • Robert Anderson

    It would be better if Mohammedans go back to the desert and be forgotten, instead of tryng to impose their will on the rest of the world through temporary petrodollars.

  • OutOfPatience

    We should make it clear that Mecca is visible to satellites, bombers, missiles, and many other weapon systems and could be removed, Ka'aba and all, at the press of a button. We should also remind them that a rain of pigs is not just a religious fantasy like their holy book, but a very real act which could be carried out by any number of countries if sufficiently motivated by these human rodents.

  • Bill

    Do it!

  • Dave

    What else would you expect from a horde of 7th Century illiterate barbarians?


  • Dick Ranger

    They could use the billions of dollars they get from the US to fund the project.

  • suzy000

    Islam must be very insecure to go and destroy the history of the planet. Paganism….unbelieveable…it is part of the history of man whether we agree with it or not…it is there for us to move forward and learn. These people are backwards…scared of knowledge. Everyday I feel more adamant that this man Mohammed if he did exist has put a blight on this planet.

  • Paolo

    Islam is a religion for the ignorant.

  • Mr Mike

    This is the face of ISLAM. "The beautiful religion of PEACE". It's so wonderful, that women the world over can't wait to be subjugated to the status of "cattle", and servants of Muslim men. Why women the world over are secretly being sized for "potato sacks" as I type. And men of non Arab decent can't wait to submit their lives to living like the ancients all to the GLORY of some ARAB cleric.

  • J. Cruz

    Isn’t the “Arab Spring” wonderful? But lets not appear Islamophobic by denouncing any of this or otherwise acting to prevent it. Just because the Islamic radicals believe it’s their God-given right to cut off our heads because we’re not muslim, are out-breeding almost every other demographic in Europe (and soon North America) while destroying anything resembling a civilized society doesn’t mean we should see them as bad. Does it? And just because they intimidate any other muslim from speaking out against their retarded mentalities, doesn’t mean they’re such a threat. Does it? Good job Hillary and the rest of the world. Keep burying your heads in the sand so you can make it easier for these backwards morons to cut it off.

  • Michael Oberndorf, RPA

    The Taliban got away with it in Afghanistan, and as we speak, Islamists in Timbuktu are destroying world heritage sites. The arrogance and intolerance of the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists may indeed lead them to destroy one of the only things Egypt has that will bring in hard foreign currency. However, I'm sure their Brother, Barack Hussein Obama-Soetoro, good supporter of all things radically Islamic, will give them billions of our tax money to cover the loss…

  • iberite

    Well, there goes my vacation. Now what did I do with that Bahama brochure?

    NOvember Nobama

  • RobertT

    First off I would like to point out the complete and utter fail of bob. An infinitely vast, incomprehensible Universe that came from a point of infinite density and created not only space but time in a "moment of creation", a universe governed by numerous cosmological constants that if any of which were not set exactly as they are would have prevented life or anything else(planets, stars, etc..) from developing. The universe is governed by laws, ordered and perfectly designed for our existence. I believe it is you that needs to open a science book.

    Secondly I would like to point out that Radical Muslims have destroyed ancient structures in recent years. The Taliban blew up Buddhist statues in 2000-2001, at the time they were the largest Buddhist statues in the world and were constructed circa 554 AD.

  • iberite

    Well, there goes my vacation. Now what did I do with that Bahama brochure?

    NOvember NObama

  • Francis Chalk

    The sad part is a vast majority of all Muslims worldwide would definitely support the demolishing of the Great Pyramids. Their book allows nothing less!

  • Dan

    seriously? they want to destroy one of the OLDEST moments in the world of human history?

    these people really need a schooling in respect, they mistreat their women and pretty much treat them like slaves, and anyone who does not be part of their beliefs, they threaten them with death and harm

    these people need to be stopped

  • nogard

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with islam that a few dozen well placed neutron bombs would not go a long way in rectifying. In fact, it would save much greater destruction and loss of life in the future.

  • Jeff S

    ““I am the Lord thy God,” says the First Commandment, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” For Israel this was first and foremost a demand of fidelity, by which God bound His people to Himself, even if in later years it became also a proclamation to the nations. To Christians, however, the commandment came through — and so was indissolubly bound to — Christ. As such, it was not simply a prohibition of foreign cults, but a call to arms, an assault upon the antique order of the heavens — a declaration of war upon the gods. All the world was to be evangelized and baptized, all idols torn down, all worship given over to the one God who, in these latter days, had sent His Son into the world for our salvation. It was a long and sometimes terrible conflict, occasionally exacting a fearful price in martyrs’ blood, but it was, by any just estimate, a victory: the temples of Zeus and Isis alike were finally deserted, both the paean and the dithyramb ceased to be sung, altars were bereft of their sacrifices, the sibyls fell silent, and ultimately all the glory, nobility, and cruelty of the ancient world lay supine at the feet of Christ the conqueror.”

  • NoMoreMrNiceGuy

    Bahahahahah Stupid is as stupid does.

  • cjk

    I belong to that group of people who believe that the Bible says what it says. It's very clear that Rev.13 is referring to two individuals.
    It's also straight out clear that the messiah rids Jacob of the invading Assyrian.

    • kmichaels

      If you understood world history at all you would find that Assyrians have very little influence in our modern world, either political or miltary.

      It is also clear that Old Testament prophets were aware of their surroundings of their day and would use labels of people that they all understood to symbolize spiritual concepts. That symbolism seems to escape you and you are left with a few names which you seem hard pressed to connect with the intended symbolism of the day.

      Review Revelations a much newer work for example and find one mention of any key figure that is a literal Assyrian. In short, you wont find it.

      • intrcptr2

        I was thinking of pointing out that NO interpretations of the Beast identify him as Assyrian.

        Although of course, it is possible that God could raise that nation up again. And I beleive both Isaiah and Ezekiel do seem to be prophesying such. I can accept an allegorical interpretation of the character of "the Assyrian", but for now I will leave it aside.

        • Sue

          How about IRANIAN? And who do you think their messiah is? The MAHDI is prophesied to do the things that the antichrist is prophesied to do with only one thing different. The difference is the Christians are wiped from the face of the earth. Of course, this could be coincidental but something inside me feels otherwise.

          • intrcptr2

            Yes, indeed, what of that Christian heresy conjured up for Mohammad by Jibreel?
            Of course the mahdi does many things which the false messiah of Revelation does. The question ought not be, "What about him?", so much as, "How does The Beast of Rev13/17 convince both Jew and Muslim that he is the one to bring peace to ALL the sons of Abraham?", both legitimate and bastard.

        • kmichaels

          Intrcptr2, that is because you seem to have a better spirit about yourself where you use a level headed approach to understanding the scriptures. So you are wise to leave open the possibility that some words were used symbolically and not intended to be taken literally. Especially since the actionable difference between whether some future enemy of God is of any given ethnic background is pretty much nil. Yes, I agree with your logic that a believable fake messiah would more likely be a Jew but even that is not necessarily the case. In either case you have great reasoning skills, unlike some others here.

      • cjk

        Assyrian means Assyrian last time I checked.

        • intrcptr2

          Again, stop with the deliberate obtuseness.

          You are assuming a grammatical structure INTO the Hebrew, which changes the meaning (To what you have already presumed it to mean).
          And you are compounding your error by further assuming that the passage in Micah shall be fulfilled when Christ returns to cast the beast and the dragon into the abyss for the 1000 years, rather than allowing the possibility (Likelihood, as I've argued) that this conflict occurs after Satan is released from the abyss to go forth to once again deceive the nations.

          Notice that the battle with Gog and Magog predicted in Ezekiel is the same one which occurs after the Millenial reign. Yet despire this the bulk of Christians, in America at least, take this battle to be prelude to the appearance of The Antichrist. The simple fact that this entire line of thought is false ought to provide a huge hint that there is no one in the Bible, much less Revelation itself, called The Antichrist.

          • cjk

            STOP with your freaky interpretations!
            IT SAYS WHAT IT SAYS.

          • kmichaels

            What is says is not what you interpretted it to say. That is your basic problem. It does not IDENTIFY the components the way that you concluded that they must be indentified. When Jesus said that "you must hate your wife, husband, brother, etc" what did he mean? He said it, but what did he mean? If you don't understand these simple issues then you will not be in a position to understand anything. Written workds must be taken in context and understood as a whole based on many logical factors. And that you seem to be missing altogether.

            And in case you missed the point of my question about hating family members, the correct answer is that your first priority must be God first, then your proper relationship with family members and how you treat them will naturally follow.

          • cjk

            It says what it says PERIOD!

          • kmichaels

            The debate is about you saying things that it does not say and then you saying that it said what YOU said it said when it did not. That is the issue that your overly hard head is having trouble coming to terms with.

            In short, what you said it said and what it really does say are two very different things.

        • kmichaels

          Does Jew mean Jew the last time you checked? If so, are we talking about an obdient Jew, a reformed Jew, a Christian Jew, an orthodox Jew, a Jew rejected by God, a Jew accepted by God, the Jew Judas? The Jew Jesus or which Jew are we referring to?

          As I ponted out before, the Assyrians mentioned in Micah were a great political, military and religious power of their day. They were neither Christian nor Hebrew nor Muslim. However the Assyrian of today had literally no political power and no milary power to speak of and most of them are leading a quiet Christian life.

          You are simply being obstinate in order to not look like your assumption about the Assyrian just might happen to be wrong.

          • cjk

            So what! Assyrian still means Assyrian!

          • kmichaels

            It is becoming clear that truth is not your goal.

      • clhfl

        "Review Revelations"?? Are you referring the the last book of the NT, Revelation (singular)? Interesting revelation of your scholarship. After reading this thread, I'm not very impressed with your arrogance or your Biblical exegesis, either of you, cjk or kmichaels. And speaking as one of those who believes that, as you put it, "false doctrine" of the Rapture I would suggest that both of you stop this silly argument that "tends only to strife" and bow your hearts before the Lord of all truth and truly seek Him and His Holy Spirit to lead you into all truth. Don't answer back, don't continue with this disgusting display, just pray. May God grant you both the spiritual maturity to be better representatives of Him, if indeed either of you know Him at all.

        • kmichaels

          1) Your first point is to get anal retentive about me using the word "Revelations" Techincally it is "The Revelation of St John The Divine". Nice anal retentive way for you to start your views with.

          2) You are not impressed by our arrogance. Then you lay on all sorts of arrogant statements of your own, wanting desperately to show that you must be a better person than we are.

          3) You believe in a pre-Rapture. Good for you. That is neither here nor there. You believe it. I don't. Others don't. I doubt the concept is a saving doctrine one way or the other. In short, it is not that important.

          4) Our words tend towards strife. Well, if our words do, how were your hypocritical words less towards strife? I suggest you first remove that "disgusting" beam from your own eye before you attempt to correct others.

          5) If you know him (God) at all. Nice little arrogant dig that you put in at the end. In any case, you surely are not thinking that you are a better example are you? If so, once again, I just have to laugh in your general direction.

          6) In short, HYPOCRISY is thy name.

          • clhfl

            Well, aren't you just filled with all kinds of hate! Your remarks reveal more than you realize. And your defensiveness reveals a great deal about your priorities & your character. It is plain that you have not prayed or sought the Lord or the Word. Else you would not have answered back, and with such hardness of heart. A man cannot spend any time in the presence of Jesus without a softening of his heart. If your heart was soft toward Jesus or the things of the Lord, your answer would have contained a scintilla of humility, not to mention repentance. A true Christian is one who will go to great extremes to protect the reputation of Christ Jesus. My point is that your argument with cjk is creating more strife than an atmosphere of Godly discussion. My exhortation of you both is not arrogance as much as it is an admonition to consider how you appear to those who are not Christians in this forum. And that sting you are feeling is, I expect, the conviction of the Holy Spirit. That is why I encouraged you to not answer back, but to pray and seek the Lord. How long has it been since you prayed? How long has it been since you gave a soft answer? And have you forgotten that Jesus said, "The world will know that ye are my disciples in that ye have love one for another"? Does the command "And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you." Ephesians 4:32 live in your heart? Where is the scriptural command that admonishes us to avoid such arguments as you are having here? "But foolish and unlearned questions avoid, knowing that they do gender strifes." II Timothy 2:23 "But avoid foolish questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and strivings about the law; for they are unprofitable and vain." Titus 3:9 The fact that you took my reply as an attack rather than a plea to remember whose you are, reveals the hardness of your heart. Proverbs 9:8 "Reprove not a scorner, lest he hate thee: rebuke a wise man and he will love thee." Ecclesiastes 7:5 "It is better to hear the rebuke of the wise, than for a man to hear the song of fools." Which are you? Wise or foolish? You are very good at listing your 6 points of venom to disrespect a sister in Christ; interesting that 6 is the number of man. However, are you just as adept at humbling yourself before the Lord and allowing Him to lift you up? You seem rather eager to have everyone be impressed with your Biblical scholarship. How eager are you to take my words and go before the throne of grace and ask the Lord if any of these things be true of you? You might want to ask the Lord to show you your heart.
            Lastly, I evaluated your words, not you. I don't know you, except for what you have revealed here. So, why would I be interested in proving to you or anyone else that I am a "better person"? You don't know me at all. So, I'll tell you now, I am a sinner saved by grace. No better, no worse than you. I'm not desperate for anything other than my Lord's presence in my life. And you are correct. My belief in the Rapture is not a saving principle. However, it is a governing principle for my behavior. I believe time is short and so it grieves me to see this kind of foolishness being endlessly bandied about. What do you propose to accomplish by it? Examine your heart and guard it with all diligence for from it are the issues of life. Let me urge you for the sake of Jesus, to consider I Corinthians 13. You can probably recite it from memory. "Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity/agape, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity/agape, I AM NOTHING."
            I replied to you because you seemed to be someone who has a relationship with God of some kind. I do not know what form it takes. Permit me to ask you this. Wouldn't it be of more eternal value to you and to the Lord for you to spend an hour in prayer for greater understanding of Scripture (assuming that you still have something to learn) than to spend day upon day, hour upon hour here arguing with someone who clearly will never agree with you? I would encourage you to win the smile of God rather than a vain argument here.

          • kmichaels

            Quite a long response filled with your typical arrogance, your false assumptions about who must be hating whom and a serious sign that you are rather pompous and filled with your own self greatness. I suggest you remove that beam from your own eye dear child. Because you fail to come across as the great teacher and great example that you think you are. All I see from you is hypocrisy tatooed on your forehead. Now mellow out and take your own good advice.

          • Danny

            This is an old thread but I'm just reading it. One thing I have finally realized. Kmichaels is defiantly a Muslim trying to teach Christians, while taking great pains to hide his Muslim faith. Nice try Kmichaels!

          • clhfl

            To be more precise, the exact title of the book to which you refer is "The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John." Some versions state "The Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John the Divine." What you call "anal retentive" I call rightly dividing the Word of truth.
            And so long as I am taking time to post here, I have a couple of questions. Not to fret, they aren't loaded questions. (1) In the letter to the church at Pergamos, what do you think Jesus is referring to when He states, "So hast thou also them that hold the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, which thing I hate"?
            (2) In chapter 4 of Revelation in verse 4 is states,"And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold." To whom do you think this verse is referring?
            As for being one of those pre-trib rapture folk, I have found that I really don't need to worry about who the "anti-Christ" is. You see, I am looking for Jesus not the The Beast or The anit-Christ, or the big "mouth speaking great things and blasphemies," (Rev.13:5). And there certainly is a spirit of anit-Christ working in the world today. However, my comfort and my hope is the Bridegroom coming for me. Isn't it just like Satan to stir people up to wonder who will be the anti-Christ or to engender such arguments about who or what he/it is. It certainly takes the focus off of Jesus, doesn't it?

          • kmichaels

            Rightly dividing the word of truth has nothing, and I mean nothing, to do with whether the popular way of referring to a given book in the bible can be shortened to either "Revelation" or "Revelations". I suggest you stop straining at gnats and swallowing camels. When that issue was your starter we could figure you'd mess us whatever else you might want to discuss.

            As to you not worrying about the anti-Christ, I am the guy that clearly stated it does not matter whether there is one or many. So no need to preach to the choir on that issue.

            As to the 24 Elders with crowns of gold what it means could go in many directions. I doubt there is any solid single answer. Most likely the number has to do with 12 apostles and 12 tribes, possibly the leaders of the twelve tribes. If you think you are preparing for some discussion as to how it proves the rapture one way or the other then you can forget that line of thinking. Because it is too little to go on and to prove that case.

    • intrcptr2

      Yeah, that's what Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons say, too, cjk. As an interpretive approach to Scripture such is utterly useless; clearly the Bible says what it says, but THAT gets no one anywhere closer to those difficult passages of Paul's that the unstable wrest to their own destruction.

      I am well aware that The Beast has a Prophet going before him, to make straight his paths; any other arrival declares him, prima facie, a false messiah and his entire purpose is to best counterfeit the true messiah. But Rev 13 says positively nothing about his ethnic identity, which as I already pointed out must be Jewish because he is coming as a false Christ.
      Watch the papers for genetic research which uncovers the DNA of the royal house of Judah.

      And again, if you'd prefer to actually read what the Bible is indeed saying, there is nothing in Micah that forces/demands/requires/proves that messiah saves Jacob from "the Assyrian" BEFORE the Millenial kingdom; it can go either way, although as I wrote, I do think the context of Micah 5, when read alongside Ezekiel 38 and Revelation, indicates that the Assyrian invades Israel at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ.

      Please do respond to the points I make, rather than playing the troll and spouting empty platitudes about your superior faith.

      Am I to understand that you adhere to Pre-trib teachings?

      • cjk

        If you can't see the obviousness of an individual Antichrist, than I really don't know where to start and see Scripture fundamentally differently than I do.
        I don't mean to be rude, but we're on different wavelengths.
        The pre-trib Rapture is one of the most deceptive and evil doctrines of modern times.

        • intrcptr2

          You mean the obviousness of something that is invisible in the pages of the Bible? But I thought "the Bible says what it says"?

          So then show me where the Beast of Revelation is called/labelled/identified as "The Antichrist".

          There are no "wavelengths", and you are being rude by putting words into the apostles' mouths. I am glad that you recognize the falsehood of the Pre-Trib position. But I am quite displeased that you persist in another teaching which is equally false.

  • Skanderbeg

    Crusades, anyone?

  • Jan Vones

    Let them do it, there will be no better monument to their evil.

  • thebloodystools

    I hope they do!Maybe the Israelis can help with a little nuke.

  • David Love

    Uh, i think i might know why. They're foolish savages.

  • Derek

    I don't think they would do it with all the tourism money at stake. It was different when the Taliban destroyed the Bamiyan Buddhas in Afghanistan, because they were not making any money off them. It would be terrible tragedy if the pyramids were destroyed, but I don't foresee it happening.

  • cjk

    Carthage was the exception, not the rule so your comment is irrelevant to my statement.

  • JanineC

    The pyramids belong to humanity as a whole. People better stop this insanity and quick!! These are treasures that can never be replaced in all of history.

  • Henry Thoreau

    They destroyed a mountain with thousand year old Buddhist statues carved into them. They destroy Catholic Churches and Coptic Churches across the world daily. Why is this a surprise?

    This is their religion. To exterminate everything else, which is what they call "peace". It's very simple, and very hard for normal people to grasp. But it ain't a lie. They were created for this.

  • Suten AfuRaKa


  • Mike from Kanada+

    …when the Moslems reach even a large minority, they will start to agitate in the western countries (such as spineless Canada) to convert to Islam or else! The christian churches will be destroyed ,as will any building or symbol of a non-Moslem variety! Then they will demand that any woman that doesn't wear the burqua will be raped! Good—- we let these lovelies into our countries! It's too bad that the ancient Romans didn't totally destroy christianity 2000 years ago- we would all be better off under the old Roman pagan religions tha n christianity!

  • Eric

    Islam is the enemy of all humanity and civilization. The sooner we figure it out, the sooner we can move on and the less casualties there will be.

  • JanineC

    You mean Religion of Pieces…

    • Sue

      I like it janine.

  • DaveR

    I have a great idea. In the US, we do a great job of knowing how to blow things up really well. So why don't all of those Muslims get INTO the pyramids, and then the US will mow them down for them. That will be a much better option than leaving it to the Muslims would have to use rocks and stone knives to topple the pyramids, since that is as far as their "Religion of Peace" has allowed their "civilization" to advance.

    • drlmg

      GREAT idea!!! I’m all for it!

  • Jane

    How stupid can these people possibly be????????

  • Drakken

    Well then it would behoove the West to take every treasure and work of art out of that cesspool of islamic depravity for the sake of humanity.

  • suibne

    this is a culture bent on suicide by cop……what ever the name of the cop might be……this is practiced repulsiveness and the bite is rabid…….you want these guys to have nuclear weapons huh?

  • jack

    A religion of peace and brotherly love that is tolerant of others? Eventually the West will have to go to a flat out war to rid the World of such danger.

  • amplitude jones

    the barbarian animals need eradication. For the Children.

  • gfleng

    Yes, make the place nice and flat so Israel's nukes will fry you all.

  • jeard

    When you see a cloud rising in the west, immediately you say, ‘It’s going to rain,’ and it does. And when the south wind blows, you say, ‘It’s going to be hot,’ and it is. 56 Hypocrites! You know how to interpret the appearance of the earth and the sky. How is it that you don’t know how to interpret this present time?

  • DaveR

    I realize that there may be relatively few Muslims who have such extreme views.


    Same thing about 911, and many other terrorist acts. Why do we not see our airwaves FLOODED with the moderate Muslims denouncing such actions?

    • amarena

      Because the so -called "moderate" muslims either don't exist or they are so afraid of the fanatics islamists that they don't dare to speak out!!!!

  • AZWarrior

    If they touch any of these sites, the rest of the world should track them down and hold them for trial for crimes against humanity. These sites belong to mankind, not to any one group or nation. This was one of the Taliban's favorite activities. We took care of them with a war, but the damage was done and part of our history, indeed part of mankind's culture was lost for eternity. There are just some things more important than the lives of fanatics.

  • Paige

    Just look around the countries who harbor and support radical islam, they look like a dung field reminiscent of the 6th and 7th centuries.
    The big question is; why can't they get along with other muslim tribes? Answer; they love killing.

  • Hugh

    Here’s an idea. Turn them into giant glass structures via nuclear radiation. This will accomplish two things. 1. They will glow with a cobalt blue light for 50,000 years, thus be preserved. 2. Any stupid Muslim
    , but I repeat myself, who ventures near enough to attempt destruction will join the sicko pedophile originator of this madness in short hours.

  • bdavis

    Well it is the religion of peace right? And these people are pouring into the country!

  • Jerry

    It would actually be pretty cool to see whats under the Pyramids.

    • Roger

      That's probably what some smart aleck said when they blew up the parthenon.

  • Hugh

    Here’s an idea. Morsi has been invited by Imam Obamao to visit. Maybe he can wangle a shovel-ready job grant from us!

  • Derek

    Of course, what you are responding to is not real Islam, but a caricature.

  • dret

    I hope they are able to come to some kind of a settlement to their predicament. Perhaps only destroying one or two of the pyramids. I love the great muslims and thier wisdom is leagendary. we all should send them alot of our money.

    • dret

      HA HA HA I hope they kill each other. Stupid dumb sand coons.

  • Biff Clinton

    Nuke Mecca and turn it into a giant glass factory. That shut the diaper heads up

  • shit on you

    fu all

  • gnasher

    Are you quite sure that Abdullatif Al Mahmood, head of the Bahraini National Unity assembly, said "“destroy the Pyramids and accomplish what the Sahabi Amr bin al-As could not"? Because I can't find any reference to his saying this on other local or international news source.

    Where and when did he make these comments? And if he didn't, maybe you should consider correcting your article to reflect this.

    Also, which other "prominent Muslim clerics" have begun calling for the destruction of the pyramids. Your article refers to them but doesn't name them.

    Thanks and best wishes.

    • Sonny

      Um, the first paragraph has three links, to three separate accounts of people, including the Bahraini dude. You can't find that quote of his because, um, it's Ibrahim's translation. So, trust his translation, or go learn Arabic.

      • gnasher

        That's wrong. The article opens by saying that "prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids" and then links to a video clip of a Saudi guy (about whom I can't find a single reference on Google apart from this story).

        Then there's a Daily Mail story from last December in which an unsuccessful election candidate for the al-Nour party (whose personal opinions the Salafists later blamed for their losing 20 seats), Abdel Moneim Al-Shahat, suggested that the pyramids should be covered in wax.

        And finally there's the quoted line purportedly from the Bahraini political leader, Abdullatif Al Mahmood, which has been reported nowhere else on any local or international news site. This guy gets a lot of coverage in the media and yet nobody reports on these highly controversial comments? I find that incredible. Somebody suggests above that Mr Ibrahim may have been quoting, by mistake or design, from a parody Twitter account. These are not exactly high journalistic standards.

        But in any case the article provides no evidence that "prominent Muslim clerics have begun to call for the demolition of Egypt’s Great Pyramids". I'm not sure why Mr Ibrahim would right an article without producing corroborating evidence, unless of course he's preemptively just stirring up anxiety about the new Egyptian government. Who have actively been promoting the importance of tourism (and cultural tourism in particular) to the country's economy this week.

  • shit on you

    cram them up your koran holes sand monkies

  • Truth Seeker

    The Reason why they de-nosed the Great Pyramid is that they didn't want the world to know that the ORIGINAL Egyptians were black.

    • Mark Warren

      Could very well be…

    • gravenimage

      Truthseeker, the Copts are the descendants of the original Egyptians.

  • Bunch

    Islam is a false religion, dreamed up by a man. God is the father of all nations and all peoples. God loves all of his children. God does not call for the death of any person at the hand of another. God asks that we love each other and protect each other. Any one who preaches hate and says to kill another or destroy others ideas and culture is not of God, but of the devil. Why would God put one of his creatures against the other, no, only a crazy power hungry man would do this. No religion who says to kill others is valid, none. God is love, not hate.

  • Roger

    If the meteor had wanted the pyramids destroyed, it would have landed on them and done it itself.

  • gerbil

    Hoorah for that gentlest of all religions…Islam…as it once again decides to destroy the world's cultural icons!!!!!

  • gerbil

    And when does the Million Muslim Man March on the Mall begin? They will protest the hijacking of their peaceful religion by the Islamists. Can't wait to cheer them on.. Oh, wait a minute. That will never happen because the "nice" Moslems are petrifies by the idiots that burn, rape , pillage and …fly planes into buildings!

  • Tomper

    Too stupid to live. Maybe some mullah will get to the root of islam and call for world wide suicide of all muslim fanatics. This isn’t a religon, it’s death cult. Where is Jim Jones when you need him and the cool aid.

  • MohammedWasAHomo

    More love and tolerance from the people who brought you the Holocaust (the Muslim Brotherhood advised Hitler on how to effectively solve the "Jewish problem"). Do you really think that it's any coinkydink that EVERY Muslim "holy site" is built on a site of cultural significance to a prior civilization? We need to start stomping on these cockroaches and dismantle THEIR "holy sites." First up:that monstrosity that is desecrating the Temple Mount.

  • Karen D Laidman

    Geof says: · 12 hours ago
    With your "CoExist" bumper stickers and your apologetic votes, how can you think peace with Israel will ever happen? this is a level of evil like no other. There will be no peace with these fanatics.
    There never was and never will be forever and ever. Amen. Many people think (or don't think about it at all) that what they had to learn?…well read about anyway, that the "religious wars were way back doesn't even apply
    It will never stop…… is ordained.

  • HiHeels

    Egypt was once a civilized place of historic tourism. We still have the pictures

  • choose life

    "Their" point of view: destroy all that is different from ours, so, that the rest of the 'non-believers' will be easier to convert or destroy.

    WILL NOT WORK. THE WORLD IS very diverse and the TRUELY FREE spirit of the human being will never be conquered!
    By destruction, you only stagnate your own progress! In technology as well as in soul.
    So. Sad. So. Sad!!!

  • nickters

    I say "blow em up"! I mean blast those things sky high. I want it to rain down rocks on those numb skulls for months.

  • jgdp

    KILL all muslimes!!!

  • Karen D Laidman

    Raymond Ibrahim posted this article……his article for discussion, perhaps garnering ideas for a fictional
    work…………hmmmmmm? He wrote it for FP.
    What's your source Ray?

  • Dryden01

    Why don't they just sell them to a Las Vegas casino or some hotel chain in Arizona..

  • Free born man

    I'm getting Deja Vu. Could this be an omen of things to come? Roughly 6 months after news about the Taliban destroying ancient Buddha statues in Afganistan, the Islamists visted us on 9-11. Are the globalists setting the stage for another event?

  • sonofgalt

    geee what a surprise 8th century cult wants to change history i thought the pyramids must have been allowed by allah or they would not be there inshalah

  • privatouring

    The Cliff Buddhas of Afghanistan are mute testament to the lunacy of these subhuman madmen. They love only death and ruin. They hate any remotely reasonable Muslim, and all non-Muslims. Why bother. Tell them that if they lift a finger against the pyramids, then we shall bomb the Aswan and everything within a 10 mile radius of Mecca and Medina. And then we will pour pig's lard on the entire area and set it afire.

  • z_jost201

    Actually the Eifel Tower and Arc de Triumph were created by Christians not pagans.

    • guest

      But, Z- the Islamists call Christians "pagans". Al the same to them.

  • R T Kraken

    ALL religions are “just made up” and most of them are demonstrably stupid. Islam is just one of the faiths that really, really values stupidity.

  • HorizonScanner

    These ghoulish fools destroyed giant mountain sized statues of Buddhas sitting in states of Nirvana..

    A Declaration of War the UN would be appropriate. But the UN is too busy trying to destroy the United States to pursue the just cause of humanity's true legacy.

  • Dr. Nicole Hansen

    As an Egyptologist who has studied the history of attitudes toward the monuments in Egypt for many years, may I remind Mr. Ibrahim that he has failed to mention that his co-religionists, the Coptic Christians, were responsible for far more wanton destruction of the ancient monuments and attacks on the pagan indigenous people of Egypt and their beliefs than Muslims have ever been. For several hundred years, the Christians waged attacks on the temples, destroying images and statues of the gods, even brutally killing the sacred animals by throwing them on the fire, calling the populace demon-worshipers etc. It only ended with the ENTIRE population being converted to Christianity.

    When Amr ibn al-As, the first Muslim ruler, came to Egypt, he destroyed nothing. I won't say that the monuments have not continued to suffer depredations, but they were not religiously motivated as they had been under the Christians. Blocks were taken from the pyramids for example, to build things elsewhere. Think of it as a form of recycling. It's easier to take a pre-cut rock than to go cut a new one. Tombs have been looted (since the days of the pharaohs themselves) for the valuable gold that is found inside them, or the obsession of Europeans with using mummy powder as medicine.

    In short, this article is a load of nonsense. No one here in Egypt, not the Muslim Brotherhood, not the Salafis, is calling for destroying the pyramids. If some sheikh in Bahrain says it, it is his personal opinion. But Egypt is a sovereign country and the Egyptian people, Muslim and Christian alike, would never let it happen. I guarantee you.

    • Bruno

      Baloney. Today’s Egyptian muslims were happy to tell me that historic muslims peeled off the outer smooth white stones from the great pyramids to decorate the huge Mohammed Ali “Great Mosque” nearby in Cairo. A first step of eventually tearing them down. Enough Islam-apologist propaganda already.

    • Highsteppin' Harry

      And what's your point? Than now, a thousand yrs later, it's just fine for the muzzlams to destroy the pyramids?

  • Purita Fleschhut

    The Islamists are nihilists. Another word for Islam is Nihilism.

  • Matt west

    Just Stupid………!

  • Osamas_Pajamas

    I advocate the complete erasure of Islam on this planet — it's just poisonous, violent bullshirt, posing as holiness and morality. Exterminate the bxstxrds.

  • Highsteppin' Harry

    And history will remember that it will have been the Kenyan obbama who was the catalyst for the destruction of the ancient pyramids. It was he who facilitated and encouraged…and befriended the islamists who now plan to commit an atrocity against one of the most amazing relics of antiquity. Let it be forever known that the Kenyan is an incompetent and a fool – and a destroyer of good.

  • Caius

    Face it, Egypt is devolving back to the dark ages. It is basically Darwinism in reverse.
    Islam is pure madness, devoid of logic, compassion, justice or equality. Nothing in Islam is of any value to Humanity. It is absolutely filled to the brim with hate for anything non Islam.
    Personally, i think Winston Churchill observation and description of Islam says all we need to know about this death cult.

    "How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property – either as a child, a wife, or a concubine – must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

    "Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytising faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science – the science against which it had vainly struggled – the civilisation of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilisation of ancient Rome."

    • ohplz

      Really? Al-Andalus. Beat that progress. As for this loaded article, again fails to address why Islam orders the leadership to destroy idols and symbols of idolatry. For the atheist who believes we’re the result of billions of years of random chance, and the agnostic who really doesn’t know where to stand; this is a problem. For others, I invite you to speak to a praticising Muslim and ask him/her what Islam says about idolatry and you might just be convinced.

  • Robert

    The Pyramids must not be destroyed. They belong to the Universe, not to Islam. Once again Islam is proving just how ignorant and intolerant they are. The World will never have peace until the last Muslim is dead. Islam has been the primary agitator of war in the World since Mohammed walked the Earth. Mohammed was a reincarnation of Satan and Islam is Evil and intends to spread that evil. If they attempt to destroy the Pyramids or any anchient artifacts we should stop them and kill them. We can’t allow the scum of the earth to destroy the greatest mystery on Earth and one of the greatest achievments on Earth. As bad as I believed Muslims to be I never thought they were this evil. Too bad our president will protect them.

    • Faheem

      Amazing…..U need peace by killing…..500,000 in Iraq, 100,000 in Afghanistan, 100,000 Kashmir, 50,000 Palastine, 100,000 Bosnia…..Millions of ref indians in USA, 100,000 in Vetnam, 100,000 in world wars in japan.

      The matter is you just want to kill not only Muslims but all on the earth and after killing millions you do not want to be called a terrorist.

      Amazing….I really appreciate that bring peace by killing…it is better to kill yourself by your hand and you will get peace

    • pogromney

      Now, if only our Muslim brothers could pick up destroying the District’s idols and monoliths. Signed, patriotic gringo.

  • Noton Yourlife

    I think i'd be remiss not to point out that 1)not one structure in the Muslim world can compare to the Pyramids either in size, durability, accuracy, or beauty and 2)the people who built the pyramids were most likely BLACK AFRICANS not Arabs of any sort.

    • ohplz

      THE symbol of idolatry, plutocracy and slave-labor. How amazing.

      • Robin

        If that is all you take out of the greatness of the pyramids, then you are indeed a very poor person. Everything has its beginnings in something, it is what it is and to destroy it is destroying history.

  • Oriental Bastard

    Not sure picking up insane tweets from a parody account of Abdullatif Al Mahmood and attributing nonsensical statements to him demonstrates proper journalistic integrity and ethics. Those are funny tweets, but next time do your due diligence.

  • Quixote

    Well, best get out the pick axes and shovels boys…we certainly don’t wanna offend nobody…

  • QQQ

    this is a good thing be cause its not sure what kinda evil powers hiding from those buildings or what their purpose really are

  • snake

    Oh well. About time the news media reported this. This has been the issue for a long time with the brotherhood.. Just the mainstream gaggots wouldn't be honest about it to protect their brown little turd in office…

    Well the truth is out. the brotherhood are a bunch of cammel pumpers with big open but whiles for their same sex pals.

  • Steven

    If you want proof that a powerful Spirit of Evil (call it what you will) exists in the world and "seeks whom it may devour, " you need only look at the false religions it props-up. How can you tell them? Simple- they call for people to butcher each other in God's name. You do the math and figure it out. And while you're at it, throw the pandering eel pols who name such abominations "peaceful" to the wolves to which they pander.

  • wallace

    The best thing the west and America could do is to offer the women of these cretins sanctuary in our countries..all those wishing and able to leave should be helped, at gunpoint if necessary, to do so.

  • Kip Noxzema

    Your Messiah president said he would have Hope and Change you could believe in. Do you believe in this, destroying one of the Wonders of the World? If so, you’re an id1ot. How could you possibly vote for this guy?

  • John Galt

    Muslims are like locust, a cancer moving across the land bringing only death and destruction. They are the purest, highest, form of ignorance known to the human race. There "religion" is utter and complete nonsense that only the most intellectually devoid could fathom. These are dirt worshipping pigs who pray to an imaginary King Dirt Pig.
    The UN should mobilize efforts to eradicate these dregs so as not to poison the well of the world with their insanity.

  • Phillipe

    Go for it, prove to all the non believers that Islam is based on hate and contempt for any life, things of beauty and antiquity regardless that Egypt has been a civilization for nearly 7000 years. So do it, any foreigner will have no interest in going to Egypt whatsoever, you can ride a camel at any circus.
    $2.00 a day pay for Egyptians will seem like middle class wages.once the Muslim Brotherhood gets done with the country. Let's see another Afghanistan in the north of Africa….Nefertiti who????
    The people have spoken for the first and last time, let the Middle East become swallowed up by the desert sands and be nothing more than and archeological dig. By the way destroy and burn everything old and all the museums. Let's go for it. Change the name as well.

  • Phillipe

    The people are so happy with the new government……..and living so well and high on life. Destroy everything, rampage in the name of Allah. Christians should pack up and try to leave or simply wait to get slaughtered as Jews did in Germany. Get out!!!! The country is headed in the direction of huge dust bowl, where executions will be reality TV every hour on the hour.

  • Guest

    Neanderthals were more cultured than these people.

  • longspree

    It is so revealing as to how the American left cheered this move toward democracy. The idiots will never learn.

  • true lilly

    Bob the Atheist · 11 hours ago
    I am so sick of religious people. Open up a science book. Look at the pictures taken by the Hubble telescope. Use you brain for a change, '"THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!!! How stupid can some people be. The universe is so vast it is beyond comprehension. There is no being watching over us. When you die, your dead!
    "…written in days where we couldn't explain the sun and stars and had no knowledge of the real universe,…"

    Jeff, Those Books, are much older than we're (miss)led to believe, yet still, They Describe,
    THE BEGINNING of what Is Real, in this Whole, Real World's, Whole History, that was 'sealed' until
    this age of science playing catch up, and so, to those who DON'T put the 'much writing' of man,
    above God's Living Word, it's clear that the 'out of Egypt/Africa' time line LIE, is The Great Apostasy.

    The Time Line God Described, IS Supported what Good Science keeps REVEALING,
    but, ALL The World has been Forced, Slaughtered and Deceived into accepting
    the insanely too short, 'out of Egypt' time line LIE.

    And so, in this age of 'much knowledge but No Understanding', people Refuse to See
    The Blessed Obvious.

    God Described, From and Of THE BEGINNING, WHAT NO MAN COULD KNOW until
    This Age of Revelations, SO that we would Have PROOF of The TRUTH of HIS WORD.

    Just some KEY points from The Beginning God Described,
    that Science has RECENTLY discovered:

    This globe became covered in water.
    ONE land mass rose out of it.
    Life existed here BEFORE Oxygen formed.
    With Oxygen, DEATH/rust/degeneration came.
    That ONE land mass was flooded again.

    And all that and more, was BEFORE the end of The Age of NOAH.
    Long after which, that ONE Land Mass, Started to Divide, LONG BEFORE
    the mountains of Ararat even existed.

    God didn't only tell us to let Scripture interpret Scripture, but to Test and Prove All things,
    i.e. do Good Science, and so, of course anti-Christ's had to HIJACK science under the UN's
    Push to the belief of The Global Green (with Envy) Religion, that "only man can 'save' the planet",

    Islam/Ishmael and The UN are a match made in 'hell', and one God Warned us of,
    From The Beginning.

    And remember, ALL but 'the very elect' ARE DECEIVED, which includes 'Christians',
    who UNlike The Anointed Christ, put Him, ABOVE HIS CREATOR FATHER'S WORD.

    Their faith is NOT in The Creator God, but in the twisted 'histories' of that Insanely
    TOO SHORT time line LIE, they believe 'proves' their 'faith'.

    PERATH was one of the four river heads in the Edenic Age of the the super continent,
    NOT the piddling little Euphrates.

    Some other 'words' NOT found in God's Word, that 'just happen' to BIND and BLIND
    the world's belief in the 'out of Egypt' time line, that also 'just happens' to DENY that
    GOD Described ALL The World and ALL Peoples, From THE BEGINNING:

    Egypt, Nile, Ethiopia, Red Sea,
    oh, and No mention of 'The Cross' or 'The Trinity',
    but more than enough warning of lying preachers,
    long before there even was an 'Egypt'.

    Mitsrayim Describes the Ancient Americas (north and south),
    NOT Egypt.
    Lebanon Describes the Ancient Antarctic,
    with it's vast forests and White snow-capped mountains.

    And, the only birds you simply walk up to and collect more than your fill of,
    are Shearwaters/Mutton Birds/the sheep of the sea, and there is only one area
    on all God's earth, you can do that. The area of The Richest, Most Stable,
    Glorious Land in the world…where all the Most Anciently scattered, mixed and mingled
    Tribes of Israel have long been gathering back into; much longer than the invention of
    Modern 'Israel', and CURRENTLY having Our Borders OPEN WIDE to ISLAMIC INVADERS.

    But take heart, it is also The Land from which All the World Will Be Blessed and Healed.

    And please, DON'T take my word, but SEARCH GOD'S WORD, in The Light of
    what Good Science (testing and proving), keeps REVEALING, and please,
    stop 'reading The Bible' BACKWARDS, trying to cram ALL of WHAT GOD DESCRIBED
    into 'that' LYING 'out of Egypt' 'time line' that DENIES THE HOLY SPIRIT of TRUTH

  • Phocus

    Can anyone name something Muslims have built? We can read about many things they have destroyed, I would like to read about all the things they have built.

    • davarino

      Uh there is the ……. oh no that was Europe, never mind : )

  • karmashock

    Sell them. No really. Egypt needs money and many nations would be happy to host the Pyramids. Work out a contract that says that anything found in Egypt relating to that civilization is the property of country X and must be removed from the “modern” country of Egypt or be destroyed lest it offend Islam.

    Sell them. Engineering crews will come to your country. Possibly some of your own people will be employed for labor… ironically being paid to unbuild the Pyramids. Every stone will be numbered, packed in straw, and moved by barge to their new location. And there the same stone will be unpacked and put back in the exact same configuration.

    This has been done before if not on this scale.

    Sell them. Sell it all.

    And when Egypt has nothing but the money… and when that has predictably been wasted. The world will wait for Egypt to cry that it was exploited. And the world will righteously sneer.

  • WhatAMess

    Islam was a religion of PEACE — from its founding in 600 A.D. until about 622 A.D. Then Mohammed left Mecca and went to Medina. 12 years of peace, and 1,390 years of being a rash on the rear end of humanity.

    They say only about 1% of Muslims are "radicalized". Considering there are 1 billion Muslims on earth that means 10 million of them are out for our blood and hell-bent on destroying everything that isn't associated with Islam. I'd say the threat from Islamic extremism is something the world is going to suffer with for a long, long time.

    • davarino

      Not if you make them see the light. The light caused by nuclear fission : )

  • kafir4life

    Let muslims behave like muslims in muslim lands. If any muslim attempts to behave as a muslim in a non-muslim country, stop them. A good start is to not hire them. We don't. Don't shop in their stores. We don't. If a muslim is spotted in a store you shop in, stop shopping there, and politely inform management as to why. Explain that it's a safety issue. While we all know that most muslims won't spontaneously explode, some do, and we can't take the chance. muslims want to be separate. They should be separate.

    allahu snackbar.

  • MuslimProWisdom

    OMG how many of you commenting are as ignorant as the author and the "sheikhs"??!
    Firstly, Islam does not permit the destruction of non-Muslims' monumental symbols etc. The Qu'ran makes this very clear for those who can be bothered to read it.
    Secondly, Muhammad entered the Ka'ba and destroyed the false idols which were fashioned almost on a daily basis. The Ka'ba was constructed by Adam who was directed by the one God to make it a place of worship for those who believed in Him alone. The idolators hijacked the Ka'ba afterward Adam for worldly means.
    So, before you start slating know the facts lest you harm others in ignorance(latter part also paraphrased in the Qu'ran I might add).
    Freedom of religion is what Islam brought – It would be foolish of the Muslims who were themselves not allowed to practice their faith freely to then act unjustly towards the Pagans. The so called Muslims should remember this.

    • Gerry83

      The problem with you Muslim apologists is that you don’t realize that the internet provides us with a multitude of news sources and so when you try to spin these reports, we know better. Throughout the history of Muslim conquest, non-Muslim temples and churches were destroyed and many replaced with mosques. And today, it continues in the middle east and Asia, and Africa.
      Perhaps you can explain to those Jihadists that they don’t understand Islam.

      • MuslimProWisdom

        Watch the Kingdom of Heaven mate.
        Keep deluding yourself as it doesn't harm me just yourself and those ignorant and gullible enough to believe you and your counterparts.
        Every religion has it's extremists as well as the secular groups out there so get over it and learn to distinguish between ruth and falsehood with an open mind.
        And since when was I a Muslim apologist? I didn't apologise in my previous comment.

  • nine14six

    The Taj Mahal, The Red Fort, Alhambra, Topkapi and a few others come to mind, but unfortunately in the last several centuries it seems that the only thing these savages are capable of doing is destruction.

  • Doom and gloom

    Bs article….unbelievable… this how journalists make money these days? Disgraceful

  • Steve

    Muslim pilgrims jostle for a chance to kiss the Black Stone, lets turn it into pebbles and while we’re at it Lets Knock down the Dome on the rock as it is pagan as well.

    Maybe even Help The Jewish people rebuild the Jewish Temple where it once stood

    • Alex

      Rev 3:9

  • Ar Amytas

    So… soon they will be demolishing the washington monument and the vietnam wall. Whay have we let these people live here???!!?! To hell with the open door immigration policy here in America I say run them ALL out!

    • Alex

      Well, you can research who agitated for the immigration law of 1965.

  • Paolo

    It's time to put down these rabid vermin.

  • Robert

    Destroy pagan symbols?? What about the symbol of the Arabic moon God Allah that graces numerous Muslim paraphernalia? Why is stupidity allowed to prosper?

  • Lloyd

    When you have to destroy the opposition because you fear free will and choice of the human mind. You must have something wrong with your chosen ideology, to fear the choice in the first place.

  • ObamaIsGodAwful

    The Islamists could simply use the pyramids as training camps and schools for terrorism/Islamism and for storage of weapons. The west would never strike the pyramids, no matter the destructive forces within them.

  • Walt Peterson

    "While most Western academics argue otherwise, according to early Muslim writers, the great Library of Alexandria itself—deemed a repository of pagan knowledge contradicting the Koran—was destroyed under bin al-As’s reign and in compliance with Caliph Omar’s command."

    Do I read this right? The Western academics claim that the Library was NOT destroyed by the Muslims, but that Muslims take credit for destroying it, anyway?

    • isahiah62

      In A.D. 640, when the Saracens captured Alexandria, seat of ancient culture, Greek scholars pleaded with them not to burn the scrolls of the great library. Their reply, as recorded by Gibbon in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire remains a classic in theological logic. "If the writings support the Koran, they are superfluous," ruled the warrior tribesmen. "If they oppose it, they are pernicious; burn them."

  • Connie

    I knew this wouldn't take long. The heathens are running the place now. Do not expect great antiquities to survive. It happens EVERY SINGLE TIME. Although I must state – what sane person would be planning to visit Egypt anymore? So, I can look at all the photos already taken of these wonderful places. I wouldn't want to see it anyway in person after the animals have been in charge for awhile.

  • Joeusa

    1 tactical nuke on mecca should do the trick.

  • Disgusted Human

    Islam is as Islam does…savagery is the norm, destruction for pleasure, rape and murder in the name of their pedophile prophet. Yet, WE must all embrace the strength and diversity they bring to the table for fear of being called hateful Islamophobes. Disgusting……..

  • Satch

    Zahi Hawas who you probably have seen on TV exploring Egypt's many ruins is mostly under house arrest because he worked for the last regime. The Tourist industry in Egypt at it's zenith brought in over 3 Million dollars a day. I guess the Islamist will say to the people,"let'em eat sand".

  • Norm Balog

    Well, that’s progress. Maybe some wealthy bizillionaire can buy them and have them moved to Arizona.

  • Impeachim

    Obama, Hillary, and even Senator Graham were all having closed door meetings with the Muslim Brotherhood in the weeks and months before Morsi was "elected."No surprises… They all want to destroy America.

  • Neil


  • Baltibored

    How come Islam destroys Muslim women, then? Are they symbols of paganism, even though Muslim? If so, perhaps the men of Islam could just cover the pyramids in giant burkas to spare them from demolition?

  • Bud MacFarlan

    Tell them that the Jews aren't going to rebuild the pyramids for them again.

    • Alex

      They didn't build them the first time.

  • Rallygrl

    I didn't have time to read all 25 pages of commentary so forgive me if I repeat but could someone enlighten me as to how wax would work? 125 degrees F in the shade….I'm just sayin. Occupy needs a new mission…let's send them.

  • Rob Billeaud

    Islam is all about destruction. Destruction of history or destruction of people who do not agree with their world view. Christianity and most other world religions are not perfect, but the vast majority of them give glory to God in creating things of beauty, St. Peter's basillica and the Sistine Chapel, the two temples in Jerusalem and the Dura Europas Synagogue, the countless beautiful Hindu temples and cenotaphs.

    • sleepingtolive

      Are you serious? Maybe you need to read some Christian history before you act like Christians didn’t do the same thing.

  • Alex

    Sounds more like the nonsense we hear from people like Pipes and Ibrahim telling tall tales about Muslims to get gullible Americans to fight more wars for Israel.

  • Rallygrl

    To you who doubt this is true…. Can you say Bamiyan???? Look it up.

  • Alex

    Take it up with Barbara Spectre.

  • Johny

    They want to destroy the pyramids because its a living reminder of how muslim religion and everything related to it is a fake.

  • Charles_Miller

    This is simply more of the extremely primitive thinking of the most backwards cultures. It is an historical fact that ignorant and primitive cultures will attempt to "erase" the achievements of older and grander cultures, when given the opportunity, because the primitive culture can never even HOPE to match the achievements of the ancients. It's called historical revision, pretending that the past never happened. Throughout recorded history, monuments and statuary of ancient kingdoms were systematically mutilated and destroyed by the lesser cultures that followed.

    For centuries, Muslims have been at the forefront of DESTROYING that which they cannot understand and could never achieve by their own hands. Muslims are NOT terribly creative people, in case you haven't noticed… Wherever Muslims thrive, the culture recedes to medieval level of sophistication. Muslims DESTROY and bury the greater achievements of Mankind.

  • RePhil

    Send in the drones! It is time this president starts using them for something other than killing U.S. citizens abroad and innocent bystanders.

  • joe

    These are the people that obama embraces and supports.

  • Alan

    This throwbacks dont care what the world thinks. Only wjen this world is over or they willingly blow their dumb butts to allah will they realize just how wrong they are/have been. Destroy the pyramids…I feel it's only the start. Disgusting and completely wrong…In my opinioin.

  • Zee Thomas

    If there was EVER any doubt as to the true intentions of the rabid Islamists, now it should be crystal clear for all to see. They intend to rule the world under the iron boot of Islam and Sharia: they are bugs… all that talk about live and let live, there's no 'live and let live' with bugs. What's next, an Islamic government coming to power in France and burning down the Louvre?

  • born in Kenya you fools

    Thank you Barrack, Hillary, CNN,ABC,NBC,CBS,PBS for telling us just how wonderful the “Arab Spring” was. /is. and here I thought it was just a bunch of backward dysfunctional 7th century societies based on bribery, nepotism,tribalism and religious zealotry just getting worse. It’s nice to know they were right and my fears were foolish

  • born in Kenya you fools

    Thank you Barrack, Hillary, CNN,ABC,NBC,CBS,PBS for telling us just how wonderful the “Arab Spring” was. /is. and here I thought it was just a bunch of backward dysfunctional 7th century societies based on bribery, nepotism,tribalism and religious zealotry just getting worse. It’s nice to know they were right and my fears were foolish

  • Yogi

    It is well past time to demolish these pyramids. Enough already with how big they are, how difficult it must have been to construct them, all of the tourists that come to see them. Pish-posh, Egyptians would be much better off with more desert and less of the ancient world.

    • galocke

      Very enlightened attitude you’ve got there. Let’s just forget everything we’ve ever learned from the ancient world, including the science, politics, and art. We can make do with all the wonderful “isms” that the twentieth century bequeathed to us.

  • Guest

    It becomes more apparent with each passing day that Islam is a cancer on civilization that needs to excised.

  • Confused

    Can we take this idea of eliminating places that lead to idol worship and say the mosques with their grand structures, spires on top and other adornments and worldly pride need to come down. Go back to religion for God's sake, and stop with the plush mosques being idolized. Let's first start with local mosques, then go after the idol worship of Mecca and so fourth. Clean up the Islamic world first, become pure, then worry about the ancient world and other religions.

  • Yellow Devil

    Lol. So predictable. I actually mentioned yesterday to a coworker about the Timbuktu destruction and made the offhand remark about why they haven't set their sights on the Pyramids yet. Apparently they heard my offhand remark 3000 miles away.

  • Darryl Foulkes

    I think they should circle Mecca with some bombers loaded with bacon grease, and 10,000 pig heads……. if those bastards don't stop their insanity……. stop it all.

  • Nobody important

    I've been saying this for quite a number years now-the Muslim, middle-eastern world needs to be carpet bombed back to the age of dinosaurs in order to save the rest of the world from backward, arrogant, undereducated, superstitious, knuckle-dragging archaic evil.

  • BlownfuelCoupe

    Typical Arab Mind. Destroy a Respected Timeless Mystery and leave a wake of filth and debris.

  • Jonathan

    Actually, the Christian Copts are direct descendants of the ancient Egyptians. Sadly they are being persecuted by their more numerous Arab Egyptian compatriots.

  • Whoknows Best

    Will all those international institutions, which make it a point to look the other way whenever human rights abuses are committed by Muslims, lest they appear “Islamophobic,” I—- For a second there, I thought you were talking about Israel and the Jews…”which make it a point to look the other way whenever human rights abuses are committed….lest they appear ” (everyone in the world who doesn’t agree with them) “anti-semitic.”

    • That’s me

      Let me start with insult too.

      You are insult to humanity, you must be leveled.

      And here we go:

      I’m not (gladly so) religious, so my judgement isn’t clouded by same type of retardism, as yours.

      If you follow Quran to the letter, why don’t you just kill yourself and get those 72 virgins you promised?

      This way you would make you a happy person, and world a better place.

  • Malik Nidal

    The pyramids are an insult to Islam.

    They must be leveled.


    —— OBAMA 2012 —–

    • freedom

      You are an insult to humanity.

  • steve

    The pyramids were originally cased with alabaster which was stripped off to be used for building mosques in Cairo. In years long ago the muslims didn't have the technology to destroy the pyramids, bu today they can buy the machinery, paid for with American foreign aid. they will do it.

    In Islam an effigy of mohammed is supposed to be forbidden, but mhammed appears in a stone carving in the US supreme court on a panel titled "The Law Givers." Maybe it's about time that effigy is jack hammered into dust. Give the islamics the same stuff they are dishing out.

  • Purita Fleschhut

    These ancient pyramids are the world's ancient heritage. They belong not only to the Egyptians but to everyone who inhabit this planet. If they would be destroyed, we would lose monuments of an ancient civilization which could never be recovered. The world should do something to prevent atrocities of mega proportions.

  • maryam


    Do not blame all Muslims, for Every individuals decisions. Each individual have their own opinions.

  • maryam

    I thank destroying the pryamids will be very ignorant that is a part of our histrory. God gave man the knowledge to build and that will be crazy.Everything is Gods will.

    • Drakken

      You muslim build nothing but destroy everything.

  • tim foote

    Someone needs to let those people know they are not Pagan Symbols. They were built by extra-terrestrials

  • greg

    DDestroy youselves!! You mulims are all insults to Islam!!

    • Drakken

      Islam is an isult to humanity.

  • price pauli of kush

    them cock sucking roaches then lost thier minds, those pyrimids are sacred to the stars and to the black people of the black lands. they will not be easily destroyed even if they attempt to. i guess they mad bcause they wont accept the fact the black gods built the sacred pyrimids of giza and not the pale race. they cant even stand out in the sun without burning thier skin let alone build pyrimids in hot egypt in over 115 degree weather. my point being is if they destroy the jet black ancestors beautiful works we know as the pyrimids in todays times, they will be severely punished, cursed and will suffer the true wrath of the jet black kings and queens who truly owns the land. i pray that the ancestors will curse and destroy the enemies who dares challange them. peace ..

  • walid

    im a muslim and im ashamed to say that egypt as a muslim country wants to destroy the pyramids just because a maniac who intrepreted the quran wrongly says so.

  • Ghostwriter

    Somehow,I'm not surprised that the Islamists would say this. We should take their threat seriously.

  • ssh49tn

    Oh, yes it would! I am so glad that you posted that. I didn't know about them doing that, & it would be hysterically funny if it happened. God has a way of getting HIS point across!!

  • ross1948

    I'd hope this monstrous idea would be rejected by patriot Egyptians, but given what has happened in other places, not least here in Indonesia, it IS clear that Islamists have no respect for their own nations' histories, and that would be down to their horrible ummat concept of sectarian allegiance above any national loyalty,

    But I rather think the Egyptian Army would prevent the primtives' plans.

  • johnnywoods

    Islam is a religion for "beasts" and dumb asses. Allahu Snackbar!

  • isahiah62

    destroy symbols of paganism eh? from the people who make pilgrimages (Haj) to the the PAGAN black rock worshipped pre-Mohammed days as a gift from the moon god and his three goddesses– LOL. well Muslims,By your own rules it's time to tear down the cube, the home of the rock, black as the heart of Islam, housed in the giant steel vagina you touch and kiss- yeah tear down the pyramids, your own heritage- the only connection to the real Egyptian people- enjoy being occupied by ISLAM living as Arab slaves- you need nothing but Koran right? yup stay stuck in 7th century, destroy tourism your only income, and stay BEGGARS to the USA, while denouncing USA you hypocrites who cut your own noses to spite your faces. enjoy watching your kids die of starvation (when or if) we cut the billions of bucks we pay in jizya . In A.D. 640, when the Saracens captured Alexandria, seat of ancient culture, Greek scholars pleaded with them not to burn the scrolls of the great library. Their reply, as recorded by Gibbon in his Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire remains a classic in theological logic. "If the writings support the Koran, they are superfluous," ruled the warrior tribesmen. "If they oppose it, they are pernicious; burn them."

  • cjk

    No that ain't the crux of 'my' theory.
    You need to read up on the prophecies yourself and stop listening to what you're told.
    You probably also believe in the false doctrine of a secret coming or 'rapture' of The Church before Christ returns.

    • kmichaels

      That is what you stated dude. Are you now ready to change your story? If that is not the crux of your theory then why did you not, just now, explain what the crux is?

      Here is what you said: "The prophet Micah clearly identifies the Antichrist as an ASSYRIAN which would fit well within Mohammedanism" So I suggest you stick with one version of your claim since you are already substantially confused on the details.

      As to the rapture, no, you are wrong, yet again. You really need to study more and be less sure of your current conclusions. Because so far your batting average is not that good.

      • cjk

        I figured someone as wrong about the Antichrist would also be fooled by the Rapture lie also.
        It's not the crux of my argument and I never said so regardless of what you may imagine.

        • kmichaels

          You figure a lot of things that are simply not true. As you have so frequently demonstrated. I quoted what you said so how is it now that you figure I imagined it? Again you are proving yourself more than confused on this and many subjects. And I have given you yet another chance for you to explain then what the crux of your argument is and you have failed to come through with a logical and honest response. So instead of you telling us what is not the crux of your argument you could simply explain what it is. See how simple that is.

  • Sue

    You're correct. They stopped the Israeli Antiquities group from doing responsible research under the mosque area when the Israelis thought they had spotted the Ark of the Covenant. The Muslims believe in the power of the Ark. The Muslims are destroying as much evidence of any historical value as they can.
    And I concur that it would be great if it caused the complete collapse of the mosque.

  • Sue

    Are you demented? You don't make sense.

  • neolithika

    I always wanted to see the pyramids, guess thats not happening now.

  • Nick

    You all need to do more research into ancient Egypt. It does hold secrets valuable to our future. It has already been proven, that most of these structures are far older that Egyptologists lead us to believe, such as the sphinx. Hard evidence has proven the sphinx could be as old as 10,000 years old, when most Egyptologists say 4,000 years old. The proof is in the pudding. Such as the Gobekli Tepe, (The World’s First Temple?) which has been dated back to 10,000 years ago. But wait? Weren't we all supposed to be living in caves and have no formal society that long ago? FALSE!!!! Egyptologystist are just do hard headed that they don't want to admit they have been wrong all this time. However, with Gobeki Tepe being discovered, this gives Egyptologists like John Anthony Smith more proof that things like the Sphinx could be 10,000 + years old. Look, up John Anthony West and the Sphinx. You CAN NOT ARGUE FACTS. Especially with Gobeki Tepe being the smoking gun to prove his findings!!!!

  • Nick H

    You all need to do more research into ancient Egypt. It does hold secrets valuable to our future. It has already been proven, that most of these structures are far older that Egyptologists lead us to believe, such as the sphinx. Hard evidence has proven the sphinx could be as old as 10,000 years old, when most Egyptologists say 4,000 years old. The proof is in the pudding. Such as the Gobekli Tepe, (The World’s First Temple?) which has been dated back to 10,000 years ago. But wait? Weren't we all supposed to be living in caves and have no formal society that long ago? FALSE!!!! Egyptologystist are just do hard headed that they don't want to admit they have been wrong all this time. However, with Gobeki Tepe being discovered, this gives Egyptologists like John Anthony Smith more proof that things like the Sphinx could be 10,000 + years old. Look, up John Anthony West and the Sphinx. You CAN NOT ARGUE FACTS. Especially with Gobeki Tepe being the smoking gun to prove his findings!!!!

  • Sue

    No thank you. It's impossible to coexist with someone who has no respect for anything or anyone. COEXIST bumper stickers are for idiots who have no self respect much less respect for anyone else. BTW, you may want to start watching your back if you're an infidel.

  • Sue

    Good idea. Lets take the war to them.

  • CryingSoftly

    I say it is time to destroy this fanatical cult.

  • Ingodank

    Good Luck with that! If these idiots try to destroy the cornerstone of all temples on the planet I have to say that I am sorry for them. The pyramids have a power unto themselves and are more ancient then most of our scientist realize. The wear on the stones is from 14,000 years of rain. (When was the last 14,000 years of rain?) There are actually security systems inside the pyramids that have been there at least since the time of Thoth when he wrote the Emerald Tablets. So good luck you suckers! You miss guided fools. You will be the ones going down and then some. They are ready for this fight. Bring it. As Mark Bingham said, "Let's roll."

  • wepo1

    This is indeed very sad news!

  • aajax

    Time to wake up and stop granting a privileged position to religion. It is all either a business or an excuse for destruction and should be treated as such.


    I am an ex muslim and I have left islam because i undrestood that it is NOT a religion of peace. Many muslims are doing this too, but in the muslim countries they NEVER say a word about it.

  • Art

    The library of Alexandria was destroyed by fanatics christians, with the approval from Rome and its emperor. Christians as well muslims love to twist and lie about history to fit their belief . This article is shameful and idiotic. Stop the lies!

  • bill_g

    Destroying the Great Pyramids would remove any reminder that Egypt has lost their face to a "non-military" group of people called the Israelite which also has defeated them a few more times in the "modern" days.

  • Pwillwin

    History shows that religion can be one of the biggest evils ever practiced.

  • TheParadigmShift

    This story is a hoax.

    'Holy hoax: Radical Islamists call on Egypt to destroy pyramids'

  • SaveThePyramids!

    I agree with Bamaguje. If they destroy the pyramids and the Sphinx, we should level Mecca and Medina.

    These aren't just remnants of that great, lost people and civilization called Egypt, they're a treasure of human history as a whole. But this is just typical Islamic fanaticism for you, trying to suppress and/or destroy anything that doesn't jive with their narrow world view.

  • SJIS

    (1) This will never happen – destruction of the pyramids – simply because they bring in too much MONEY from TOURISTS every year. For that alone, there are those who will speak up against this outrageous idea put forth from these crazed fanatics. (2) The game is all about power & money. Power being most attractive to those that destroy. (3) If the pyramids are "damaged", Westerners & others may still flock to see them in their "newest culural form" – a statement (historically) of where Egypt is now. (3) Sometime in the future, when reason, sanity, & justice again reign, the pyramids will be re-stored by carefully trained Egyptologists & artists, etc. (5)
    To my fellow Americans & the rest of the world: You can all see a smaller replica of a pyramid In Memphis,
    Tennessee – or you may want to see a mummy & artifacts @ The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

    Museum in NYC. Nothings lost – things just 'reconfigure themselves.

  • John Belknap

    Them ppl are all insane, Do the world a favor and put a gun in your mouths and pull the trigger!!

  • amarena

    Vabb, you are absolutely right! I would like to shake your hand for the perfect description you did of these uncivilized barbarians ( I wont call them "animals" as this would be an offense to all the innocent animals out there!) with their warped and delusional view of their world!!!!

  • Mensch Keymelon

    And why not? The Romans took good advantage of the stock piled building materials…why shouldn't the Eguptians? We could document each stone as it came down, three dimensional laser mapping, every single stone identified, catalogued, digitally saved, then voila…an Arhaelogical dig of monumental proportions and accuracy all saved in digital glory…and the quaried stones could be used to build sea side hotels, hospitals, universities…the possibilities for that stock pile of cut stone are endless.

    Are you horrified at the cool efficiency and acceptance of dissassembling them?

    Well, we'll do it with much more respect and dignity, cataloguing each item as it comes down and documenting the whole dig far better and with more respect than the funerary mounds of the mound building Native tribes of the American Central Plains and Mid South were treated by the "white men" when they were razed and robbed.

    In fact, I hope we tear them down soon, and it sticks in the craw of every one of you when we do it.

  • James

    I guess that means we have to invade Egypt to save the pyramids (sarcasim). Sorry but this seems a bit sensational to me but it isn't the first example of idiocy in the name of religion. Yes, let’s destroy a large chunk of the historical record depicting the development of early human civilization because they didn't worship the same god we do.

  • Giovanni Mario

    Islam in innocent of the actions of these idiots that hijacked Islam. These idiots are as beast from the bottomless pit that warred against the spiritual life of Islam and killed it, leaving nothing of the religion of Muhammad but the prayers and the fast; all the justice, the righteousness, the mercy and indeed all the virtues which the Prophet had enshrined in Islam were irretrievably lost.

    These lunatics had forgotten that Christians protected Muslims in the early days of Islam, when they fled to Habasha (Modern day Ethiopia) seeking the protection of a Christian king who gave them shelter and protected them from the rest of the Arabian that wanted to kill them. The lunatics forced the Prophet himself to flee his home town to Medina.

    May God help the Egyptians people, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Bahá’ís from these lunatics.

  • kmichaels

    That must be why you listed all the other verses just now that back you up. Whoops, silly me, you listed none.

    • cjk

      At least we agree you're silly.

      • kmichaels

        Yet again you were given a chance to prove your point with more verses. What's the problem dude? You have concluded to yourself that you have nothing to offer in the way of evidence. I suggest you stop making claims that you are so woefully incapable of proving.

      • nia

        i agree you r crazy as hell

  • juv

    Talk about paganism!

  • John

    Fake news.

  • @Solexander

    A hearty "Mullah Fubar!" to our distinguished enemies in the Botherhood–& may the Nile back up into their shorts. Let the curses of all the kings, from Narmer Scorpionson to Cleopatra VII, fall on those who try to destroy the heritage of "Egypt my people" (Isaiah 19:24).

  • Edmund Marriage

    Informed ancient historians from the Arab world recorded that the pyramids were constructed by the communities in which they stood to provide cometary debris shelters for vast numbers of people together with food, water supplies, boats, in and around these structures. In the case of the Great Pyramid a repository for knowledge and crucial artifacts with which to start agriculture and civilisation again should the worst happen with a near terminal cataclysm, as happened in 10,890 BC.

    Religions which bear false witness, denigrate women, claim original sin and the corruption of Eve, insist upon female circumcision, divide communities, fight wars, kill innocent people and wildlife, perpetuate crimes against humanity.

  • brad

    destoy the spinx, replace it with a slightly used (read tarnished) JO-PA statue courtesy of Penn State. For everyone an idol.

  • The Truth

    The Egyptian economy is in shambles and the tourist industry , probably their main source of income , is now almost nonexistant. If they destroy the antiquities of Egypt , no one will spend a penny to go to Egypt, and they will condemn themselves to abject proverty. But they probably don't even care about that because they are too stupid to figure it out. If they carry out these plans of destruction , any country who has pledged financial support of the new government should stop immediately. Let them see if any money will come to Egypt. The world will certainly not travel there to look at their ugly , uneducated faces.

  • Irima

    Islam should be desrtroyed.

  • Samael

    I think first they may to destroy Kaaba, as it was pagan pre-islam center too.

  • HeruTutuankoma

    This would start a flat out WAR and the Muslims will lose. To destroy African history you are merely destroying yourself as Africans were the first people on Earth and the migration of a set amount of Africans out of Africa is what allowed for all the other "races" to come on this Earth. And to call it pagan is asinine as at least we have solid proof that the Ancient Kemites aka Egyptians lived. We have NO solid proof that anyone in the Koran lived as we have NO HUMAN remains to prove it. Muslims along with other religious groups need to get their act together and have some sense of humanity. If you want to be treated like a human being then start acting like one.

  • byron

    Islam is peace???

  • Rachel

    HAHAHAHAHA, did you ever read the Bible? Christianity calls for stoning, too. Look at your own faults before you accuse others.

    • Reid Knepp

      Other religions may call for stonings and killings. However, most of their followers have been able to modernize and realize that it is wrong. I am not saying that all christians and saints and all muslims are evil but numbers don’t lie. Muslims are not all evil people, Islam on the other hand in my eyes, is an evil way to live. I can name more violent/insane acts caused last month my Muslims because of their faith than you could name for any other Abrahamic religion because of their faith in the last 50 years. Islam does not preach peace, and do not let anyone tell you it does.

      • Jos

        A christian that has ''modernized'' is not even a real one by its own standards. Remember the verse in which Jesus said he would spit out the ''lukewarm''. Every religion is fundamentalist. Christianity is at least as evil as Islam.

        • Jos


  • none

    Wow, all these comments are idiotic.

  • Joan

    "Acting upon this counsel they redistributed the spheres of work among themselves, in order that each squadron of demons might, with a specialized astuteness tempt men to different vices. They resolved to continue to propagate idolatry in the world, so that men might not come to the knowledge of the true God and the Redemption. Wherever idolatry would fail, they concluded to establish sects and heresies, for which they would select the most perverse and depraved of the human race as leaders and teachers of error. Then and there was concocted among these malignant spirits the sect of Mahomet, the heresies of Arius, Pelagius, Nestorius, and whatever other heresies have been started in the world from the first ages of the Church until now, together with those which they have in readiness, but which it is neither necessary nor proper to mention here. Lucifer showed himself content with these infernal counsels as being opposed to divine truth and destructive of the very foundation of man's rescue, namely divine faith. He lavished flattering praise and high offices upon those demons, who showed themselves willing and who undertook to find the impious originators of these errors."

  • Lakeysha Gober

    It was done by the Christians 1st. Destroying others cultural temples books and even killing those that would caring on the beliefs beyond the books to keep it alive. Religious people always think they can destroy in the name of GOD which they got that term from the ancient people of Kemet (egypt).

  • Lakeysha Gober

    This is not a Islamic thing it is a religious thing. It gets to the point when people running religions think they are the god they so called worship.

  • Lakeysha Gober

    These settlers cant advocate to destory someone eles history. And then say every other concuring culture did it to others.

  • Os Man Tan DarCan

    it would be an amazing project to disassemble the pyramids.. if they can do it. it would be a HUGE, i mean HUUUUUUUGE project, i doubt it can be done with weapons, we'd have to develop machines just for this purpose.

    Do you know how big these are ??? :)

  • michal

    what can be expected from people who kill each other ? to have any kinf empathy to stones or history?

  • curmudgeon

    muzzies………..please, please do destroy the pyramids. they are why tourists go to egypt to be fleeced by ignorant savage egyptians. destroy the pyramids, and those nasty tourists will no longer contaminate your pristine islamic heaven on earth. destroy the pyramids, and even stupid liberals will despise you. go for it.

  • KKKK

    LONG LIVE THE PYRIMAADS! i'm a Christian nad i support the right to keep these international treasure. the MOOSElms are dead meat ifd they touch those pyrimads!

  • ishwar

    insane. india is struggling even after over 1000 years of damage that was done by muslims. islam is a threat to humanity. its a dangerous concept of life.

  • Useful Information
  • a worriedcitizen

    do they not understand how stupid & ignorant they are? destroying one f the worlds greatest monuments on account of a book? when John Lenon got SHOT because of a MANIAC MISSINTERPRETING A BOOK, the killer got punished. please explain how this souldn't be treated the same way?

  • Chris

    According to early Muslim writers, the great Library of Alexandria itself—deemed a repository of pagan knowledge contradicting the Koran—was destroyed under bin al-As’s reign and in compliance with Caliph Omar’s command……………….​…………………..So there is a difference between these people and the Book burning Nazis then??????

  • @charlesfowler

    More tolerance and peace, right?

  • Dr Skand S Gupt

    The berserk response of the Islamists could be understood when they come to know that their little over 1600 yr existence colluded with hate, terror and barbarism cannot at all cover their Hindu ancestory from their own central temple of Kaba to Egyptian pyramids which are actually ancient Vedic Hindus Surya-Sun clans having moved from the central and original abode in Sindhu's valley the laND CALLED sINDHUSTAN.. al the techniques of embalming could not have been discovered in a desert land and the knowledge of making pyramids was only the virtue of Indians-read Bhartiya or Aryans..same has been estABLISHED all over the world from bali to mexico.. But its too late now, the truth can no longer be suppressed.. n the truth would be reclaimed just a sthe lands..


    If I recall not even their False prophet Mohammed called for such an atrocity!

  • Traveller

    Back on 1st March 2001 the Taliban Afghan Muslim Militia destroyed the 11th century Buddhas statues an act of true historical vandalism, now they muslims want to destroy the pyramids. This shows a religion that does not fit in wth the premise of humanity, it is regressive and fed on hatred the whole of its history is filled with negatives; this is why they cannot stand to see such marvels of historical beauty from other greater cultures and civilisations.

  • LionGoddess

    i speak for sekhmet … ROWRWrRRRrrRrr

  • Gary Picasso

    Sir Winston Churchill said, Islam is the most retroactive force on earth. Islam is not a religion in the Western sense of betterment of the individual, either intellectually or spiritually. No, Islam is not concerned with the individual at all. Islam is a political collective that seeks to control every aspect of everyday daily life. Islamic peace is when the Sharia law becomes the sole source of all legislation in a land. The great unrest and violence we see in the Islamic world is deeply embedded in the Qur'an and sharia law.

  • @fireinthedawn

    le sigh. ALL of the religions of Abraham have been corrupting the pagan text and documents they can for over 3000 years. If I could build a time machine i'd probably just go back and shoot whoever the source of the old testament was a few dozen times in the head and return to the modern Era. Only problem is the idiots probably would find another patrirarhical god to worship ni that time and i'd be stuck in nearly infinite loop until the Goddess was still worshiped in the modern era.

  • Poly

    http://frontpagemag.comAgreed 1000 million percent with Gary Picasso. Thats the essense of the subject.
    Islam is or became over the years a military based movement.
    Qur'an written 1600 years ago and provides over 6.500 instructions how people should live and behave.
    Ofcourse demonising women was a nessecity as women representing knowledge and supporting every possible way to bacome a numless peasant/soldier that will obbey the team leaders or mullah's orders. Pyramid effect like Egypt :)
    Unfortunatelly the expansion of Islam and fundamentalists was the work of the past and current governments i.e USA as they strive to create a new world order i.e a few to rule rest of the population to just be "slaves". Perfect avenue to these plans is Islam itself as Islam today and globalisation seek exactly the same outcome. World domination
    I say that the people behing the globalisation madness they not realise that Islam cannot be tamed and that the whole humanity risking to revert back to the stone ages. Amen

  • Theaboriginal

    Now imagine if islam spread around the world ALL YALL stuff GETTING TORN DOWN, GREAT WALL OF CHINESE AND OTHER BUDDAH STUFF, HINDU TEMPLES TAJ MAHAJ, LINCOLN MEMORIAL, THE TOWER OF PIZA. lol and u think it was just gone end there huh?

  • Chanameel

    Go for it !!!!!!!!!

    Then they wont be able to reincarnate.

    Many Blessings.

  • L.H

    It's about time the human race irradicated Islam, if anything it is an unholy cult, and if there is a god and a devil then I know at least what the devil is called, I'll give you three guesses, begins with an A.

  • Human

    For most of muslims, what i have observed and now strongly feel, that war is a culture. They love fight. They love destruction. Muslims are the people who respect only for someone (Allah) blindly, whom they cant see but no respect to those (history, culture, knowledge, Science, Monuments, Buildings, people) whom they can see. What an attitude…

  • SAM

    Islam has a bunch of extremists that are called wahabis/salafis who are a tiny minority.The majority of the Muslim world are peace loving individuals.Woe to these extremist that are found in Saudi arabia that are exporting their extreme backward ideology to the world eg Libya,Mali,etc.
    Islam is balance and moderation and the Prophet WAS SENT AS A MERCY.

  • Secular Logic

    Unfortunately, Islam has zero respect for any other beliefs or religions other than their own. So many people talk about Islam like most of them are peaceful, respectful people, but I dare say the people saying this have NOT read the Qua-ran or they'd realize how foolish they sound. It is made point blank clear in the very first few books that all other people than Muslims are to be either converted, subjugated as second-class citizens (as in the case of the people of the book, namely Jews and Christians) or killed outright (especially in the case of Pagans, Atheists or people like homosexuals). Women are property. PERIOD. How can you trust or make peace treaties with people that believe things like this so blindly? I don't mean "some" of them. I mean ALL of them (a peaceful Muslim is a contradiction in terms; I believe many WANT to be peaceful, but their own religion betrays them). Many do live peacful lives, but I believe they are biding their time, trying to increase their numbers in Western countries until such time they can take over (whether by votes or force). In essence, a moderate or liberal Muslim is a non-practicing Muslim.

    We are seeing it in Egypt right now the loss of rights of women and anyone other than Muslims will increasingly be treated like excrement. As bad as some of the dictators are/were in the Middle East, Muslim extremists are far worse. One need only look to Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan to see what I mean. We may very well be looking at the long-term extinction of the modern world if things continue unabated. Many of the more forceful elements would LOVE to take us back to the stone ages as they see technology as being a corrupting force.

    If there were more advanced human societies in the distant past (perhaps in the pre-Ice Age era as suggested by sites like Puma Punku in Peru), one cannot help but wonder if they were ultimately destroyed from within by similar right-wing extremist forces that viewed their own advances as somehow corruptive and/or against their own views about a creator or God. After all, even advanced alien races may very well believe in a creator that started the expansion of the Universe and as we see today with Science versus Religion, the two sides don't often get along. Ultimately, I'm afraid unless education improves, we could see extremist elements attempt to destroy our own modern society, seeing it as the will of their invisible, unheard and unspoken "god" as they attempt to ascertain what "he" wants in lieu of his deafening silence (save the supposed rantings of their long-dead "prophet" whose own actions against young girls would lead a logical person to question just whom they turn to as prophets in the first place.)

    I have every respect for everyone's right to believe whatever they want and have any opinion they want so long as they also respect my right (and the rights of others) the same. When someone's beliefs lead them to violate my own rights to exist peaceably and believe as I will, that is when I have a problem with that person or group of people. And this is why I do not see long term peaceable solutions with the Muslim world. They believe it is their obligation to FORCE their beliefs on others because it is their god's will to do so. This is simply unacceptable of any group, in my opinion. My grandfather did not fight in World War II to rid us of the evil known as the Nazi Party and their leader Hitler only to find future generations under attack by evil religious groups that think they need to force their barbaric beliefs on everyone else as well.

  • Camille

    I drop a leave a response each time I especially enjoy a post on a site or I have something to contribute to the discussion.

    It is triggered by the sincerness displayed in the post I looked at.

    And on this article Calls to Destroy Egypt

  • sonofgalt

    tell me anything you buy from a muslim country all of which where taken by force nothing but oil and we did all the work and indians british and philippinos are hired yo do the day to day work

  • Raven

    they better not this is one of the 7 wonders of the world are the fuking insane

    • Jeremy Snell

      one of the seven wonders of the world is that a Kenyan muslim illegal alien is in the White House with his satanic bitch, kissing muslim a$$ and prosecuting Christians

      • Rahul Singh

        In fact Christianity too is based on childish myths, childish has innocence attached to it where Paulian dogma is both pedestrian and ugly. The motherload of blasphemy is Judaism, christianity and islam are two of its bastards always trying to outdo one another. Their idea of God (itself a borrrowed word)and divinity in Judaic tradition and its immoral offsprings is laughable, its really a mockery of God which describes Him as a vain moron, a bloodthirsty dictator, a perfect monster. That is why when Christian nations started moving away from their disgusting books, they also started tasting success, prosperity and civilized lifestyles even though most of this new found grandeur is built up on excellence achieved in immorality, deciet, thuggery and thievery by their anscestors. Islam outdoes Christianity nowadays since their pitiable books are still very much core of their existence. We are living in Kali yug which is cyclical and represents the testing time for the righteous and imposition of lthe will of lesser evolved and scroupleless. But like everthing else this too shall come to pass because the lord of the universe is repository of Truth, Consciousness and Bliss. Once karmic debts are repaid things will go back to their pristine order starting the cycle again.

        • Jeremy Snell

          how insane can you be ? I got your Kali yug out back – under the outhouse, idiot….

  • Jeremy Snell

    Jesus says “accept Me and live forever”
    Mohammed says “accept Islam or die!” So should anything from muslims surprise us?

    • Smashy76

      Mohammed says “accept Islam or die!”

      Come on Jeremy, Mohammed didn’t say that. Why would the “The Religion of Peace” prophet threaten violence and death?

      HAHAHAHA, just joking! Mo’honkey is nothing but a bloodthirsty pedophile twatwaffle. It’s so pathetic and ridiculous that Muzlims still tell people that “Islam is a religion of peace” when it’s prophet tells people to submit to Islam or die. And don’t even try to say this truth or any other truth about Islam, like the facts and truth that a 53 yr old Mohammed took a bride that was 6 yrs old! Mohammed then consummated (raped) the marriage when Aisha turned 9yrs old. As even though this is 110% factual and known, even celebrated. But telling people this results in Muzlims screaming racism and you getting labeled as someone with “Islamophobia” or adding to “Islamophobia”, which will be considered as a “Hate Crime” that could send you to jail. Jail! for telling the truth? Jail for something proven and something that Muzlims don’t deny or hide as they see nothing wrong with taking pre-teen girls as wives.

      • Jeremy Snell

        when mohammed died, followers went to his quarters to retrieve the rest of his writings – you know – the truth given to him by the “angel”…
        Aishi said ” it was under the bed, but a goat came in and ate it” so, if not for a goat, who knows how much more satanic crap there would be…. When Mohammed said to Khadijah, his first wife, ” I think these messages are coming from an evil spirit”, she convinced him that they were coming from an angel of God. Funny how islam gives no respect to women, even though it Is partly because of one that the Koran was given credence by mohammed….. and now Obama’s favorite advisor on many matters is leader of one of the MBs leading imams in the US. sad….

        • Liquid Smoke

          wow how ignorant can you be

      • Jeremy Snell

        Islam teaches that it is wrong to let a female start having her menstrual period before she has had sex. (before she has been raped by her benefactor)

    • Dorian Moises Mattar

      Jesus says that the only way to the father is thru him, and those who do not enter the kingdom of heaven, will burn in the lake of fire.

      What is the difference between the two? NONE.

      Both religions are self absorbed and dangerous.

      Hobby Lobby anyone?

      • Romi

        Uhh… but Jesus didn’t sanction or even permit His followers to go KILL someone who chose to reject the teachings. God left it for individuals to face their judgment for rejecting Him after they died… Islam seems to teach that it is somehow the duty of a Muslim to CARRY that judgment out on people who reject its teachings.
        Not quite the same. Though they both teach judgment after death, Christianity leaves that between you and God. Islam somehow makes it between you, Allah’s follower… and THEN Allah apparently.

        But I understand that you might not be able to see a distinction between the two… ;)

    • Dorian Moises Mattar

      Jesus says the exact same thing. If you don’t believe in Jesus you will burn in fire forever. Jesus also tells you to HATE your family and yourself. Jesus also tells you that the laws are to be followed until the very end, laws that tell you to kill many people for stupid things. Jesus is also part of the family which includes the father, you know, that criminal that killed women and children by the millions.

      Yeah, that Jesus, his such a peaceful fellow.

      All religions are the same crap, created to divide people and instill guilt, shame and slavery.

      • Jeremy Snell

        All religions are the same…… only a person who has no innate knowledge of different religions would make such an ignorant statement. The most beautiful thing about the TRUTH…. is that it is true, and not dependent upon one’s belief or lack thereof… Apparently, you have never truly read the Bible – OR the gospel of satan – the koran……

        • Dorian Moises Mattar

          I fully acknowledge that Islam is the worst, but all religions ARE the same. Both your religion and Islam believe in a literal hell and are more than happy to send anyone who doesn’t believe their insane doctrines.

          Both have passages ordering people to kill unbelievers. Your jesus stated that he did not come to abolish those barbaric laws but to fulfill them.

          The list of hideous crimes your god condones is far reaching. Yes, the Quran beats the bible in atrocities, but that doesn’t make the bible any more just.

          They are BOTH crime and hate instigating books. The bible just happens to have more positive passages that doesn’t even make any sense; turn the other cheek? What are you nuts?

  • smsavoy

    all them damn all around world the muslism should be nail to the cross and let everybody target practice on their evil ass

  • Akho Linda

    Oh God How Yanks Love Muslim Oil.

  • Sind

    The great king foresaw this in his dream, thousands of years later how people will be infected with this parasite, become like animals, that’s y he made the pyramid, to warn all people around the world, to show them what is peace and tolerance and art, after all the soul or the divine realm has no space time limitation. Everything is connected like cloud atlas.

  • nefer ra

    black african descendent people wake up, protect our ancestors’ monuments! we must return home and look on the walls to know who we are!

  • DesertSun59

    The answer is easy for why Muslims want to destroy any trace of anything non-Islamic. They know that their religion rests entirely on a myth. That’s it. Just that. Their grip is so tenuous on their religion that they have to prevent people from seeing any other form of worship, even historical references to anything other than Islam.

  • Sweet Cooze

    Do muslims not realize how much they are making the world despise them? Is it any wonder they have so little world power now? Even muslims are rejecting islam in record numbers. Enough is enough.

  • Tamarin

    Islam is one of the worst religions of all times. As bad as Christianity (that destroyed all the pyramids in Mexico and Peru, after had killed millions of indigenous people in the name of Allah, ops, God.).

    This horrible brainwash is going to destroy the entire humanity. Fortunatelly, the number os scientists and atheists is increasing. We have a chance to be free and balanced, and not brainwashed and controlled by lords of weapons.

  • Tamarin

    Don´t worry. Muslims will kill each other in the name of Allah before they have time to study a way to destroy their grandfather´s genious buildings.

  • Dorian Moises Mattar

    If you don’t believe in Jesus you will burn in fire forever. Jesus also tells you to HATE your family and yourself. Jesus also tells you that the laws are to be followed until the very end, laws that tell you to kill many people for stupid things. Jesus is also part of the family which includes the father, you know, that criminal that killed women and children by the millions.

    The laws include instruction to kill infidels.