Muslim Brotherhood Declares ‘Mastership of World’

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Although many Muslim leaders openly articulate their efforts as part of a larger picture—one that culminates in the resurrection of a caliphate adversarial by nature to all things non-Muslim—many Western leaders see only the moment, either out of context or, worse, in a false context built atop wishful thinking.

Among other things, this myopia causes virtually all Western politicians to overlook long-term threats and focus exclusively on violence and terror, the tangible and temporal—those things that may coincide with their tenure.

This narrow-sighted approach sometimes leads to absurdities, such as when Homeland Defense’s Paul Stockton, being questioned by Dan Lungren at a recent hearing, refused to agree that al-Qaeda “is acting out violent Islamist extremism,” insisting instead that the group merely consists of “murderers.” In doing so, he divorced reality from any meaningful context, thereby living up to the Obama doctrine of not knowing your enemy.

Of course, all Islamists have the same goal: the establishment of a sharia-enforcing caliphate. The only difference is that most are prudent enough to understand that incremental infiltration and subtle subversion—step by step, phase by phase, decade after decade—are much more effective for securing their goals than outright violence. Then, once in power, “they will become much more savage.”

Accordingly, thanks to the so-called “Arab Spring” and its Western supporters, more and more clerics feel they are nearing their ultimate goal of resurrecting the caliphate, the capital of which is to be JerusalemThis sheikh, for instance, recently boasted that the caliphate will soon be restored and the West will pay jizya—tribute and submission, via Koran 9:29—”or else we will bring the sword to your necks!” So too this sheikh, citing infidel Germany as an example. And of course calls for jizya from Egypt’s Christian Copts are growing by the day.

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  • Ros

    Until the world wakes up to the evil that masquerades as a "religion" then all is lost .The reason we are losing this war is apathy,and the fact that we are all guilty of being tolerant of intolerance,pushed along on that wave of so called "multiculturalism".The P.C brigade in all countries of the world that embrace such drivel have made a massive rod for all our backs.Roll over and show your soft bits,like a crawling,simpering dog desperate to appease it's master,that's what we have become.Get some backbone!

  • oldtimer

    World conquest is the goal of Islam and Muslims, and has been from it's origins. And they will use anything to achieve this goal, including twisting laws to their advantage, playing the intolerance card, etc.
    Satan tempted Christ in the desert by using scripture, twisting its meanings. So why should not expect the same from his followers.

    • ros

      Exactly so!What you have to remember though,is that most people don't "get" that this war is a war based on religion and so the thought would never enter politicians heads that "satan tempted Christ……….."to quote your words.You are quite right.That is why even if we stayed in Afghanistan,Iran,wherever for ever and a day we will never bring peace there because we will always be their enemy as we are not muslims-thank God.

  • Stephen_Brady

    " “The Imam [Banna] delineated transitional goals and detailed methods to achieve this greatest objective, starting by reforming the individual, followed by building the family, the society, the government, and then a rightly guided caliphate and finally mastership of the world”

    This statement ought to chill the rest of us to the bone, stiffen our spines, and cause us to keep our powder dry. I will not renounce my faith, I will not pay the jizya, and I will fight these animals to the death.

    And Jimmy Carter? ….

  • PAthena

    I think that Jimmy Carter, when he was President of the United States, connived to oust the Shah of Iran, in revenge for the Shah's not agreeing to an illegal transaction by Jimmy's brother Billy.