Nigerian New Year: Christian Slaughter

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Then, when friends and relatives gathered to mourn the deaths of some of those slain in this most recent church attack, Boko Haram Muslims appeared and opened fire again, killing another 20 Christians, all while screaming “Allahu Akbar!”—Islam’s ancient war cry, which at root simply means “my god is greater than your god!”

A number of other sporadic attacks have occurred since: Four Christians were gunned down as they were getting gases, likely so they could flee the north, and another two were slain during a Boko Haram invasion of Christian homes.

Ayo Oritsejafor, head of the Christian Association of Nigeria has accurately characterized this spate of attacks on Christians as “religious cleansing,” citing that some 120 Christians have been killed since the Christmas day church attacks.

Worse, but not unexpectedly, President Jonathan recently declared that “some of them [Boko Haram] are in the executive arm of government, some of them are in the parliamentary/legislative arm of government, while some of them are even in the judiciary.  Some are also in the armed forces, the police and other security agencies.”

This is typical of any number of Muslim nations where Islamists have infiltrated and hold important positions in the government, even where the U.S is not enabling them, such as Nigeria.

At any rate, Sudan offers a glimpse at what may be in store for Nigeria.  In July 2011, South Sudan was born, breaking away from Sudan proper, in response to that all too familiar pattern: Sudan’s Muslim north, just like Nigeria’s Muslim north, was constantly abusing—also to the point of ethnic/religious cleansing—the Christian and animist south.

In the interest of Nigeria’s Christian population, then, the nation may well be poised to go the way of Sudan and divide—and thus be the latest example of the difficulty of living peaceably alongside Muslims wherever and whenever they make for large numbers.

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  • Tunde

    I sincerely felt d pains, but God is in control

    • PhillipGaley

      You mean, it's time t'man up and protect and defend their families?

  • Anon

    This article is merely a poorly written cover for Muslim bashing. I question the validity, neutrality and sanity of an author who writes such slander without giving actual evidence to support his claims. If there is a "cleansing" going on, where are the reports? Where are the statistics? Where are you citations?

    • jonmc

      Try clicking the links (they're in blue in case you didn't notice).
      There is simply too much reportage on this for anyone to rationally claim it is just "cover for Muslim bashing."
      I "question the validity, neutrality and sanity" of a person who can wilfully deny that this is going on.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      I question the validity, neutrality and sanity of an author who writes such slander without giving actual evidence to support his claims.

      Try pulling your head out of that hole you got it stuck in you moonbat.

    • ziontruth

      This post is merely a poorly written cover for pro-Islam apologia.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    What is happening today in Nigeria is the final phase of mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage for the purpose of stealth demographic conquest to make Islam supreme, which happens to be by far the most prevalent form of non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad employed by the Islamic world against non-Muslims today. As a matter of fact, non-violent stealth and deceptive jihad relative to violent jihad constitutes an exponentially far greater existential threat to non-Muslims than violent jihad by a long shot. Indeed, it's not even close. Yet, out of stupidity most people are transfixed only on violent jihad. Of course, a lot of those people are also just justifying their jobs as well.

    In fact, what is happening today in Nigeria has already recently happened in Cote D'Ivoire and Sudan and it is what will inevitably happen throughout Europe in the not too distant future and it is what will also happen in the USA as well unless we act to change course.

    There is no need to continue spending hundreds of billions of dollars we can't afford on an annual basis to continue accommodating mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage, especially when we are already on the fast track to becoming the next Greece. Instead, lets outlaw Islam and ban and reverse mass Muslim immigration with all of its excess baggage ASAP, as zero Muslims in America would equal zero violent jihad attacks, and zero violent jihad attacks means we could stop needlessly spending all that money.

    All you have to do is look inside Nigeria, Cote D'Ivoire, Sudan, and throughout Europe to see what the inevitable outcome will be. Besides what other immigrant group besides Muslims forces Americans to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on an annual basis, while also forcing us into sacrificing our formerly constitutionally protected rights and freedoms at the same time? Are we insane?

  • jesus

    Millions of Dead Christians. Sounds good to me. Where can I stick the cross?

    • Ghostwriter

      I hope this is satirical because if it isn't,you're one sick puppy!!

    • Lance

      Sounds good to you?? Well, by your own words you shall be acountable to a Holy God. At that time, I do not think such a statement will reflect favorably upon you.

  • Jaladhi

    Muslims are slaughtering non-Muslims all over the world and not just in Nigeria. Hindus and Christians in Pakistan, Buddhists in Thailand, Christians in Philippines, Hindus and Christians in Bangladesh, Christians in Nigeria, Christians in South Sudan, and so on.

    But do the Western governments, media and academia get it and call spade a spade? No!! They just keep repeating the mantra of "tiny minority of extremists", blah,blah, blah, etc while the innocent non-Muslims are getting slaughtered. Can't believe they can be this delusional!!

    One would think in this 21st century things would be different than those in stone age seventh and eighth , ninth,.., centuries. Apparently, non-Muslims haven't changed much and have not learned to defend themselves. Our governments are accessory to Muslims in committing this genocide!!

  • LindaRivera

    Article: Armed Muslims stormed a church and “opened fire on worshippers as their eyes were closed in prayer,” killing six Christians, including the pastor’s wife, and wounding many."

    Every single church must have armed guards discreetly placed outside all of the churches. Every worshiper inside churches must be armed. There must also be guards placed discreetly inside the churches who NEVER close their eyes when prayers are being said. Armed guards and armed guests at weddings, funerals and ALL events.

    ALL Christians in Nigeria and other countries who are under Islamic attack must be armed to defend themselves and their families from violent Muslim attackers. Why should Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and other non-Muslims be defenseless prey for Muslim God haters?

    Self defense is Biblical and it needs to start immediately. I'm sick of reading how defenseless non-Muslims are constantly attacked and murdered by savage Muslim humanity haters.

  • Amused

    Time to put down these mad muslim dogs in Nigeria .The have thrown down the gauntelet , what now ,remaining civilised men of Nigeria ?

  • Jim

    If God is the creator of the world does he condone men who destroy his creations?

  • perter

    God is the creator, but according to His Word, we have chosen to rebel. The price of that rebellion is the mess we have created. The good news is, Jesus, The Lamb of God, was slain on our behalf, so eventually He returns as King of Kings at the appointed time and clears up all this mess. The bad news is, its going to get a whole lot worse before that time, which ought to cement the message clearly in our heads that we cant live in rebellion to a perfect God and His perfect will and simultaneously have peace on Earth.