Obama: ‘Son of Islam’?

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The following article was originally published by the Stonegate Institute

Many in the media are indignant with Reverend Franklin Graham, head of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.  Invited on “Morning Joe” last Tuesday to discuss Christian persecution, the hosts turned the focus to interrogating Graham on whether he thought President Barack Obama was Christian or not.  Though the Reverend concluded that Obama “has said he’s a Christian, so I just have to assume that he is,” he appeared skeptical, suggesting Obama’s policies disagree with Christian principles, and thus earning the full ire of much of the fourth estate.

Intrinsically trivial on many levels, this incident nevertheless brings several important points to the fore.

First, Graham was absolutely right to say that, “under Islamic law, the Muslim world sees Barack Obama as a Muslim, as a son of Islam”: according to Sharia, if one’s father is Muslim, one automatically becomes Muslim.  In fact, the reason behind last week’s church attack in Egypt, when thousands of Muslims tried to torch a church and kill its pastor, is that a Christian girl fled her father after he converted to Islam: she did not want to be Muslim, and was rumored to be hiding in the church.  (This would not be the first time in recent months that churches were attacked on similar rumors.)

Because of this automatic passage of Islam from father to son—with the death penalty for those seeking to apostatize, the condemned Iranian pastor being just the most visible example—and because Obama attended a madrassa (a Muslim religious school) during his youth in Indonesia, many Muslims are convinced that Obama is a “secret” Muslim.  In a Forbes article, “My Muslim President Obama: Why members of the faith see him as one of the flock,” writer Asma Gull Hasan elaborates:

[S]ince Election Day, I have been part of more and more conversations with Muslims in which it was either offhandedly agreed that Obama is Muslim or enthusiastically blurted out. In commenting on our new president, “I have to support my fellow Muslim brother,” would slip out of my mouth before I had a chance to think twice.  “Well, I know he’s not really Muslim,” I would quickly add. But if the person I was talking to was Muslim, they would say, “yes he is.” ….  Most of the Muslims I know (me included) can’t seem to accept that Obama is not Muslim.  Of the few Muslims I polled who said that Obama is not Muslim, even they conceded that he had ties to Islam….  The rationalistic, Western side of me knows that Obama has denied being Muslim, that his father was non-practicing, that he doesn’t attend a mosque. Many Muslims simply say back, “my father’s not a strict Muslim either, and I haven’t been to a mosque in years.” Obama even told The New York Times he could recite the adhan, the Islamic call to prayer, which the vast majority of Muslims, I would guess, do not know well enough to recite.  [Read the entire article, which is more eye-opening than the author probably intended.]

Another reason why many Muslims believe Obama is Muslim (a reason Ms. Hasan’s article understandably omits) is that, under the Islamic doctrine of taqiyya, Muslims are permitted—in certain contexts even encouraged—to deny being Muslim, if so doing secures them or Islam an advantage.  Accordingly, Islamic history is full of stories of Muslims denying and publicly cursing Islam, even pretending to be Christian, whenever it was strategic.

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  • Ghulam Muhammed

    While Muslims are very careful in not declaring a Muslim to be apostate, if there are signs the 'Muslim' in question, if he calls himself a Christian, attends Church services regularly and participates in a declaration that Jesus is son of God, that last assertion would prima facie amount to SHIRK, holding partners with Allah and that is a sin that Allah has declared is the only unpardonable sin. Still there is no authority, like the Church authority in Islam, to declare a sinner to be out of Islamic fold; even self appointed scholars sometimes go beyond their brief. On the other hand, as US is a secular country, Obama's faith should concern him and him only. Those that are making an issue of it, are sowing fitnah on earth.

    • guest

      Clearly I am making an isue of it. Obama is a muslim and any muhammed knows it. Muslims want to overthrow the constitution, and are YOU saying we should ignore it? Geert Wilders – Fitna, The Movie shows you coffin nails of freedom.

    • kafir4life

      I declare openly that mohamat the false prophet of islam is the worst of humanity. If he existed (and there is doubt), he was the most disgusting human to ever walk the earth. He was a vile, disgusting, perverted, pedophilic, warlord, and general madman. But it's your right to believe otherwise as well.

      How's that, Ghulam? I've nailed it, yes?

      I wouldn't vote for a muslim. I don't hire them. I don't shop in their stores, and don't shop in stores that hire them, and I inform management as to why.

    • StephenD

      I find it somewhat perplexing Ghulam, that if one were to apostatize from Islam one would be given 3 chances to come back "into the fold" as you say. I would say that would be a pretty serious "insult" to your Allah to walk away from him like that, no? Yet one is given 3 chances to come back. BUT…"insult" Mad Mo and you must "be killed where you stand." Who carries more weight in this system called Islam? Why is it considered "Blasphemy" to insult Allah OR Mo? I always thought you guys believed in one G_d. Blasphemy is against G_d is it not? No wonder you folks are so messed up. Your belief system is based on schizophrenic concepts. One G_d but treat Mo as a G_d. Bizarre….

    • SECREV

      Yes, sir! We will take your words to heart immediately, sir!

      This dummy thinks that all nonmuslims are stupid. To correct this misconception:

      Taqqiyah is a mani-headed beast. Prima fascie evidence of 'shirk' is superseded by taqqiyah. The hadees says it is okay to even eat pork to survive or to gain an advantage for spread of Islam. In islam, every bum on a street corner considers himself `an authority' when it comes to 'defending islam'. You don't need an authority for a murderous mob, or a single muslim, to kill an 'apostate'. Happens all the time. Despite that, all muslim countries are ruled by some kind of formal, authoritative and authoritarian, state-sponsered implementation of some variety of Sharia' law. As opposed to that no 'christian majority' country in the world has a 'christian authority' law—except the Vatican. US is a secular country. That is precisely why everybody and their cousin should stay up nights worrying about Obama's faith. Personally, i think Obama is loony leftist, and *hence* has natural soft-corner for loony muslims. His promotion of Islamist-Jihadist regimes in middle-east is not an accident. And that should worry even more people into loosing sleep.

    • Paul

      Obama has not declared that Jesus is "the Son of God". Nor does he acknowledge that he died for all man's sins on the cross, and was risen up to prove who he was, and that which was accomplished. Obama has explicitly talked like Bush…about believing in the "philosophy" of Jesus.

  • davarino

    I cant wait for the next season of All American Muslim…….blah

    O even had a fraudian slip when he started to talk about his muslim faith, then stopped himself. There are so many questions, from the fraudian slip to bowing to the Saudi King, to helping unify the middle eastern muslim world.

    • kasandra

      Not to pick nits but, actually, he did not correct himself. In an appearance on This Week with George Stephenopolous, then-candidate Obama referred to "my Moslem faith." George lept to the defense saying "You mean "My Christian faith" to which Obama assented. It must be nice to have the fourth estate act as your personal guardians.

  • A Conservative

    I am glad that experts on Islam such as Raymond Ibrahim is speaking up on the issue that there is a strong likelihood that Obama is a Muslim. That is the only reason why I hope Obama does not win a second term. The leftist/liberal/Saudi-funded media will attempt to treat such claims about Obama possibly being a stealth jihadist as something like the Illuminati conspiracy – a conspiracy theory. But facts point out for themselves. Not only is Obama not secular like the deposed Shah of Iran even if he were a Muslim, he adopts Islam the political ideology.

    It is time right-wing writers such as Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Caroline Glick , Raymond Ibrahim, etc to start going upfront and attribute Obama's actions during the Arab Spring to the likelihood that he is a Muslim Trojan horse who is in the White House to accelerate the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Turkey and Iran's quest for the tyrannical caliphate, instead of reasons such as naivete, leftist ideology, idealism, etc. He had the lesson of Jimmy Carter and Iran to learn from so I don't think naivete is one of the reasons. Obama studied Islam when young and I believe he is aware of Islam's quest for the caliphate and its Nazi like anti-Semitism, which has a strong possibility of influencing his decision making during the Arab Spring. If ever he appeared naive, it could be his cover in this taqiyya game, where America and Israel are the losers and Islam the winner. Furthermore, all his associations such as Rashid Khalidi, Bill Ayers, Samantha Powers etc, who are more than guilt by association reflects Obama's ideology clearly.

    The USA and Obama is like the Galactic Republic and Chancellor Palpatine being acted up in real life right now. America must not give "Darth Sidious" his second term, or the Empire, aka the Caliphate might be here sooner than expecfted.

  • rbla

    Obama probably has no particular religious beliief. But he is a "cultural Muslim" with his devotion to his father and his fond memories of mosques in Indonesia. He is also a cultural Muslim of the Sunni sect with a particular allegiance to the "slow jihadists" like the Saudi rulers and Muslim Brotherhood. That is why he assents to the elimination of embarassing "fast jihadists" like bin-Laden and Awlaki. The latter are a threat because their actions tend to wake up sleeping non-Muslims. The slow jihadists with their long term imperative of demographic conquest don't want anything to undercut that plan. It also explains his policy of getting rid of secularists like Mubarrak and quirky eccentric Muslims like Kaddafi. Obama is also an Alinskyite Marxist which may explain his waffling over Syria. As a "new leftist" he sympathizes with anti-American regimes like Iran which he views as a victim of US imperialism. And Syria is Iran's ally and client. So on the one hand his Sunni sympathies push him to be hard on Iran and Syria, on the other this runs into conflict with his new left anti-American ideology. Must be quite a dilemma for our boy president.

    • Questionman

      I knew this country was the most racist country in the world! These 6 racist comments prove it.
      As usual, I'm right!
      I’m to death of disgusting pathetic racists like you demand that the President should apologize to America for not being the white, racist –bigoted islamophobic war-touting extremist that they are! What has you racists done to demand the President to apologize to you racist assholes, who smear, damage, lie, and attack this man of every turn!
      You scumbag are in no position to demand anything, much less an apology you don’t deserve or done anything to get or demand, who the hell do you think you are?
      You called Obama a Marxist. Look up Marxism, then look up Obama's policies, then tell me how, on balance, he could possibly even be considered a Marxist. I'm not talking about cherry-picking 4 or 5 particular pieces of legislation that lean further left than you are, because that isn't evidence of Marxism. I'm talking about looking at his entire body of work (including from before he was elected President, if you like), and coming up with a result based on all the available information.

  • Jim_C

    Graham is just a typical religious attention-craving knucklehead, the type of arrogant pharisee who tried to tar and feather the likes of Thomas Jefferson back in his day. Who cares what Muslims think Obama is? Can Graham–or anyone–point to any policy in which Obama differs significantly from the Founding Fathers? I'd love to hear it. All I hear from the Right is innuendo, implications, scare tactics, and guilt-by-association fallacies. All for the emotional handwringers. Got facts? By facts, I mean things that actually occurred?

    I'm sick of these charlatans and their un-american religious tests.

    • reader

      "Can Graham–or anyone–point to any policy in which Obama differs significantly from the Founding Fathers? I'd love to hear it."

      Practically everything he does is unconstitutional. The czars, legislating by by Federal agencies fiats, Obamacare with the clearly unconstitutional mandate for people to buy a product. The list is endless. In fact about the only legitimate function of the Federal Government, which is national security, is being undermined at every turn. So, what he does is in total and complete conflict with the Founding Fathers.

    • metalman

      The policies in place in the Middle East today will result in many 'stable dictatorships' becoming Islamic Nations. Obama and his policies are making this possible with the use of our military and our money. While we may dislike the dictatorships in the region, we will hate the Islamic Nations they become.

      • Jim_C

        As opposed to what kind of policies? Obama's policies have been essentially continuations of Bush's. And aside from Iraq, Bush's had been very much like the presidents before him. The US has been remarkably consistent in the devil's balancing act between protecting our interests, encouraging stability, and advocating for more open societies.

        Or, taking it from a worst-case point of view: wouldn't it almost be preferable to have an Islamic nation to be at war against, one against whom we could actually use the military for its intended purpose, rather than a shadowy concept we need to "police?"

    • kasandra

      You asked: "Can Graham–or anyone–point to any policy in which Obama differs significantly from the Founding Fathers?" Uh, how about limited Constitutional government.

      • Jim_C

        And that differs from every modern president HOW?

    • Paul

      Can Graham–or anyone–point to any policy in which Obama differs significantly from the Founding Fathers?
      ?? Really? Why do you suppose Obama condemned the US Constitution for imposing against government interference with individuals, which he called "Negative Liberties"? What about all of his executive orders which explicitly violated the rules of requiring Senate 2/3s approval of treaties? What about his CONSTITIUTIONAL failure/violation to have Congress declare war against Libya? What about his failure to comply with Congressional oversight and conceal duplicitously his sneak attack on the 2nd Amendment via gun-waliking by Fast and Furious…and his totally unwarranted, and illegal sneak attempt to push for the UN Small Guns Treaty? And how about his attempt to UNILATERALLY dismantle our nuclear deterrent to onoy 300 warheads…when he had promised prior to the fraudulent START II passage at the end of December that he would agree to $85 billion of nuclear IMPROVEMENTS. And his disregard that the only reasons most of the west is not nuclear armed…is because we are supposed to be a NUCLEAR SUPERPOWER for them??? And then his attempted attack on our missile defense capabilities by deleting its funding…and his pullout from Eastern Europe in complicity with the enemies in Russian government… Remember he is supposed to be defending us, the people, our country, and our constitution under the oath of office. He is in violation across the board.

      • Jim_C

        Have you applied the same constitutional concerns to the acts of Republican presidents, as well?

        "And his disregard that the only reasons most of the west is not nuclear armed…is because we are supposed to be a NUCLEAR SUPERPOWER for them???"

        And those days should be OVER. It's time for the West to grow up and grow a pair and stop expecting us to go and solve all their problems.

        We're still a superpower–by FAR. And there were certain perks to being the worlds supercop. But we've got economic realities to deal with at home that we've ignored and pretended weren't there for decades. Obama has decimated Al Qaeda's leadership, pounded terrorists for three years, and essentially continued many of the things Pres. Bush put in place. He's done a fine job defending this country and will continue to do so for the next 4 years as well.

  • kafirman

    Outstanding article Mr. Ibrahim!

  • PAthena

    Not only his bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia shows President Obama's Muslim predilections. He embraced Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey, who is an Islamist, overturning the reforms of Mustafa Kemal (Ataturk). And he gave a speech in Cairo praising Muslims, lying about their accomplishments. He credited Muslims with inventing the printing press (Gutenberg did that in Mainz), with inventing the compass (the Chinese did that), and with establishing the first university (Italians did that in Bologna).

    • Jim_C

      His bowing to the Saudis. How did you like Bush's hand-holding? Or did you miss that?

  • oldtimer

    Every time I see this picture it makes me want to puke.

  • Bob

    All I needed to know about Islam, I learned on 9/11.

  • Bartimaeus

    It seems clear from his words and his deeds that our president is very sympathetic to both Marxism and Islam. He has no interest in traditional Christianity as seen by his association with Rev. Wright and his attack on the Catholics. I dread to think what another 4 years of his leadership would do to the USA.

  • QED

    If Obama actually did convert from Islam to Christianity deosn' Muslim law declare that he is supposed to be killed? Since he has not been killed that is at least consistent with the conclusion that he never converted.

  • Edward

    If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck…
    I can't say for sure, but I think he could well be a Musllim.

    • Edward
  • Edward

    I've taken this excerpt from the book, Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts, by William Owens Jr., page 32.

    "Barack Obama has publicly stated that belief in Jesus is not necessary for salvation.
    He said that he believes Islam is just as valid a path to God as Christianity…"

    I hope this has shed some light on this issue of so great importance.

  • Matt

    I could not care if he was a Muslim, what type of Muslim is he. What is his agenda, clearly it was to mess up Afghanistan, it is undisputed that at every turn he undermined what we were trying to do there. He knew we only had 5 years, so all he had to do was mess us around and wait out the clock. Now that may not be a Muslim goal, Afghanistan is a Muslim country, the ANSF is made up of Muslims, it is a radical objective, it is an al-Qaida objective. I will tell you something Afghanistan is far easier than Iraq, so why is one a success and one a failure, we were all the same dudes who moved over from Iraq to the Stan in late 2008. The concern was not if he was a Muslim but was he a sleeper. They win either way if history had followed it traditional path and someone took a shot at him like Bobby, due to "the audacity of hope', there would have been civil unrest, there could have been civil war inside the US, people fragging each other in Iraq and the Stan, we lose the war on terror. If we are stuck with him and cannot manage it he can sabotage from the inside. So whether he was sent as a Shaheed or not they win. So contain the threat and manage it and save the country from civil war, we lose either way, but how big do we lose.

  • Matt

    The facts are he was a Shaheed because what were the odds he would become President, if the heavy set did not protect him to prevent a civil war inside the US. The US has a history of it, that is a fact, Presidents, Civil Rights leaders, Islam. Now everyone knows the audacity of hope was crap and change we can believe was crap, before people had belief in that now they know it was crap. People will not care, there will be no civil war.
    What it means we don't have to babysit him anymore. I will give you an example when those clowns in NZ put a bounty on Doc Rice, (it opened the way for a lone wolf to breach the CPP). On the surface just student left wing clowns, dig deeper and you find Islam. So Murder Inc calls, here is one we prepared earlier, take off the bounty or we will waste your whole family. The SS prevent security breaches, Murder inc deters them in the first place.
    So it is not our problem anymore. Haider was a professional international hit, random target acquisition and a list. people take notice, self preservation they control their minnows. It is highly motivating self preservation. No one is safe.

    I think we did all right, that how it was during the cold war, game of shadows all very civil. The enemy is sabotaging you, you know it and they know it, sleepers, moles, double agents, legals, illegals. It is chess.

  • Lancet

    He is a Muslim period. He even wears a ring that says in Arabic, ” There is no god but Allah”