Parallel Betrayals: Iranian Revolution and Arab Spring

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Sound familiar?  This is precisely what is happening today in Egypt, where the one unifying goal of the revolution was the overthrow of the Mubarak regime; where many Egyptians are secularist, liberal, Christian, etc., and certainly do not want an Islamic government; and where the Islamists, like the Muslim Brotherhood, are busy reassuring everyone that all their freedoms will be preserved.

Based on the Iranian model, and the ongoing “Arab Spring,”  two lessons emerge as to how Islamists manage to consolidate power: 1) through outright lies and false promises, justified through Islamic doctrines like taqiyya and tawriya; and 2) through gradual implementation.  This is how the mullahs achieved power in Iran, and this is how the Muslim Brotherhood—which is on record saying that its gradual, long-term goal is “mastership of the world”—is working to achieve power in Egypt, seen as the first domino on the road to caliphate.

Indeed, speaking of gradualism, here is a telling anecdote from Egypt: back in 1953, when the Muslim Brotherhood’s leader asked President Gamel Abdel Nasser to enforce the hijab on women—in 1953 hardly any Egyptian women wore it—his suggestion was met with laughter and ridicule.  Half a century later,  the hijab is commonplace in Egypt.

Thus history prepares to repeat itself, even as the world prepares to act surprised—all in accord with that age-old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”  One may forgive those Iranians and others who fell for the lies of the Islamists during the 1979 revolution: there were no similar large scale precedents to warn them, certainly not from the modern era; the world was just beginning to confront political Islam.

Today, however, as Islamists exploit democracy to empower Sharia—and after more than three decades’ worth of Islamist lies, betrayals, and broken promises, all justified by Islamic doctrines—for anyone to still take them at their word, well, that is a big “shame on you.”

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    We the planet as a whole are dealing with a cult …a Blood Cult, unlike any religion, This BloodCult mandates its followers to violently conquer the world. As of today not even one religion commands its followers to do murder. Even in a country like India where natives have faced the barbarism of this Blood Cult’s persecution for centuries very few in the present generation understand the actual “objectives” of this Blood Cult. Denying and ignoring the facts will only lead to more and more needless bloodshed in the future. This BloodCult hates everything we stand for and will never coexist with us, unless we submit ourselves and our sons and daughters and sweet grand-children to this dirty cult . If we don’t do something super drastic as a final solution now …our grand-children will not be grand….they’ll be PureMads.

    I personally don’t want any of my future family to come in contact with this BloodCult started by some deranged and totally unhinged nut in a cave 1400 years back in the super-heat and dust of some idiotic desert who hallucinated pure rubbish . PureMad.

    In Bangladesh they cannot have a law against paedophilia because 1400 years ago supreme Cult Leader married a child of 7 and sexually did her at 9 . So if Cult Leader did anything vile or evil it has to be right and if human law comes into force Cult Leader will be proved wrong which is blasphemy because Cult Leader did not do any any any wrong ever and Cult Leader is the model man to be emulated and copied …just imagine…. . to be exactly like PureMad in regressive thinking and lack of morals and hygiene and clothing and dirty beards and all the c r a p that comes with being PureMad.

    There are nearly 2 billion PureMads around…. who will do what for the ultimate peace prize though deafening violence?

    Has to happen! Will !!

    BLACK MAN Obama should do it . He’s black and well read. He MUST

    know that this cult and it’s main book

    which cannot be questioned ever has in store as slavery and rape for future little black girls and

    boys. Let’s see.



    BloodCult Is slavery and it’s happening right under our noses. We have to smash it . Muhammad Ali’s grandson “became a bar mitzvah” (converted to Judaism?) and blood-cultee father and boxer Muhammad Ali was seen in a synagogue attending the ceremony.

    “To fight the darkness do not draw your sword, light a candle” – Zarathustra

    To reach Blood Cultic goals Sharia entrusts Blood-cultees to use practically any means; lying, exaggeration, slander, convincing and if that does not work, then outright violence and terror is encouraged under the name of jihad if it is for the benefit of Blood Cult. Everyone and his dog now knows BloodCult is the problem. Those that participate in BloodCult will pay a price beyond this physical world…

    Karma’s a bitch! A true revolution in the Blood-cultee world that would bring true freedom and democracy should be a revolution against BloodCult itself and removing Sharia from the Egyptian constitution, an act that will not happen in the present or the near future in Egypt or any Blood-cultee country. Sharia and freedom cannot co-exist, period.

  • Steve Chavez

    Talk about a "WAR ON WOMEN" that Obama accuses the Republican's of and yet he supports the Arab Spring, meets with the Muslim Brotherhood but can't dare meet with a Republican.

    Obama didn't lift a finger to aid the Green Revolution and NEDA which would have solved countless of the world's problems if the Mullahs were overthrown.

    The Muslim Brotherhood, who Obama touted as just a minor part of the Egyptian uprising, is now claiming a Presidential victory AND AIDED BY WOMEN WHO WILL BE FORCED BACK INTO THE HIJAB and even worse, Sharia Law that Egyptian-born NONIE DARWISH has been warning everyone about but was recently shouted down by Occupiers at the University of New Mexico and who broke at least three Code of Conduct rules concerning speakers, and Darwish, A GUEST SPEAKER, and nothing has been done therefore allowing them to continue their anarchy on any speaker.

    University groups are now siding with every terrorist group like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas and their implementation of Sharia Law while at the same time holding protests in support of International Women's Day. Their brainwashed logic is CULTISH!

  • Shery

    Very very true about the Islamists in Egypt. Stop it now or you will regret later, big time. Please do something, help the army before it is too late. An iranian