Ramadan: Islam’s ‘Holy Month’ of Christian Oppression

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The second story from Egypt concerns a young Christian doctor, Maher Rizkalla Ghali, who was shot by riotous Muslims, including easily-identified Salafis, resulting in the loss of one eye and the likely loss of the other. According to Watan Voice, the perpetrators live downstairs and regularly fired bullets in the air while feasting during sahur (the time before dawn when Muslims are permitted the things they are forbidden in daylight, including food, water, and sex). One night the raucous was so unbearable that the Copt spoke to them from his window, saying that their actions were disturbing to children and the elderly.

Their response was to “insult his religion” and open fire at him, severely disfiguring him. The Muslims then tried to break through the door to attack and plunder the Christian household. Although the family filed a police report, “security forces have not taken any action towards the perpetrators.” Likewise, though they tried to admit the blinded Christian man to several hospitals, they were refused admission until Kasr Hospital accepted them.

This story is almost identical to what happened to a family in Turkey around the same time. According to Hurriyet Daily News, the home of an Alevi family “was stoned and their stables burned down by an angry mob” because they “told a Ramadan drummer not to wake them for sahur, the meal before sunrise,” resulting in a quarrel. After local Muslims found out about the family’s temerity, “a mob of around 60 people” gathered around the house hurling stones, setting the stable on fire, and chanting Islamic slogans, including “Allahu Akbar!” “They came to lynch us,” explained a family member, and “told us to leave and threatened to kill us if we did not.”

The above anecdotes demonstrate the stark antithesis between the West and the Muslim world concerning the notion of being “sensitive” to religious minorities during the holidays of the dominant religion: whereas almost every year, stories appear of Christmas being suppressed to accommodate Muslim sensitivities in the West, in the Muslim world, Christians themselves are being suppressed to accommodate Muslim sensitivities.

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  • BS77

    One can only dream of the day when this hideous ideology is totally forgotten .


      I disagree. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

      Islamism and Socialism must be beaten down so they both out of desperation submit and unconditionally surrender as the national Socialists and Imperialists did in 1945.

    • David R

      The problem is that while we're dreaming they are acting. The Coyotes are out to get the chickens…and we sure aren't resisting!

      • BS77

        You are correct. Most Westerners are pinning their hopes on "dreaming", vaguely wishing this horrible scourge would simply evaporate and "go away". It took four centuries for the French and Spanish to rid themselves of this slavery and barbaric oppression. Read the books of Brigitte Gabriel, Pam Geller and Melanie Phillips etc etc……get educated!!!!

    • SKIP

      Our own damned government and our muslim president intend to see that that doesn't happen. Their intent appears to be actually making the U.S. the largest muslim country on the planet.

  • Terry

    The West must decide very soon (if it isn't already too late) whether to fight islam or submit to it. There isn't a middle road. It's them, or us.

    And so far, they are winning.

    • Kufar Dawg

      The "moderate" muslime liars have been very successful at selling the lie that islam is really tolerant and is being misunderstood by violent jihadis who are an irrelevant minority of their faith.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLNn2YflwNs Roger

    islam, the religion looking for excuses to do evil.

  • Jean de Venice

    The Religions of Peaces true face….

    • Bamaguje

      You mean Religion of beasts.

  • David R

    If we think our taxes are high now, just wait till >dhimmitude> clicks in and we become slaves to these animals when they'll control us all. Their leaders from hell will make Hitler look like a boy scout when they'll turn on us in a systematic way. They won't have to lie anymore in order to warm up to us…their full fury will be unleashed and none will escape.
    Where are the Winston Churchills and Ronald Reagans today? Where are the Watchmen on the wall? We're definitely going to hell in a Muslim-made hand-basket!

    • Xanatos321

      They are here. Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Pat Condell,Geert Wilders, Allen West, Tommy Robinson, Wafa Sultan, sites like MEMRI, TROP. Independent bloggers, radio talkshows. They speak against Islam and people are starting to listen. Even the leftie jews in america are scared when they hear of european jews leaving cities because of muslims. The more muslims try to destroy our freedom, the more people listen. EU is breaking down and with it the lefts stranglehold on Europe. Obama is doing everything he can (no matter how immoral or repulsive) to stop Romney and he may not be able to.
      The world is changing. We may have a chance yet.
      Remember the rule NEVER SUBMIT.

  • Mike

    David R. we are the Watchmen on the wall and the Reagans and the Churchills but what we really need is a renewing of our faith in Jesus Christ to save this country. 2 chron 7:14

  • Gene W 1938

    See movie 2016. Then realize things are exactly as God knew it should be before any of us were around. If you are in His family and he is not worried … then rest in that thought and just keep doing what we should be doing. If you are not in His family … then your problem is bigger than the world's Satanic situation. Best read the other pages of http://jc.does-it.net to resolve that problem.

    • Bartimaeus

      It is actually, God knew what it "would be" as man pursues a path outside the will of God. When man gets a good taste of the consequences of his own sin and there is the final public denial that Jesus is the Christ, then God will intervene in judgment and the kingdom of God will come. In the mean time we are to live to him that died for us.

  • Steve Chavez

    OBAMA HAS NOT BEEN EATING between sunrise and sundown and I was just wondering if this was his observance of Ramadan? ("Romney has not paid taxes in ten years." Harry Reid.)

    • Sunbeam

      How can Obama has two religion. How many Gods does he want to believe? I thought I'd seen it in TV that his choice of religion is Christian. And now he is also a Muslim too? This is misleading and confusing. As a leader he should not hide around the bush but state clearly and truthfully what he is. Why does he keep mum about the atrocities committed against the Christians by those lawless havoc wreckers? As a renown world leader, if he were to speak a word, the word would carry its weight. But nevertheless, he rather choose to remain silent. This is bias on his part. I hope he has a heart to feel for those innocent being and do something to save them.

  • michael

    I heard this morning that the DNC Convention is going to have a 2 hour Muslim prayer service…

    • Kufar Dawg

      To think I voted for Kerry! I wouldn't vote for a democrat now no matter how good the candidate sounded.

    • Sunbeam

      The work is subtle. They are slowly introducing their culture and so called religion into all areas of public life be it government or private as all will be affected. This well organize work is being stream from the top like an entity supported and funded by the major countries of this faith whose major aim is to bring the world under its grip and in totalism be submissive to their control. This is indeed fearful enough to make one quake.

  • Resh Yud Yud

    Islam is Pure Luciferian Doctrine.
    Crescent moon is a symbol of witchcraft.
    Venus the symbol of Lucifer.
    Obama lead 50,000 muslim men in a Day of Prayer in September 2009 on the Mall in Washington, DC.
    They prayed for the "Soul of America" from morning until night.
    This Rite was an act of "surrender" to Islam.
    It also determines the future Destiny of America.

  • Donna

    Every single muslim knee will bow and every tongue will confess that JESUS Christ is Lord of all. I look forward to the day when I witness the abject terror in their eyes when they realize they have been lied to all their lives and have actually been worshipping and serving the satan they purportedly hate. They are his servants and are doing a FINE job for the prince of darkness. An entire eternity in hell awaits each and every one of them. Burn brightly you savages!

  • SKIP

    The 5th Crusade will have to finish what the 4th Crusade started and would have finished had the 4th not broken down into fighting amongst themselves leaving damned islam to live on to be the palgue of civilization

  • Lee SH Ronald

    Muslim always say Islam is peace. They are all following the devil's lies! They prayed 5 times a day but committed wicked acts around the world. They preach about mercy, but full of hatred. They are the most religious people full of hatred for God's creation. They hated non Muslim, they hated progress, they hated almost everything that is good but bad for their belief. See, how the devil used them!. They have put the Moon God as God Almighty displacing the True God of the Jews and Christians. If they follow peace without causing harm to others, no one will go against them. But see how they caused so much trouble to people, especially peaceful people. Now time wasted at the airport. I wonder when are they going to change their belief and worship the Loving God! The Buddhists and other religious people around the world are as pious as them, but they do not practise bloodthirsty rituals like the Muslims. Islam – if not a bloodthirsty religion, then what is it??

  • Sunbeam

    They are wild and threatening as ever. The world is in a chaos state because of them due to their ignorance and wrong beliefs. I wonder when they can come out of this and put things right. The greatest mistake is that most have been brain wash by their leaders and the percentage of illiterates are high and major concern in most of their countries. The only education they seem not to missed is Islamic studies, its ideology and all of its element instilled in them to become what they are. It is like they do not possess a mind of their own for if they have where is the reason? It just got stuck in the medieval time.

  • CurmudgyOneJr

    Those in America who coddle Muslims, who are so "sensitive" that they want to offend nobody, are offensive in the extreme to the principles of justice and fairness. I, for one, go armed, and if I decide to eat a donut during Ramadan and am accosted by anyone, will react in the same way I would to any other attackers. Tuebor.